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Pranay Thalkar

experience in conducting tours at Leh, Kashmir, Himachal, Nainital, Rajasthan and Char Dham. He is hardworking and ready for challenges. He is a good entertainer and keeps the Guests happy on tour.

Sachin Bhise

Sachin has been in the tourism industry for the past 10 years conducting tours to Sikkim Darjeeling, Himachal, Chardham, Kailash Mansarovar & Thailand. Handling the rough sectors has made him very resourceful as the sector is known for the challenges it presents without any intimation. Good sense of humour & handling crisis deftly are a few of his strengths. He loves biking, playing cricket & he􀀶s also a very good kabaddi player. He reckons that the organisation is on a right track & will scale new heights.

Kunal Shinde

Kunal has been conducting tours to Sikkim, Darjeeling and Kerala since the past 3 years. Soft spoken, warm and good interpersonal skills make him popular with Guests. Though Sikkim Darjeeling is a difficult sector, he is ever ready for challenges and makes sure that Guests enjoy to the core. In his free time he loves to go trekking

Sandeep Patil

Sandeep has 6 years’ experience as a tour manager and handles Kashmir, Amarnath, Rajasthan, Kerala, Karnataka, SikkimLeh Ladakh, Nepal & Bhutan. He has been a good support to the info-centre team. He is a simple and caring person. With his hardwork & good communication skills, he has proved himself to be a good tour manager. When not on tour, he loves to go on treks and is passionate about riding bikes


Response to tour SDGL(IP)20617/A , Here we would like to mention about your arrangement and tour carrying skill as super and marvelous.
Nice memories of last 8 days we are carrying with us .
1) Arrangement and Planning - NICE
2) Food quality of lunch ,dinner and breakfast - NICE with Sufficient Variety
3) In all discipline & punctuality - Superb on all criteria i.e. wakeup call , luggage transformation and etc.
4) About tour manager and assistant - communication and attitude of both of them (Mr. Kunal shinde And Aniket Wakalkar) is superb with keen observation and awareness .
Thanks again. We have gone through nice experience. We would like to gain such experience in future again.

Chandravadan Shaha SDGL (I-Fly Pune) 02 June 2017

It is a very good experience to have a group tour with Veena world. Last year we travelled to Shimla-Manali from 1st June 2016 to 8th June 2016 and this year we travelled to Gangtok-Lachung-Darjeeling from 27th May 2017 to 4th June 2017. Both tours were well arranged, disciplined. The tour managers Satish Jadhav, Jitendra Nichite and their colleagues Akshay Mayekar, Nelson, Keyur taken all kind of care for us. They managed the tour schedule properly and we found no difficulties anywhere. Thanks to Veena tai giving us such a joyful experience of group tours.

Satish Nakave SDGL (I-Fly Pune) 27 May 2017

Most amazing experience our family ever had. The whole 9 day tour was a blast because of both the tour managers Jitendra Nichite and Nelson Rai. Both of them handled everything very perfectly and patiently. Even when someone was late Jitendra never yelled at anyone. Nelson would always play with children and get mixed with them. Jitendra was very friendly and caring. Another good thing was while travelling he didn't divide the family and not a single member was sitting in any other car. The tour was our BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!

Tushar Bhangale SDGL (I-Fly Pune) 27 May 2017

It's a great pleasure to share our awesome experience at SDGL230517, this was our 5th tour with Veena world and it has once again inspired us to plan our next trip with Veena world. The tour managers Kunal Shinde and Aniket both were always there with there assistance, guidance warmth and the personal touch, that enthused the confidence even in the senior citizens to enjoy lachung and all the other sights of both Sikkim and Darjeeling, would like to mention about the excellent managing skill of Kunal wherein he single handedly cleared a deadlock traffic on the way from Gangtok to Lachung which enabled not only the group but also the others stuck to reach Lachung before late night. Both Kunal and Aniket are real good assets for Veena World. Wishing Veena world loads of Best Wishes & success in all its endeavours. We look forward to many more such trips with Veena World.

Aparna Bhagat SDGL (I-Fly) 23 May 2017

This tour was very adventurous but enjoyed a lot . Kunal and Aniket were Very supportive and Informative ,they tried best to make this tour successful and they made it! This was my first experience of long tour that with veena world and I am very happy that my choice was best, Soon want to plan with tour with Veena World.

Deepali Potnis SDGL - (I-Fly ) 23 May 2017

Hello ! We have just come back from SDGL (I) Sikkim Darjeeling 9-day Tour organized by Veena World. We have earlier been on tours with many reputed travel companies & it was our first time with Veena World.
As expected, the Tour was a highly satisfying one. We had a great time & have come back with re-charged energy. We liked the Itinerary of the Tour as it covered all Important Places in the Sector. We generally enjoyed the food delicacies that were catered to us, keeping in view the locational limitations.

Our Tour Leader, Amol Jadhav & his Assistant, Sameer Jadhav, did a great job. Right from the start, they were very co-operative, polite & friendly. Inspite of this, they conducted the tour in a Professional Manner adhering to time schedules, so that the sight-seeing could be conducted smoothly & nothing would be left unseen. They were always ready for any help at any time of the day. They gave us good information about the various sight-seeing locations. We could see that they had a good rapport with your Channel Partners, may it be Hotel Staff or Drivers, which made our stay & journey pleasurable. We wish both, Amol & Sameer, a bright future.
Overall, it was a great experience & we would surely like to come back again with Veena World to explore new destinations. We wish Veena World family, All the Very Best in the days to come.

Mandar Gadre SDGL - (I-fly ) 11 April 2017

I have just returned from Sikkim, Gangtok, Lachung, Darjeeling tour with Veena World. The experience was simply amazing. Right from the start at Mumbai airport to Bagdogra to Gangtok to Lachung to Gangtok to Darjeeling to Bagdogra and back to Mumbai airport each n every moment was enjoyable, exciting, filled with love and care and respect from the two tour managers - Jitendra Mhashilkar and Rahul Gaikwad. Hats off to these two young boys who were ever ready and constantly taking care of all the members very lovingly. Their selfless dedication and love towards their duties and their unconditional care and respect towards all of us brought tears to my eyes. In spite of his bleeding nose and ill health Jitendra was continuously supporting and taking care of us. Although both of them were away from their families for the past 3-4 months, both of them were always smiling, cooperative, soft spoken and ready to find a solution to any problem, including the special arrangement to get earlier flight for all 21 of us when our flight was delayed by 2 hrs. Even after leaving us at Bagdogra airport, Jitendra was continuously in touch with us to help us reach home safely in time. This was something amazingly beautiful gesture indeed! God bless him!

This was my 4th tour with Veena World and each time my respect and love keeps growing towards the perfection with which they organise the tours, select perfect managers, places, hotels, food, sightseeing and support for the entire journey back home. One cannot forget such events, such tours and such a wonderful team who makes one so very comfortable and homely. As usual, this again was an amazing, fulfilling and divine experience for us. God Bless the Veena World Team!!

Suresh Hegde SDGL - (I-fly ) 07 April 2017

It was a great tour29/3/17 Sikkim, Darjeeling, Gangtok, Lachung. Nice experience. Got to learn many things. The guides (Rahul and Jitendra)were very kind and managed us very well. It was the most well organized tour out of which i have been so far. It was a great experience. Thank you Veena World!!! Keep Going

Rajesh Pai SDGL - (I-fly ) 29 march 2017

Veena Mam, We have really enjoyed our 9 days tour with your Tour Managers Mr Sohail Shaikh & Mr Devendra.
They both have taken utmost care of each & every person in the 18 member group. Their behaviour was like a family member & very very decent.
They both were involved with our group & specially with our kids till the last moment. This behaviour of TM made our tour memorable.
When we landed on Mumbai Airport, my younger daughter Manaswi talked to Sohail first & then to rest of the family members. Every morning she remembers the saying of Sohail Ganpati Bappa Morya, Mangal Murti....

I would like to thank personally to you & Sohail Dada for celebrating my Mother Mrs Ranjana S. Adhav, Kopargaon 50th Marriage Anniversary on 30 th March 2017 & also celebrating her Birthday on 31.03.2017 at HMI Institute with good quality cake.
We wish Sohail & Devendra success in near future & Promotion in your esteemed organisation.

Mandar Adhav SDGL - (I-fly ) 24 march 2017

The climate of Darjeeling is better than Sikkim and Gangtok cold in lachung ... The hotels and services was to Good, clean,non polluted and to near with good nature... The drivers is much helpful like family members and the cars is to clean. The driving of a driver is to safe and secure journey.... The tour manager Jitendra is explaining to soft voice and we feel he is much knowledgeable than the people's living in that area .He is so punctual on time and must be take care of our tour people I.e. senior citizens. Rahul also cooperatiing with us and Jitendra. We are happy with both our tour manager. He both take care during site scene as like family members. Katao was really awesome place other than Ramaning sites. Nature was so cold and beautiful.In katao we enjoyed the snow and refresh our mind. .. Thanks to veena world. we both enjoyed lot. We once again thanks to Jitendra and Rahul enjoyable journey..... If any incorporated in journey and for happen a bad nature from us ...We sorry from our bottom of heart to our tour manager

Pravin Khad SDGL - (I-fly ) 17 March 2017

It was great and lovely time spent by us in Sikkim and Darjeeling tour. The place, naturally beautiful. But Veena World made it more enjoyable by creating a family of all the tour members. Speacial Thanks to Kunal and JIgnesh who took all care of all your members. Will always remember smile of Kunal.

Credit goes to Veena World culture and training its employees (especially Tour Managers) to be expert in tour management and caring. This really makes the difference to us. Really Appreciate Veena World.

Rajendra Katkar SDGL - (I-fly ) 17 Febraury 2017

There is no words to describe it was such a wonderful holidays and given me my one of the best memories to cherish.
This is as such my first such group tour and had a wonderful experience with good hotels, good food and great transport arrangement to move from one place to another.

Only regret could not get to see zero point/Baba Harbajan Singh Mandir due to weather conditions but that is not in anybody's control and one thing will like to add is that we got very less time to spend in Darjeeling.

This will be incomplete without thanking the mentors Kunal Shinde and Jignesh Desai for handling everything very smoothly and did not give a single moment of difficulties in any point.
Also will like to add that we are missing the "wake up call" and the words "chalo Veena World"

Manikantan Iyar SDGL 17 February 2017

Myself ,wife and my 2 son - booked this tour of Silkkim Darjeeling Gangtok Lachung on 20th Jan. It was really wonderful and memorable experience of such scenic beauty and travel.
Social thanks to Veena world team --what a comfortable arrangement and special attention to each member of you. We were 27 members in total. It is 10 out 10 to Veena world.

Our your manager Mr Kunal shinde and his Asst Mr Jignesh desai is really superb team. So courteous, perfect , highly helpful , attentive ,caring, mingled like family member. Both the person are just the BEST. Wish them high success in their career in future. Dancing skill of Jignesh is outstanding.

We really enjoyed and very much liked the touring through Veena world. Will surely book next tour very soon.

Praphul shinde SDGL 20 January 2017

This was with regards to the SDGL trip which started as on 24th December 2016 till 01st Jan 2017. I would like to thank the tour managers Santosh Ardalkar and Sumit who were with us right from the start of our tour till end. Both the guys were really helpful throughout the trip and they made sure we enjoyed every bit of the same.

They took utmost care that we reached all the places on time so we donot miss out on any of the sight seeing. The hotel, food, sight seeing was perfect as decided and on schedule, since it was just me and my sister Aruna Patil in the group we felt safe and secured with both the tour Managers. This was our first experience traveling with Veena world and i must say it was worth it.

Again a big thank to both the guys; Sumit and Santosh Ardalkar for leading the tour and letting us experience the beauty of the tour by taking utmost care that everyone is safe, keep up the good work guys. Looking foward to travel more in near future with Veena World

Sandhya Nalawade SDGL - (I-fly ) 24 December 2016

We have travelled in Veena World 1st time. We have earlier travelled in 2002 to Europe along with you My purpose of sending this mail is, all the 7 days tour was excellent in all respect. Your Tour managers Mr jitendra Nichite & Mr. Jignesh Desai has done Excellent job in total tour which was really Appreciating. .We have kept in our mind to travel through Veena World in future .

Kiran Mandre SKDL (I-fly) 27 December 2016

Tour No. SDGL (I) 261216M/A period 26th Dec. 2016 to 3th Jan. 2017 SIkkim Gangtok and Darjiling First we must thanks to Mr. Kunal Bhatte and Mr. Sidhhant Pashte who were whole time busy to maintain the trip very joyfully. They were always tried the best to make the trip very healthy.

We were covered and enjoyed the Ranka Monastery, Banjhakri waterfall, Rope Way Ride, flower exhibition show, Hanuman Tok, Ganesh Tok, Tashi View Point, local folk dance, Tsomgo lake, Baba Harbhajan singh mandir, river rafting, tensing rock climbing, Tiger hill for watching sunrise on the Kanchanjunga Ranges, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) Zoological Park, Tea Gardens, MG Road for marketing and many more.

When all the trip members were arrived in Bagdogra airport we understood that in trip we were eight families but in nine days we all were enjoyed like a one family. We must remembered two chefs who were served good delicious maharashtrian dishes like Kanda Bhaji and Batata Wada at Lachung. All drivers of vehicles behaved very politely and friendly.
After all our journey and tour were memorable for long time

Vijay Mahske SDGL - (I-fly )26 December 2016

i) We profusely thank Veena World(VW) & the tour managers Sh.Jitin Nichite & Rahul Gaikwad for the excellent arrangements and professional handling of matters and successful completion of the tour SDGL 04112016.
ii) We have seen the way of life, infrastructure,weather in Sikkim,Gangtok,Darjeeling & Lachung.
iii) The logistics arrangements were very fine and satisfactory.The food served was of good quality,fresh and from the Best available locally.
iv) The quality of hotels was excellent.
v) We have made 26 new friends from 12 families. We could distress ourselves for 9 days forgetting our routine. We got a fresh exposure to geography & culture at Sikkim & Darjeeling.We could enjoy every moment during the 8 nights and 9 days stay.
vi) The nature cooperated as there were no rains, no landslides and continuous supply of electricity. There were no medical emergencies for the fellow travellers.
vii) We carry lot of sweet memories of the tour with us.
We express deep sense of gratitude and will try another sector with VW and also will recommend our friends and relatives for tours through VW.

Bhalchandra Upadhye SDGL - (I-FLY )04 November 2016

Greetings from Sayali. Just wanted to give you my feedback after experiencing 2 wonderful tours with Veena world.
First tour i did was Rajasthan Womans Special in November 2015, I went on this tour with my Mom.this tour was an amazing experience as me and my mother enjoyed each and every bit of it.
This tour was special because it was womans special and everything starting from the color codes like white day in Udaipur , pink day in Jaipur then the awesome fashion show ,cultural show and special photosession with Veena tai was all the high points and unforgettable take aways from that tour. Rajastans marwad has so many beautiful places to offer and all the hotels arranged by veena world were so special ,especially Aram baugh in Udaipur and our groups fun was so memorable. I will like to say special thanks and would like to appreciate for our tour managers Ulka and Alison, because they took so much care of our group which had many old ladies whom they called girls :)

This experience was memorable and i had the photo with Veena tai in my room which always reminded me of those golden Rajasthan tour days. Days passed i got busy at work and couldnt write feedback at that time.
But then there was a time when once again i needed break from routine and wanted to go on a tour and that time we booked our next tour with Veena World and yet again had an amazing experience in Veena worlds Sikkim Darjeeling tour.
Me and my parents just had Sikkim Darjeeling tour last week.Sikkim and Darjeeling has so many things to offer and the nature is truly awesome there. All the experiences from this tour are so memorable.Truly enjoyed all the journey starting from the landing of the airplane to Bagdogra airport , then all the cars going in a line one after another in those beautiful ghats.

All the places we visited including Gangtok, Nathula pass , baba mandir , monasteries , Buddha park Ravangala, Char dham -Namchi , Darjeeling were awesome and really beautiful.This sector is a must visit for nature lovers.
Yet again all the hotels chosen by Veena world in this sector were good and Tathgata retreat at Ravangala park made our tour real spcial and refreshing.
On this tour we were accompanied by Kunal and Rahul as our tour managers ,I would thank and appreciete them for managing the tour so well as everydays travelling was a real challange including Nathula pass. Finally I would like to say I really appreciate Veena tai and everyone involved in veena world who have taken so much efforts to make this brand so successful as well as continuesly and Happily working for making every tour special for us.

Veena tai - you are really great as a person , it was a great pleasure meeting you and that time only i had said to you 'asach bhetat rahu' ,i hope i will continue going on veena world tours.I still remember how you talked to me and inspired me while on Rajasthan tour. You are a real inspiration and i can see that all your tour managers are correctly following you.
These are just my quick words for veena world.

Sayali Shinde SDGL (I-Fly Pune ) 07 June 2016

I am Dilip patwardhan. Just finished SDGL(IP)070616P/A. Hats off to Kunal Shinde and Rahul Gaikwad. We could not go to Lachung due to Landslide. We were taken to Ravangla and we stayed in Tathagatha Sthal which is inside Buddha Park. It was marvelous. A photographer's delight. In fact 80% of photohraphs are clicked on this location. Here we were treated with food locally prepared at Tathagatha Kitchen.

We also visited Siddheshwar Dham at Namchi which has its own scenic beauty. In addition to the places we visited, accommodation arrangements were made in lavish hotels like Suhim Portico in Gangtok, Tathagatha Retreat and last but not least Sterling Resort's Darjeeling Khushalaya where local dance was arranged. We were safe in the hands of Professionals like Kunal & Rahul. विणा world, कुणाल शिंदे व राहूल गायकवाड यांना त्रिवार वंदन व आमच्याकडून मानाचा मूजरा.

Dilip patwardhan SDGL(I-Fly Pune )07 June 2016

Congratulations on the occasion of fourth founder's day.

On the eve of above we have successfully, safely completed Sikkim (Gangtok-Lachung), Darjiling (SDGL - (I)090616M/A) tour. We enjoyed the tour.
All tour managers, Viraj, Sameer & Abhishek managed the tour very well. Arrangements of Transport, Lodging, Boarding were nice. Group activities conducted by Viraj were nice & interesting. Time to time informations given by Viraj & Sameer were proper & clear. Sameer & Abhishek guided & assisted the tour members nicely.

My mother, about 82 years old participated in the tour & she enjoyed the tour. All 3 managers helped her & took care of her. Wherever required (where climbing is difficult / not possible to her) accompanied her and kept her moral & interest up in the tour .
Special thanks for all the three Tour Managers & Veena World for nice arrangement. Assistance given at Mumbai airport by Mandar Joshi & informations & guidance provided by Sneha Waghmare at your Dombivli branch were useful & proper. Enjoyed the tour very much.

Once again wishing you for your Third anniversary & Hope you will get grand success in coming years.

SUREN KAMAT SDGL - (I-fly ) 09 June 2016

First and foremost, I introduce myself as RAJESH SAWANT, NAVI-MUMBAI. I recently completed my tour with Veena World. I would like give my feedback for the tour as below.

1. I booked tour on Feb-16 through your Dombavli office , with excellent guidance from Ms. Sneha Kulkarni.
2. I booked tour for SIKKIM- DARGILING for 9days and 8nights. We got all the details via mail time to time.
3. Tour date was 16 May -16 to 24 May -16.
4. one week to the departure your office person explained us all details about itinary and precaution. It is realy good guideline regarding Temp. condition, food details.
5. We received trvels bag from Venna world before 10 days of tour. It is appriciated.
6. One day before departure call from your office as well as your Tour Manager Mr. Pranay Thalkar about Mumbai to Bagdogra journey details and Ticket collection from Airport representative and Wellcome receivable from Bagdogra Airport. We thanks to Veena Word and team about such guidance.
7. On 16th May-16 morning reach to Mumbai Airport at 5.50am. Mr. Mandar Joshi given tickets and Dry snack. We already enjoy your dry snack to entire tour. The quality of snack is also appeiciated,
8. On 16th May-16 about 1.30pm reach to Bagdogra Airport. Mr. Pranay and Mr. Jignesh Wellcome us . From Airport your tour manager took into Vehicle for further journey to Gangtok. In between Mr. Pranay given lunch to entire member. I think it was not in pacakage but thank to Veena Worlds understanding.
9. We reached about 5.45pm to Gangtok Hotel Golden Crest.It was a good property and hospitality of hotel.
10 Mr. Pranay and Mr. Jignesh took care of all the guest on time to time like Wakeup call, Breakfast, lunch, dinner. I am verymuch appriciated your Manager service and way caring of all members mood and expectation.
11. Due to rain and road condition we unable to go Lachung, but it?s a natural phenomenon.
12. Alternative place Namachi also good place to seen.
13. We saw Darjiling and came back to Mumbai.
14. In entire tour we enjoy places. food and other complimentrey offered by Veena World.
15. Veena World remember Golden moment of everybody life and Celebrate in tour. I would like thanks to Veena World to Celebrate our Marriage Anniversary on 22th May. First time we celebrate our Marriage Anniversary with 29 peoples. It was good and memorable take home message to my family.Thanks to Veena World conducting such good CRM activity.
16. I appriciated Veena World teams MAN MANAGEMENT AND TIMEMANAGEMENT . Mr. Pranay is very much active and friendly with entire team, We always miss him.
17. I also appriciated Veena World last day Mr. Pranay given Pack lunch to all member. It is very much help in transist because our Flight delay by 2.30hrs. from Bagdogra.

At the end we again thanks to entire team of Veena World. I hope we will again go with Veena World for our next destination.
We hope you will come with more and more ideas in future.

SDGL - (I)16 May 2016 Rajesh Sawant

Our tour was on 24th May 2016, Sikkim Darjeeling (SDGL). We had an amazing time on our tour. Our stay was in a good hotel and breakfasts were great. Also. Our both tour managers Mr.Viraj & Mr.Sameer were did fantastic job and guided us well. And of course, you organized the tour with proper arrangements.

Thank you again for planning a wonderful vacation, We look forward to traveling with Veena World!

Sneha Khanolkar & Family! SDGL 24 May 2016

I am Murlidhar Bhujbal. I, with my wife Minal, daughter Mahima & son Msyuresh had booked SDGL tour17.06.2016 to 25.06.2016. We have just returned home.

First of all let me tell you that I haven't seen/met you personally, but the way you have arranged the tour for us and the way Kunal (with Rahul) managed the tour, we were feeling your presence everyday on the tour.
Despite the fact that due to bad weather conditions, we could not visit Lachung / Zero Point, we could not do rafting in Teesta, we could not enjoy the sunrise at Darjeeling..., still our tour was memorable because we enjoyed the weather at Budha Park Ravangla, lunch at "Tathagata", awesone Lamhata Garden while going to Darjeeling. And the highlight of the tour was "THE NATHULA PASS" specially arranged for us by Kunal.
Needless to mention that hotels and food at Gangtok, Ravangla, Darjeeling was the best. But height was the "Row House" allotted to our family of four at Sterling Khushalaya, Darjeeling. The vehicles provided (Inova/Xylo) were very comfortable.
And it was a pleasant surprise for us to get the refund of Rs.500/- each as rafting was not operative at Teesta. IT HAPPEN S ONLY AT 'VEENA'. Our next tour will be Kerala with Veena.
Thanks for the memorable Tour,

Murlidhar Bhujbal SGDL 17 June 2016

Travelling with Veena World & the group was fabulous. We enjoyed a lot. It was a great experience. Everything throughout the tour was perfect. Pre tour emails and communication was informative and satisfactory. All Veena World representatives Viraj, Sameer & Omkar were very nice co-operative and caring. They were very good throughout the tour sharing points and knowledge about the area Sikkim Darjeeling was impressive.
Sightseeing was very amazing and beautiful.
Pick up from Airport to see off the whole journey was very smooth & comfortable. Everything right from Travel, Accommodation, Entertainment & most important food was perfectly managed and we did not have to worry about a single thing.

I can say in Marathi

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Parag Panvalkar SDGL(I- Fly ) 04 May 2016

आमची sdgl ट्रिप खूप छान झाली आम्ही आपल्याबरोबर हि दुसरी ट्रिप केली यासाठी श्री holidays च्या मृणाल पाटील याना आहे मला मुलाच्या बदलणाऱ्या एक्सामच्या तारखामुळे ट्रिप रद्द करावी लागत होती पण मृणाल पाटील यांनी खूप पाठिंबा दिला ट्रिप मध्ये जीतू आणि ओंकार खूप छान manage करत होते खूप आपुलकी आणि नियोजन छान पण दार्जिलिंग ला रेल्वेची मजा घेता आलि नाही आपण हे समाविष्ट करावे तसेच येताना दिलेले जेवण पार्सल अतिशय खराब होते पण ट्रिप खूप छान मी खऱ्या अर्थाने माहेरपण उपभोगले

Ms. Swarada Joshi SDGL - (I-Fly ) 22 May 2016

We are just back from a rejuvenating and energizing tour SDGL(IP) 080516 P/A organised by Veena World. It has been an experience that has left an indelible mark on our memories. Our tour guides Mr Kunal Bhatte and Mr Sumitkumar Desai were extremely helpful,encouraging and executed the given schedule well.They definitely deserve a pat on their backs.

A very touching gesture was when all the Mothers in our group were felicitated and your message for Mothers was read out on Mother's Day. My friend, Ms S Puri was shocked beyond words when her birthday was celebrated along with the group in a small but memorable celebration. On the whole it was a fantastic holiday!!!!

Cheers to Veena World and to Mr Kunal Bhatte and Mr Sumitkumar Desai!!!

Ms Nisha Jacob & Ms Sunita Puri SDGL(IP) 08 May 2016

Me and my family were a part of your recently concluded trip to Sikkim - Darjeeling (Tour code SDGL180416M/A ). I want to complement two of your excellent employees, Mahendra Wadkar and Santosh Ardalkar. They went to great lengths to ensure we enjoyed every moment of our tour. They knew precisely what to do to ensure that our tour becomes memorable. Such service builds a great relationships. I will surely recommend Veena Tours to my acquaintances.

Shekhar SDGL 18 April 2016

I'd decided to tour Sikkim and Darjeeling which was the first full fledged tour with my mother to a far away place from home. After much considerations I'd decided to book this tour through Veena World and I'm so glad that I took the right decision!
This tour for Sikkim and Darjeeling was for 9 days and we loved every minute of it :)

The itinerary was covered comprehensively with all places visited as mentioned, only bad luck was we didn't get to see Lachung due to blocked roads. However the alternate arrangement to visit Ravangla was a treat as well. River rafting on the Tista river was quite a fun!
In spite of rough terrain the tour was quite well planned with proper breaks and because of this my mother didn't face any issue whatsoever.
Accommodation was quite good and food was a delight at all the places during the entire trip. Add on food items provided at sightseeing places added that extra touch. We had a lot of fun with all the members in the tour group enjoying together journey of the scenic places, cracking jokes and singing too :)

Apart from thanking the entire staff of Veena World for making this trip so memorable, I would like to give my special thanks to tour manager Kunal Shinde ably supported by Rahul!! Both of them worked hard to make this trip so good for everyone and managing expectations.

Quite eager to go for another adventure through Veena World soon!

Tushar Zaveri SDGL(I-Fly) 28 May 2016

We travelled to Sikkim, Gangtok, Darjeeling as part of the SDGL tour from 13th May 2016 to 22nd May 2016. This was our first experience with Veena World and I can gladly say that it won't be the last. Even though we couldn't visit Lachung due to unforeseen circumstances and a moody weather characteristic of North East India, our tour managers made sure our days weren't wasted. Veena World showed us different places that weren't in our itinerary because we couldn't visit Lachung. Our Tour Manager Viraj did a good job and his assistants Sameer and Omkar capably handled all the guests. I would like to close this feedback with a Thank you to all three of our Tour Managers and Veena World for a wonderful and memorable tour. See you soon.

Manali Surve SDGL 13 May 2016

Travelling with Veena World & the group was fabulous. We enjoyed a lot. It was a great experience. Everything throughout the tour was perfect. Pre tour emails and communication was informative and satisfactory. All Veena World representatives Viraj, Sameer & Omkar were very nice co-operative and caring. They were very good throughout the tour sharing points and knowledge about the area Sikkim Darjeeling was impressive.
Sightseeing was very amazing and beautiful.
Pick up from Airport to see off the whole journey was very smooth & comfortable. Everything right from Travel, Accommodation, Entertainment & most important food was perfectly managed and we did not have to worry about a single thing.

I can say in Marathi
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...Parag Panvalkar, Ratnagiri.

Mr. Parag Panvalkar SDGL - (I) 04 May 2016

Your SDGL tour dt.3.6.16 to 11.6.16 was excellent, your Hotels ,Foods, Dry Snacks packet, Vehicles were good & your Tour Manager Mr. Pranav what to tell about him I don't have word to tell about him he is such nice person & his assistant Mr.Jidnesh was also nice person. Veena worlds appointed good persons so that people will travel again & again with VeenaWorld

Roshni Phondke SDGL 03 June 2016

Dearest Veena World family, Myself Adv.Prof. SANJAY PATIL along with my wife URMILA and daughter SANJYOT (Vashi-Navi Mumbai) have recently participated SIKKIM (SDGL)tour from 28/4/16 to 6/5/16. Although it was my 1st tour with VW, my family already had done THAILAND Ladies special tour last year on 18/7/2015.
Really speaking SDGL Tour was the best I Hv ever experienced. Well guided at Mumbai Airport, we were heartily welcomed at Bagdogra by Swapnil Deshmukh; Sumit Desai n Rahul. All the facilities provided by you were best. Food, transfer vehicles n accommodation provided were nice. Every day was starting with SUMIT DESAI's wake up call and everyone were well relaxed n enjoyed every moment as there was perfect planning of schedule of sightseeing n transfer. All types of weather were enjoyed by us right from rain fall to snowfall with chilling temperature at LACHUNG zeropoint to GANGTOK BabaMandir at Chaina border. River rafting to rock climbing were also enjoyed. So many activities like campfire, games, folkdance, sharing of most memorable experiences, singing n dancing were carried out properly. All tour managers were cheerful so a new family was formed with 27+3 members. We have formed what's app group n r in well contact.
VW have given best option for the tourist. VW is also providing Job opportunities to Marathi Youth. Hats off to VW tour managers as they are the strong pillars of VEENA tai's VW empire. A great salute to VEENA WORLD and pray God for its furthermore prosperity as it is crossing annual turnover of 500 cr.
Thanx for making our vacation the most memorable! Many thanxs to Mr. SUMIT DESAI the rising star of Veena Galaxy. Now waiting eagerly to join VW's Manali Leh Ladakh family tour at May2017.
Veenatai Patil aage badho, hum aapke saath hai.

Ms. Urmila Patil SDGL (I Fly) 28 April 2016

We just returned from Sikkim Darjiling tour..and want to share our experience. Nice Hotels, Nice food , nice company and amazing nature. Tour leader Viraj,Sameer and Omkar were friendly,cooperative.They gave every information and took care of our comfort.completed all sightseeing as per schedule. There was enough time to take rest.Overall memorable tour experience.We wish more tours in future with Veena World and will recommend to our friends.Thanks for great experience.

Mr. Santosh Bedekar SDGL (I Fly) 04 May 2016

We have just returned home from the Gangtok Lachung Darjeeling tour. The entire tour was filled with the unforgettable moments.
On our way to Lachung we faced the landslide. But with the help of the drivers of the vehicles who carried our luggage across, it became easier to cross the landslide. Tour managers Jitendra Mhashilkar and Sumit Desai tackled the situation tactfully.
Rafting at Tista river was my unique lifetime experience ! As I don't know swimming, I was quite reluctant to participate in the rafting event. But full credit to Sumit Desai who tried his best to remove the fear in my mind and finally I made up my mind.
Sumit Desai, I think, is very good at getting along better with tourists of various types of nature and the drivers and the hotel staff. Jitendra Mhashilkar too is a soft spoken and well mannered tour leader. In a nutshell, our tour was really a memorable experience. We enjoyed the tour very much.

Mr. Saga Bhomaj SDGL (I Fly) 16 April 2016

We travelled to Gangtok, Lachung, Darjelling on 31/Mar/2016. This was our second trip with Veena world and as before, we liked the trip very much. All the arrangments were excellent. The hotel and the fod was very good, esp the breakfast. The cars provided for travel were very comfortable. The snacks packet and the on trip refreshment provided at various places were very yummy.
The tour coordinators, Pranay, Santosh and Rupesh were very very helpfuland took utmost care of all the travellers. We were a group of 2 families and had requested them foradjoining rooms. They tried to accommodate this request wherever possible. They also mingled within the group very nicely and by the end of the trip were like good friends.
Overall the experience was very enjoyable. Would definitely choose Veena World for our next trip as well.

Mrs. Leena Kulkarni SDGL 31 March 2016

I ,Miss Apurva Tirawadekar am just back from a Veena World Tour and as a delighted customer wanted to convey my thanksgiving and share with you the wonderful experience had with your team on my tour.
I had been to SDGL(Sikkim Darjeeling) tour on 9th of April and it was a wonderful experience.
Along with the scenic beauty and awesome climate I was also glad to have a great group to enjoy my journey thanks to Veena World. I have enjoyed this tour to the core and appreciate the arrangements made for the comfort of the customers, in such a tedious tour where climate takes the major role in deciding your fate for the next 9 days. However one suggestion, the food of Sterling Resort located 18 kms away from Darjeeling, was not up to the mark. Also the cottages were very small and congested. Thanks to Pranay, he made sure we were given better rooms and shifted to comfortable place. Like other tours till date, this tour was also an unforgettable experience, however, one thing which made an exceptional difference were the staff , Mr. Pranay and Mr. Santosh, the tour managers who were responsible for making our journey safe and joyous.
While on our way to Lachung there was a land slide and we were stuck amidst the mountains(unforgettable experience literally) for close to 5 long hours , as Mumbaites we are hardly used to waiting but this was our testing time , however madam this was the first time in my life I have enjoyed waiting for so long.............(and in the mountains) The reason being the confidence given to us by your staff that we will be safely out of this and the cooperation extended to all the group members including the senior citizens and the youth , a commendable job by Mr.Pranay and Mr.Santosh, both the guys have shown tremendous courage and support for building in that faith amongst me and all the members that this was just a small hurdle which we will be easily able to come across and rather than worrying we enjoy the actual (adventorous trip).
Mr. Pranay and Santosh made sure that in such a crisis also the customers were given tea and snacks and water for their comfort, these 2 guys actually have climbed those 2 mountains and arranged the eatables for us and also in the meanwhile informed all the drivers to be with the group. They also made it a point to keep all the group informed about our next step of action to avoid any panic. Finally, after being stranded for a good 5 hours we decided to cross the way and go to the other side just because of the confidence reinstated in us by Pranay. He has actually risked his life by being on the edge of the rocks and personally helping the senior citizens cross it first and then making sure that there was also an arrangement for the cars and the luggage was on board quickly to avoid any further delays and inconvenience to the group.
HATTS OFF TO BOTH.....for this commendable job , they also made sure that we cover all the sightseeing missed due to the delay on this day. Madam, you should feel proud to have a such a staff working with you and I am proud to have been a part of Veena World. I have been a loyalist of another travel company (7 tours with family and building friends) , however this time decided to give it a try with Veena World and am happy to say never have experienced such hospitality.
Thanks to Pranay and Santosh , surely looking forward to our next trip soon.......
3 cheers to Pranay and Santosh and to Veena World...........

Mrs. Apurva Tirawadekar SDGL (I Fly) 10 April 2016

My Parents Mr. Rajnikant Vajani and Mrs. Vasanti Vajani have visited their tour. Find details in the trail mail (Sikkim- Darjeeling tour). This was their 1st trip from Veena World. They are extremely delighted and happy with you guys, so kudos to you!! They have specifically mentioned that their trip has been so special because of the tour managers Pranav and Santosh. These managers have made them feel like a family. They have great presence of mind ,the way they handled the situation during the land slide is commendable. They have taken care of every small detail for the requirements of all the guests. They are the reason that my parents believe Veena World is a great agency for trips. They are keen to visit other places as well with Veena World.
My parents have thanked them personally. I felt that I should appreciate these guys for their commendable job.
And I would also like to thank Veena World for recruiting such amazing people. Keep up the Good Work!!

Mr. Rajnikant Vajani SDGL (I Fly) 10 April 2016

I have to pen down my experience with your team consisting of Mr Pranay and Mr Santosh. They are wonderful guys.Very submissive and know their job well. They look after participants very well. Our best wishes for them.
May they prove valuable asset to your Company.

Mr. Rohanikant Sharma and Ms Kirti Sharma SDGL (I-Fly) 10 April 2016


At the outset, I must apologize for the delay in giving my feedback.
Although we have travelled with the predecessors of VW in the past,it was our first trip with VW and , rest assured, it is NOT going to be the last.

The meticulous planning by VW and equally efficient implementation by the Tour Manager was evident from Day one. Since EVERYTHING had been arranged, we simply obeyed his instructions and relaxed.No tension, no hassles at all.Hence we enjoyed.

The hotels had been carefully selected with spacious and comfortable rooms. Lachung scored less on this front ,but then we had been forewarned that there may have to be some compromises in this remote place.

The food (and other facilities) in SUHIM PORTICO were the best. GOLDEN CREST needs improvement. We had enough free time for rest/shopping at both Gangtok and Darjeeling. The taxi drivers were polite and knowledgeable.Distribution of books as prizes for the HOUSIE is an innovative idea to inculcate the almost defunct practice of READING ! Kudos!

I would be failing in my duty if I don't mention the roles played by PRANAY THALKAR ,our TM, and his Assistant RUPESH GAVDE. Both went out of their way to make our stay and outings memorable. Pranay's briefings were clear and methodical. He was firm, but not rigid.He also has a great sense of humour and is quick-witted. His experience of the weather and the terrain in those hilly regions helped a lot. At a personal level, he motivated me and my wife and gave us the confidence to venture into the higher altitudes. A real asset to VW.

As suggested by me during the get-together on the penultimate day, in a lighter vein, "VEENA WORLD " should change its name to " VEENA - OUT OF THIS WORLD " !

That was our experience !


Our experience with Veena World tour to Sikkim Darjeeling Gangtok Lachung I Fly i.e By Air was very fantastic. It was the best and wonderful experience travelling and exploring.The weather was excellent and Sikkim beauty is breath-taking. We have enjoyed at Lachung zero point & Darjeeling. Overall food quality is also good. Our resort in Darjeeling was the best. The tour managers both Kunals both gave attention to each & every guest members. Also giving good information about each point and managing everything very nicely. Hats off to both Kunals. Nathula pass spot should be added in the tour itinerary as it is the main attraction for tourist. it is hardly four km from Baba Harbhajan Mandir. Suggestions: Chaat items should be added in that children can enjoy that , South Indian dishes must be there in breakfast every day and also ice cream should be there in each meal.

Dr. Kiran Jawale SDGL (I Fly) 07 November 2015

My wife & I were part of the group which went to Sikkim Gangtok Lachung. To give you a brief idea, this was the first such conducted tour we had enrolled into - as such, we were quite sceptical about how it would be carried out and how comfortable we would be amongst absolute strangers who would accompany us. To our pleasant surprise, we found your Tour Manager - Mr. Pranay, a young, enthusiastic chap, very easily helping us to break the ice, by his sheer ebullience and cheerfulness. The first day meeting was done so well that everyone slipped into an easy camaraderie with the minimum effort, thanks to the smooth facilitation of Pranay. Admittedly, the group was small - just 3 couples - but even then, keeping in mind the seniority of the people, what helped the bonding was the flawless facilitation. Kudos for that! Admittedly, the downside of the trip was the bad roads, which caused every muscle and bone in the body to complain, but Pranay's choice of the comfortable cars mitigated the problem substantially. A suggestion for this trip would be to include Peiling & Darjeeling which forms a natural band of coverage of the region.

The thoughtful selection of snacks, lunch & dinner menus and the personal attention to each member of the group by Pranay, however, made it a memorable experience. The excellent training given to your Tour Managers was obvious in the way Pranay conducted himself, inveigling himself into the hearts of each member. On behalf of my wife Sabita & myself, I take this opportunity to thank you for the great trip we had, and hope you come up with many more such cost-effective tours, which affords unbeatable value to the middle class traveller today. Once again, thank you & wish you all success!

Shashikant Nair SKGL 02 October 2015

Our tour was an exciting and a very memorable one. Me and my wife have just returned from Sikkim-Darjeeling-Lachung-Gangtok tour. Our tour managers were Mr Kunal Shinde and Mr. Gaurav Deshpande. The tour of 8 nights 9 days went on well all along. I must appreciate the efforts taken by tour managers Kunal and Gaurav to make our stay and travel absolutely comfortable all along...baring once or two times when we were 5 members travelling in a car along with luggage making little uncomfortable for the 5th person sitting behind being suffocated. I request you to (see if possible) ....make it a point to make 4 persons travel per car. that was the only single point which made a light scratch else everything else was wonderful. As far as accommodation and food at Gangtok ( 2 different hotels) , at Lachung and Darjeeling ...all of them were nice and made our stay most comfortable. Kunal and Gaurav made it a point to keep us engaged in Camp fire and other games. I should admit that i did find the ""Veena touch in our tour here too. Once again I must thank Kunal and Gaurav for their nonstop efforts to make our stay and travel most comfortable. Zero Tiger hill...all across they took utmost care of all of us. Thanks to Ms Baiker for offering me this tour and the information while booking the tour. Also the concept of customer feedback while on tour is excellent and quite needed. Thank you Veena for a wonderful Himalayan experience ! I would be interested in Europe tour for next year ...sometime in May-june.

Manisha and Ajit Sansare SDGL (I Fly) 26 September 2015

Our very recent tour to Sikkim and Darjeeling was our very first trip with Veena World. It was a wonderful experience which was made rich by the tour leaders who facilitated everything for us. Our Tour Manager Mr Kunal Shinde and his asst Mr Gaurav Deshpande saw to it that our experience was comfortable and yet thrilling. Both of them are warm, friendly, hard working and extremely soft spoken individuals. They not only protected us as if we were their kids but also made sure that we always gained maximum from each destination that we visited. Their guidelines and alertness enabled us to have utmost fun while being carefree. They were available for us round the clock and we owe the comfort of our trip to them. We were especially in awe with the care they showered on the elderly people in our group. We wish the best for both of them and we will surely undertake more tours with Veena World without any second thoughts.

Mr Ghanshyam Thorat SDGL (I Fly) 26 September 2015

Me and my husband loved the hospitality of Veena World. It was our very first trip with them and we really enjoyed our experience. The right choice of hotels, sightseeing places, tourist guides, vehicles and food worked like magic and we forgot that we were thoroughly enjoying with people who were strangers to us just till yesterday. We felt like a family within a short span of time. I would like to especially mention our Tour Manager Kunal Shinde and assistant Gaurav Deshpande who made everything smooth and easy for us. Right from fetching us our bag even when we ourselves had forgotten about it to getting me my medicines within half an hour in a remote place like Lachung, they did everything for us. I'm confident that such outgoing, fun loving and good natured youngsters like them will go a long way and make each trip highly successful. They truly are assets to Veena World and I would like to see them reach new heights. I will urge everyone to put their trust in Veena World, they are worth it.

Jayshree Thorat SDGL (I Fly) 26 September 2015

My experience to Darjeeling Gangtok tour was amazing. Right from stay, food, entertainment, sightseeing everything was perfect. I develop so many relations during this tour. Your tour managers Swapnil Deshmukh , Sohail Shaikh and Sunny Chauhan all were amazing. Two of them were freshers but so dedicated towards their work and as far as perfection in their work that you just can't make out they are freshers. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience.

Poonam Chamria SDGL (I) 18 April 2015

I can't tell you how badly I am missing my tour. I am just 20 kms away from my house right now and I wanna go back collect all people of our tour and join back Jitu Dada i.e. Jitendra Dada Mahesh Dada and continue the tour endlessly. But I know that is not possible. Your boys are now my SUPER HEROS. I have nothing to speak about them because all that I wanna let speak is JUST MEMORIES. Adventure, hospitality, fun, surprise, remembrance and LOVE is what Veena World defines. All I can say is that I had a ZHAKKAAASS journey with your team. I had come as a family of 3 members and now going back as a family of 30. This is what I like about your tours. You'll bring families together and tie a bond of relation. I'm just 17 so not too big to bless your tours but I can surely do one thing that is pray for your long success.

Siddhiraj Paramshetti SDGL 20 May 2015

I am thankful to Veena World for arranging such a luxurious trip. Though we had to face some hurdles while returning from Lachung due to landslide, due to wise decision of Mr. Jitendra Mhashilkar and his team (Amol Patankar and Mahesh Satdive) we could get down safely to nearest checkpoint. Even the transport driver Jigmi helped us with his boys (co-drivers) to pick up luggage and help elderly people to get down safe from the landslide damaged area. Your boys not only represented the brand and protected it in time of small crisis but they even protected it as their own property. In the tremendous cold weather they used to allow guests to finish their lunch or dinner first and then only they would sit to eat. Sometimes hardly anything would have been left for them or whatever cold food was left they used to gulp it down. Answering guests nonstop questions the tour guides even missed their food for entire day or may be even their breakfast. Who provides such wonderful service other than you. Hats off to your boys.
Well my journey is not yet finished. Have to explore many more destinations. But thanks once again for providing such a luxurious trip.

Deepti Jaywant Malkar Sikkim Darjeeling

First of all thank you so much. You have truly given us a wonderful trip. We have recently gone to the trip will be in our minds for a long time. U have truly given us a wonderful trip. We had recently gone to Sikkim Darjeeling. Through the trip was hectic but your organization and arrangements were good and we have all appreciated the care taken by our tour leaders Kunal Shinde and Of course the associated tour leaders Mahesh and Gaurav. Each and everyone had taken care of us. The trip will be in our minds for a long time. I Sincerely thanks Kunal, Mahesh, Gaurav...because when my child was ill everyone accompanied us to the doctor and helped us. I pray that the years ahead of bring you great happiness and great success. Wish you good luck and success of the tour leader and their associates.

Archana Tarmale SDGL (I Fly) 09 May 2015

This was the first time we opted for a conducted tour. I had heard a lot about Veena World from various people so thought about checking it out, Me and my friend Mayuri chose the Sikkim Darjeeling tour. It was one of the most scenic and beautiful places we have visited and combined with the perfect management from Kunal, Mahesh and Gaurav we had the getaway we had hoped to have.
Hats off to Kunal and his companions for handling so many different types of people and their various demands with such ease!! We had an amazing time and hope to have more wonderful tours with you!

Mayuri and Janhavi SDGL (I Fly) 09 May 2015

I have been travelling all over the world over the last 15 years, but never travelled through a package tour. The reasons - I have small kids aged 7 and 11 and making it on time, every time is impossible its just kids!! Plus, I need a bit of a personal attention as my mother travels with me. She is almost 77. As you can see, there is a huge variation of ages in my family - from 7 to 77!

However my experience with Veena World, was out-of-this-world. Led by Kunal Shinde, the troops of Veena (Jr. Kunal and Santosh) led us through thick and thin, keeping us well-informed of the days activities, timelines, difficulty of the trip and food/water provisions. Like dedicated soldiers, the team took care of us - even pampered us! Daily quota of water, hot tea/coffee, snacks, lunch, dinner - it was all so meticulously planned! And that personal touch - we celebrated 2 birthdays during the visit. Hotel stays were gorgeous and the quality of hotels/food quite good. Clean, hygienic and comfortably warm! You have a great team. And I hope your troops continue to be as committed, as they are now! Certainly. my visit next to J&K, will be through your agency!
God bless, all the best - and take care!

Aditya Kadle SDPL 22 March 2015

Me, my daughter Isha & my friend Supriya Divekar went for Darjeeling Sikkim tour between 15/04/2015 to 23/04/2015 through your company. This was our first tour through any travel company & the experience was memorable!! The scenic beauty of Sikkim was mesmerizing. The arrangements made by you were excellent, be it travel, food or hotel accomodations. Though this was a difficult terrain to travel, the arrangements made it easy. Special mention is required of your Tour Manager Pranay & his assistant Keith.
Both of them were very helpful, alert, always around for any assistance. They both were always cheerful & energetic, though it must be very taxing for them. Pranay always managed everything effortlessly with a smile & Keith was a perfect match. You have an excellent team there! Thank you for making it such a wonderful & memorable experience for us! Our further tours will surely be with Veena World!!
Hope all the tourists & your people are safe in Nepal. Thanking you again.

Swati Keskar SDGL (I Fly) 15 April 2015

I would like to give my review of our tour.
This was my first tour with Veena world and I must say the experience was awesome. The food was good and hotel stays were fairly pleasant. The tour is managers Pranay Thalkar and Keith Demello are very good, thus far I have experienced. It is really appreciable the efforts the two boys take for guests, especially of wide range of age.Thanks and look forward to have other trips with Veena World.

Neena Lohar SDGL (I Fly) 06 April 2015

My wife and I had gone to Sikkim and Darjeeling with you group. I have to say your tour guides were very good, kind and helpful. Your cars were of the best quality, they were very well maintained very clean and the drivers were very good. However the food was spicy and we south Indians could not relish it every day. You could also try and arrange for some curd during meals. And also arrange for some warm milk at night. You may try and arrange for some sandwiches and fruits at night meals. I am not complaining. These are mere suggestions.We had a great time. Thank you!

T. K. Padmanabhan SDPL (I Fly) 29 March 2015

I've completed your Sikkim Darjeeling tour. Me and my son thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Tour leader Pranay Thalkar and all his 4 assistants were very good, they all gave us very good personal attention whenever needed. The food was excellent. His organization was very good. We liked your "Karla" bhaji. As I lived in USA, it is difficult to come more often to India and take the domestic tours but I look forward to travelling with you again.

Jayashri Wadkar SDPL 02 November 2014

Just back from Darjeeling trip with Veena World. Yet to unpack all the memories of the trip.Yes, this trip was bit different than, the Kerala trip we did with you.

It was more than staying in three star hotels, having lavish meals and going for shopping and getting pampered by the team, Veena World.

This trip had adventures and at times had discomforts, which were unavoidable due to reasons, beyond your controls. Still the trip was wonderful, as we were given the best services by your team. The discomforts, were diluted by the wonderful brigade of managers. They made our Diwali a true happening and memorable. This is "Din din Diwali :- Returns " for us. Looking forward for many more such happy moments to bring in our life.

Rajyashree SDPL 19 February 2014

Thanks To VEENA WORLD For this Auspicious Tour.
Today is the last day of our tour of Sikkim Darjeeling.the tour code SDJW(Sikkim Darjeeling Jewels)
on the very First day we all were unknown to each other BUT our Tour Managers- Keith D mello & Pranay Thalkar took efforts to convert the Group Into a Family And Today they are successful.I wish The Tour lasted for more 10 days.
Basically the overall tour was Fadu ??!!:p

Satvik Subhash Karmarkar

Just completed our visited to SDJW(sikkim darjeeling tour) with veena world.
Ok??.!! agreed the tour was just awsome beyond our expectations ,tour manager pranay thalkar and keith d mello gave that personal touch which was needed and required for a successfull tour.I do appreciate the work done by veena world and would love to visit some more places with veena world.
Thankyou guys for such a memorable tour????.

Swanand Bhushan Tendulkar

Dear Veena Madam,
First of all Thank u so much..You have truly given us a wonderful trip.  We have recently gone to
The trip will be in our minds for a long time. u have truly given us a wonderful trip.  We recently gone to Sikkim Darjeeling (SDHL) dated 21-5-14.  Though the trip was hectic but your organization and arrangements were good and we have all appreciated the care taken by our Tour Leaders Viraj Desai n Kunal Shinde and ofcourse the Associated tour leaders Omkar, Amol Jadhav, Tejas, Nikhil, Nitish, Suyog and jitendra. each and everyone had taken care of us.  The trip will be in our minds for a long time.
I would like to say a sincere \?thank you\? to you for making our SDHL tour so memorable. Thank you
      The glue that held the tour together was our marvelous guides. We loved the tour.
  I sincerely thanks Kunal, Omkar N Suyog??beacuse when my 4 years nephew was ill n suffering from fever kunal n suyog accompanied us to the doctor and helped us..
    I pray that the years ahead of bring you great happiness.!! N great success.. wish good luck n success of the Tour Leaders n their Associates

Sunita Gosavi

This is to acknowledge the hospitalityextended to us by \'VEENA WORLD \'at Rajasthan tour.The services were commendable,the tour managers were very cordial.i was very impressed that i will patronise only veenaworld hence forth.
my friends mrs deshpande,mrs karpe,mrs dhage and self enjoyed the trip to the fullest.
Looking forward in joining veenaworld for our next tour to sikkim,gangtok.
wish you good luck in your endeavour in travel and hospitality business.

Neeta Gokhale

Heartiest congratulations for the successful completion of the first year. My family indeed takes pride in being associated with you. We pray for your success in the years to come. I also would like to compliment you for the service given by your team during the recent tour of Sikkim- Darjeeling on which my family happened to be a part. They were totally satisfied by the level of service offered during their travel. It is almost a fortnight that they have returned and still I get to hear a new story every day. I must mention the name of Kunal Shinde, (whom I have started envying now) who has held high your standard of services. With my family???s feedback about their experience, I am sure to say that the success of VEENA WORLD is definitely bound to grow by leaps and bounds and I hold no doubts that it shall stand tall in tourism industry of India. I once again take the opportunity of congratulating you.

Neeraj Gala