…Par Rukna Nahi Chahta

May fly are aquatic primitive insects and exhibit a number of ancestral traits that are probably in the first flying insects with long tail and wings that do not fold. And most importantly they have short life expectancy.

Then why do I consider ourselves a May Fly? We (Tour Managers) are like insects who are very eager to fly with the wings we have, very reluctant to stay on ground. Our profession is glamourous, it’s infectious and it’s addictive. As the saying goes, “Once you taste the venom, life will never be the same”.

Today in the world of Social Media, it’s cool to update status, telling everyone where we are; today in Singapore, tomorrow maybe in London or Kota Kina Balu and the day after maybe even Bali… Which profession has this benefit?

You must be thinking, “This man is constantly on Honeymoon with all expenses paid”. Without Wife.

Well to start off with, like all professions it requires dedication, passion, commitment and never say no attitude.

Let me explain:

Dedication: Rancho had rightly put it, you should be married to your work. Our job requires a lot of human efforts, manual as well as mental. One should not expect a “Thank you”, “So kind of you.” We are expected to work for the people and help them to enjoy their holiday which they have earned after paying their hard-earned money.

I would like to tell my friends, who are newly stepping in this profession, that at the start money is negligible. Work is never-ending. You will have to wake up first at 5 AM each day and sleep last at 11 PM, that too if your work is done. You will be the butt of all jokes. But you should be able to take it sportingly. The patient wait and never-ending work generally takes a toll on most people who join this profession because it looks fun from outside. But after 2/3 tours lads do run away.

Passion: Passion is also a key ingredient. If you are not passionate about this job then please don’t join. Passion to help others can’t be generated, it needs to be inbuilt. Passion to perform is also equally important, where we are continuously on stage being judged by people who look up to you and adore you (Guests on Tour), passion to know new places. You should have a thirst for knowledge and study (most people have a thinking that only 12th pass join this field). Well we require to update the knowledge continuously with passion as we live in information age, knowing is owing. We also need to have a tendency to try out local stuff, know little bit of local language etc.

Commitment: Commitment to perform better is an important factor. There is never 100%, we need to go beyond the usual norms and do something extra, but be natural at the same time. Improvement is the key and it requires commitment. It helps us to stay focused.

My passion is to write about places. As Ranbir Kapoor rightly puts in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, “Main Raftar Chahta hoon, Udna Chahta Hoon, Girna Bhi Chahata Hoon, Par Rukna Nahi chahta.”

World is a great place and our differences make us unique. French attitude, Austrian smile, Thai hospitality or Nepalese simplicity; it’s quite amazing. Along with travel destinations I will try and share my memorable experiences with you all. It may not be the best, but I am sure they will prove to be useful for you all.

Amit Kunte
(Team Veena World)