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Monsoon Special How Mumbaikars Celebrate Life during Monsoon
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Monsoon Special: How Mumbaikars Celebrate Life during Monsoon?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Down The Memory Rain ‘Ye re ghana, ye re ghana Nhaau ghaal maajhya mana…’ This opening verse of an eternal Marathi song, written by poet Aarti Prabhu literally translates to, ‘Oh rain, come and bath my heart and mind’. Interestingly, an anecdote goes something like – earlier instead of ‘Majhya […]

Things I Learnt during the COVID Lockdown
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5 Things I Learnt during the COVID-19 Lockdown

Reading Time: 8 minutes Like every year, this year too began with a bang. It was even the more special, for it was the beginning of a new decade. When we all were in high spirits, had our resolutions and bucket-list ready and had some great expectations from 2020, the news about a deadly […]

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Life Post-lockdown: Will it be Manageable or Unimaginable?

Reading Time: 9 minutes It was back in school that we all learnt, ‘Man is a social animal’. In the due course of human evolution, we have always lived in groups, forming communities and eventually setting up various social structures and institutions in our society. A deadly virus has hit the very basis of […]