Real life Tarzans

Want to go out on a limb for your next holiday?...Literally! Indeed most of us never really lose our sense of wonder, adventure or that playful inner child, no matter what the age. So given the opportunity, many of us won’t mind being Tarzans and Janes for a few days and literally “live it up” in the canopies. A tree house stay offers a truly experiential holiday that every avid traveller should add to their bucket list. Gone are the days when tree houses were mere hideouts, forts or sole territories enjoyed by children. These days, tree houses are in vogue with adults too! Whether it’s a yearning to escape the crowd, the solitude and seclusion afforded by sleeping amidst nature, the vibrant cacophony of a rainforest or simply an attempt to try something new, more and more people are finding reasons to go high above the ground. From eco-friendly designs to luxury tree houses, the options available in India are many.

A holiday to Kerala evokes images of beaches, tea plantations and serpentine backwaters, but head north to the region of Wayanad and you will find a lush rainforest waiting to be explored. The Vythiri Resort in Wayanad is one such eco-friendly jungle getaway. The resort offers five tree houses including a child friendly one, all located 40 -60 feet up in the lush green rainforests. This tree-top gateway can be accessed either by wooden steps or by a crane lift. During the stay, you can also enjoy some exciting activities including rainforest treks, bird watching, trips to the spice plantation and jungle expedition.

If a quick week-end break is your kind of holiday, then drive to Lonavala. Nestled 45 feet up on wild fig trees in the jungle, The Machan offers panoramic view of the valley below. Hidden in the middle of dense forest of Jambulne in the Sahyadri Hills of the Western Ghats, this tree-house resort is an eco-friendly jungle retreat. Their four-level tree house includes a main deck, hanging room, loft and each level can be accessed by a spiral staircase. This tree-house also includes a large space that can accommodate six people at a time. If luxe is your style then do not miss the Tree House Hideaway, Bandhavgarh, a unique resort located close to Bandhavgarh National Park. Their five luxury tree houses exude rustic charm and make an ideal setting for romantic couples. This tree-house resort spans over 21 acres of beautiful landscape with breathtaking view of the national park. It is not uncommon to spot animals from the privacy of ones balconies, which overlook the tiger reserve and the Bandhavgarh Fort. Just an hour’s drive from Jaipur is the Tree House Resort, offering luxurious tree houses called “The Nests” with every comfort of its kind and the panoramic view of the Aravallis. The primary theme of this resort is to bring people back to nature, but with the same trappings of an urban existence. It provides the entire range of necessary modern facilities. Some of the interesting activities include jeep safaris, birding and nature walks. Another must try are the Tree House Cottages in Manali. A family-run resort having Swiss tents, normal cottages and a tree-house. The tree-house is set up on an oak tree surrounded by lush fields and orchards. Home cooked meals are offered to the guests which give a home away from home feeling.

So the next time you want to experience a unique holiday, branch out and stay in a tree house. Be it a romantic weekend, a girlfriend getaway or a family outing, a tree house stay will certainly tickle the fantasy of one and all. Perhaps there will be no WI-FI, but I bet you will definitely find better connection!

Janhavi Rane
(Team Veena World)