Silver Star-Europe’s Biggest Roller Coaster

Take the plunge and experience adventure like you’ve never done before.

Yells, shrieks, shrill and cries, those were the only sounds I could hear while watching the video of people taking the Silver Star ride on YouTube. Well, that’s what happens when you sit in this roller coaster and your adrenaline rushes to an all-time high. What else do you expect from a 240 feet high hyper coaster that has a 220 feet drop? Whoa!!

With three trains that can accommodate 108 people at a time, Silver Star is the highest and biggest roller coaster in Europe, located inside the Europa-Park (theme park) in Rust, Germany.This rides guarantees a special combination of speed and weightlessness and is additionally a technical quantum leap.

Have a look at this phenomenal man made wonders Quick One’s!!!!
Opening year : 2002
Maximum Speed : 130 km/h
Height : 73 m
Driving Time : 3 min.
Maximum Acceleration : 4 G
Capacity : 36 persons per train (108)
Theoretical Capacity : 1620 persons per hour
Producer : Bolliger & Mabillard
The state-of-the-art ride - located at a theme park set deep into woodland - spins, flips and rocks passengers in all directions for the ultimate stomach-churning effect.

Tips to make the Silver Star ride exciting:
It might sound like a freaky roller coaster ride but I have a few suggestions to make it as thrilling for you as it is scary!
(1) Go with someone who is more spooked than you are. It’ll help raise your confidence level.
(2) Don’t look at the roller coaster while it’s moving. Engage in conversation with random people around. Who knows, you may end up making new friends.
(3) Divert your focus from the ride, once you’ve fastened your seat belt. Ask the person sitting next to you if they have any last wishes. The expression on their face will surely cheer you up!
(4) Scream as much as you can…and loudly. This will help you get rid of the nauseous feeling in the stomach.
(5) Choose the middle seat so that you can’t anticipate the twists and turns, ups and downs. Just enjoy the ride.
Scream if you want to go faster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viraj Jadeja
(Wanderfly Holidays -Preferred Sales Partner – Veena World)