T in the Park

Most often when I plan to go on a holiday, after a lot of deliberations, I end up in some shopping or beach destination like London, Singapore, Bangkok, Pattaya, and the lot. Year on year and holiday after holiday, I had grown bored of going to the same places and shopping for the same stuff. So this time, I decided to convince myself to do something different, something more exciting. I decided to go for a music festival. It’s hard to let old habits die down, so I did again end up in London with the general shopping and walking around Oxford and Regent Street with thousands of people from all over the world. So fast forward the three days in London and here were are at a music festival called T in the Park. I, along with another friend of mine went for 'T in the Park' in Scotland. So a five hour train ride from London to Glasgow. This followed by a one and a half hour bus ride to a very small town called Balado. The festival was at Balado Airfield, which one can say was literally in the middle of nowhere. So here we were, among 80,000 other people who had pitched their tents in a huge field, maybe as big as Shivaji Park in Mumbai. It is hard to estimate the number of tents pitched, but if you assume there to be two people a tent, then I guess around 40000 tents. Among all these tents, it was often hard to find where your tent really was ;) The main attraction was of course the artists & bands playing here. Among the ones that played were Arctic Monkeys, Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, Imagine Dragons, Calvin Harris, Above & Beyond, Steve Angello (of Swedish House Mafia fame) and the list goes on. So these musical acts played over a course of 3 days across 6 different stages (Main Stage, Radio One Stage, King Tut's Wah Wah Stage, Slam Tent, BBC Discovery Stage and one more). There was music from different genres playing at these stages and people could go to any stage they liked. The musical acts would start at around 12 noon and go on until 12 midnight. So yes, there was a lot of standing around, but again it was fun. Here is a video:

When we weren't at these musical acts, we were either eating, drinking or having fun on the various rides there. There were so many eating options that I am sure I have put on a few kilos because of that. The food that was available was burgers and chips, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Italian. So basically, if you didn't like something, there is always something else that you can try (approximately 5 pounds a meal). Here are a couple of photos of a couple of food joints:

There were also many attractions like a ferris/giant wheel, reverse bungee jumping, twister, etc. So in addition to being a music festival, this was also like an amusement park. Here is a video of one of the rides that I jumped on. (if you see carefully in the video, you can see all the camp sites from up there and that’s when you really come to know how big the festival was):

Well almost 90 percent of the crowd here was from the United Kingdom. Including us, I would say there may be less than 10 Indians at the festival. So we were mostly surrounded by English & Scottish people, However, what amazed me was how courteous and kind everyone there was. In all of the three days, I did not hear a single racist remark directed towards anyone and this made it even better.

The entry to the festival was 200 pounds. Food, Drinks, Rides extra. The entry guaranteed you access to the camping area and the musical acts. You had to carry your own tent and whatever more you would like. So we carried portable chairs, sleeping bags, fruits, camping lights, camping towels, pillows, tent light, torch, etc. And here are a few more pics from there (clicked loads of selfies, haha):

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So all in all, it was an epic experience and I look forward to going to another festival next year too. T in the Park is the second biggest festival in the UK, second only to Glastonbury festival which has around 1,50,000 people. Just to mention a few other popular music festivals: Tomorrowland (Belgium), Ultra Music Festival (USA), Coachella (USA), Roskilde Festival (Denmark), and the list goes on and on.

Veena World does not do group tours to music festivals, however, if you are wanting to go for a music festival anywhere in the world with your friends, then yes we design such holiday just for you, from the flights and accommodation to arranging the festival tickets as well.

So this was my short break and now back to work refreshed and rejuvenated!!!

Neil Patil
(Director-Veena World)