The journey is the destination

“The luxurious Porsche trundled along the beautiful coast. Soft music was playing on the car radio. The scenery was mesmerizing, the view of the ocean breathtaking. The car pulls up at the side of the road and a happy couple climbs out of the car to take in the stunning view. The pinkish orange glow of the setting sun was weaving a magical spell. The couple started walking on the soft, cool sand, hand-in-hand, admiring the surroundings.” It isn’t a movie scene or a plot from some romantic novel. This is what a self-drive holiday offers to those who are seeking a romantic getaway or a quiet family vacation. That happy couple could even be you.

Self-drive holidays are all about freedom. Freedom to go where you want to go, when you want to go. Sure, you may need a lot of planning or spend time pondering on various options. But how else would you meet that helpful stranger who can tell you all about his country or discover that beautiful beach? Self-drive travel is all about the journey, not just about the destination.

With the freedom to 'go-as-you-please' exploring stunning scenery, the flexibility to take part in any number of optional activities and excursions, and with a wonderful mix of accommodation choices, a self-drive trip really does tick all the boxes. Whether exploring the dramatic landscapes of New Zealand, the breathtaking West Coast of the USA, the sparkling coastline of Spain or the vastness of Australia, you can be sure of a spectacular holiday for couples, friends and family alike.

This list of best destinations for a self-drive holiday is based on diversity of the landscape, culture, food, safety, price and ease of travel.

New Zealand
Diverse landscapes, Maori culture and land of the extreme activities

A New Zealand holiday experience is like no other. It is a spectacular place with mesmerizing landscapes, lush green forests, amazing glaciers and alpine lakes. Its pleasant climate makes it a heaven for many outdoor adventure activities, and a great place to unwind. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is made up of two main islands. The North Island is known for its beaches, islands, volcanoes, geothermal areas and Maori culture. The North Island’s major cities, Auckland, Rotorua and Wellington are exciting hubs of culture, cuisine and nightlife. The South Island is famous for its dramatic landscapes and wildlife. The infrastructure is excellent for a self-drive or an adventurous camping holiday.

Driving in New Zealand is easy due to the good road network. Tourist can choose to travel in a camper or a car. Some tourists hire a 4×4 rental car for some off road routes.

New Zealand has a mild climate which makes it a good travel destination all year round.

World famous cities, breathtaking nature and amusement parks

Visiting the USA is a dream of every seasoned traveler, which has a rich array of options available. From a bountiful wildlife to lush forests, mountain ranges, valleys, canyons, lakes and beaches, America is truly splendid. It’s not only the charming outdoors but also the clean, safe, friendly and multicultural cosmopolitan cities that add to the holiday experience. America has all ideas to make your holiday an extraordinary experience.

Everybody has seen the United States in the numerous Hollywood movies. From sunny California to the Grand Canyon, the neon lights in Las Vegas and Times Square in New York. Explore this beautiful country at your own pace. Of course the US is too big to visit in one trip so we would suggest that you choose a region to focus.

The road system is very good and the roads outside of the cities are usually quiet. Watch your speed limit. Most car rental companies are represented at the big airports and the rental vehicles are well maintained. A valid driver’s license in English is needed for car rentals.

Because of the size of the US the climate is very diverse. Most of the parts are worth a visit all year round, with each season having its own charm.

an exotic European country due to relaxed lifestyle, cuisine, world-famous folklore & festivities

With great beaches, fun nightlife, many cultural regions and historic cities, Spain makes a great destination for any kind of trip. A country of large geographic and cultural diversity, Spain is a surprise to those who only know its reputation for great beach holidays. There is everything from lush meadows and snowy mountains to huge marshes and deserts in the south east.

Driving along the coast of Spain is a feast for the eyes. With beautiful scenery, stunning views and good road network, driving in Spain is easy.

While summer is the peak season in Spain because of the beaches, a fairly mild climate makes it an all year round destination.

Scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef and visit the rain forest in the north

Australia is one of the world’s most diverse holiday destinations. It has a vast expanse of sunny coasts and golden beaches, scenic mountains, wildlife, large reefs, sandy deserts, blue lakes and cosmopolitan cities. Your holiday is incomplete without a visit to Sydney harbour, Cairn rain forest, theme parks of Gold Coast, Tangalooma for the dolphins, Melbourne for the penguin parade and of course you wouldn’t want to miss the drive on the Great Ocean Road. Also, you will be spoilt for choice with Australia’s range of accommodation – luxury resorts, self-serviced apartments, boutique hotels, rustic country pubs, camping…

The country of unmeasurable space and laid back people will make you feel at home in no time! Extreme sports or relaxing on the beach, Australia has plenty to offer.

Australians drive on the left hand side of the road just like in India. The main roads between cities are well maintained. Most car rental companies are represented at the big airports and the rental vehicles are well maintained. A valid driver’s license in English is needed for car rentals. Some rental companies may require an international driver’s license, so make sure you check with your rental company.

The varied climatic conditions in different parts of Australia makes it a year round destination.

These sought-after self-drive destinations mentioned above are just the tips of the ice-berg. There are many more equally exciting places where you can enjoy the most scenic rides along the long winding paths. At some venues like in Germany there is no speed-limit on the highways and you can choose a special programme to drive the luxury cars like Mercedes, Porsche or Audi. With so many exciting options to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice. So have you decided on your car yet?

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