Khakra, Faafda and Jalebis...

The moment you hear these words, a big trail of Gujarati food runs in front of your eyes. Let it be Khakras, Fafdas, Jalebis, Dhoklas, Khaman, Undiyo or a Gujarati Thali.

As mentioned in the Movie 3 Idiots, names of Gujarati food sound like missile & bombs. These delicacies indeed, are loaded with missiles of flavours. One of the prominent feature of Gujarati food is that they are prepared in large quantities, living up to their generous culture of share & eat. It is one of the most popular & easily available cuisine in India. Though, the authenticity of every cuisine lies in the place of its origin.

Ahmedabad is one of the prime Cities for food lovers in Gujarat. Talking about Street food in Ahmedabad, Manek Chowk & Law College Area are famous food streets in the city. Apart from the traditional Gujarati Cuisine, Manek Chowk serves a variety of Chaat, exotic Sandwiches, and a Gujarati version of Chow Mein.

This street is open till 4 am. Papri Chaat, Khada Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri, Fruit Sandwich, Chocolate Sandwich are the specialities of this Street. Similar to Manek Chowk is the Law College area which serves almost all those dishes that one could find at Manek chowk, but Pizza (locally called as ‘’Pijja’’) is worth trying.

Breaking the myth that Ahmedabad is a vegetarian city, Bhatiyar Gali stands out with a huge array of kebabs & other Chicken or Mutton Delicacies. Sheekh kebabs, Mutton samosas are the most popular ones. After exploring the varied street food of Ahmedabad, Guajarati Cuisine is incomplete without the world famous ‘Khakra Faafdas. Isckon Ghatiya is well known for the same.

Apart from Street food there are classic restaurants in Ahmedabad. ‘Hotel Vishala’ – the theme based restaurant is worth visiting. Its unique dining & delicious food is what makes Vishala different from all other restaurants in Ahmedabad. Its typical Indian village ambience, makes guests recollect their childhood memories. The main attraction of Vishalla is their dining arrangement. It’s an open dining restaurant with wooden planks and traditional old lanterns with folk music sung, without mike in the background.

Complementing its traditional environment, food served here is authentic & pure. Gujarati Thali is mostly asked for. Vishala also houses a Museum called as ‘Vechaara’ which is a presentation of Indian Culture & collection of Old Indian Utensils which depicts the changing trends in Indian cooking throughout the decades.

On the other hand ‘Hotel Patang’ by Neelkanth Group of Hotels is a complete contrast to Hotel Vishala. It’s a revolving restaurant which looks similar to the Ambassador Hotel in Mumbai. This hotel provides luxurious accommodation & sumptuous food. If anyone is looking for exotic & continental food in Ahmedabad then Hotel Patang is the one to look for.

So next time if you plan your trip to Ahmedabad don’t forget to explore the yummiest food of the city.

Prachi Kande
(Product Management)