Usher in the New Zeal…!

If 100% pure holiday experience is what you are looking out for, then New Zealand is the place to be. A pristine country that amazes you with its myriad hues and shades. It’s a destination that would attract kids, adults, honeymoon couples, senior citizens, adventure seekers and luxury travellers, all alike. Visiting New Zealand is indeed experiencing the slice of heaven! With so many soul stirring experiences and surprises, New Zealand is a country which just won’t cease to astonish you with its ethereal vistas and pristine natural beauty. When in New Zealand you are sure to experience sheer serendipity!

Let’s take an overview of this 100% pure holiday destination if our travel itinerary is to take us to the four amazing destinations in New Zealand which top any passionate traveller’s bucket-list. These four very popular destinations would be Auckland, Queenstown, Wanaka and Christchurch. Auckland and Christchurch are basically the gateways to New Zealand. In fact, although New Zealand seems to be a small island country, actually it is not. With majority of the Indian travellers visiting New Zealand as add on to their tour to Australia, its indeed quite difficult to make justice to this land of endless possibilities. Although even a tour of 7-8 days isn’t enough to explore this piece of paradise on earth, still with the available time, you can have your share of a holiday experience extraordinaire. The biggest attraction of Auckland is the Sky Tower. This 1,076 feet tall observation and telecommunications tower is the tallest manmade structure in the Southern Hemisphere. Sky Jump and Sky walk are activities which can be done at the Auckland Tower. With these activities bringing your heart into your mouth, an indulgence of this kind will surely make you redefine adventure and euphoria!

Queenstown, a city located in a valley, is yet another epitome of urban beauty and marvel in the world. Landing in Queenstown over its small airport is quite an adventurous experience. Now, when the entry into the city itself can be so adventurous, no wonder it gets the accolade of being the ‘Adventure Capital of the World’!

This is because of the many adventure activities that can be experienced in Queenstown – Bungee Jumping, White water rafting, river surfing, canyon swinging, Jet boating, etc. are some of the great adventures that can be enjoyed in Queenstown. The Gondola Ride at the Skyline Gondola here shows you some incredible vistas of the city and you can enjoy some spectacular views of the valley from the Bob’s peak where this Skyline Gondola takes you to. For food lovers, there is an amazing place in Queenstown known as ‘Fergburger’. What makes this burger restaurant so special is that it is internationally popular, even when it is not a chain of restaurants and is located at only one location in Queenstown, New Zealand. Talking about the availability of the Indian food in New Zealand, almost all the major cities have Indian restaurants which serve absolutely delicious Indian meals.

Wanaka is a town located at an hour’s drive from Queenstown. One of the great attractions of Wanaka is the 'Puzzling World', which equally amuses an adult as it does to a child and it is a place which will quite literally change ‘the way you see the things’! The OXBOW Adventure Company in Wanaka has some great adrenaline rush activities to offer like Ridgeline 4WD tours, Monster Trucks, Jet Boats, Riffle Shooting, Sky Diving, Helicopter Rides, etc.

From Queenstown, a flight journey of about an hour takes you to yet another charming city in New Zealand – Christchurch! Christchurch is a garden city. The city inspires us in many ways, even the fact that having survived 2 major earthquakes in 2010 and 2011, Christchurch has risen like a phoenix and continues to attract tourists from around the world. The International Antarctic Centre here gives us an authentic experience of being in Antarctica. The stunning Sound and Light show, Polar Life, Penguin Encounter, the Hagglund Ride, Happy Feet 4D and many such amazing experiences definitely make us traverse the continents.

So friends, your visit to this 100% pure and delightful country can turn out to be an odyssey – a life changing experience for you. As you will conquer your fears by coaxing yourself to taste that extra adventure, the serene and pristine nature of this land will also remind you time and again of the fact that ‘Life is indeed very beautiful’! Come, usher in the New Zeal into your Life! Visit New Zealand!

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