Paris Forever…

One love for the mothers pride. One love for the times we cried. One love gotta stay alive. I will survive. We all loved this song didn't we? At least my generation did. When love equates travel the first place that strikes many tourist or Mandalis, is Paris.

Under all the glitz and glamour that the city has to offer, Paris is truly a beautiful city with an unequivocally heartbeat.
Paris appeals to me. It’s just not the city, but the Parisians too are distinct in their own way. Their French attitude makes them pretty unique. They are not disrespectful but they are a little different in their own way. They underrate English as much as they overrate French. I find this pretty amusing.

They somehow have a liking for Indians, because Indians have always opposed a venture at the start, be it the Disneyland or Glass pyramid at Louvre, but eventually they have embraced it wholeheartedly. French people and particularly Parisians are very vocal about their Republican values, they understand the efforts that were taken by their ancestors to free their land from Monarchy. They cherish their efforts and express their strength time and again through protest and shutdowns. This expression of strength is often seen as a hindrance for several Tour Managers. Tourist who have booked their tour three to four months in advance expect tour managers to be aware about the protests dates, this rising expectation is simply impractical.

Shifting our focus to Paris’s landmark monument is the "Eiffel Tower”. We share a love and hate relationship with it. On one hand we love it for obvious reasons, but on the other hand we dislike the long queues that lead to it. I can relate this situation to a famous Hindi quote which says "Kuch Pane ke Liye Kuch Karna padta hain". Yes, I have altered the word ‘Karna instead of Khona’.

Three floors to this tower one gets to view the magnificent city of Paris. Overlooking the lovely French Gardens, The Champs Elysees and many more sights this iconic structure is totally worth it. Due to its gigantic size it is often a headache to manage time, as people love to click a lot of photos and selfies from top.

I often wonder if Gustave Eiffel ever thought that the Iron lattice structure which he created in the heart of the Champ De Mars would ever become a symbol of Love?

I visited Paris just a week after the deadly Paris terrorist attack. I have to admit that people have decided to move on in life and to continue to live with the same spirit.
Security continues to remain beefed up throughout the city, the insecurity about destruction still looms over. However, people continue to smile. The essence of romance is still alive. May this city be as spirited as it was. The Parisians are a bit unique but it’s truly worth a visit.

The Chopras had coined the phrase "Come fall in love" in Paris. Similarly Veena World has included this city of Love as you traverse to the European continent, if you wish to customise your trip we have several options for that as well. Let it be Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter this city looks beautiful throughout the year.

Amit Kunte
(Tour Manager)