Sweet 16…!

Dear reader friends! Very happy to meet you after a long time. I wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year! Probably you would have expected a continuing and concluding blog in my series of the blogs on South America, two of which you must have already read. Definitely the continuing blog of the South American series is coming very soon but I thought since we are meeting for the first time in this year through blog, let me take an opportunity to wish a happy new year to all of you and also share some exciting moments at our Veena World, with which we have begun our wonderful and fantastic new year 2016!

Friends, 16 is an age of adolescence, a tender and a very sensitive turning point in a teen’s life. It’s an age brimming with enthusiasm, excitement and curiosity. It’s a sweet age. So, when the age 16 can be so sweet why can’t the 16th year of this new millennium be an equally euphoric one? It’s an amazing year. Its sweet 16!

It has been almost three months now since we shifted to our new Corporate Head Office in Vidyavihar. It’s an overwhelmingly huge space and a very beautiful office. Our Mahim Corporate Head Office was an equally wonderful place too. Though smaller than the Vidyavihar Office, our Mahim Office was a very warm and positive place where Team Veena World used to work as a close-knit family; quite literally! All of us at Veena World will always be a close-knit family! Although not small at all and being a spectacular office, the comparatively smaller space at our Mahim Corporate Head Office, didn’t really bother us. It rather brought the team members from various departments closer in many ways. Our Mahim Office has been the mother’s womb in which Veena World had its first heartbeat; and how much space a baby needs in its mother’s womb? Our Mahim Office is a place which has seen the Veena World baby take its very remarkable and vital initial steps in this world. Our Mahim Office is a place which has seen the Veena World baby crawl and toddle and now as this baby is growing with each passing day, the Vidyavihar Office is all set to make it run with ‘Raftaar’! Our Sales Office of Mahim continues to be operational there. I personally miss our Mahim Office a lot!

Just some days ago around Christmas and New Year we had something very exciting going on in the office. It was a major project of making our new brochure for the new year. This megaproject was an interdepartmental one and accomplishing this task as a team under the leadership and guidance of Veena Ma’am and all our directors was an exciting, adventurous and fun trip in itself. Our beautiful new brochure was ready to be printed on the New Year’s Eve and we all were very happy to hold it in our hands when it was published some days ago. I will highly recommend you all to go through our new brochure. It’s an amazing and exhaustive piece of work which will definitely help you choose the tour and holiday to your dream destination!

Something very, very exciting was planned at our office on 9th January. It was something we all were eagerly waiting for. It was the ‘Family Day’ at Veena World! It was an absolutely ‘Fantabulous’ event which saw all our families come together at our Vidyavihar Corporate Head Office. It was a beautiful day spent with us and our parents and families walking through and appreciating our beautiful office and meeting the parents, grandparents, children and spouses of our colleagues and friends. It was a big day when all our families got to meet Veena Ma’am, Sudhir Sir, Sunila Ma’am and Neil. And to tell you about the fun we had that day….it’s indeed impossible to describe it in words!! With awesome decorations, sumptuous and heavenly food and various fun activities ‘Veena World Family Day’ has weaved in some very sweet memories which will be cherished forever…!!

So friends, this is how we made a Sweet Beginning of this New Year. I am sure this New Year 2016 is going to be very sweet for all of us. May it get sweeter with each passing day! Once again wish you all a Very Sweet 16...!

Jitesh Ghag
(Product Management)