Ganpati Bappa Morya... Undir Mama Ki Jay

On this note 9 couples embarked on the most memorable and romantic journey. With hopes in our hearts, dreams in our eyes we were ready to fly. Veena World" has become blessing in disguise for newly married couples who have begun their lifetime adventure called marriage. It was a dream come true....indeed..& for all HONEYMOONERS, as we saw our "Sapano ka Jahan"

Thank you so much Veena World, for arranging such a magical trip. You made our honeymoon extra special, extravagant and extraordinary. Everything was so perfect, well organised & executed, that I thought am I in dreamland (or Thailand ?) with the King of my heart. Veena world truly delivers what they promise-high standards, reasonable pricing & safe journey. Now onwards Veena World will be our family's travel partner in each trip. We both will do all it takes to promote Veena world.

About Tour Manager :-)Amit Kunte- Amit- Marathi meaning - with no limits & A +Mit - Hindi meaning of this word is friend...really in time of need he played role of friend, philosopher, guide & sometimes a photographer too. He encouraged us to try new cuisine, new things e.g. tower jump, paragliding, underwater sea walk, I still don't believe I did those things. He has any eye for detail, and he made sure that he could provide anything we might need including finding a pharmacy to locating shop for good quality champagne as well iced tea with milk i.e. famous drink in Pattaya.

It would not be possible to say enough about Amit's capabilities in terms of knowledge of Asian countries especially Thailand & ability to keep people together as a team. He is born to travel I guess. He was entertaining,fun,engaging & extremely accommodating. He has experience & knowledge about other areas too where one can shop for liquor & chocolates or simply enjoy the musical genre of Bollywood, a constant source of "info-tainment". Amit is a great company to be with. 10/10 is what I give Amit. We would also like to thank "Suthe"p or rather fondly called as "DJ" the coach captain who was superb, competent ,informed, helpful & well-chosen.

Transport:-) We were shocked & pleasantly surprised to find the hygiene, quality and performance of the vehicle provided. The Driver was skilful as well cautious enough to commute on express ways & in narrow soy's i.e. Lanes in Thailand.

Meals: Were good. Particularly breakfast, the menu had variety of world cuisines to satisfy our gastronomic journey too. We all must have gained few pounds here!!!!

Accommodations:-) Beds were comfortable enough & had great bay view from every room in hotel "D Waree"

Companions:-) it's really nice to have smaller group when it comes to travel. We were 9 couples including 1 leader, 1 guide, 1 driver, and 1 assistant. All were enthusiastic & had unique talents. We all bonded well, danced together, and celebrated birthdays. We also experienced the night life of Bangkok & Pataya and rocked the dance floor. We also enjoyed shopping and justified our mantra "shop till you drop". Credit obviously goes to Amit for facilitating the process well. We still are connected & enjoy getting to know each other more through what's app.

Last but not the least the Tour:-) We loved everything, right from the itinerary, welcome kit with the goodies to cruise ride, Safari trail, Thai massage, adventure sports, city tour shows, visit to Madam Tussauds wax museum, the range of activities was immensely rewarding & worth every. It was intense but not overly. Always something new & interesting to do, but at same time enough with downtime as it was a honeymoon special. It was right balance of fun, shopping, travel, sightseeing, activities & relaxation.

Kudos to the tour designer & Veena World. "Let's celebrate - Journey & Festival called Life." For us it will be an affair for lifetime with Veena world.

Deepti Kulkarni
(Guest Veena World)