Be There! Do That!!

Can you imagine a visit to majestic Alps, pristine beaches and stunning landscapes all in one place! Friends, get ready for your very own rendezvous with breathtaking beauty on your next holiday as France beckons with its many charms. France fascinates with its splendid past and its graceful leaps into the future – the true mark of an alive, ever-changing nation. In the modern imagination, everything that is typically French is synonymous with culture, history and a certain contemporary flair. To the French it seems natural that such multitudes should flock to admire their beloved land resplendent with history, art, architecture and natural beauty.

From France’s sun-drenched vineyards and vibrant, cosmopolitan cities to its innumerable museums guarding priceless treasures in their sanctums, from the mouth-watering gourmet delights in its patisseries and restaurants to its intoxicating array of fine wines and champagne, France is a festival for the senses all the way.

Adorned by the Mediterranean coast is France’s ‘French Riviera’. Due to its azure blue waters it is also known as the ‘Cote d’Azur’. The unique region situated on this coast is Provence. From world-renowned painter Van Gogh to Peter Mayle, many artists have added attractive colours to Provence’s aura. The beautiful region of Provence in France stretches along the Mediterranean as far as Italy and the Alps. The quaint Provence is rich in history and culture and the region is mainly known for its heritage buildings built during the Roman and Medieval Era. As Provence is ideally located very close to the Mediterranean Sea, it offers a number of fun filled exciting activities for the adventure buffs as well. Provence is not only known for its splendid beauty but also for its French Riviera- not only the wine but the sunny sandy beach here! Laze around or try out the thrilling action filled activities like kayaking, canoeing or sailing at the beaches. So get ready for all the action at the Mediterranean!

With its lush and scenic landscapes, majestic mountains, flowery fields of lavender from where comes the French perfume, sandy beaches, historic sites, authentic and lip smacking Mediterranean cuisine with world famous liquors and wines, amazing carnivals and events, handmade art and crafts - the region of Provence has just about everything to satisfy a traveller’s needs! Provence’s historic attraction is Avignon. Ringed by incredibly preserved 800-year-old stone ramparts, graceful Avignon's turn as the seat of papal power bestowed the city with a treasury of magnificent art and architecture, none grander than the massive medieval fortress and papal palace, Palais des Papes. In romantic counterpoint, Pont d'Avignon – of nursery-rhyme fame – spans halfway across the Rhône. Ancient cobbled streets pass inviting boutiques; leafy squares overflow with cafe tables and thousands come visiting Avignon for the performing arts festival.

Known as the ‘Front door of Provence’, Marseille is a rich, pulsating port city bubbling over with history, cutting-edge creative spaces and hip multicultural urbanites. Since Greek settlers came ashore around 600 BC, waves of immigrants have made Marseille their home. Marseille's maritime heritage thrives at the vibrant Vieux Port (Old Port), where fresh-off-the-boat catches are sold each morning. Along the coast, seaside roads and cycling tracks veer around sun-scorched coves and sandy beaches. A feast of world cuisines, shops, music and cultural celebrations ensure the pace never slows in this busy city, where the mistral wind blows.

Wines played a major role in turning France’s image from a fascinating country to an enticing destination. For centuries France and quality wines have been going hand in hand. Hence, visiting Burgundy & Champagne is a must while visiting France. Champagne is a largely agricultural region famed around the world for the sparkling wines that have been made here since the days of Dom Pérignon. According to French law, only bubbly from the region grown in designated areas, then aged and bottled according to the strictest standards, can be labeled as champagne.

The production of the celebrated wine takes place mainly in two departments: Marne, whose metropolis is the 'Coronation City' of Reims, famed for its medieval churches; and the less prestigious Aube, whose prefecture is the ancient and picturesque city of Troyes, one of the best places in France to stroll among half-timbered houses. From learning the art of tasting champagne to taking a stroll in the wineries, this region is packed with many unforgettable experiences. Verdant Epernay nestled in the heart of vineyards invites you for a discovery of its Avenue de Champagne that is bordered on both sides by stately champagne houses of local and international repute. A visit of their underground cellars reveal the exquisite treasures of these establishments.

The promise of fine wine, pungent mustard and ducal history await you in Burgundy. Savour delectable reds such as Chambertin, Vougeot and Nuits Saint Georges or the fruity white Chablis. Dijon - the capital of the region promises you an amusing discovery of the city through the Owl's Trail, visits of Philippe Le Bon’s Tower, the Old City of Dijon, the Magnin Museum and the Maille Mustard boutique for some of the best mustard in town.

To make your stay more interesting and comfortable, there are many options available from palace hotels to chateaux and from home stays to luxury villas. And to top it all there’s delicious French cuisine, which has been added in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Your French retreat is made unforgettable by the various delectable French dishes offered in the numerous restaurants, bistros and brasseries. From French Onion Soup to Tarte Flambee, there are a number scrumptious dishes, which tantalize your tastebuds. Along with French cuisine the main attraction of the visit of France is shopping. Renowned as the world shopping capital, France is a treasure trove of branded clothes, attractive souvenirs, best perfumes and quality wines. The shopping makes your French holiday really memorable. So get planning your French retreat to experience your own ‘Be there! Do That! moments & enjoy your rendezvous with happiness.

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