Not All those who Wander are Lost

After zipping through the snowy slopes, bungee jumping off high grounds, sky diving through a plane and jet-boating in wild rapids, every adventure enthusiast deserves a good wind-down. There is certainly more to Queenstown than its hugely popular extreme sports. Amidst the adventure capital of New Zealand lie a number of special and quirky activities that you can add to your collection of travel memories. If you are not one of those adrenaline junkies, then here are a few unique things to do when in Queenstown that won’t zap you of all your energy.

Journey into Middle Earth: Explore the locations of the epic ‘Lord of the Rings trilogy’ and ‘The Hobbit’ series with Lord of the Rings Tours. The guided tours kick off from its Queenstown starting point and straight into Tolkien’s world. Spend a relaxing day out strolling in the fresh air amidst the stunning scenery.

Try Disc Golfing: Yes, it’s a thing. Disc golf, also known as Frisbee golf, is a beloved game of Queenslanders who frequent local dedicated disc golf courses. The lovely Queenstown Gardens, which is only a 10-minute drive from the airport, hosts a complete 18-basket course where you can try your hand at Disc Golfing. It is a simple game to grasp without complicated rules – with the basic one being that you don’t throw the frisbee at someone’s face!

Step into an Ice Bar: Visit ‘Below Zero Ice Bar’, where the cups in which they serve drinks are made up of ice! With a controlled sub-zero temperature, enjoy the spectacular hand-carved ice sculptures and cocktails with your friends and family. Warm thermal wear is provided at the door, so you won’t have to worry about turning into a human ice candy.

Soak up the sights on a Gondola: It’s a clear, sunny day in Queenstown and you want to get the best view possible of the town and the surrounding area. What do you do? There’s only one option – you get onto the gondola and indulge in one of the most breathtaking views in New Zealand.

Gorge on a Fergburger: You may think this is just another burger joint, but ‘Ferburger’ is an institution in Queenstown. The restaurant is famous for its 20-odd gourmet burger offerings including cod (the Codfather), falafel (Bun Laden) and venison (Sweet Bambi) variations.

Soothe Your Soul at the Onsen Hot Pools: Treat yourself to a sublime soak in an indoor/outdoor cliffside Onsen hot pool with a view of the Shotover River canyon. Even if your body isn’t weary from adventure activities, everyone deserves to indulge in this kind of pampering from time to time. Soak up the scenery as you immerse in the warm waters, or unwind with a romantic candlelight package

Enjoy the Nightlife: Queenstown is as much known for its nightlife as it is for adventurous thrills. You can always open with a “Have you bungied yet?” and you’ll no doubt start a conversation with just about anybody. There are cozy wine bars, friendly pubs and night clubs to appeal to any mood. Some of the popular hang-outs are Cow Boys, Sky Bar, Surreal, The Buffalo Club and the Pub on Wharf. So on your holiday to New Zealand, do something different and unusual in Queenstown!

Janhavi Rane
(Team Veena World)