Churros & hot chocolate

The exam season will soon be over and the season of freaking out is just round the corner. You must be gearing up for that most-awaited holiday, wondering where to go this summer. If there’s one destination that firmly ticks every travel box and keeps holidaymakers happily returning year after year, it’s Spain. And it’s not hard to see why. On the mainland you’ve got the full works – mountains, vineyards, beaches and chic cities – while the nearby islands offer a more condensed version of Spain with some of the best holiday experiences you could ever wish for. From city breaks in Madrid and beach getaways in Malaga to a holiday in Toledo, there’s simply no end to the variety of Spanish holidays on offer.

It’s the perfect escape and a chance to catch up with family & friends, chill out by the pool, soak up some much-needed sunshine and enjoy night outs in its bubbly bars. Others take to the hills for hiking and biking in Spain’s mountain ranges, while some jet off for sights and shopping in chic Barcelona, beautiful Valencia or the sprawling metropolis of Madrid.

Whatever you fancy and wherever you choose to go, there’s a Spanish hotspot with your name on it. This sun-drenched beauty serves up just about every holiday experience imaginable. You’ve got pristine beaches with golden sands and azure waters, soul-stirring cities with ancient churches and cutting-edge architecture, glorious mountain scenery, rolling countryside, and acre upon acre of vineyards… Does it get much better than this?

Versatility is certainly high on the list of plus points for Spain, but it doesn’t stop at the mainland. Cast out on the eastern coast in the aptly named Balearic Sea is a cluster of islands, namely the Balearic Islands, and this is where you’ll find the holiday gems of Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca. Beach holidays really come into their own here. Majorca boasts a varied array of beach resorts. Ibiza is renowned for its world-class clubs and big-name DJs which regularly play outdoor venues right on the beach. And Menorca is just made for taking it easy. Here you’ll find pine-fringed bays, laid-back resorts and a wonderfully gentle pace of life.

Then you’ve got the Canary Islands. This ever-popular Spanish-owned archipelago is located just off the west coast of Africa, which promises a year-round sunshine. There’s certainly plenty of things to see and do in this sunbaked destination. The islands are volcanic in nature and packed with spectacular sights.

Of course there are numerous great ways of relaxing in Spain. A sure way is to have Churros. This sugar sprinkled Spanish delicacy tantalizes your taste buds. Couple it with a steaming mug of coffee or hot chocolate and you have got the best combo to talk the night away with your loved ones. If you can drag yourself away from the pools, Spanish food, and especially its great tapas culture, you deserve kudos. It’s not just the food, it’s the way the Spanish eat, making each meal an occasion to relax with family, watch the world go by and take time to enjoy a break.

And we are still only scratching the surface of what makes Spain such a great place to visit. Its interesting history and culture, with an abundance of great historic buildings and museums, offers plenty for the culture lovers. And then we have the events –the Tomatina (Tomato Fight), Aplec del Caragol (Snail Festival), San Juan on the beaches, Ferias (week long annual parties in every village, town and city), 3 Kings Parades, Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Las Fallas (fireworks festival in Valencia)… are all incredible to experience. And how can we forget the great Flamenco culture! Originated in the region of Andalucía, Flamenco is a passionate and seductive art form. Andalucía has a reputation for fiestas and celebrations that are overflowing with music and dance, women in colourful gypsy style dresses, silk shawls, and hand painted fans in an array of dazzling designs. Many people witness flamenco in some form during their summer vacations in Andalucía, especially on the Costa del Sol, where there are flamenco Tablaos (a place where flamenco shows are performed) in abundance. There are some chic dance schools in Spain, where you can learn this dance form. So whether you’re into a holiday of adventure, cultural activities or you’re just after some relaxing fun in the sun, Spain is certainly a knock-out contender. So amigos, get planning your Spanish holiday right away.

Team Veena World