The Celebration of Life continues…

1st April marks the beginning of the new financial year. It is therefore a significant date for the business world. It is even more special for us because it is also the date when Veena World’s foundation was laid and 1st April, 2016 marks the commemoration of our 3rd Foundation Day! A Very Happy Birthday to our Veena World!! Years, months, weeks and days…time flies away so fast. It seems as if it was only yesterday that we had started off with a dream, when the idea of establishing Veena World had just taken roots. But today looking back in time and taking an overview of the last 3 years indeed makes us wonder. We have literally traversed time. Three years ago Veena was asked, “What next?” and her answer to it was, “What was done in 30 years, I aim to accomplish it in 3 yrs.” Today these golden words have turned into a reality. A herculean task, which wouldn’t have been possible without the whole-hearted support and co-operation of all our suppliers and associates and above all the unparalleled love and trust that our beloved guests have put on us!

Every new venture demands a preparation or a background arrangement for it to become successful. When Veena World had started off, destiny didn’t really give us any opportunity for tightening our seat belts. It was a sudden flight which we were to pilot on our own. Experience, determination and courage were our only driving forces and it was the power of the Veena World team along with the best wishes and blessings of all our dear guests, that we could smoothly glide through in these initial years of our establishment.

Our work actually began from Veena's home, when we didn’t even have an office to start-off with. But as it is rightly said, “God helps those who help themselves”, probably the divine wanted to acknowledge our sincere efforts due to which we got our first temporary office in Ghatkopar. Slowly our Sales Offices started budding around the different suburbs of Mumbai. We moved our Corporate Head Office to Mahim and Mahim office actually became the mother’s womb for the Veena World foetus to grow and mature into what it has come to become today. A few months ago we shifted our head office to the Vidyavihar premises. All through this time our network of Branch Sales Offices and Preferred Sales Partners across the outside Maharashtra continued to grow and today with all modesty we are immensely pleased to say that our family of more than 600 travel professionals which includes back office staff and tour managers and more than 150 Preferred Sales Partners (PSPs) is all set to serve our guests with quality travel services and amazing experiences.

At Veena World, we have always believed in innovating exciting and unique travel concepts for our guests and making travel affordable for all has always been our aim. Our family group tours, various speciality tours and Signature Holidays have become very popular amongst the travellers’ community and it is only you all, who constantly motivate us for coming up with new travel ideas and concepts every time.

From the very first Veena World tour to Goa, our family continues to grow with more than 2 lakh happy and satisfied guests having traversed the world with us. We are indeed overwhelmed with the kind of response we have received from our guests who have placed their trust on us and have fulfilled their travel dreams by booking tours to destinations across India and world – from Leh Ladakh to Andaman and from Scandinavia to Alaska and even Antarctica.

As this exciting journey continues, we now aim towards a higher goal. We aim to be ‘Bharat Ki Sabse Badi Travel Company.’ We know that the road to success is always under construction. Every day is therefore a new beginning for Veena World. We need your blessings and best wishes for our journey ahead. Come, join us in this amazing journey! The Celebration of Life continues at Veena World…

Veena World