Europe: A dream destination

There are a handful of destinations that still merit the ‘awesome’ tag and Europe is surely on top of that list. From Alps to Eiffel Tower and from Tulips to Michael Angelo’s world of Art, this magnificent continent keeps on thrilling, surprising and alluring with its extraordinary wealth of sights, sounds, art and people. One significant feature of this magnificent continent is that it doesn’t disappoint anyone. You may be a history fanatic or you may want to explore various art forms or you may be a crazy nature lover; with Europe’s thrilling history that goes back thousand years, its amazing heritage of art and the backdrop of stunning scenic beauty, every tourist gets his money’s worth.

Every aspiring tourist has this long-nurtured dream of visiting Europe at least once in a lifetime; for some it may even look like an impossible dream, a wishful thinking as not everyone can afford to visit this magnificent yet expensive continent and for such people the idea of ‘Affordable tourism’ materialized. From single country to multiple countries; there is a wide range of Europe tours available to choose from as per your liking and budget.

It's tempting, when you plan that big first trip to Europe, to try to do everything, to fit every single highlight into a whirlwind tour around perhaps the planet's most diverse continent. Hence choosing your Europe tour as per your favourite destinations, seasons and budget is very necessary. Maybe it’s tulips in Netherlands or visiting Eifel Tower in Paris or taking a gondola ride in Italy; whatever it is, mark those down and plan your trip around them. Think about what’s right for you. Europe being a vast continent, has a multitude of sights and extreme climatic conditions. March to June the climate in Europe is fairly mild and so it is the best time to experience Europe. However, June to September being the European summer, those who enjoy sunny days can choose to visit Europe during this time. Or better yet, if you don’t mind the cold, go in winter. You’ll feel like you have the place to yourself. Try to get at least one of Venice, Paris or London. They are all amazing and called as ‘Cream of Europe’.

Second or third time Europe travellers can opt for exploring off-beat European destinations. From single country tours like Swiss-Italy-Paris, Spanish Splendors, Magnificent Greece to multiple country tours like European Dream, European Highlights, European Escape where you get to visit varied cities in multiple countries, there are a myriad of exciting combinations to choose from.

Packing light and right is also very important to be a smart traveller. You don’t need three pairs of jeans in a European summer or four sweaters in the winter; thermal wear & a couple of sweaters can do the job of protecting you from cold. However, one set of formal clothes are important when you go for that fancy dinner in Paris- the fashion capital of the world or London- the land of meticulously dressed people.

Moreover, it is also important to book your tour 6-8 months in advance which enables you to have enough time to get your passport and VISA formalities done. Many tourists refrain from planning a Europe tour just because they are wary of the VISA formalities. Although for any foreign tour VISA stamping on your passport is a mandatory requirement, it doesn’t necessarily mean a hassle. If you do the documentation part properly as guided and as per the guidelines given by the sales executive at the time of booking, it will ensure your peace of mind.

Other than all the above-mentioned tour options, there are many more options available from Veena World for those who wish to go for something special or off-beat or different. Those who wish to cram as many countries as possible in their first ever Europe tour, the one-of-its-kind 31 days Europe tour option is available for the first time in India which enables you to explore maximum number of cities in 15 beautiful European countries. For the year 2014 Veena World is introducing two new equally exciting and interesting Europe tours- 14 days’ Trans-Siberian Explorer and 13 days’ Arctic Circle. There are many tourists who are on the lookout for speciality tours, some even want to gift a tour to their parents or wives; some want their children to have a gala time with their peers on a tour, Veena World has an array of tour options where you can have the time of your life; Women’s Special, Students Special, Senior Citizens’ Special, Honeymoon Special and Grandparents with Grandchildren are all designed to suit every individual from different age-groups. For tourists wishing to travel individually, tailor-made holidays which are planned with minute attention to detail with the promise of experiences beyond the ordinary, is a perfect choice.

Europe, the vast continent beckons everyone with its magnificence. The graceful avenues of Rome, amazing displays of architecture at fashion capital- Paris, fun and frolic at London and many more equally exciting destinations are all treasures of Europe and Veena World makes your Europe tour an enthralling experience. So what are you waiting for?

Team Veena world