The Rainbow Nation

There are some destinations, which leave you refreshed & rejuvenated at the end of the holiday. If you are looking for a unique holiday to see and do things with your loved ones, South Africa is the perfect place for you.

Africa is usually associated only with wildlife; but that is just the tip of the iceberg. It has so much more to offer! Known as the Europe of the African continent, South Africa has everything from natural beauty to nightlife, shopping, spas, casinos & theme parks. It is safe and has a plethora of entertainment. It is so diverse that you would be spoilt for choice; from its rich heritage, culture, people & cuisine to its stunning landscapes, beaches, wildlife & national parks. Not for nothing is South Africa known as the Rainbow Nation.

Here’s a list of must-visit places in South Africa, which will surely allure the inner explorer in you.

Cape Town & Cape Peninsula: Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula up to Cape Point, are famous for scenic beauty; celebrity beaches; Table Mountain; whale-watching; world-class shopping, nightlife, food & wine; and a laid-back atmosphere. Even transient visitors can't help but become enamored with Cape Town's exquisite beauty.

Garden Route: Known as South Africa’s Eden, the famous Garden Route traverses an area rich in natural beauty and charm, attracting adventure-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. Mountains crowd close to a shoreline dotted with beaches and bays, and vividly coloured wild flowers delight the eye. The Garden Route runs parallel to a coastline featuring lakes, mountains, tall indigenous forests, amber -coloured rivers and golden beaches. Meandering trails are followed by hikers, the forests invite long, leisurely drives, and the lakes and rivers lend themselves to swimming boating and fishing. A wide range of leisure options, spectacular scenery and a mild climate guarantee an unforgettable holiday experience when visiting the Garden Route.

Johannesburg: South Africa’s pulsating African heartbeat is felt in the ‘City of Gold’ with its endless opportunities for shopping, entertainment, freedom tours and eating out.

Johannesburg’s popular attraction, the Gold Reef City theme park, is built around an authentic 19th century gold mine, and brings together fascinating historical attractions with some of the most thrilling rides in the southern hemisphere. For a day of frenetic family fun, it is a must visit place.

If you're looking for some freak-out fun time, just over an hour from Jo’burg you'll find Sun City, one of the best holiday options around. Not only can you relax on man-made beaches, throw some dice in the casino, or catch a quick round on the world-famous Gary Player Golf Course, but you can also take a drive around the adjoining Pilanesberg Game Reserve, which regularly serves up the Big 5 (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhino) to its visitors. This is truly a holiday destination to meet all needs!

Durban Beachfront: For those with fun and sun on their minds, SA’s sunshine city has something for the whole family - golden beaches, surfing and a marine park.

Kruger National Park: Lying in the heart of the Lowveld is a wildlife sanctuary like no other, its atmosphere so unique that it allows those who enter its vastness to immerse themselves in the unpredictability and endless wilderness that is the true quality of Africa. The largest game reserve in South Africa, the Kruger National Park is larger than Israel. Nearly 2 million hectares of land that stretch for 352 kilometres (20 000 square kilometres) from north to south along the Mozambique border, is given over to an almost indescribable wildlife experience. This is the land of baobabs, fever trees, knob thorns, marula and mopane trees underneath which lurk the Big Five, the Little Five (buffalo weaver, elephant shrew, leopard tortoise, ant lion and rhino beetle), the birding Big Six (ground hornbill, kori bustard, lappet-faced vulture, martial eagle, pel’s fishing owl and saddle-bill stork) and more species of mammals than any other African Game Reserve.

Picking a best time to visit South Africa is not a task easily accomplished. After all, this is a country famous for its sunshine and relatively warm winters. Perhaps it's wise to consider what it is you wish to do and see, along with the South African tourism seasons. For example, if you are an avid bird-watcher, the country is on the flight path of birds from the north in mid-October - November. If it's the floral carpet spread of the Cape flower season that you wish to catch, visit the area when the winter rains are over at the first sign of spring, namely August and September. If you are going on a game safari, the best time is July through September, when the visibility is best and it's birthing season.

The best time to visit South Africa? Well, just about all year round. So get ready to bask in many colours of this beautiful Rainbow Nation.

Team Veena World