Layali Dubai

January! It’s the time to wind down after all the hectic partying and look forward to another year. The month itself is dedicated to Janus, the god of good beginnings, the two-faced god who has an eye on both the past and the future. So, look back on the past year and take stock of all those places you wanted to visit and never did. And get working on them this coming year!

The year begins on a great note with the much anticipated Dubai Shopping Festival, from January 2nd 2014 to February 2nd 2014. The Dubai Shopping Festival which is one of the most sought after attractions in Dubai, will once again allure a plethora of tourists to its 32-days of non-stop celebrations. DSF is not just about great discounts and bargains in shopping but entertainment in the form of fashion shows, music, fireworks and laser light shows along the Dubai creek. This is the time to buy that pair of designer jeans you have been eyeing forever. And if you are lucky, you may end up winning some grand prize too – perhaps another international holiday!

After you’ve had your fill of the malls, explore the amazing city of Dubai where you can have a photo stop at Burj Al Arab – tallest hotel in the world, drive through famous Sheikh Zayed Road to see how the rest of the city lives. Take a ride in the Palm Monorail, embark on the Dhow Dinner Cruise or gape at all the glitter and glamour on display at the gold souk. Set aside an evening to go dune bashing on the fine golden sands or stare in awe at the Jumeira Beach Hotel as the warm sea water tickles your feet. There is more to Dubai than the chrome and steel – just scratch that gleaming surface.

A heaven for devout shoppers, a dream come true for connoisseurs, paradise for family and fantasy world for children, Dubai Shopping Festival is an all-encompassing experience for everyone.

A month long extravaganza, the Festival will take your sense for a roller coaster ride with lots of diverse and thrilling activities. With malls and shops offering great discounts on their merchandise, daily car raffle draws along with great places to see and amusing events planned for the occasion, Dubai Shopping Festival 2014 is something to look forward to!

There is this particular ‘City of Gold’ status that Dubai achieves during this time, the best part of which is that nothing becomes unaffordable, no want is left untouched and no sense is left un-catered to. Right from aquatic, light and sound Shows to gourmets delicacies, from ‘Open for All’ sports competitions to shopping outlets, malls and stores where you can flex your credit muscle, you have it all!

A potential treasure hunt is in the offering because a visit to the Mall of Emirates has each and every conceivable luxury, lifestyle, jewellery and fashion item available on ‘SALE’.

But wait, because there is more, after you have explored all these modern, commercial and westernized (albeit slightly) options, get ready to be a part of the souks, traditional markets which have been around since the sands of time. Delightful little shops with small tea or coffee shops are specialists for a range of things to buy right from fish, fruits and vegetables to gold.

Now, one thing you have to tighten up your belt and that too considerably , is for the fact that you will have to bargain till you drop dead, because this shopping festival and particularly at the souks, expect a hard bargain as part of the charming sales process. So do not give in, because an easy sale would leave a very dissatisfied shopkeeper behind you.

‘Layali Dubai’ as exotically as the Dubai Shopping Festival is known in Arabic will give you this one opportunity to indulge in shopping where you enjoy the tussle, the noisy colorful crowds, the dangers of losing a bargain and the final ecstasy of the perfect purchase. Do not miss out on this great opportunity to explore the great city of Dubai and shop till you drop.

Team Veena World