Harshal Pansare

Harshal has 9 years rich experience as a tour manager and handles sectors like Kerala, Kashmir, Chardham, Amarnath, Karnataka, Andaman, South India & South East Asia. He has good sector knowledge. He has good decision making power and handles various situations on tour in a balanced manner. He loves driving. According to him, Veena World is a great organisation & is on a right track to become the biggest travel company in India.

Sahil Patil

Sincere and always smiling, Sahil has been conducting tours to Himachal, Uttaranchal, Chardham, Kerala and South India since the past 4 years. He has good knowledge of the sectors that he handles. He loves listening to music and singing. He feels happy to be a member of the team Veena World that gives him a chance to interact with all kinds of people.


We Mr.Madhukar Pawar and Mrs. Akshada Pawar has been to ooty- mysore- coorg tour. This is my second tour with Veena world. We were 7 couples mostly senior citizens. Our tour managers Mr. Pramod Gharat and Mr. Shreyas Patil both are very co-operative. They have taken good care of us like their own family member.
Hotels and food provision were also good. I feel Veena world choice of hotels and travel is well managed. I would like to inform Ms. Veena Patil that your tour managers are really dedicated and hard working

Akshada Pawar SIOC (I-FLY ) 02 April 2017

माननीय, सौ. वीणाताई पाटील यांस सस्नेह नमस्कार.

आम्ही वीणा वर्ल्ड द्वारे दि. 3 मार्च ते 9 मार्च 2017 दरम्यान म्हैसूर-उटी सहल केली. ही सहल करून मी, माझी पत्नी शिवांगी व मुलगी श्रद्धा खूपच खूश झालो.

या सहलीमधील हॉटेल्स, जेवण उत्तम दर्जाचे होते. तसेच टूर मॅनेजर्स हडसन फ्रान्सीस आणि अनिकेत गोळे यांनीही आमची खूप काळजी घेतली. ते आम्हाला आपल्या कुटुंबाप्रमाणेच जपत होते. माझी पत्नी अचानक आजारी पडली तेव्हासुद्धा त्यांनी खूप काळजी घेतली. असे मॅनेजर्स असतील तर आम्ही सदैव वीणा वर्ल्ड तर्फेच सहल करू.

आमची सहल अवि

Shivaji Rane SIOC (I-fly ) 03 March 2017

I am sending this mail on behalf of my parents who had availed your tour package to Ooty-mysore-Coorg between 3rd to 9th March 2017. The tour was very comfortable and the staff was absolutely helpful. Special thanks to tour managers Hudson Francis and Aniket Gole who were very friendly and always around to make sure the arrangements are perfect. All hotel arrangements were very nice and comfortable. Looking forward to have many such tour packages with you.

Anil Akant SIOC 03 March 2017

फारसुंदर अनुभव, सुरवाती पासुन येईपर्यँत .प्रत्येकाला समजाउन घेणारे उत्तम मार्गदर्शकtours manager,उत्तम hotels & foods also.आमचा veena world बरोबरचा हा दुसराउत्तम असा अनुभव.पुढील पर्यटन तुमच्या सोबतच असेल.लवकरच पुढील plan साठी भेटेन. धन्यवाद.

Sudhir Paranjape STHY 25 February 2017

It was pleasure to be part of SIOC(I) 130217 tour organized by Veena World. Hereby sharing our feedback on this tour and tour manager. Tour Manager Mr. Pramod Gharat & Mr. Durgesh both have supported all of crew members from Day 1 to the time we reach back our home. Due to their support and courtesy, we have covered all the site scenes in time!

Regarding hotels, All hotels and their service were excellent, Specially Sandesh the Prince at Mysore.
We would like appreciate the efforts taken by driver for driving safely and cleaner for maintaining vehicle neat and clean. I will definitely recommend to my friends and relatives for having tour with Veena world.

Hemant Khandaskar SIOC (I-fly) 13 February 2017

Recently enjoyed south India tour with Veena world. The experience was fantastic. The tour was well organised, and nicely conducted by young tour managers Rohit Nilekar and Rahul Gorge. The hotels were mostly fabulous and food was good quality. Beauty of temples and peace in Matrumandir at Pondicherry is great. The bus was luxurious and driver was safe. Different activities like games, antakshari entertained us. Though we were 24 persons, mostly of age 60 plus, soon became and now will remain as a family through WA group, Veena 26! I highly appreciate the driver, who drove 430 Km in a day from Rameshwaram to Puducherry single handedly. The tour experience as whole was excellent. The tour managers went on helping the members till the tour concluded and everyone went home with sweet memories! ( As your caption says)

Snehala A. Dixit SIJW 22 January 2017

We had a great tour to Hyderabad and had an awesome experience. The choice of hotels was excellent and the food throughout the tour was delicious. The tour manager and assistant, Sandip Kashid & Kiran Shirsagar were the best. They were caring & friendly and managed the tour so well. Thanking you for giving us unforgettable movements and we would definitely like to go with Veena World again.

Shraddha Alekar STHY (I-fly ) 29 December 2016

It turned out to be a wonderful tour and was just what we had been looking for. As it was our first time travel with Veena World, we were a little sceptical at the beginning but you guys proved it wrong. We would like to thank the Veena World Team for making it wonderful and specially the Tour Manager Vimesh Gohel. The way Vimesh looked after us and coordinated the tour is commendable and we thank him for taking trouble upon himself to make us feel comfortable. Based on this experience, Veena World would certainly be our first choice for our next tour.

Manoj Joshi SIJW 25 December 2016

We enjoyed our Hyderabad tour.We liked ur formula of "Carwallle package".

Already summer had started but still we felt comfortable becos of Ur perfect system right from ur advisors & many times prompt sollutions & continuous follow up by ur relevant executives.

The hotels stay, food & service was up to the mark. The vehicle was excellent & the driver also was decent,thanks to Veena World. Keep it up.

Mr. David Ghosalkar FTAPA 01 April 2016

I recently went to Ooty Kodaicanal tour through Veena World with my friend Sudha Pandit. It was a very good experience. We enjoyed a lot. First of all to begin with we thanks to Mr Prasad Chavan, our Tour Manager & Jayesh Khartude who was there as assistant with Prasad. They overall managed tour quite well. Everything was managed very well by Prasad & Jayesh. Whether it was breakfast, lunch or dinner. I am writing this as a note of appreciation for the quality service provided by these two individuals during the entire trip. The service provided by both of them was appreciable. They answered all our queries and was very polite and helpful throughout tour. They always keeps everyone in tour alive.

They both are also very jolly guys and keeps everyone happy and involved. Both of them managed all the tourist places to be visited within tour perfectly and within time. . Both of this guys considered every group age of people and provided them with awesome experience what they wanted. Thanks a lot.... But still I have shared with you, some experiences which need improvement e. g. heater facility provided in the Ooty resort was not working well and on the last day of tour there is no proper arrangement of lunch which create big inconvenience to all tour members. Thanks and congratulations to Veena Madam and its team. Keep it up.
Our best wishes to Veena World.

Jayashreerani B. Surve SIOK 15 November 2015

I am very happy to share my experience with Veena World tour of OOTY-KODAI. After having Rajasthan Mewad in Nov 2014 with Veena World, we took Ooty Kodai this November . Total experience was amazing till the end of tour. The food quality and hotel arrangement was excellent. There is no room for complaints. Both the representatives , tour managers - Prasad and Jayesh were co-operative . They managed all the tourist places to be visited, safely and within time , even if, sudden climate changes in Tamilnadu and tried to comfort us in best possible manner. It was a very well organized tour with both the tour guides/managers -extremely good in taking care of all the people with a complete involvement. We enjoyed the tour thoroughly. The participation and initiative by the tour guides was awesome including the get-togethers and funny games. They were always available in case of any difficulty faced by the group members. Overall, it was a refreshing experience & We have returned with happy memories
Thanks to Veena World team and all the best.

Sudha Pandit SIOK 15 November 2015

It is our pleasure to give you feedback about our SIOK trip Kodai - Ooty. It was very beautiful .We enjoyed lot with Jayesh Khartude and Prasad Chavan being our tour managers. Both have excellent skills of hospitality.
I liked all the arrangements like hotels, food, time management etc. as it was our first tour with Veena world I was little worried about children but to my surprise they enjoyed and didn't have to look after them so much. Despite of bad weather Jayesh and Prasad managed the tour nicely. We all sixteen 14+2 enjoyed each others company. Definitely in near future again we will choose Veena as our travel partner. Thank you Veena World.

Manoj Toke SIOK (I Fly) 15 November 2015

We just completed the South India tour recently. The tour was wonderful and well planned. Tour Managers Harshal Pansare and Pratik Pendekar conducted the tour very nicely. They took care of senior citizens n other young members very well. Our feedback for the tour is as under :-

1) This was our 5th tour with Veena World. In August we did Leh Ladhak tour n in October v completed the South India tour. All the tours were Superb and memorable.
2) This tour dates were not coinciding with any festivals resulting in satisfactory visit to each TEMPLE. V appreciate The foresight of your tour planners.
3) Local tour guides chosen were well versed with the history of each TEMPLE. Over n above our tour Manager Harshal was also able to explain the importance of each TEMPLE in Hindi and English to the satisfaction of all.
4) Hotel's chosen were Superb
5)Quality of food served in each hotel was very good.
6) Bus engaged for site visit from Madurai to last destination was very comfortable.
7) The tour was well co-ordinated n Organised by Harshal Pansare.
We have to think twice to visit south Indian temples due to strict normsa and rituals performed by Pujaris in each TEMPLE. Veena World made it easy for us to have blessings of lords at each TEMPLE. We feel that Lord blessings are already showered on Veena World growth which is touching the new Heights in the Tourisim Industry. We are thankful to our tour Manager Harshal and Pratik. Ms Asawari and Sumita More along with your other office staff who helped us in booking this tour. It is not out of place to mention here that under your guidance n support your staff is performing very well. Their loyalty, sincerity, devotion n dedication to all the tours conducted are praiseworthy. Our best wishes to You and Ur staff who as a team is taking Veena World to New Heights.

Usha and Ram Prakash Saini SIJW 01 October 2015

Recently we enjoyed our tour Ooty- Kodai. It was a group tour and we had enjoyed a lot. Obviously we expected a lot from reputed company like yours but we had experienced much more than we expected. Best part of our tour was our tour managers Viraj and Prasad. They took care of us throughout our trip. They were very helpful till end. Food was awesome, surprises were mind-blowing , Management was most perfect.Viraj and Prasad had planned everything in such a way that we never felt that we coming for first time with them... definitely we expect them to be our tour manager for next trip also. Thank you so much for everything.

Amit Jagdale SIHA 04 January 2015

My wife & I spend memorable time & joyful moments with your Ooty honeymoon tour. Also arrangements, facilities provided were so good.We never suffered from any type of problems all over tour. Tour manager give his maximum efforts to fulfil all requirements of the group. Especially thankful to Viraj Desai. He is more than a tour manager. His involvement in our group is like family member of group. Every time for a tour I will always prefer Veena World also I will give suggestions to refer Veena World for getting better tour experience. THANK YOU SO MUCH

Deepak Gaikwad SIHA 04 January 2015

Recently we had enjoyed our Ooty- Kodai tour. It was a group tour and we had enjoyed a lot. Obviously we expected a lot from reputed company like yours but we had experienced much more than we expected. Best part of our tour was our tour managers Viraj and Prasad. They took care of us throughout our trip. They were very helpful till end. Food was awesome, surprises were mind-blowing , management was most perfect.Viraj and Prasad had planned everything in such a way that we never felt that we coming for first time with them... definitely we expect them to be our tour manager for next trip also. Thank you so much for everything.

Amit Jagdale SIHA04 January 2015

We were a part of Honeymoon special tour for Ooty and Kodaikanal. Me and my husband Ketan Hadawale enjoyed this tour a lot. We got to know each other in more better way by this tour. Really want to tell you that our tour managers Viraj Desai and Prasad were simply awesome people. They helped us in every possible way to create surprises between me and my husband. Even the games and other activities were greatly took by Viraj amd Prasad. I am very happy with our tour and all the hospitality given by Veena World. It was worth to go with Veena World. I really want to go with Veena World again.

Smita and Ketan Hadawale SIHA (I Fly) 04 January 2015