The off beaten track…

Welcoming each year with a new resolution has become a trend followed by nearly everyone, but rarely acted upon. This year, I decided to be a part of this custom and resolved to travel free & solo. To plan such a trip one needs to finalize on a destination that needs to be visited. A place can be best recognized as good or bad, once it visually satisfies the visitor’s eye. Through photographs we can directly get through the city, province or country helping it to promote itself as a tourist destination. The best part about photographs are, that we can capture the beauty of that place in a one click & relive the fond memories.

Some of the unique & jaw dropping sights which tell a tale about the destination are listed below.

Bolivian Salt Flats which are also known as Salar de Uyuni, were created when the prehistoric lake had dried up leaving back a salty crust. The interesting part is that crust then transforms into a magical giant mirror when it rains giving a charismatic feel to a person standing & viewing his reflection.

You will be glad to know that you can actually send people to hell. Sounds Unbelievable, Right? In Turkmenistan there is a place named as “Derweze Carter “or Door to Hell. This was once a natural gas field. After the collapsing of a cavern to prevent the emission of poisonous gases, a geologist set the hole on fire & it has being burning since 40 long years.

In Stokksness a black sand beach in the southern part of Iceland, one can actually walk on water! This is possible due to the black lava sand is covered with a thin layer of water. Here a stunning sunset picture with its reflections is worth it. The famous song Gerua feature’s this magnificent landscape in movie “Dilwale.”

Mont St. Micheal, in France is a tidal island situated off the coast of Normandy. When a tide comes in it is surrounded by water & once the tide recedes the so called island is surrounded by land. It was first a Gothic Abbey which housed many prisoners during revolution.

Bonn a city in Germany, has a special street named as Cherry blossom Avenue. Every spring, usually in April this street in Bonn is booming with these pink blossoms. Who won’t get clicked under a Pink roof?

When we hear the word sand, we relate it to the beach. However there is twist to this one. Red Beach Panjin (China) is actually red & not covered with sand. This extraordinary phenomena takes place due to the sea weeds that cover the marshy land from April to May & turns red as autumn approaches.

Mendelhall Ice caves, Juneau, Alaska provides a spectacular transparent view along with hiking. You heard me right. We can actually practice hiking in this ice cave glacier and have an experience of a lifetime.

Tunnel of Love situated in Kelvin, Ukraine is a 3 meters long railways Tunnel. Surrounded by green arches, is open as an amusement tunnel for locals & tourist. It is a popular place for couples.

So I am sure you would like to add at least one of these magnificent places to your bucket list in 2016.

Harsha Sawant
(Destination Management)