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RJSP-291214 Alison Dsouza
RJSP-281214 Dheeraj Chaudhari
RJSP-271214 Nilesh Mhaske
RJTS-271214 Sagar Tikhile
RJSP-261214 Alok Lokhande
RJGR-251214 Aditya Bhoite
RJSP-251214 Sachidanand Pawar
RJSP-241214 Amit Kene
RJTS-231214 Swapnil Deshmukh
RJSP-231214 Sainath Barade
RJTS-211214 Sagar Mhatre
RJSP-211214 Alison Dsouza
RJSP-201214 Dheeraj Chaudhari
RJTS-191214 Alok Lokhande
RJTS-141214 Sagar Mhatre
RJSP-131214 Dheeraj Chaudhari
RJGR-101214 Aditya Bhoite
RJTS-071214 Sagar Mhatre
RJSP-061214 Dheeraj Chaudhari
RJTS-301114 Sandeep Patil
RJSP-291114 Dheeraj Chaudhari
RJGR-261114 Swapnil Deshmukh
RJTS-231114 Sandeep Patil
RJSP-221114 Atul Palkar
RJTS-161114 Sandeep Patil
RJSP-151114 Atul Palkar
RJGR-121114 Amit Kene
RJTS-111114 Sachin Temak
RJGR-101114 Swapnil Deshmukh
RJTS-091114 Aditya Bhoite
RJSP-081114 Nilesh Mhaske
RJSP-051114 Alok Lokhande
RJSP-041114 Amit Kene
RJSP-031114 Rahul Bhor
RJSP-031114 Sachin Temak
RJSP-021114 Atul Palkar
RJTS-021114 Aditya Bhoite
RJSP-011114 Nilesh Mhaske
RJSP-311014 Sandesh Wagh
RJSP-301014 Alison Dsouza
RJTS-301014 Jagdish pashte
RJSP-291014 Sainath Barade
RJSP-291014 Alok Lokhande
RJSP-281014 Sachidanand Pawar
RJTS-281014 Ganesh Sorte
RJSP-281014 Amit Kene
RJSP-271014 Sachin Temak
RJSP-271014 Mahendra Wadkar
RJTS-261014 Aditya Bhoite
RJSP-261014 Sagar Bhosale
RJSP-261014 Atul Palkar
RJSP-251014 Rahul Bhor
RJSP-251014 Nilesh Mhaske
RJSP-221014 Alokn Lokhande
RJSP-211014 Amit Kene
RJSP-201014 Sachin Temak
RJTS-191014 Aditya Bhoite
RJSP-191014 Atul Palkar
RJSP-181014 Nilesh Mhaske
RJTS-121014 Aditya Bhoite
RJGR-111014 swapnil deshmukh
RJSP-111014 Nilesh Mhaske
RJSP-041014 Nilesh Mhaske
RJSP-270914 Nilesh Mhaske
RJTS-140914 Aditya Bhoite
RJSP-130914 Nilesh Mhaske


Nilesh Mhaske

Nilesh handles the sectors of Rajasthan, Nainital, Leh Ladakh, Ooty, Kodaikanal & Thailand. He has an experience of 6 years in tourism. An entertaining personality by nature, a cricket lover with a perennial smile on his face, he shares a very good rapport with the suppliers of his sector and also with his colleagues. He feels he couldn't have worked with a better and bigger organisation than Veena World, where all his dreams have come true.

Aditya Bhoite

Aditya has 9 years experience as a tour manager and handles Rajasthan, Himachal, Chardham, Delhi Agra & Thailand sectors. He has good training skills and very good coordination skills. He can be given additional responsibility and be rest assured that it will be fullfilled. He has a very good rapport with suppliers as well as colleagues. He is very fond of singing & Table Tennis. He feels very proud to be a member of the team Veena World.

Swapnil Deshmukh

With 6 years of experience behind him, Swapnil is quite successful in conducting tours at Rajasthan, Kashmir and Amarnath. He has a very sound knowledge of these sectors and is adept at handling different and challenging situations on tour. He is pleasant and always relaxed and hardly ever cribs even if things are not too bright. He loves going on long drives, listening to music, reading & learning new things about new places. To quote him, he feels really great to work for Veena World as traveling is my passion & Veena World is my home.

Amit Kene

Having 5 years of experience in the tourism industry, Amit deftly handles Kashmir, Rajasthan, Delhi-Agra, Kerala, & Thailand. He is talkative and keeps guests entertained at all times. He has caring nature, and he is soft spoken, enthusiastic, & has good coordination skills. He always ensures that a particular task is completed no matter how tough the situation.

Sachin Temak

Calm, polite, with a smile on his face and a song on his lips is how best one can describe Sachin. He has been conducting tours from the past 7 years. Along with Indian destinations he expertly handles Thailand sector. Good communication skills, instant decisionmaking & thorough destination knowledge are his strengths. Trekking & biking are his passions. He can sing and has got an excellent voice. He feels proud to be a part of the team & is confident that his future is secure with a progressive organization like Veena World.

Sagar Bhosale

Having been in the tourism industry for 5 years, Sagar ably handles Himachal, Chardham & Kerala sectors. Good destination knowledge & a sense of responsibility are few of his strengths, which make him a good tour manager. He is a good dancer & a talented mimic. He is passionate about cricket, football & trekking. According to him, Veena World is the best organisation in the tourism industry and he is sure he has a bright future here.


My parents MR. and MRs. Pimputkar were travelling with Veena world on ifly-RJSP tour(19-26 March) First of all I would like to thank Veena World for providing us with a unique opportunity to travel to Rajasthan. The package was economical and the team were true to every word of their commitment.

I had informed them that my mom is a diabetic and may father is a heart patient. I specially thank the tour manager Mr. Paresh Narvekar and Mr. Gourav Pandit who ensured that they had no trouble during the entire journey. Both of them took extra efforts just to ensure that my parents did not miss out on any of the tour attractions.The entertainment programs during the tour made them get along with the other members of the tour. It was a lifetime experience for them.
Thanks a lot Team veena world . We would definitely like to travel with you in the future and recommend the same to others.

Chinttaranjan Pimputkar RJSP -(I-fly Pune ) 19 March 2017

My self Mr Madhukar Shinde and sau Hemlata M. shinde have safely reached at my home place on 26/03/2017 at evening
We joined at Mount abu at hotel MAHARAJA at the time of lunch.after lunch took some rest and introduction meet held at 4.00pm Mr Kishor walung has given detailed next tour programmer. the we visited to Nakki lake in evening section,there photo session done.

Next day famous Mount Abu hill station in Aravali mountain ranges visited ,Gurushikar The Highest pt in Aravali mountain seen,visited to Bramhakumari ashram,Dilwada temple where worlds best carving had done ,we seen sunset pt
Hospitality ,treatment ,meal food quality, Breakfast in hotel at Mount Abu was good
Next we proceed towards Udaypur --we visited Haldi ghati museum, Nathdwar, and stay at Hotel Amargrah resort --resort was very excellent ,there treatment ,welcome,food quality ,breakfast was also good we seen Udaypur surroundings as Maharanapratap smark, Garden Lakes,enjoyed Boat ridding,seen jagmandir temple,crystal galary
Evening show of sound light at palace not satisfactorily

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Next proceed towards Ajmer-Puskar

we visited Chittorgrah Fort,palace, Meera Mandir,Padmini palace,then evening visited to Darga in Ajmer then stay at hotel resident
Next day visited to Bramha Mandir ,Puskar Tirh-pind dan vidi done- we feel very satisfied next proceed to Rajsthans Capital city Jaipur We visted Amer fotr, Jantar-Mantar,Pink city darshan,Birla Temple ,Jai gad fort Nahar fort ,
We stayed hotel in Jaipur was excellent
During tour Lodging and boarding was good Our tour Co-ordinator Mr Kishor Walung,Keyur and Balaji found best co-ordinator,helping,and pleasant personality person
We enjoyed full2 dhamal in RJSP1803017 tour its our memorable theme
Veena world tour Management is found excellent

Hemlata Shinde RJSP 18 march 2017

We enjoyed the Rajasthan Tour along with the entire group. Saumitra Pradhan, the tour manager and his assistant Harish took special care of the senior citizens. In particular, Saumitra helped me and my wife Vaikhari in climbing up and getting down form the staircases of every fort that we visited. While in the bus, when the atmosphere was getting dull, the tour managers made it alive and joyous by arranging some games. Indeed, the experience of Traveling with Veena World is memorable. On this occasion we have express our gratitude to the organizers and tour managers for the hospitality shown during the tour.

Hari Kulkarni RJGR-(I-fly ) 18 march 2017

Good morning!! Back from a lovely 15 days trip to Rajasthan.(RJGR180317). A well organized tour . Enjoyed the tour to the core. Our tour leader Saumitra Pradhan and his assistant Harish made us very comfortable. Would like to add a word regarding Saumitra this is what I noticed about him a very able leader with patience, a smile on his face and the knack to tackle any problem . To handle senior citizens on a tour is a bit difficult at times ,but Saumitra saw to it that all were comfortable by listening to them as a family member.Both Saumitra and Harish though young were very good at their job. The tour was well organized thanks to your team with no food problems .The travel throughout was comfortable.

Thankyou Veenatai and your team for a memorable tour.Hope to enjoy this experience through your tours in the near future.All the best to Veena world!! A last word but not the least.Thx to Saumitra and Harish who made us feel safe right from the start to the last day and saw to it that we departed safely. 💐

Guruprasad Kunde RJGR-(I-fly ) 18 march 2017

Starting from Jaipur to the last day of tour , Our tour manager Mr Saumitra Pradhan & Harish Matre handled the tour very well . The arrangement made were very excellent & we didn't get any opportunity to complain about anything . They made the tour a grand success & we were very happy to travel with Veena World. Both the boys are very hardworking and we appreciate their hardwork . All the hotels we stayed in were excellent and the service was also good. The food was like home. Thanks for your services.

Prakash Pujari RJGR-(I-fly ) 18 march 2017

My self Patil we couple enjoyed with Rajasthan trip. Team leader so polite Mr Sagar and his colleagues, arranged well planned & discipline. we haven't experienced any difficulty at all. we always have first priority to Veena World hence forth Thanks....Ratan & Anita Patil.

Ratan Patil RJSP-(I-fly ) 17 March 2017

I am one of the guest and really I enjoyed the hospitality. I really felt like I am with my family and never felt as I am with unknown peoples. The tour mangers SAGAR TIKHILE and PRASAD DINGORE are one or the best tour managers I ever came across. The knowledge and skills which they have are really appreciable. I would say that Veena World have really great assets like this guy's. I would always prefer Veena World for all my future travels. Thanks for making our tour happening and enjoyable. And would like Veena World to provide recognition to these people

With Regards,

Aniket Maral RJSP-(I-fly ) 17 March 2017

I the undersign Mr.Ashok Warik who travelled along with my family Mrs.Amrita Ashok wish to state about the above mentioned tour from 18 the March to 25 the March was extremely nice and full satisfactory in all the respect lodging Boarding in various Hotels during one week stay with your all three dynamic Tour Manager (Kishor Walunj Balaji Kamble and Kevur Veerkar) who travelled along with our well maintained Ac Bus and gave the proper guidelines of the tour throughout the journey and took the all necessary responsibility right from the first day of the tour till tour ends on 25 the at Jaipur Airport. Hats off the all the three young dynamic manager for Their performance and ability to manage entire every activity to give total Satisfaction of the all Tourist including me and my family. Throughout journey every member of the tour became part of Veena World family.we knew each other very closely because of healthy atmosphere.

I am totally satisfied with the tour and all the three dynamic manager. In future I will be a regular member of your Tour. and convince my friends and relatives also. It was a nice experience and great picnic.

Amrita WarikRJSP-(I –fly ) 18 March 2017

We travelled with your Rajasthan tour RJSP- (IP)190317/A. It was a memorable experience for us. Everything was so well planned & executed. Many thnx to you . We especially want to thank our Tour manager Paresh Narvekar & Gaurav Pandit. They are wonderful. They just take our MOTHRLY care. Our best wishes to their future career. We wish to travel with Paresh & Gaurav once again. Many thanks to your entire team once again & we wish you a great success in near future. Wish you & your team a Happy Gudhipadwa.

Warm regards,

Neha Kulkarni RJSP -(I –fly Pune ) 19 March 2017

We are senior citizens who had joined your above mentioned tour of 15 days to Rajasthan & would like to share an unusual experience we faced. On visit to Jesalmer & during camel ride, I fell from the camel & badly fractured my left wrist leaving me in terrible pain & injury.Your tour managers Jagdish Pashte & Pranav Gharat were prompt in offering me all help by arranging a taxi, x ray & appointment with orthopedic surgeon at Jodhpur. We had to abandon the tour & reach Mumbai for an urgent surgery. I have been successfully operated & recuperating now. We were very sad to leave the tour & the wonderful group half way. Your staff, hotel & food arrangements & entire conduct was excellent.It would have been ungrateful of us if we fail to appreciate help extended to us. The accident can not shy us from once again joining the next tour of your company to Rajasthan

Revan Ajgaonkar RJGR 04 March 2017

It was wonderful tour to Rajasthan. A special thanks to Sahil and Kehur. They both had handled very well. Also a good care has been taken of us. We can say 'A feeling of being protective'. Everything went nice.

Vandana Savade RJTS-(I-fly ) 05 March 2017

The entire tour was well planned and meticulously conducted by the tour manager Mr. Sagar Chavan and Mr. Shashank. Both of one of the best tour managers in Veena World. We wish them grand success and accelerated promotions in their future career.

Dinesh Agarwal RJGR 18 February 2017

आम्ही मागील आठवड्यात आपल्या वीणावर्ल्ड बरोबर राजस्थान टूर केली . फारच सुंदर अनुभव होता.

टूरचे दोन्ही मॅनेजर्स तेजस दळवी आणि ऍलिसन डिसुझा यांनी आमची फार छान काळजी घेतली. आमची मुलेच आमच्याबरोबर असल्यासारखे वाटत होते. किती गोष्टींचे कौतुक करावे कळत नाही .

ट्रीपची शिस्त , वेळेचे काटेकोर नियोजन , वेळोवेळी योग्य त्या सूचना देणे , मोकळा वेळ काढून हलकेफुलके खेळ घेऊन वातावरण खेळकर ठेवणे / मनोरंजन करणे , खाण्यापिण्याचे व्यवस्थित आयोजन करणे या सर्व गोष्टी त्यांनी छान व सहजपणे केल्या.

वीणाताई , तुम्ही आम्हाला स्थलदर्शन छान केलेतच , त्याबरोबर तिथला इतिहास जिवंत करून सांगणारे हुशार गाईड्स पण सुरेख निवडलेत , त्रिवार धन्यवाद .

जगमंदिर सारखे बेट दर्शन आणि उदयपूरच्या पॅलेसमधील " लाइट अँड साऊण्ड शो " हा एक अद्भुत अनुभव होता.
त्या त्या भागातले धीवर , मालपुवा, दालबाटी सारखे विशेष पदार्थ खायला घालून आम्हा साऱ्यांच्या जिव्हा तृप्त केल्यात .
राहण्याची हॉटेलपण छान स्वच्छ व सोयिनि परिपूर्ण होती . तिथला सेवकवर्ग पण मदतीचा व आतिथ्यशील होता.
शिवाय महिलावर्गाला सुंदर भेट देऊन खुश केलेत , धन्यवाद .

सहलीमधील इतर सहकारीपण उत्साही व धम्माल करणारे असल्यामुळे हि सहल अविस्मरणीय ठऱली .
हा आमचा आपल्याबरोबरचा पहिलाच अनुभव होता , परत परत यावेसे वाटेल असा !!! धन्यवाद .

Ulhas Budukh RJHL (I-fly ) 07 March 2017

Hi,this is anagha jadhav from RJHL 070317tour . It was great experience for me . As it was my first experience with veena world everything was good and followed as per the itinerary .Our tour manager's Tejas Dalvi & Alison Dsouza were very helpful & entertaining too 😆. We enjoyed alot & will cherish these moments for life.All other people with us were very friendly & it was really great pleasure enjoying with everyone.Last but not the least holi was the best part of tour 😁& thanks tejas dalvi for playing songs for us 😁 😁Thank you veena world 🙂 🙏

Anagha Jadhav RJHL (I-fly ) 07 March 2017

Dear Team Veena World,

My name is Prasad Madkaikar. I am from Mumbai work for Johnson & Johnson private limited as Sr. Scientist in R & D Department. I had traveled with Veena world Rajsthan tour on 7th March 2017 to 13th March 2017.

Let me share that, this was the awesomest experience of my life. I have gathered so many friends from this tour from 1 year old baby till 70 year uncle aunt. I had the experience of Kerla tour of Veena world in 2015. coz of that experience, I had chosen this tour as well. Let me also thank The tour Guide Allison Desouza who was very supportive throughout the tour.

My special & big thanks to Tejas Dalvi who was the assistant guide for the tour but i can say he was like "Chhota packet bada dhamaka". I think he is very young but the way he was handling the things & coordinating for tour was tremendous.Very cooperative, vibrant , enthusiastic person & a talented singer Which I met. Teajs, I hope to see you soon in my next tour with Veena world as well

Prasad Madkaikar RJHL (I-fly ) 07 March 2017

I am RAVINDRA SARANG with my wife Mrs. VRUSHALI SARANG ,hereby thank Veena World for such a nice & memorable tour in our life. We are from Mumbai. This is the first time we are the part of Veena World family. starting from booking we got cooperating people. They nicely explain us about tour & manage cancellation of one seat, Explain us to carry forward its amount for next tour with Veena World to minimize the loss.

In this tour from Jaipur to Mount Abu we enjoy a lot. tour was well planed & managed. room & food in hotel was nice, guides for sightseeing were experienced.
Tour was more memorable due to your tour manager Mr. Tejas Dalvi & Alison D'souza, Both of them are are very caring,cooperative, experienced, supportive & dedicated. Because of both of them tour was excellent. we personally thank all Veena world team for such a nice experience. & we looking forward to go for Kerala tour with Veena World.

With all Best Wishes,

Ravindra Sarang RJHL (I-fly ) 07 March 2017

Completed the above tour with my wife on 11.03.17. Excellant tour experience with good hotels and good food quality.
Wonderful sight seeing with knowledable guides all over.
Both the tour leader, Mr Paresh and tour asst Mr Gaurav taken all the care through out the journy of 7 days.
Once again thank you very much for wonderful travel arrangements and caring of us throuhout the tour.

Pradeep Khaladkar RJSP-(I-fly ) 04 March 2017

We are senior citizens. We recently had atrip to Rajasthan Mewad with Veena world. This is our second tour with Veena world and it was memorable experience for ever. Both the tour Manager Sagar Chavan and Shashank Tawade were the best care taker. They treated all of us like family members We all enjoyed each and every moment of the tour. We appreciate with gratitude hospitality extended by Veena world for making tour memorable.

Sudhakar Amle RJSP -(I-fly Pune ) 05 March 2017

Good morning Veena Tai firstly a very big thank you to you for making our Rajasthan trip such a wonderful, before this trip I never went outside Maharashtra without my family members.This is my first experience to go with my friends and it is amazing .Both Safar Tawade and Shawshank our toor exicuters,sorry I didn't get proper word but they both are such a matured person's that I'm really wonder how they can handle all things very perfectly and carefully they make us fill very happy and cerats everyone homely atmosphere so we enjoy every moment of our tour.In future I like to make such wonderful tour's with Veena world,Thanks again and best wishes for your future plans.

Sheela Uttekar RJSP -(I-fly Pune ) 05 March 2017

Date: 12.03.2017
It is tremendous superb experience of Rajasthan. I have ever tour nationally or abroad other than Veena world.
Veena world have arrange all the things nicely like travelling breakfast & mils. All the hotels are so fantastic that it is not possible for middleclass person to afford hotel at Marva & Bikaner. As they are heritage palaces

Sandeep Sheth RJTS-(I-fly ) 05 March 2017

I, Priyanka Dahiwalkar went to RJHL trip with my family. It was our first tour with Veena World. Chetan Dhavale & Atish Berde were our tour managers. We had an amazing tour. Both are good & very co-operative, taking care of everyone. My parents were very happy with the facilities, food, sightseeing part. Good bus drivers. Hoping to have another trip with Veena World.

Priyanka Dahiwalkar RJHL (I-fly) 22 February 2017

We Mayekar family had attended the Rajasthan Tour organised by Veena World scheduled on 22nd February 2017. We had an overwhelming experience as it was our first tour with Veena World and it is really appreciated. Both of our tour manager Mr Chetan Dhavale and Mr Aatish Berde were pleasant and very helpful with each member of our tour. They handled us very excellently right from a small child to a senior person of our tour. Time management was perfect and we have enjoyed our tour right from 1st day till last departure. We would wish to enjoy such tours from Veena World further as well

Nandakumar Mayekar RJHL (I-FLY) 22 February 2017

I went to Rajasthan Mewad i-fly trip of Veena World along with my Mom which started from 18th Feb. I would like to share my feedback for the same.

1. Booking: I had booked my trip somewhere in November 2026 at your Currey Road/Lalbag Office. The experience was good as the booking Co-Ordinator gave apt information about the trip & also shared info on all kinds of discount.

We received regular mailers from Veena World and very regularly updated about the trip.
2. Hotels during the trip: Overall hotels very good & comfortable & well maintained.
3. Tour Managers: We had 3 tour Managers: Alison Dsouza, Kunal Pansare & Amol Patil for our trip. All the 3 of them very good & took good care of us throughout the trip. There was no mismanagement or any mistake from there end & these 3 deserve big applauds for the way they managed the entire trip. There coordination amongst themselves & the way they responded to needs of the youngest to the oldest member of the group was excellent. Even at place like Sreenath Ji temple or Ajmer Dargah where there was huge crowd they took proper care of our group and ensured that we all got good darshan. A big cheers to all of them.

4. Local Guides: Local guides at all the places Mt. Abu, Udaipur, Ajmer, Pushkar & Jaipur were very informative & gave proper resolutions to our queries.

Overall this was a tour which very well planned by your back office planners & extremely well executed by the tour managers, Huge round of applause to everybody at Veena World. Overall I would rate this as one of the best trip I have experienced & looking forward to many more trips with Veena World.

Gaurav Shanbhag RJSP-(I-fly ) 18 February 0217

My family travelled first time with the Veena world .It was definitely a nice experience. Trip was so well arranged that there was hardly any loophole in planning. The tour managers Mr.Ganesh Undale and Mr Tejas Dalvi helped us in all possible ways. They saw that we enjoy every moment. The guides were well knowledgeable and did not hesitate to narrate. The time given for sightseeing was satisfactory. We enjoyed food more at Abu which was less spicy and roties too were soft. If the same type of food was available (may be along with spicy one)everywhere we had better option. At the end again I would like to appreciate your tour. Thank you

Anjali Sane RJSP -(I-FLY PUNE )19 02 2017

Happy and satisfied returned from RJSP(IP)190217/A. Able and efficient Ganesh. Energetic and enthu Tejas along with their wittiness kept the atmosphere happy and lively. Ganesh ,Tejass and punctual,energetic and responsible gusts made the tour A grand success. looking forward for more tours.

Aditi Valsangkar RJSP -(I-fly Pune )19 February 2017

I just came back from Rajsthan Mewad group tour. I would like to share my amazing & memorable experience with Veena World. Firstly I would like to thanks Veena World for providing excellent service. This was my second tour with Veena world which was unforgettable, very well organised & perfectly managed by Tour Manager. Right from the booking till the end of tour I had very good experience.

I would specially like to mentioned about efforts taken by our Tour Managers Alison D'souza, Kunal Pansare & Amol Patil for making this tour really amazing & Memorable. Those guys were so caring & helpful throughout the entire tour. we really enjoyed a lot because of efforts taken by them. Thanks Veena World & our tour manager.

I would like to more Travel with Veena World to Explore the beautiful world & Celebrate the life.

Sangita Garje RJSP-(I-FLY) 18 February 2017

We were part of tour rjsp -1 from 11-18feb 2017 it was my 1st expreperice with veena world at it was awesome....
veena tai i really thank u fr this wonderful holiday..
Airpoert respresentative mandar joshi ws very cooperative... he distributed food packet n bags..ngave us wishesh fr tour tht moment ws full of energy At ahemdabad airport we chek out with lots od questions tht who will be the tour manager wht will happen n all,bt at airport we were welcomed by smiling n engertic faces of allison d'souza n kunal pansare..we felt very good n relaxing...we were hungry as soon aas we sat in bus they welcomed us n distributed the food we felt so cozy that time...at mount abu we met another member n one more tour manager amol patil...he ws also too good...

At the tome of introduction they made us sooo comfortable n in 1day we all were family member.. with thid three ppl an aour entier veena world family we njoyed each n every moment of our rajasthn tour we njoy antakshar apple apple fire in mountain n shrkrishna hanuman....we njoye alot..... each n every hotel were good..espacially hotel udaibag ws great we njoyd the stay..... we njoyed food too...during tour fast fr angarrkhi chaturthi ws there bt they served us fast items too...

While travelling out from mountabu the road journey ws feom between mountains n there were chances of feelimg motion secikness bt our tour manager tooked carcare of that too they gave medication n gave carrybag also incase we felt like vomating...they took care of every minute thing.... thanku again....at the end of our tour our heart were haeavy to say good by to our veena wrld family n our tour managers allison kunal n amol... bt still we moved to our own places with lots lots lots of memories n wonderful experience ...really thanku veenaword it was amazing experience .

Rutuja Mali RJSP-(I-fly) 11 February 2017

We decided to go Rajasthan with Veena world. That was our first group tour. There was a little tension about adjusting with other people but we enjoyed the tour. Credit goes to our tour manager Rohan Despondent. He is caring and very helpful. Nikhil was also very friendly. They treated us as a family & we felt it that way. All hotels & arrangements were good. Snacks, lunch, dinner were at time. We never missed the schedule.
We will suggest our friends travel with Veena world & we will plan our next tour with you. Thanks to Veena world.

Aparna Brahme RJHL (I-fly) 11 February 2017

I am a member of Group Tour of Rajasthan-Mewad tour which is organised by Veena World from 11/2/2017 to 18/2/2017.The tour experience was excellent as this was the first tour which we attended by Veena World and everything is managed by Veena World beyond our expectations Hotel Stay, Food, Guide , Tour Managers. Special thanks to Alison Desouza, Amol Patil, Kunal for attending us very delightfully from Ahmedabad Airport. The Bus coaches was very good and also seat arrangements. We got lot of info about the history of Rajasthan from Harish guide who gave info of Chittodh Fort.Guide Sushil also shared good info about the Jaypur Market. Now we come to the conclusion that in future if we plan for outing we will go by Veena World Only. Thanks to Veena World for serving us beautifully.

Thanks & Regards

Pooja Gadekar RJHL (I-fly) 11 February 2017

I Ms. Pooja S Gadekar, would like to share the feedback for the tour Rajasthan Highlights (RJHL) dated 11th Feb - 17th Feb. Experience of the RJHL tour was splendid for me. I had a great time with the tour members and tour manager Mr. Rohan and Mr. Nikhil. The scheduled of the trip was communicated periodically in detailed by our tour managers to us, which help us know a day in advance as to what time we are supposed to be ready to make a move towards the destinations for the day, which spot we are going to visit and at around what time we will reach the site and will be back to the hotel. The guide of the respective place provided the related information and the respective story behind the place which gave a insight and know the importance of that place. Tour managers i.e. Mr. Rohan & Mr. Nikhil were always there to help throughout the tour. Any query, any requirement was fulfilled by them as and when required. This trip has gave a golden memories which would be alive with me throughout my life. Looking at my experience, many of my relatives and friends are thinking to plan their vacation with Veena World.

Pooja Gadekar RJHL (I-fly) 11 February 2017

We enjoyed the tour with Veena world which was in Rajashtan from 27th Jan, 2017 to 4th Feb, 2017. The Tour guides (Chetan Dhavale and Aatish Berde) were quite interactive and friendly in Nature. They communicated and handle the group well efficiently. We were a family of 14 people..and i would like to thank Veena world for giving us a separate bus which was definitely a luck by chance. We are looking forward for future travels with Veena tours.Thank you so much!

Kaushik Karnale RJSP 28 January 2017

I am just back from my tour Rajasthan highlights on 11 Feb.I would like to thank Veena world for making my holiday experience wonderful. Full trip was well organized and well coordinated. Special thanks to rohan and nikhil for making the full trip fun and witty.100% holiday satisfaction. Thanks a lot for everything. Looking forward for more holiday experience with Veena world.

Arti Lotlikar RJHL (I-fly) 11 February 2017

This was our 1st experience with a tour company and also as a group tour. It was an amazing experience and would definitely recommend Veena world to friends and family. Tour managers took care of most of the things e.g. fast. They also helped to create good atmosphere among us and we felt it like a single family :) Thanks for the journey and definitely looking forward for our next trip :)

Gaurang Brahme RJHL (I-fly) 11 February 2017

To Veena World...
On behalf of my family I would like to send the feed back about our RECENT RAJASTHAN TOUR THRU VEENA WORLD AS UNDER:
It was really a wonderful experience to all of us. Every thing was meticulously planned and executed. Nowhere we faced any difficulty at all. The tour Managers both Mr. ROHAN and Mr. NIKHIL were exceptional. Their individiual attention and services to each members which is something money can't buy. Both of them will be an asset to your organisation. Overall a very exciting tour and we thank Veena world for it. Certainly, we will prefer your services for our future programmes

A.K.Radhakrishnan RJHL (I-fly) 11 February 2017

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour RJSP(I)050217 completed yesterday. It was successful beyond our expectations! The main points to mention are excellent planning for tourist interest, sightseeing, comfort, proper guides to tell more about the place including the history, geography and weather conditions in a very appealing manner. The dedication with which Mr Chetan Dhawle tour manager and Co-tour manager Atish Berde implemented the entire trip was commendable. They were caring, helpful and they fantastically managed varied interests of the group as it was composed of age group 25 to 72. They are definitely perfect managers they took on socialization, group activities and yet kept punctuality. There is not a single point that needs to be improved. Food, Hotels of stay and transport vehicles were also clean and comfortable. Over all it suits your advertisement 'Chalo, bag bharo aur nikal pado' to tagline 'Travel. Explore. Celebrate.

DR. SHRIKANT KHADILKAR RJSP -(I-fly Pune) 05 February 2017

I Dipti Kawade & my husband Dattatraya Kawade would like share our experience and provide feedback for our excellent trip. It was just awesome!!!
Although my first sentence describes it enough, I would like to add my experience with Veenaworld in detail.
My journey started on 5th February, I was bit frightened, curious for my first trip. It was first kind of my trip after 32 years of marriage where only me & my husband went for trip. My son, daughter, son-in-law & daughter-in-law dropped us till airport & our journey began there.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first flight without any hurdle. We reached Ahmadabad where Atish (Berde) & Chetan (Dhawale) were awaiting for us. I must say both of them are so good that we never felt that my son or daughter should have been with us. They are so helpful that we never had to ask or wait to get anything there. Everyone does job but these two were not merely doing their job, they were very much helpful in nature and good hearten.

Veenworld has really taken care of customers with good hotels, good food, generous people & good buses along with bus drivers. We have done few trips with our family together but never got these many good things in package.
Last but not least our co-passengers were also so good and we would like to have one more trip together.
Again thanks to Veenaworld, Atish Berde, Chetan Dhawale & Bus driver (don't know name)!!!

Dattatraya Kawade RJSP -(I-fly Pune ) 05 February 2017

I am pleased to inform you that tour is well organised and also tour manager Mr Jadish & Mr Keyur are very cooperative good care taker of all members of tour. Stay in all hotels were comfortable. Food quality is also good. I am very much thankful to your staff in Pune office. Thanks for giving me such wonderful travelling experience.

Shirish Upadhye RJSP-(I-FLY) 06 February 2017

This was the first time when we have travelled through the Veena World. Our experience was awesome & we are very much thankful your extraordinary service.

The Verity , quality of food & hotels are very good. We appreciate the service & co-ordination of Mr Chetan Dhavle tour manager, & specially the help, service, & co-operation of Mr. Atish the tour assistant. Ones again I would like to thank to Veena World for making our tour one of the memorable experience.

Kishor & Kavita Josh RJSP -I-fly Pune 05 February 2017

We really enjoyed it to the maximum. Entire tour was properly managed n executed to ultimate satisfaction of all Guests. This credit goes to TMs Shri.Santosh n Sameer who have done their best. Wish u all d best for future. Journey, Entertainment ,Food, Stay and overall arrangement was superb.

Subhash Guruchal RJTS-(I-fly ) 05 February 2017

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour RJSP(I)050217 completed yesterday. It was successful beyond our expectations! The main points to mention are excellent planning for tourist interest, sightseeing, comfort, proper guides to tell more about the place including the history, geography and weather conditions in a very appealing manner. The dedication with which Mr Chetan Dhawle tour manager and Co-tour manager Atish Berde implemented the entire trip was commendable. They were caring, helpful and they fantastically managed varied interests of the group as it was composed of age group 25 to 72. They are definitely perfect managers they took on socialization, group activities and yet kept punctuality. There is not a single point that needs to be improved. Food, Hotels of stay and transport vehicles were also clean and comfortable. Over all it suits your advertisement 'Chalo, bag bharo aur nikal pado' to tagline 'Travel. Explore. Celebrate. Pre-departure meet could not be held for us, but that was not a problem at all.

Shrikant Khadilkar RJSP -(I-fly Pune ) 05 February 2017

🌹मन की बात 🌹 काय करावं ह्या मनाचं काही कळत नाहीं... वया सोबतं रहायला याला जमतंच नाही.. चाळीशी पर्यंत कसं सोबत असायचं... आता मात्र सोबत यायला कुरकुर करतं... शरीर वाढत्या वयाला साथ द्यायला लागतं.. मन मात्र मोठं व्हायला कायम नाराज असतं... प्रौढत्वाच्या खुणा येऊन अंगभर विसावतात.. मन मात्र डोळ्यातून मिश्कील हसतं असतं... शरीराचं आणि मनाचं नातं कधीतरी तुटतं ... शरीर भविष्याकडे....मन भूतकाळाकडे धावतं. बुध्दीच मग कित्येकदा मनाला खेचून आणतें... मन देखील सोबत असल्याचे मस्त नाटक करतें.. खोडकर मुलासारखे.....मन गुपचुप बसून राहते... आणि .....वयाचा डोळा चुकवून, परत निसटून जातें...!!!....प्रवासी सहलीत हा अनुभव आला.........सुभाष पाटील नाशिक 🌹 🌷 🌹 🌷 💃

Subhash Patil ASTJ 27 January 2017

Dear Veena World Team, My mom and mom in law had been to Rajasthan - Mewad Trip from January 28, 2017 to February 4, 2017. They both were alone and was concerned how would they manage. But after returning they have time only to speak on how well the trip was organised, planned, executed, food excellent, travel comfortable, places visited and historical events explained all so well done. They have already told me that now their next trip should also be through Veena World.

My mom has specially thanked Mr. Chetan and Mr. Aatish who were their tour managers. She has specially instructed me to inform that they both attended to all the people extremely politely and elitely, well mannered, soft spoken etc etc etc etc. and taken good care of all. So thanks to you both specially.
This is been written on behalf of Geetha Pillai.

Geetha Pillai RJSP-(I-fly) 28 January 2017

The Veena World tour of Rajasthan very fanatic Hotels are good food also good Tour Manager has given lot of effort for success tour there are very friendly and loving person .If there is one stay in Mount Abu it's better because one journey of 370km was very hard Total Journey was very goo

Baburao Patil RJHL (I-Fly) 23 January 2017

My name is Rashmi. I sent my mother ( Rajani Diwate) and mother in law (Pramodini Potphode) for Rajsthan tour with Veena world (this was their third tour Kashmir , Keral, Rajasthan).

Actually we are really worried about both of them as both are senior citizens and less educated. Being daughter I want to give them best experience. Thank you so much VW for wonderful tour. Both of them are so satisfied, happy and super excited for their next tour. It happens due to your well planned tour, lavish hotel stay, comfortable vehicles and most important your caring and enthusiastic tour leaders. Both of them insist me to convey this message to you and want to thank their tour leader Sagar Ragade. Thank you once again.

Pramodini Potphode RJSP-(I-fly ) 22 December 2016

This is Urmee Ranade, from Mumbai. I have been to Rajasthan Tour (RJSP -(IP)251216P), from 25th Dec-1st Jan. I had a best experience with Veena world. It was one of the memorable trip.The tour managers were very co-operative and friendly. They handled every one with great care and concern. The management was remarkable. The Tour Guides which were provided to us on sight seeing were very informative and helpful. It was the best Tour ever. And I would love to travel for my next tour with Veena World. PS: Thank you for an amazing 31st Eve! It was a wonderful experience!!

Urmee Ranade RJSP -(I-FLY PUNE) 25 December 2016

My self Mrs project Limaye travelled with your grp 30 12 2016 to 6 1 2017 to Mewad. Enjoyed good food hotel stay site seeing everything was perfect. Last but not least tour leaders Atul Gangurde and Tejas David conducted the tour in perfect way. Special thanks to Veena Madam for giving us opportunity to expirience Rajasthan. Nagpur office of Veena world cooperated very well

Piroj Limaye RJSP-(I-fly ) 30 December 2016

The entire trip was full of excitement and my special thanks 🙏 to Makrand and Adnyesh who made it more interesting and took great 👍 care of all of us Tour managers were full of energy and made our 31st party as well as camp stay a gala success. Thank you.

Vandana Vaidya RJTS-(I-fly ) 27 December 2016

Dear Veena World
Wish you a very Happy & Prosperous New year.
We thank you very much for making our Year End Rajasthan picnic , Exciting , Refreshing & Rejuvenating. Everything right from the Itinerary , Traveling , Food , Hotel stays , Sightseeing , Contests , Games to the ever caring-smiling-entertaining-enthusiastic Tour-Managers Aalok & Shardul were World class & super cool.
Since returning from Rajasthan tour , we are praising Veena World to our friends and relatives. We are planning our next picnic with Veena World soon.

Supriya Khandare : RJTS-(I-Fly ) 25 December 2016

With reference to the above subject I am glad to inform you..that our tour to Rajasthan code rjsp271216 was amazing. We had a wonderful time in Rajasthan only because you..the Veena world team had helped us in making the same. A special thanks to our tour manager Mr. Sagar Tikhile who not only made our whole tour comfortable..but gave his whole hearted support to each one of us in every situation. I would like to mention this that our tour will be the most memorable trip ever..because of Mr. Sagar' s out of the way support. This is my second experience with Veena world..and looking further many more to come.

Neha Patki RJSP-(I-Fly) 27 December 2016

I participated in the above mentioned tour. It was my 1st experience with Veena World. I loved the experience. The tour management was really very good. And the tour manager i.e., Saumitra Pradhan and Prashant were really helpful and co-operative. There was a time when we were getting late for Ajmer Darga because of traffic but Mr. Saumitra got down of the bus and handled the traffic all by himself. And we were able to visit Darga in time. I was very pleased with Veena World and will surely look forward for my next tour with Veena World.

Purva Chitnis RJSP-(I-Fly) 23 December 2016

राजस्थान मेवाड ...विणा वर्ल्ड सोबत !
एक अविस्मरणीय अवर्णनीय अनुभव !!!
आतापर्यंत आम्ही इतर ट्रॅव्हल्स मधून अनेक टूर्स केल्या आहेत . विणा वर्ल्ड सोबत हि आमची पहिलीच टूर ! थोडी उत्सुकता होतीच.

घाटकोपर मधील विणा वर्ल्ड ऑफिस मध्ये आम्ही माने कुटुंबाने ..सौ ज्योती ,श्री अशोक ,कुमारी तन्वी व कुमार साहिल यांनी २१ डिसेंबर ते २८ डिसेंबर २०१६ राजस्थान मेवाड या टूर मध्ये नाव नोंदविले . बुकिंग पासूनच आम्हाला खूप चांगला अनुभव आला. सुरुवात छान झाली म्हणजे टूरही छानच होणार याची खात्री झाली .
दि २१ डिसेंबर रोजी पहाटे मुंबई एअरपोर्ट एअर टिकेट्स सोबतच पूर्ण ७ दिवसांचे स्नॅक्स दिले ..हि कल्पना छान वाटली.
अहेमदाबाद एअरपोर्ट वर टूर मॅनेजर श्री सागर भोसले व श्री सर्वेश जोशी यांच्या समवेत माऊंट अबू साठी आम्ही निघालो.अहेमदाबाद ते माऊंट अबू प्रवास जास्त होता परंतु बस ची सोय छान होती त्यामुळे प्रवास आरामदायक झाला.
संपूर्ण टूर मध्ये व्यक्तिशः मला जाणवलेली वैशिष्ट्ये म्हणजे ...
१. राहण्याची उत्तम सोय -- यात कुठेही तक्रार नाही
२. चविष्ट व दर्जेदार अन्न.. त्यातील विविधता अप्रतिम चितौड मधील कचोरी व लस्सी पुष्करचा मालपोआ , श्रीनाथजी नाथद्वारा येथील फक्कड चहा , ...जंतरमंतर ची मटका कुल्फी, हॉटेल हेरिटेज जयपूर येथील घीवर .. सर्वच लाजवाब !!
३. साईट सिईंग साठी प्रत्येक ठिकाणी रिक्षाची उत्तम सोय .. कुठेही वेळ काढू पणा नाही अथवा घाई गडबड नाही . प्रत्येक ठिकाणी मनमुराद आस्वाद घेता आला .
४.फोटोग्राफी व शॉपिंग करायला पुरेसा वेळ मिळाला.
५.हवा महल , आमेर गाव येथे शॉपिंग , जलमहल , हॉटेल हेरिटेज लंच, जंतर मंतर, सिटी पॅलेस हे सर्व एकाच दिवशी असूनही प्रत्येक ठिकाणी पुरेसा वेळ व माहिती उत्तम रित्या मिळाली.शिवाय सायंकाळी ७ वाजता रोड साईड शॉपिंग साठी हि वेळ मिळाला ... this is simply amezing !!!
६.भारताची वारसा संस्कृती असलेल्या राजस्थानची संपूर्ण माहिती देऊन पर्यटकांच्या शंकांचे निरसन करणारे विणा वर्ल्ड चे गाईड हे या टूर चे खास आकर्षण ठरले. आमचे टूर मॅनेजर सागर व सर्वेश यांनी ७ दिवसांकरिता आम्हा ३३ जणांचे पालकत्व खूप जबाबदारीने पार पाडले. सागर भोसले यांची सादगी, नम्रता व सहनशीलता यासाठी ✌ ✌ ✌ माझ्यासाठी हि टूर खरोखरच अविस्मरणीय राहील .२१ डिसेंबरला माझा वाढदिवस असतो . २१ डिसेंबर च्या जवळपास प्रत्येक वर्षी आमची कुठेतरी टूर असते . यावर्षी टूर चा पहिला दिवसच २१ डिसेंबर होता. कुणीही वाढदिवसाबद्दल बोलू नका असे मी माझ्या तिघांना बजावून ठेवले होते . २१ डिसेंबर संपला आणि मला हायस वाटलं चला !! कुणालाच वाढदिवस समजला नाही .

२१,२२,23,२४,२५,२६,२७, ... टूर संपली. २८ डिसेंबर ला सकाळी nighnyapurvi टूर मॅनेजर श्री सागर व श्री सर्वेश यांनी निरोप समारंभ आयोजित केला होता . आमच्यातील काहींनी अनुभव शेअर केले .श्री सागर यांनी ७ दिवसातील पर्यटनाचा आढावा सादर केला .आम्ही सर्व फ्लॅश बॅक मध्ये असतानाच एक केक आणण्यात आला 🎂

आणि omg ..that cake was for me !!!!!
२१ डिसेंबर पुन्हा एकदा जल्लोषात साजरा झाला !!
टूर मॅनेजर सागर सर्वेश यांचे मनापासून आभार !
Thanks to Veena World for making my birthday so special !!

Jyoti Mane RJSP-(I-FLT) 21 December 2016

I, Upendra Abhyankar along with my family had visited Rajasthan through Veena world (RJHL I-fly 8 to 15 dec 2016). It was a very pleasant experience.

Tour proceeded flawlessly with out any obstacles. Special thanks to our tour managers Mr. Makarand Ghanekar & Mr. Vighnesh Satale who were very jovial, co-operative, caring & paying personal attention to all the guests. All the sites & spots were covered. Local tour guides were also good & sharing all the information. Food quality was very good.

We definitely look forward to have another touring experience with veena world in future endeavors.

Upendra Abhyankar RJHL (I-fly) 8 December 2016

A carefree vacation in Rajasthan- the things dreams are made of. And thanks to Veena World , the trip was, indeed, a dream come true. The trip was completely carefree for us because our tour manager Sagar planned it with such extreme care that we had absolutely no worries. Details, details, details - all planned in advance by him. All we had to do was show up, relax and enjoy. Also thanks to Sagar and Veena world for arranging birthday cake for my uncle. Also he was very kind throughout the tour. Day after glorious day. It is an incredible place with beautiful palace, Lakes, Temples and sunset too many to count. Suffice it to say, it is a wonderful destination.

The hotels were just perfect. I don't need a spa or even a swimming pool when I travel. I am there to see the sights. But I do need a very clean, very comfortable bed and I greatly appreciate a view that shows off the location. We got that in our rooms throughout the trip The trip was a nice balance of planned activities and free time. We never felt lost or at a loss. We knew our Tour Manager Sagar was always just a phone call away And we knew he was sincere. The people we met in our tour were just wonderful. It was the fabulous, carefree trip of our dreams. Thank you!

Ravindra Gamre RJSP-(I-Fly ) 19 December 2016

What a wonderful journey it was...this was the first time we went on a group tour... We visited Rajasthan this 19th Decembe to 26th.... I thank Mr.sagar thikhile for being such a fun loving person... No doubt he is a great tour manager with exact amount of fun with a small twist of enjoyment... I also thank mr. Prathamesh Salvi.. he was genuine..gentle and very friendly.. these two guys were brilliant in their work... About Rajasthan...it was a great place to visit n Veena made it more fun... We group of 30 were strangers when we started our tour.... But now we shall always be like a family always connected and in contact... I wanted it to last more 3-4 months..haahaha...but that's not possible.. Altogether it was an awesome journey..thanks Veena World..n I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Ms. Veena for this journey... We shall meet again soon This shall always be cherished by me n my family

Vinayak Shinde RJSP 19 December 2016

Myself Prachi Siddharth Salvi who had joined your tour to Rajasthan with my parents Siddharth Salvi & Seema Salvi during 19th Dec to 26th Dec, 2016..

This mail is to compliment Veena World, and especially our tour manager Mr.Sagar Tikhile. Sagar was a good tour manager, great personality- very vibrant, full of educational information, a good entertainer, very friendly and went out of his way to fulfill our requests. He was ever smiling, and mixed very well with young and old equally. I do wish him all the best in his career.

We had never travelled with Veena World before. This is the first time we all ever went on an organized tour. We always made our own arrangements. The experience was Awesome.. Especially the sight seeing, the hotels, the food and everything was too good.
On 24th Dec it was my Dad’s Birthday I like the way of celebrating the same. We do enjoyed Xmas Party on 25th Dec , especially DJ was arranged. But we must say, we were very happy with this tour, and shall certainly consider going with Veena World again.
Wishing VEENA WORLD all the success you deserve

Prachi Salvi RJSP-(I-Fly) 19 December 2016

Hello from Dr. and Mrs. Utturkar. We enjoyed the tour. Sagar and Prathmesh were very helpful and they have made us comfortable and happy during the tour. Thanks. We will recommend this trip to friends.

Pratima Utturkar RJSP 10 December 2016

I, along with my Wife Mrs. Hemlata Bade and Daughter Miss Gauri Bade, were in the Tour of Rajasthan which started on 26-11-2016 and returned on 03-12-2016.

The tour was well planned, excellently arranged by Veena World and well guided by the tour manager- Mr.Amol Patil and Mr. Sameer Dandekar. Both the leaders were friendly, helpful and very cordial.
Mrs. Harshada Joshi from Thane office gave us the perfect advise and did the booking arrangements for us.
The tour was quite enjoyed by and memorable for all the three of us.

It was a Nice surprise when Mrs. Veena Patil Madam gave a visit and had a nice talk with all the tour members.
Thank you all the Veena World Team Members to make the tour a grand success.

Uday Bade RJSP-(I-Fly ) 26 November 2016

My mother and myself were a part of Veena World Womens Special 2016 Mewad tour. The tour was very good , comfortable,food and accomodations were good.Good care was taken it was safe.All tour mangers were good efficient , special thanks to our group managers Jigar Vora and Chinmay Vartak, took good care of every member. I enjoyed travelling with Veena World looking forward for further tours to travel and enjoy soon.

Indrishka Gonge RJWA 27 November 2016

We are glad that, we enjoyed our Rajasthan trip from 3rd – 10th Dec 2016 . Our tour Managers, Sainath and Balaji have taken excellent care of us. We appreciate their dedication towards work. All the hotels we stayed were very good. Food quality was also good. We enjoyed get together arranged at Jaipur also.

From Jaipur, our flight to Mumbai was at 8.55 am, so we left hotel at 6.30 am. Both tour managers were present at the time our departure. They booked taxi for us for airport and gave us packed breakfast .We highly appreciate hospitality.

This was our first tour with Veena world, we wish you great success and prosperous years ahead. God bless you and all the best. Keep it up

Sushama Gadre and Anuya Arvindekar RJSP 03 December 2016

the tour was well planned,organized and equally well executed.
The selection of destinations was superb. The guides were well qualified and very knowledgeable. The hotels were of high class.

And above all with Gaurav Pandit as tour manager , the hospitality was at its best. There was personal touch in each activity by Gaurav. There was absolute clarity in the communication with everybody by Gaurav.The instructions were loud and clear. The snacks distributed were of good quality and taste and sufficient. We really enjoyed the tour.

Sudhakar Phavde RJSP 03 November 2016

I had taken the Rajasthan Marwad Tour (25/11 to 02/12). At the outset, I would like to Thank Mrs. Veena Patil Madam for the concept "Women Special Holiday" and to make us women feel very special.
I would also like to put on record that the services provided were excellent. I would like to appreciate the efforts and performance of Tour Managers Ms Deepika, Mr. Sainath Barade and Mohnis.

I wish to continue to travel, explore and celebrate with Veena World in future.
My best wishes to Veena World team.

Shanti Rajendrakuma RJWB (I-Fly) 24 November 2016

Got back the night before from Rajasthan, but I have not yet come back totally! My mind is still wandering in the beautiful desert and I am thinking of all you wonderful people, our tour guides . You took such good care of us and you made every moment memorable! This was my first tour with you but I can assure you, it is certainly not the last! Had an absolutely wonderful time! Thanks again Veena World, looking forward to another tour to a new destination with you very soon!

Ashwini Kulkarni RJWB (I-Fly) 24 November 2016

SUB. : PERFORMANCE REPORT OF MR.SAGAR BHOSALE AND A.JOSHI FOR RAJASTHAN TOUR FROM 23.11.2016 TO 29.11.2016 We would like to inform you that above mentioned two tour managers of Veena World Pvt.Ltd. we found very very cooperative in all respects during the tour. Day wise Hour wise they regularly followed the system which is formed by you. They are also kind hearted. So therefore we all of us about 28 tour persons very very happy about their performance during 23.11.2016 TO 29.11.2016. We all of us hope in future, we will make any type of tour please arrange to give them with us.

Raghunath Magdum RJHL (I-Fly ) 23 November 2016

The tour manager of our group was Jigar Vora. He was very energetic and helpful. He did help all of us at all the times. The trip was kind of fun. We laughed we cheered we had even fun. The best part was everyone was given a chance to speak whatever they want. While travelling we use to play small games and due to which we all came a bit close and started building bond. I don't know how this 8 day flew away. The fashion show was fun indeed as all the ladies did came forward showed their talent. One more thing I would like to say was their were some senior citizens in our group but still our tour manager handled them very carefully. He was very concerned for everyone and treated us like a family member. He was very cool through out our trip. Even another ass. Tour manager Chinmay was helpful he use to give on time wake up calls and made sure everyone is on time. Basically I liked this trip and I would demand for Tour manager like them in my further trips.

Archana Mane RJWA - (I-Fly ) 27 November 2016

We would like to inform you that above mentioned two tour managers of Veena World Pvt.Ltd. we found very very cooperative in all respects during the tour. Day wise Hour wise they regularly followed the system which is formed by you. They are also kind hearted. So therefore we all of us about 28 tour persons very very happy about their performance during 23.11.2016 TO 29.11.2016. We all of us hope in future, we will make any type of tour please arrange to give them with us.

Raghunath Magdum RJHL (I-Fly) 23 November 2016

We were a group of six senior citizens,(also highly placed professionally) who had joined your tour 7 nights 8 days to Marwad - Jodhpur - Jaisalmer -Bikaner - Mandawa during 6th of November to 13th of November.

This mail is to compliment Veena World, and especially our tour manage Mr. Sainath Borude. Sainath was a good tour manager, and went out of his way to fulfill our requests. He was ever smiling, and mixed very well with young and old equally. I do wish him all the best in his career. This is the first tme we all ever went on an organised tour. We always made our own arrangements. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. But we must say, we were very happy with this tour, and shall certainly consider going with Veena World again.

Sheela Chitnis RJTS 06 November 2016

I have already travelled with Veena World before, this year in May for Nainital tour... And I loved it... So I decided to take my parents for Rajasthan tour through Veena World... It was their first time through Veena World.. The experience was superb... My parents loved it... Especially the sight seeing, the hotels, the food and everything was too good... Not to forget the three tour managers who made our tour more enjoyable and memorable... Mr. Amol Patil, Mr. Alok Lokhande and Mr. Prathmesh Salvi... They were always ready to help us..n wer very enthusiastic... And very responsible and dedicated too. My parents loved it, the way we all celebrated Diwali in Mount Abu... Especially the Lakshmi Poojan... N bursting of crackers... Made our Diwali special..Me and my parents are looking forward for our next tour through Veena World very soon..

Pravin Dhond RJSP-(I) 29 October 2016

Myself Kedar Govind Katneshwarkar and my wife Shweta Katneshwarkar traveled Rajasthan Highlights (RJHL) tour from 14th Oct to 20th Oct 2016 with Veena world. We are very happy to say that we have enjoyed the tour at our best, and are very much satisfied with the tour. Both the tour guides Mr. Amol Amle and Mr. Sagar Ragade were very much caring and helpful during the entire tour; be it contacting before the start of the tour, providing the details about the plan for next day or any last minute requests from the tour guests.

We are grateful to Veena world which arranged the tour in a great way, and more to Sagar and Amol who actually implemented the plan on paper to make it a reality. If we add up the good pints, they can be summed up as below:-
Very nice tour guides ???????? Sagar Ragade and Amol Amle.
??????? Well planning of the tour.
??????? Well organization.
??????? Well implementation of the plan.
??????? Excellent accommodation at all the locations.
??????? Proper Indian Veg / Non-veg food.
??????? Important interactions at all places.
??????? Taking care of health of every tourist.
??????? Updating the information.
Once again expressing our deep sense of gratitude and needless to say, we have already started recommending Veena world to our friends who are thinking of going to any tour.

Kedar Katneshwarkar RJHL (I-Fly ) 14 October 2016

We had to make just one visit to Rohan Holidays, Nigdi for booking our tour - we appreciate their efficiency and quick service in completing all formalities including handing over the complimentary bags.
Our team Manager Meghraj Raut and his assistant Adnesh Mhatre are energetic, enthusiastic, cheerful, bubbly, entertaining and caring youngsters who managed the tour smoothly and efficiently with clockwork precision. We thank them whole-heartedly for also making our long drives lively and wish them all the very best.

Though ours was an assorted group of 31 guests, with ages ranging from 5 to 80 plus, most were senior citizens. Still they managed to interact and bond well. Their punctuality and infectious enthusiasm caught on and everyone managed to forget about their health problems and enjoyed every sight-seeing.
Veena World deserves kudos for providing hand-picked knowledgeable guides with a good sense of humour - thanks to them we were able to walk down memory lane to our school days and history classes!

As always, the hotels were good, food was good and included local cuisine, the itinerary perfect, timings great, enough shopping time provided and the coach comfortable. The driver and helper were very honest and efficient and contributed to the success of the tour. Only the lo...ng booming horn would rudely wake us up while dozing!

Balasubramonian Srikrishnan RJSP-(I-Fly ) 08 October 2016

We (Jaiprakash Gujar and Nandini Gujar) travelled to Mount Abu, Udaipur, Ajmer/Pushkar and Jaipur with Veena World during September 17 -24, 2016. Experience of travelling with Veena World for the first time was excellent. We had earlier travelled with Kesari Tours also having good memories. The tour experience was excellent due to Veena World????????s representatives Sagar and Advait Naik who were very cooperative and excellent service provided by them. Hotel accommodations were good except at Mount Abu, Hotel Maharaja where ventilation in the room was not propr when AC is not functional.

Jaiprakash Gujar RJSP 17 Sept 2016

Hello VeenaWorld,
I just came back from Rajasthan tour on 30th July with my brother and sister in law, they coming from Dubai and I come from Singapore, it was a very memorable trip and one that we would suggest to other people. Veena world tour did a great job! "

Our tour manager NILESH MHASKE has a wealth of knowledge- great personality- very vibrant, full of educational information, great company, and very competent. NILESH MHASKE and his assistant TEJAS DALVI has great attention to detail to make sure that they could provide anything we might need.

Nilesh also gave us information about other sectors and offers about your tours packages . And it's helped us a lot to plan out next trip with you..because this is our first tour with VEENAWORLD.
We were a large group (28) and the trip could have been stressful at times. However, our tour manager Nilesh provided information, entertainment, activities, etc. to help us get to know each other and the places we were visiting.

Hotels are very nice and clean . Excellent In all cases we were very impressed and surprised. Beds always comfortable. friendly staff.
Everything on time as indicated. The bus was perfect for the group but a bit shaky.
The meals were very good and tasty. Choice of meals excellent. I love it!
I will be recommending your tour and I will also be taking another in the future - Thank you for a wonderful journey! "

Amol Botle RJSP 30 July 2016

Hello Veena tai, I am Aakansha Tamakuwala. I am the daughter of PSP Boskey Tamakuwala from Surat. Our tour was RJSP 22-03-2016 to 29-03-2016. From the moment we started the tour it was just fantastic. Each and every day we were awed with all your services and facilities. We had a really good time over there. Our tour managers Swapnil, Pramod and Amol were very funny, caring and friendly. They took care of everyone's comfort very well. The hotels provided by the company were really pampering and we never really had any problems. We're looking forward to our next tour...
With loads of love and tones of wishes from,
Aakansha Tamakuwala :) :)

Aakansha Tamakuwala RJSP 22 March 2016

Our Tour Manager Mr. Kishor Walunj was very caring and sincere. He managed the entire tour very efficiently and helped us to travel, explore and celebrate.
Our sincere feedback with respect to different items of the tour is as follows:
1 Tour Manager (& his Assistant) Excellent
2 Hotels Good. Especially Desert Resort at Mandawa was Excellent.
3 Food Good. (Scope for improvement)
4 Transport (Coach & Driver) Very Good.
5 Itinerary Good. You may rethink about the Sight-seeing places such as Karni Mata Temple, Gadisar Lake and Camel Research farm.
6 Local Guides Very Good.

We would appreciate if you start I-fly tours from Pune.

Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours.

Arun Ghaisas RJTS-(I) 24 February 2016

I have been for tour to rajasthan with veena world dated 10th march to 17th march.
Had a best experience with veena world. It was one of the memorable trip.the tour managers were very co operative and friendly. They handled every one with great care and concern. Loved the management of stay and on tour treats which were provided to us on sight seeing. It was best tour ever. And I would again wish to go on my next tour with Veena World only

Mrs. Kajal Bhavsar & Mr. Nitin Bhavsar RJSP-(I) 10 March 2016

Both of us enjoyed the Marwar tour that ended on 14th March. The guidance provided by both tour managers shri Sagar and shri Deepesh was excellent. They left no stone unturned to make sure that everyday activity was executed as per plan. In particular we would like to appreciate the attention given by both of them when one by one both of us were feeling unwell for a day or so.

We place on record our appreciation for the work done by everybody on the ground and behind the stage.

Mr. Sham Amdekar RJTS 07 March 2016

My wife and I have just returned from a tour of Rajasthan conducted by your company from 17th to 25th March 2016.

We were extremely impressed and more than satisfied by the arrangements made for the trip. Every small detail was taken care of and there is nothing that either my wife or I can complain about. The travel arrangements were excellent and so were the hotels and food. Your tour manager Mr. Sainath Bharade and his assistant Mr. Tushar Panhale were our guardian angels and went out of their way to look after our comforts.

Ever since returning, we have been telling our friends about our wonderful experience on the tour. I can assure you that whenever we plan our next tour, we shall definitely contact VEENA WORLD.

Wishing VEENA WORLD all the success you deserve.

Pramod Dhume RJSP (I) 18 MARCH 2016

I had the privilege of touring Rajasthan along with my friends with your Veena tours. All of us were happy that Veena team had taken care of us well. The hotels selected for our stay was really good and sight seeing of the important places of visit.Even the road transport was good but there is sc ope for improvement. The tour manager Swapnil and Vihar were really very helpful and were always at our service. A special appreciation needs to be given to them.
I would like to join further tours of your company and will surely recommend to my freinds.
We have also started a whatsup group among the travelers naming it as Veena World Marwad

Venkitachalam Mohan RJTS (I Fly) 20 February 2016

I had the privilege of touring Rajasthan along with my friends with your Veena tours. All of us were happy that Veena team had taken care of us well. The hotels selected for our stay was really good and sight seeing of the important places of visit.Even the road transport was good but there is sc ope for improvement. The tour manager Swapnil and Vihar were really very helpful and were always at our service. A special appreciation needs to be given to them.
I would like to join further tours of your company and will surely recommend to my freinds. We have also started a whatsup group among the travelers naming it as Veena World Marwad

A. LAKSHMAN RJTS-(Ifly) 20 February 2016

Just yesterday we returned from our week long excursion from Rajasthan. Having toured the Mewad side of the beautiful state of kings and queens already, we decided to opt for the other side- suffice to say equally grand and majestic. Jawaharlal Nehru rightly said, "We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.?????? And adding to that, our eyes were wide to spectate the ancient beauty unravel in front of these eyes, in the form of crowns, palaces, road shops, forts and of course, the ghevars and daal baatis. Deciding to explore Marwad this time, we had no idea what the land of Rao Jodha, The Camel Country and the Golden City will have in store for us.

We started our tour from Jaipur. Quite unfortunately, our flight got delayed and we missed the chance of visiting Jantar Mantar and City Palace. After landing, we met our tour guides and headed straight to Albert museum. The local guide we received was quite a learned man and the information received from him will be printed in our minds next time anyone even minutely mentions anything about Rajasthan overall. Our next destination was Mandawa, which was freezing, if I may add. We reached sometime in the evening. But immediately after getting off the bus, we realised that the climate was not made for us poor Mumbaikars, for whom cold either means an ice cream or ice cube induced falooda. After wearing heaps of clothed layers and blowing hot breathes on the dried off sole of our palms, we tried to relax a little in front of the heaters. The hotel provided here was a straight 9/10. The guards who delivered our luggage's boasted off how Salman Khan and Aamir Khan lived here during their 100 core movie shooting and I was sure, once I go back to my city, I????????d sort off do the same boasting as well. After settling our luggage and running off in front of the heater time and again, we gathered at a spot decided by our tour guide for the self-introduction. Who knew, the people who were introducing themselves right now in front of my wide eyes (Well, not to miss the adventures, right?) would turn out to be our dear companions and we will be making memories for the next one week? Well, certainly not me.

The next day, we visited the Mandawa castle which was grand. Exquisite and downright beautiful. The architects and designers who designed this sort of an aashiyaana, their thought process and how they even thought of creating this is above me. Soon, we left for Bikaner- known as the Camel Country. We had our in-route lunch here which consisted of a paneer bhaaji and chapatis. We reached Bikaner and we were disappointed when we reached our hotel- Hotel Sagar. The bathrooms and the hotel, over all, certainly didn't match our expectations especially after we left the Mandawa hotel. I was a little sad since there would be no boasting of this one here. We left for the Camel Research Centre which was a good trip. The camel milk tea and coffee were also served here. At night, we had our dinner here which consisted of paneer and chapatis. The next day, we visited the city of Bikaner which consisted of Karnimata temple, Junagadh Fort and Lalgarh palace. For someone who is as scared of rats it was definitely a task for me to walk through that temple and come back alive in one piece and not chewed off by a single rat. Phew! The lunch and dinner again consisted of some other modified type of our good old???????? paneer (no prizes for guessing)

The next day we left for Jaisalmer- truly, truly the most beautiful place I've seen in Rajasthan till now. Every palace, fort and even houses were bricked by the golden bricks, shining valiantly under the sun. We reached our hotel and fortunately this one was as beautiful as any other fort or palace surrounding it. The journey from Bikaner to Jaisalmer was long and exhausting; but fortunately it was enveloped with our bus games here and there which added to the memory making quotient. The occasional fights as to who gets the point to the bickering that the food item they named for a game really exists, it was all fun. The day ended with boating in the Gadisar Lake followed by a Puppet show, which was a relaxation remedy. The next day was hectic as we visited the Jaisalmer Fort, Jain temple followed by a trip to the sand dunes and a spectacular view of the last sunset of 2015. Yes, it was the last day of the year and we then we headed towards the traditional folk dance. When we see woman who dance with an astounding grace, we are certainly bewitched, sometimes envious, too. But when we see men moving their kamars and dance with such a nazaakat that we beg to see more. We left for our hotel for dinner which was to be followed by a New Years???????? eve party hosted by the hotel. Suffice to say, we ended our year with a bang- and a little jalebi doodh and chowmein here and there.

We started the new year by visiting the War Museum- a perfect start to the year by learning a little about the Indo Pakistan fight. When we walked back to our buses, it is safe to say, everyone's chin was a little higher than usual. I don????????t know if it was by seeing the size of the war tanks or just pride, in general. We left for our final destination- Jodhpur. Jaisalmer truly was bewitching and I beg to come back someday. The journey to Jodhpur was also filled with games and jokes, a tried and tested formula. The next day we visited Meherangarh fort and temple followed by Umaid Bhavan. The local guide we received here was certainly a man of honor and knowledge. I would truly want to appreciate and acknowledge him here as he spoke of history as if he lived it. Our final sightseeing spot was Umaid Bhavan, which incidentally charges 8 lakh per night for a room. Well, buying a place in Kharghar would be more affordable! The day ended by us breaking our hands and legs by carrying shopping bags and walking just a little more, just in case we missed anything to get back for our relatives and extended relatives and a few things here and there for our own selves.

In all, this tour was an amazing experience. I'd cherish it not only for Jaisalmer, the beautiful Umaid Bhavan but also for the cooperation and a spectacular planning done by Veena World. Adding a little to the constructive criticism, we were utterly bored of having paneer every now and then for 6 days straight- lunch and dinner. We expressed our inconvenience to our guides and were met with a change only on the 6th day. Except that, everything fell into place graciously.

A special paragraph for our tour guides, named Soumitra Pradhan and Keyur who took care of us as their own family. They made sure that we got whatever we asked for in time. They were patient with us and showed us respect, even mixed with the younger lot of the group easily. Recounting a rather unfortunate and funny incident, we lost our bags twice this tour and got them back both the times with their support. Even the bus driver was a good and hardworking man. Also, please provide for better buses as the journeys were long and the seats were uncomfortable.

As a post-script we had a wonderful experience and I hope we will join Veena World again for some other wide opened eyes adventure. Till then, chala mandala, aata chalte. Udya wakeup call aahe 6 vajtacha.

Mrs. Pauravi Mehta RJTS (I Fly) 27 December 2015

I'm Ms Ajita Wadadekar ..
It was my first tour with Veena world ..(Rajasthan mewad)
Khuup jasti majja ali .. it was the most memorable journey .Sandesh Dada ,Ganesh Dada and atish Dada.. Tighanchi team khuup Chan hoti..
Food quality was just awesome .( velevar ani chavishtha padartha milat hote).Even the prizes were very good. Aai and me 1 trip a year tari nakkich karaychi iccha ahe.

5+stars to Veena World :)

Thanku to the whole Veena world team .. :)

Ms Ajita Wadadekar RJSP (I Fly) 23 February 2016

Tour manager Sumit Jadhav and his assistants Akshay and Kapil are excellent. We all enjoyed the trip with them. Their management is best???????so kindly request you to please give promotions to them. They are the best.

Meeta and Makrand Bhate RJSP(I Fly) 11 February 2016

'Without your involvement you can't succeed, with your involvement you can't fail.

This proverb very truly implies to Veena and the team members of 'Veena World '. It was the right decision of Mr. Dilip Madane & Mr. Ravindra Phadnis when they decided to vehiculate along with your tour agency to Rajasthan Mewad. It was a memorable voyage & this could only be possible under your able captaincy & commendable training given to your tour manager Mr. Amit Kene. If you want to shine like a sun ,first burn like a sun '& I suppose Amit is being moulded in the same way. His rapport with all the members & grooming Amol & Shardul is an excellent example. Our entire tour was mind blowing because of your excellent planning and execution. The fort of Udaypur , Gurudatta Shikhar of Mt Abu , Somavati Amavasya at Pushkar will ever remain engraved in our hearts throughout. My heartfelt wishes to you & your tour agency . May you grow year after year.

Alpana and Nikhil Phanse RJSP-(I) 03 February 2016

We thoroughly enjoyed the very well organised trip of Marwad with excellent support of our Tour Manager Mr. Sagar Bhosale and Assistant Mr. Keyur Virkar. They were very helpful, active and cheerful. The hotel selection was excellent especially the hotel Desert Resort of Mandawa. The food quality of the hotels were very good. We suggest that the menu should include as many as possible the local traditional food. We thought that instead of Jodhpur we should get extra day at Jaipur for shopping. The trip should be starting from Jodhpur to Jaipur. We also appreciate the guidance of local guides. They gave us full information very humours. Thank you very much for the memorable trip.

Alpana and Nikhil Phanse RJTS (I Fly) 04 February 2016

Myself & My wife, both travelled with you on the Rajasthan tour. I would like to share with you that the total experience was very much satisfactory. My wife Shital is also very much happy with all the organisation done by team Veena World. The tour manager Nilesh, Rohan & Pranav were always very much helpful & kind in all the needs during the travel. Special mention - food served during the journey was delicious & we noted the efforts of your team to ensure the quality of foods with no repetition of items. Thanks to all the team & look forward to more such experiences.

Mukund Ukarande RJSP 02 January 2016

We have been on the the Rajasthan tour and enjoyed a lot. Special thanks to tour Manager Sagar Bhosale and Keyur Virkar who is assistant newly joined young chap. Both are not only enthusiastic but loving and soft hearted. I think they both have major part in making tour memorable. Once again thanks to VEENA WORLD for best service and nice management.

Meenakshi & Deepak Katdare RJTS 04 February 2016

Last week we visited Rajasthan with your Veena World group we had awesome time. Specially with Sagar and Keyur our tour managers. They are really good very helpful and polite Because of them we had great time and enjoyed a lot they both are hard worker. We feel like family food was good hospitality was also good. Because of our good experience of Veena World and our tour manager my Dad and mom is also going to join Rajastan Trip on 10th Feb with Veena World only. I will Give 5stars out of 5 to Keyur And Sagar

Mayureshwar Garje RJTS (I Fly) 19 January 2016

We just returned from Rajasthan Mewad. It was an excellent experience traveling with Veena World to Rajasthan. The tour manager Sagar & Sunny were really good and looked after all of us like a family. The tour was very well planned and executed looking forward to many more such happy moment to bring in over life. We Would love to travel anywhere in the world with Veena World again & again. Thank you Veena World for this wonderful experience.

Prakash Keny RJSP (I) 26 December 2015

We both enjoyed our Rajasthan tour. It was nicely arranged by smooth ending with sweet memories of Mount Abu, Chittodgudh, Puskar, Aajmer, Udaypur & Jaipur. Tasty & variety breakfast, lunch &dinner in between tea/coffee & snacks. Rich hotel rooms, timely pick-ups, maintaining day's schedule, comfortable travel by bus/jeeps/autos, providing Guides at every site, personal care of everyone etc. All credit goes to Veena worlds & needless to mention Mr. Aditya & Pramod who carried Veena World's tasks & ended perfectly. HOPING TO JOIN AGAIN.

Mr.& Mrs. D.P. & A.D.Shideed RJSP (I) 14 January 2016

We have enjoyed every second of the 15 days tour of Rajasthan and hence we are writing this feedback to appreciate your WORLD CLASS SERVICES render by your firm and your tour Managers ATUL & CHINMAY . (yes I am not writing their surnames as that will take us distance apart from the FAMILY GROUP we have formed during those 15 days including these two managers 28+2=30). We know we should speak of our self only, but we are confident that balance 26 persons also will not have the objection too. Atul & Chinmay were so Good to all of us that everyone feel that we were in A/C conditions all the time, making hot weather cool too. We have a complaint against your admin office that the news of their promotion was send too late (disclosed during journey back to air-port) otherwise we could have celebrated their JOY on eve of our trip along with the Golden Jubilee Anniversary event of one of our family group Mr. & Mrs. Paranjape. We wish both ATUL & CHINMAY a GRAND success in years to come.

Suchitra and Vikram Ghotge RJGR (I Fly)22 January 2016

Let me first congratulate you for the great joy spreading activity you are in; i will not say it as a business, your profession is more of a movement than any commercial give and take business! Our experience on tour led by Sagar Chavan, Tejas Kapote and Vimesh was very pleasant! All the leads are dedicated, committed and helpful! The tour planning is very thoughtful and meticulous. There were niche moments like Hi Tea in City Palace! Initially we had few hiccups at Mt Abu with hotel, but that's fine. Also the leads worked immediately on the concerns and feedback; for instance the coach provided earlier was not to mark, after communicating; it was changed overnight! This was our first trip with VW, and we really enjoyed and had a great vacation!

Overall I will rate 8 on 10 , Planning - 9/10 ,Bookings - 8/10 ,Communication - 9/10, Hotels / Stay - 7/10, Local Transport - 8/10, Site Seeing Selection - 9/10,Duration provided for site seeing - 7/10

Shashank Patil RJSP (I Fly) 15 November 2015

I with my family had an trip to Rajasthan Mewad with Veena World it was amazing experience of this trip with your company. We liked your management, your tour managers there's service like wakeup call or bed tea it was perfect at what timings your tour managers told for wall up call or anything it was on time. Your employees were perfect they asked How is the dinner? If tomorrow we want things needed on the day of fast and if tell them they were surely make it available for us. Also the menu for breakfast lunch and for dinner was excellent as well as the surprise party of 31st was superb my son also won two prizes in it. In this tour in Jaipur last hotel is Vesta, it is star rated hotel but there rooms are only comfortable for couple not for 3 person. Our tour managers were Kapil Dingore and Chinmay Manerikar both were so perfect only Kapil was busy in doing arrangements of auto's or tanga's etc. but Chinmay was so friendly with us but they were guiding to all trip members in 7-8 days they both became like our family members Kalip is now tour manager but Chinmay is also perfect for becoming tour manager both of them can handle foreign tours perfectly as they are perfect for the time. By the way overall tour was amazing we had an good experience with Veena World next time also we'll prefer Veena World for any tour.
Thanking you.

Shashikant Bramhankar RJSP (I Fly) 28 December 2015

It was my first experience with Veena world.I went to Rajastan Mewad tour with Veena World on 26nd Dec 2015. I had a wonderful experience. First and important thing I like to mention is our tour manager Mr. Alison Dsouza was very patient and polite. Hats off to Alison Dsouza , Amol Amle and Shardul Pendharkar for managing entire group of 50+ with so much patience. These people are very caring, polite and nice. Hotels and food served was very good. The guides at the respective site seeing's were also nice, funny and knowledgeable.It was fun to celebrate my dad's birthday party with so many new friends.We had an excellent new year party as well. I made very good friends and hope to continue that friendship for a lifetime Thank you Alison, Amol and Shardul and most importantly Veena World for making my trip wonderful.

Rohan Vaidya RJSP (I) 26 December 2015

We just returned from Rajasthan Mewad. It was an excellent experience traveling with Veena World to Rajasthan. The tour manager Sagar & Sunny were really good and looked after all of us like a family.
The tour was very well planned and executed looking forward to many more such happy moment to bring in over life. We Would love to travel anywhere in the world with Veena World again & again. Thank you Veena World for this wonderful experience.

Prakash Keny RJSP (I) 26 December 2015

Last week we visited Rajasthan with your Veena World group we had awesome time. Specially with Sagar and Keyur our tour managers. They are really good very helpful and polite Because of them we had great time and enjoyed a lot they both are hard worker. We feel like family food was good hospitality was also good. Because of our good experience of Veena World and our tour manager my Dad and mom is also going to join Rajastan Trip on 10th Feb with Veena World only. I will Give 5stars out of 5 to Keyur And Sagar

Mayureshwar Garje RJTS (I Fly) 19 January 2016

It was our pleasure to have travelled with you for the second time in a row. Veena World ensured that our trip to Marwad was an extremely memorable experience, we enjoyed it thoroughly! The tour managers Sagar Bhosle and Keyur Virkar were extremely humble and courteous, they made sure that all our needs were looked after. They did not miss out on a single detail when it came to taking care of us! Looking forward to have many more such awesome tours with you guys!

Veena and Dr. Salil Patil RJTS (I Fly) 19 January 2016

The Rajasthan Marwad tour concluded by me and my Family was beautifully carried out with detailed knowledge of historic forts and cities of Rajasthan. The Veena World tour guides Akshay and Jagdish were co-operative and handled the tour pretty well. They also took time to explore one or two areas to visit other than the itinerary which were worth visiting. Moreover the games we played during the tour bus kept us energetic during the tour. Hotels provided were full of leisure and provided a perfect village ambience in Rajasthan. Food was good in some hotels while some needed improvement. But overall it was a complete entertaining tour. Thanking you.

Minesh Desai RJTS (I Fly) 07 January 2016

I recently had trip to Rajasthan (Mewad) with my friends. This was my first trip with Veena World and I can say it was amazing. Excellent arrangements in all aspects hotels, site seeing, food everything. It was amazing to see, youre planning about small things like taking care of foot wares in temple, Water bottles, Birthday celebrations during trip, wakeup call at 6 etc. Special Thanks to Both Tour Managers, Mr. Sainath and Mr.Pankaj I would like to appreciate efforts taken by both of them during our journey. They were very supportive, friendly, co-operative, always smiling, Cheerful and they took very good care of all the members. Always they used to be the last members to take lunch and dinner. They ensured that everyone during trip will feel as VIP guest of Veena World J Both of them have great skill to manage big group. Hats off to both of them...! Thank you so much for such a wonderful holiday and enriching experience. I will definitely recommend Veena World to all my relatives, friends & colleagues. Looking forward our next trip with you and you only. All the best Veena World!!! Veena World rocks!!!

Sampada Athavale RJSP (I Fly) 18 December 2015

I and my mother were a part of Veena World's Rajasthan- Mewad tour. This was our first time experience with you guys. I can't describe my experience in one word - Superb, Fantastic, Amazing are all words for it. Hats off to tour manager Mr. Jagdish Pashte and assistant manager Mr. Akshay Meher for their incredible planning and execution of the entire tour. We are very pleased that we took correct decision of opting for tour with Veena World. From the first day- of handling the food packets at airport, reaching the destination Mt. Abu comfortably through ghat journey in our a/c coach, to daily punctuality, bringing enthusiasm amongst all of us during long journeys, classic hotel stays, reaching everywhere before time to be first for sightseeing and deity darshan, seeing to it that we taste every amazing delicacy of Rajasthan and the lovely new year celebrations; it was an outstanding experience. We are so pleased with your service that we definitely look forward to the next tour with you and hope to receive the same class apart quality of facilities. We definitely recommend Veena World to all our connects. Hoping and waiting for next fantabulous trip with Veena World.

Shaila and Smruti Borkar RJSP (I Fly) 29 December 2015

Initially, when we planned our Rajasthan tour, we were bit apprehensive as to how the experience would be and will we get the flexibility. Today, I can proudly say, that our decision to plan our trip with Veena World was the right one. I have read through your vision document and the principles through which you operate. The way the Tour Managers are trained on Planning, Professionalism and Communication is just amazing. Both our Tour Managers - Dheeraj Chaudhary and Tejas Dalvi are SUPERB in terms of professionalism and also building personal rapport. Never was there any bias towards a particular set of people. However, critical we can become, still, there was not a single incidence where Dheeraj or Tejas has faltered. They were just par EXCELLENCE. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with VEENA WORLD and had a memorable tour. In future, we will definitely be part of VEENA WORLD family for any tours that we will plan and also recommend our friends and family to plan their tours through your organization. Wish you all the very best for growth of your organization and continued superlative performance.

Vijay Kakade RJGR (I Fly) 23 December 2015

Our entire family had booked your Rajasthan Tour (24th December 2015 to 31st December 2015) which included Mount Abu, Udaipur, Pushkar, Ajmer and Jaipur. We had a fabulous experience of the professionalism and courteous nature of Veena World team which accompanied us. Nilesh Mhaske (Tour Manager) and Rohan Deshpande (Tour Leader). They both ensured that our group of 56 people were put in comfort and ease. They had a thick bonding with each and every individual across all age groups. They went out of way to assist and help every individual. They were also excellent in providing information of do's and don'ts at places such as Nathdwara, Pushkar and Ajmer. We will like to place on records that Nilesh perfectly mentored other tour leaders who had met us en route. Our special thanks and gratitude for both of them.The only weak point of the entire tour was unavailability of hot water in some of the hotels and the condition of the bus in which we travelled from Mount Abu to Jaipur. We wish and pray that Veena World grows multi-fold in the days to come and shows us various places.

Hrishikesh Vadhavekar RJSP (I Fly) 24 December 2015

I thank on behalf of my family for making our trip so special and joyful. Our tour manager Chetan Dhavale and Chinmay were so good at their job. We were wishing this tour should never end. I really appreciates efforts of tour manager. He made our trip much interesting and joyful. I want to mention here my disappointment about hotel at Pushkar and Mount Abu, room service and food both were not up to the my expectation. Except the above, my family had enjoyed trip very much. Thank you once again.

Tejashree Rane RJSP (I Fly) 27 December 2015

Awesome! This is the only word comes to my mind when I remember our Rajasthan Mewad trip with Veena World. Me and my two friends visits Rajasthan. This was our first tour with Veena World, we were planning for personalised tour but unfortunately it didn't work out but coincidentally we got this trip between same period which we were looking for. Trip started with warm welcome of our tour Manager Mr. Sainath Barade and continued with fun journey. It was really a very good experience. We enjoyed a lot and feel privileged to have a tour manager like Sainath. We must admit that at the end of 7 days, we didn't had any complaint. We enjoyed the diversity of our tour and the opportunity to visit different cities and cultural sights. What a great experience off course with good food and good hotels. Sainath and Pankaj both are very good and co-operative, first day started as strangers but tour ended as one family and new whats app group names with " Chala Veena World" with many friends which will connected forever. This was our first tour with Veena world but henceforth Veena world would be our first choice.Thanks for such amazing trip.
Chala Veena World :)

Smita Chaudhari RJSP (I Fly) 18 December 2015

Our tour was luxurious. We enjoyed a lot of sightseeing . It was awesome!!!! Our tour manager Sachitdanand and Chinmay were much caring and entertained us much a lot. It was our first trip to join Veena World. Hence forth we will surely join Veena World for next trip. Thanks for our sweet memories .

Manali Musale RJSP (I Fly) 14 November 2015

At an outset I would like to thank the entire team of Women's Special Rajasthan for the pains taken to make our trip a grand success. The experience was unique as we didn't have to bother for anything, no thinking, no decision making, no planning and no execution. Everything was taken care of by the Veena World team, for our group it was Alison and Ulka and I am sure similar care was taken for the other groups too. The experience was unique in the sense, we were independent but still were taken care of! That's amazing!

Though the schedule was very tight and we were kept busy since early morning till night, we could manage the stress without feeling the pinch. I admire the way Alison and Ulka organized and managed the site seeing controlling and helping all of us with their loving instructions. Would like to mention particularly about Ajmer Dargah how Alison managed to take us through without being pushed anywhere and we could see it properly. We enjoyed the tour, it was pleasure meeting Veena tai. We also enjoyed the company of entire group which made the trip lively by way of their participation.
I have also shared a few suggestions for your consideration , hope you will note them .My heart felt appreciation and thanks to the Veena World team. Looking forward to meet you again

Jaya Phadnis RJWA (I Fly) 22 November 2015

We were the member of the Rajasthan tour. Tour Manager : Mr.Meghraj Raut & Amol Patil. We enjoyed the trip & trip was well organized. Both Meghraj & Amol were very co-operative, friendly & helpful.. Due to them we felt that we are traveling with our family only. Three cheers for them & your team.

Avanti and A.S.Rane RJGR 14 November 2015

It was awesome... awesome... awesome... I really don't have words to express my experience. When I started with my Women's Special Rajasthan, I was kinda suspicious about it but now I can authoritatively say that if one wants to enjoy her womanhood and feel special then pls pls pls attend atleast one Women's Special arranged by Veena World. Further to add up "if you are lucky like me and my family then you will get Aditya as your tour manager and Suvi.. Let's talk about these two special people whom I named. Aditya was extraordinarily great. He is one of the most humble and stable person I met. When I first saw him I thought he must be very strict and all (you know kind of bad habits we generate within to judge person by first look) but in a day or two we felt as if he is part of our family. He was so caring, so helpful in everything that we can do any nautanki in front of him and he used to take it as lightly as any of the family member would have taken. Suvi - awesome girl and equally competent. She knows how to handle things and situation. She gave such a soothing feeling in the whole trip that we did not feel that we r out with strangers.

Now coming to the arrangements. I am the person who can adjust in any situation (hahahah, too much I said) but I must say they have not compromised in any way while serving us as queens. We indeed felt awesomely special. What more can I write????? I think smiling faces says it all... god bless you all. I LLLLLOOOOVVVVEEEEDDDDD IIIITTTTTT

Jyotsana Kondhalkar RJWA 22 November 2015

For the first time, our group of 13 family members decided to go on a long tour to Rajasthan-Marwad and we selected Veena World because of additional site - Mandawa. Though we read appreciative comments by the earlier travelers we were skeptical thinking it as an advertisement gimmick. However, after this tour , we have also joined in the group of appreciative admirers. Our group varied from 18 year to 64 year but everybody enjoyed every moment right from Mumbai Airport at early morning. Special kudos to Swapnil Deshmukh and Ajit Soman our young tour managers who taught us many things especially the value of patience. We started the tour with 13 family members but now we have 26+ with us and have already formed a whats app group. Thanks to Veena World. Our youngsters have already decided next 4 years trips with Veena World. (Kerala, Nainital, Sikkim and North East/MP). Though future is unknown, it is your great achievement that someone has made long term planning. We wish you well and pray for long association with you.

Shailesh Nadkarni RJTS-(I) 13 November 15

This being my first family trip and my first Veena World experience. I am thankful to you and your team for making it the best trip. Right from booking my trip in your thane office where Mrs. Shwetha G patiently understood our needs our fears about the trip and she gave us the correct support and help. Our Tour manager Mr. Jagdish Pashte was indeed a great host, great guide,, great manager throughout our 7 day trip.. there were few uncertain events which Mr. Jagdish and Mr. Chinmay Vartak managed very smoothly... I am sure they are young in age but i feel they along with Mr. Advait handled everything very maturely.

There were members in our group who were physically weak,, one on wheel chair,, few who were old.. but Mr. Jagdish and his team ensured everyone have a great time.. they gave all the support they could to make theirs and our trip a comfortable one...my 2 year old Arjun called them 'dada' throughout the trip... they indeed ensured this bonding with constant care and attention.. They did everything as promised.. They ensured their presence and availability constantly for us. My family will never forget this trip... Jagdish his team,, and Veena World of course has ensured a great experience for us. Thank you too. you indeed are a dynamic person and that reflects in your team... that reflects in your work culture.. a big thank you.. awaiting and planning more trips ahead..(provided within budget :)) Kudos to you,Jagdish, Chinmay, Advait and your entire team..

Manisha P Navale RJSP 08 November 2015

My husband Shrikrishna Nene & I recently returned from your Rajasthan tour by Air. This was our first tour with Veena World and that's why I want to give my feedback about this tour. The last 2 years had been very stressful for us. Our son Siddharth, a frequent traveller kept insisting that we go on a tour with Veena World as a stress buster. Till now we had done many self-organised trips with relatives. This August we went to the Veena World office at JM road & met Ms Anuja. We were very impressed with her professional yet warm approach in the entire booking process.

This being our first ever flight, we were nervous. However the Veena World email 10 days prior to departure & their representative Mandar Joshi meeting us at the Mumbai domestic airport with tickets & Rohan Deshpande meeting us at Ahmedabad airport removed all our worries. Till now we had only heard good about Veena World, but now we actually began experiencing it. All the three travelling with us, the tour manager Atul Gangurde, team leader Rohan Deshpande & Sandesh Patel took care of us like our children.
In the crowded Ajmer dargah & Srinath temple, we got very good darshan without any trouble at all. The food was very good & timely. We never felt as if we are celebrating Diwali outside our home. On the eve of Narakchaturdashi we got Moti soap, ubtan & oil. We even celebrated Lakshmi Pujan, burst crackers & played games. We were all of 55 people, but thanks to Veena World, it felt like one big family. The guides were giving us detailed information at all the places we visited. The hotels we stayed in were also very good. My son even received a message from Veena World that we are enjoying our vacation. We returned back with lots of pleasant memories of an excellent trip. Even at the time of leaving the airport the Veena World people asked us to contact them on reaching home.
We have decided to do all our trips ahead with Veena World. Thanks.

Radhika Nene RJSP(I Fly) 09 November 2015

I attended Rajasthan Marwad trip 11Nov-18Nov 2015. It was great experience enjoyed a lot all arrangement was fantastic. Starting from flight to food ,hotels, guide and folk dance everything was great.
Mr. Kaustubh Junnarkar and Mr. Tushar . Our guides having great personality and we got emotionally attached with him. They are very much attentive and taking care of every one. We enjoyed a lot would like to explore more with you.

Pushpa Pawar RJTS (I) 11 November 2015

I with my family went on Rajasthan Mewad tour with you. It was our first tour with Veena World and experience was just awesome. The facilities, amenities, hotels everything were wonderful. Veena world has given me a lot of sweet memories to cherish forever. I need to specially thank the tour managers, Mr. Jigar Vora & Mr. Sunny Chauhan for their proper planning and execution skills which made our journey a pleasant experience. Thanks and looking forward for another unforgettable experience with Veena World to new destination.

Sandeep Sohani RJSP(I) 10 November 2015

Happy Diwali to Veena World Family. I wish to mention Mr. Nilesh and Mr. Pramod made my Rajasthan tour a grand success. The tour was well managed hotel stay at all places were good. Mandawa Desert resort is real paisa vasool. But I suggest you add one more mineral water bottle as 1 bottle per person per day is insufficient. Thanks for the wonderful trip and regards.

Yamuna Sethuraman RJTS (I) 26 October 2015

I along with my friends Dhanyata, Neha and Shraddha recently travelled to Rajasthan Mewad with Veena World. The trip was very well organized.Nilesh and Pramod were amazing tour managers. They have a very friendly and a caring approach. They actually made the trip very lively, fun and happening. Which we were definitely looking forward to. The selection of tour guides at various places was excellent. Everything was good about this trip except for a few things like the food at Mt.Abu and Pushkar and the talk at universal hall. Also, it would have been much better if we had more time at Jaipur instead of Mt.Abu.Desserts, however at all places were delectable. The overall, the tour was awesome and the tour manager's had a big hand in making it awesome. Hoping to travel with Veena World again soon. Cheers to Veena World, Nilesh and Pramod.

Dr. Synclare D'Souza RJSP (I) 18 October 2015

I write this with a sense of deep satisfaction on the excellent arrangements those were made by Veena World during our tour to Rajasthan Mewad. The entire tour was organised with unmatched coordination and efficiency. I was one of the 49 participants ( above 80% of whom were senior citizens) who enjoyed this tour immensely. Significantly, the enthusiastic role played by Mr Sandeep Patil, your Group Manager and his two Assistants Mr.Dipesh and Mr.Aniket was unforgettable. Their personal initiatives in anticipating the needs of the participants, and Mr Sandeep Patil's skill in handling diverse challenging situations, their willingness to reach out readily whenever any problem arose(particularly of the senior citizens, some of who have their individual problems) are some of their exemplary qualities. Unmistakably, Mr. Sandeep Patil, he stands apart as one who is a model group manager as we were personal witness to his expertise from the inception of the tour till the end to the very last detail. All of us were much impressed with his helpful personality. Such an employee is truly worthy asset and deserving of management's appreciation for his work and attitude.We, on our part, have no hesitation in recommending your company's tour to our relatives and friends.

N.W.Parulekar RJSP (I) 26 October 2015

Myself along with my wife Mrs. Archana Joshi first time associated with Veena World for the Tour of Rajasthan recently from 25th Oct to 29th Oct.2015.
Excellent and Memorable Tour. My 20th Anniversary was celebrated by both Tour Leaders, Sainath and Chinmay with forgetting which makes us more proud and memorable.Really both were very good and Co-operative. Sightseeing, Food, Hotel stay was excellent. I promise, I will be travelling with Veena World on Regular basis.
Thanking You.

Kedar Joshi STJU 25 October 2015

We want to share our experience with Veena World, our tour code was It was a wonderful vacation which we celebrated with you guys, when I had booked this trip I was not sure whether we will enjoy our vacation with you guys, but Veena World people made my vacation so peaceful, beautiful and joyful. You guys were taking care of each one of us specially senior citizens ( in our tour 55% people were senior citizens). From our first day to last day we just enjoyed, enjoyed and enjoyed our tour, location for travelling was excellent, hotels were good, food was awesome. Veena Tour Managers Mr.Nilesh and Mr.Promod are the best, we all just loved them. Both were very co-operative, always smiling, cracking jokes and they kept all environment lively. God bless them.

Rajesh Karkera RHSP 18 October 2015

We with our family went on Rajasthan Mewad tour with you. It was our first tour with Veena World and experience was just awesome. The facilities, amenities, hotels everything were wonderful.
Our tour managers - Mr. Alok, Mr. Meghraj and Mr. Soumitra were very co-operative and supportive and the tour was very well coordinated. The co-ordination among the tour managers themselves and along with us was simply great. Time management, rest time, lunch, dinner, snacks everything was very delicious. It was our first tour with Veena World and the experience was so nice that we have now decided to do every tour with Veena World.

Damini & Pandurang Sawant RJSP 02 October 2015

We just return from our Rajasthan Mewad tour with 40 other members. It was a wonderful experience with Veena World . Our tour manager , Mr. Swapnil Deshmukh , Mr, Manoj Dhangar and Mr. Pramod Gharat are Excellent tour guides and very co-operative and helpful. Mr. Swapnil Deshmukh managed all things very well. All the hotels where v had our stay were excellent with delicious and breakfast , lunch, dinner. We Wish to again trip with Veena World. Thanks to Veena World and All the Best to your whole Veena World Team. I personally regularly read your articles in Sakal paper, pune, your 3rd Oct Sunday 2015 article was too good.

Shilpa Ketkar RJSP (I) 24 September 2015

Your tour RJTS is nice, well managed. Very nice hotel. Good food at hotels & comfortable stay at hotels. Your tour managers have given very nice service. folkdance & cultural program is also nice. Only dinner at Oasis camp is not good & dining hall is not clean, food quality is not good. suggested packed food. also please consider the date & time of Pune Jaipur train. We have enjoyed the tour.

Suhas Patil & family RJTS 04 September 2015

We are very much pleased to inform you that our tailormade holiday to Rajasthan was excellent . We had no trouble anywhere in our programme. The driver Mr. Lalsingh and his car was very nice. He has taken us to all places as per schedule. Our flight schedule was also perfect . We had no trouble anywhere during flight. Thanking you and wishing you all the success in your career. Thanking you once again.

Vasudev Vartak Rajasthan, Signature Holidays

I was a member of Veena World's Rajasthan tour dated. 23 August to 30 August, 2015. It was a truly unforgettable experience. Veena World's management and arrangement was excellent. Right from hotels, transportation, food and accommodation, everything was top-notch. Our tour managers Nilesh and Ganesh were excellent. We had a really enjoyable tour. We would definitely consider Veena World the next time we plan up a holiday.

Ila Pawar, Pune RJSP (I) 23 August 2015

We think Kishor and Dheeraj are ideal and best tour managers. Tour management was excellent and very systematic. Our tour manager .Dheeraj Chaudhary and Kishor Walunj are understanding, sincere and very dedicated. They had excellent mutual understanding and coordination. Both of them are extremely patient .They developed friendly and happy atmosphere within the group. Kishor and Dheeraj used to interact with each and every group member. Their sense of humour was too good. They made us play funny games where we could enjoy the most during long journeys in the bus otherwise that time would have become too boring. They used to keep us constantly enthusiastic. Because of them, we stayed together like a family and this tour became an unforgettable journey with wonderful experience. Time management was excellent. All the places mentioned in the itinerary were covered properly. Sufficient time was given for sightseeing and photography. Because of punctuality maintained by both the tour managers, we could cover all places to visit. We enjoyed 31st celebration party to the core, danced like never before. There were 4 celebrations in the group, 3 birthdays and 1 marriage anniversary. The Hotel accommodation was Excellent , Meals and Snacks : Excellent ( Also Regional specialities like Kachori, Daal baati churma, Matka kulfi, Bhutta ,Malpowa ) Transport facilities : Excellent ( Ac bus, Jeep ,Rickshaw, Basanti's taanga, Boat ride). Overall tour experience was superb and we are proud to be a part of Veena world family. We are looking forward to be part of more such amazing ,fun-filled upcoming group tours of Veena World.

Veena World rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apoorva Rasal RJSP (I) 28 December 2014

Last week , I did a Veena World tour of Rajasthan Mewad, along with my mother and I am writing to you, to share my experience of the same. ( Just back yesterday...but can't wait ,to write to you.)
The entire tour was so awesome and we had such an amazing time. The tour managers Sainath Barade and Monish Mali were excellent in the management. The arrangements had personal touch and warmth and were extremely well managed. The stay and the travel was comfortable. Some high scoring points of the tour were the fun activities and must mention the care taken in managing people, during the tour, especially during the visit to Ajmer Dargah. We met some many wonderful people in this tour .....felt like a family during the tour and we are now friends , connected via What's app. This was my first tour with Veena World and it was simply much beyond my expectations. Please don't consider this, as a feedback mail. This is in-fact a Thank you mail, where-in I want to convey my heart-felt thanks to you for a Wonderful fun-filled Week and for those happy smiling memories , that we are going to cherish for a long time. Thank you.

Madhura Hadkar RJSP (I) 09 March 2015

We have just completed our Rajasthan tour. It was very well conducted as per our expectation. Santosh and Sagar helped senior citizens in tour wherever n whenever necessary .Itinerary was strictly followed so that we could enjoy the tour. Entertainment programmes during tour n after dinner were nice. Idea of presenting books to the winners of competition is good n selection of books is equally good. We have travelled abroad through before???????next time we would like to travel rest of the world through you because "Miles to go before we sleep". Santosh n Sagar deserve full marks. I chose Veena World because in comparison with all other standard companies. Your itinerary was the same but with bit low cost. I read articles of Mrs Veena Patil in newspapers- those are very well studied from cultural, historical, geometrical, natural and entertainment point of view. Thanks.

Mr. & Mrs. Mujumdar RJGR 10 March 2015

Thanks to all team of Veena World for presenting us precious moments through tour Rajasthan. We would like to give special thanks to our tour leaders Mr.Nilesh Mhaske, Mr.Kaustubh & Mr.Kishor, as because of their proper Communication, Coordination & Cooperation our tour started with much happiness & ended with great success & satisfaction. Though team leaders they become our team members. Our best wishes r always with Veena World team.

Mr. Krishna Patil RJSP (I) 14 March 2015

Tour manager Alison D'souza and Kapil have done an excellent job. Bus was also good ,hotels and food was excellent.Totally everything was excellent. I specially congratulate Veena madam for the excellent arrangements.

Shivakumar N M RJGR 02 March 2015

Thanks for the wonderful co-ordination and arrangement made by Veena World in Rajasthan Tour. Special thanks to Nilesh and Kaustub for their nice support and too good management.

Sagar Anavkar RJSP 14 March 2015

We three senior citizen friends recently completed Rajasthan tour with Veena World. We thoroughly enjoyed this tour. Everything was arranged in excellent manner. Special thanks to tour managers Sandeep Patil & Soumitra Pradhan. Although it was a part of their duty to look after all the arrangements, they took care of us all with love & affection as if we were family. Things like excellent accommodation, delicious food, comfortable journey, personal attention makes Veena World the best option for senior ladies like us. I am looking forward to my next trip with Veena World. My best wishes to all of you.

Mangala Asanare RJTS (I) 01 March 2015

This was our first trip thru' Veena world which turned out to be a wonderful experience' indeed!! We enjoyed every second from day one where Kaustub picked us up at abu road. The energetic n smart Nilesh, kishor n Kaustub made our trip very memorable!!! We have already started planning our next trip!! Thanx a lot Nilesh, kishor n Kaustub. We would also love to appreciate Ms. Veena Patil for her wonderful gesture by remembering all lady members on d women's day and thank you madam for d wonderful greeting card and the gift!!
Looking forward to seeing the world through 'Veena World'!! Thanks again n wish d entire group of veena world gud luck!!

Visha & Venkatesh RJSP 07 March 2015

Just two days back we completed our tour of Rajasthan (Mewad) with Veena World. This was our first experience with Veena World & let me tell you that it was a memorable one. While choosing VW for this sector, we had done a lot of analysis and now... we can proudly say that our decision was right. The hotels, the buses were very good. All the basic necessities were excellent. Your team of Nilesh Mhaske, Kishor W & Kaustubh J was just fantastic. They were really "AAPALA MANUS". They were interacting well & taking good care of all, especially senior citizens. The instructions were clear. The only suggestion which I would like to make is : I was a Joining-Leaving Guest. On our return journey, we were returning through flight. It was easily possible for VW to drop us in the same bus as that of I-fliers. But I was told that due to some complaint in the past, the company had decided not to drop JL Guests. This sounded bizarre. Nothing against the tour leaders as this is your company policy. But please think over it, genuinely. A half packed bus going to airport... and other 5-7 members have to book their own vehicle. And I could have understood, if it was a drop to a distant location like Ahmedabad or so...! But let me re-iterate... it was a fantastic trip... and VW will be on our minds while choosing any new sector/foreign sector in future. Thanks to Veena Madam for sending a personalized message to all lady members on 8th March & it was beautifully worded. This compliment comes from my mother and wife. All the best to Nilesh, Kishor & Kaustubh for their bright future & to Veena World.... as I am sure you will reach greater heights... Thank You.

Hrishikesh Ambaye RJSP 07 March 2015

This was our first tour with Veena World. We were very excited at the beginning and we were very satisfied at the end of the tour. We enjoyed a lot. The food, hotels and travel arrangements were excellent. Travelling is fun, and when you are travelling with Veena World it is much more fun, entirely a different experience.
Special thanks to our tour manager and his associates (Sainath, Kaustubh and Monish). They were very co-operative, caring and always with a smiling face. My telephonic interview was scheduled during the tour unexpectedly and I was worried. Kaustubh and Sainath helped me a lot and because of them I managed to give my interview properly.
Two of our family members (Manik and Kaustubh) had their birthdays during the tour. Manik's Birthday was celebrated at Gurushikhar and Kaustubh's at Arambagh resort by the entire Veena World group.We enjoyed yummy cakes and chocolates.Such a nice memory!!! I am sure Manik and Kaustubh will remember these birthday celebrations for a long time. At the end of the tour, we felt that these guys (Kaustubh, Sainath and Monish) are part of our family.We will plan our next tours with Veena World only and recommend travelling with Veena World to all our friends and relatives. Thanks again for such a memorable and full of fun tour. Thank you Veena madam!!!

Ashwini Purohit RJSP (I) 28 February 2015

Recently me and my wife had tour of Rajasthan Mewad,Marwad with Veena World. First of all I must confess that, our decision of going with Veena World was very wise. Veena World made our tour very special and memorable. The hotels were fantastic, except Mount Abu's.The food was awesome. The quality of food was also very good. I liked that u guys made the very good arrangements of guides at all the places. The snacks provided by Veena World was delicious. The whole arrangement was wonderful. We never met with a single problem in that 3000 kms journey. Your tour managers Mr. Santosh Dhamke, Mr. Sagar and Mr. Anirudh Moghe three of them were very co-operative and generous. They made our tour more fantastic. Overall we are very happy with veena world, and in future also we would like to associate with you.

Pallavi & Sudhir Patil RJGR 24 February 2015

Recently me and my wife had tour of Rajasthan Mewad,Marwad with Veena World. First of all I must confess that, our decision of going with Veena World was very wise. Veena World made our tour very special and memorable. The hotels were fantastic, except Mount Abu's.The food was awesome. The quality of food was also very good. I liked that u guys made the very good arrangements of guides at all the places. The snacks provided by Veena World was delicious. The whole arrangement was wonderful. We never met with a single problem in that 3000 kms journey. Your tour managers Mr. Santosh Dhamke, Mr. Sagar and Mr. Anirudh Moghe three of them were very co-operative and generous. They made our tour more fantastic. Overall we are very happy with veena world, and in future also we would like to associate with you.

Pallavi & Sudhir Patil RJGR 24 February 2015

Our experience with Veena World was very good. Both tour managers were very good.I would specially like to praise Soumitra Pradhan who at such a young age showed qualities of a very responsible, matured & really concerned family member . I pray to God to keep Sumitra to achieve great success & satisfaction in life . Thanks to Veena World again for their excellent organization & execution of the tour. Being a Doctor one very small suggestion is, at present you are providing only 1 bottle of water /person which is very inadequate. I feel minimum 2 bottles are mandatory for a person physiologically.

Dr. Deepak Gayal RJTS (I) 01 March 2015

I was a part of Veena World Rajasthan Mewad tour. It was an amazing experience with an excellent group. The tour guides, specially Sainath Barade entertained us so much that the long bus travels seemed equally entertaining as the visiting places. The tourmates never allowed me to feel that I was travelling alone. It was like one big family. Thanks to Veena World for a beautiful week's experience. Suggestions: Please include chowkidani and Kanak Vrindavan temple in Jaipur and exclude Nathdwar and Ekling temple from the places of visit. Thanks.

Narasimha Shenoy RJSP-(I Fly) 28 February 2015

Recently my wife, my daughter and I took a tour to Rajasthan - Marwad .This was our first trip with Veena World. The tour was excellent. We are 100% satisfied.
The services rendered by the tour Managers Mr. Sandeep Patil and Mr. Soumitra Prathan are beyond words. They have taken care of even very minute things also properly. They treated all the guests in the same manner and shown no partiality. They gave sufficient time for sightseeing, photography, food, rest etc. They made the tour lively by entertainment programs and games. The stay and food was awesome. Hotels were very good. Veena World has taken care of everything including drinking water, tea, food, stay. entry fee etc. A person who don't have even a single rupee in his pocket can also enjoy the tour. Hope Veena World will continue the same tempo and maintain the same quality of service. I have no hesitation in recommending Veena World to my friends and relatives. I have already shared my happiness and experience to my colleagues. Wish you all the best.

M.J. Mathews RJTS (I) 01 March 2015

I and my daughter Nidhishri were on board for the 15 Days Rajasthan tour. It was our first experience on any package tour and we were very much satisfied and happy with the service that we had received. All the 3 guides namely Alison, Sagar and Pravin were very cordial with the group. Alison was a good team leader throughout. Right from the food provided to the sightseeing everything was very organised and guest friendly. The coaches provided to us were very comfortable and had enough leg space. The local guides hired were very informative and patient. In future we will be glad to be associated with Veena World for our forthcoming tours. The best hotel was at Jaipur named Royal Orchid. Heritage Inn at Jaisalmer was also good. The resort at Ranthambhore namely Siris18 was okay. And the first hotel at Jaipur named Amer City was not good. We enjoyed all modes of transport like the local rickshaws, camel ride, horse ride, jeep ride etc.

Kirti Raval RJGR 24 January 2015

It was our first experience with Veena World. We went to Rajasthan and all the hotels were luxurious, food was excellent throughout the tour. Tour manager Mr. Sagar & his colleagues Mahendra & Soumitra were very helpful & co-operative, big thanks to all of them. I would like to travel with Veena World again & again.

Alka & Arun Surve RJTS (I) 15 February 2015

We had been to Rajasthan. The trip was extremely well managed, well-paced and also was well conducted by the tour managers Sagar Mhatre, Mahendra Wadkar and Saumitra Pradhan. The tour managers were very helpful and cooperative. The food was delicious and the stay arrangements were comfortable. We are happy with Veena World and we will surely do our henceforth tours with Veena World only.

Harshada & Yogesh Joshi RJTS 22 February 2015

It was our first travel with Veena World. The Ghatkopar Office Staff gave all necessary information about the tour and were very polite and helpful.About the tour, it was a wonderful experience and we enjoyed the entire tour.The arrangement for Travel, Food and Accommodation was excellent everywhere. The tour Managers, Mr. Alison D'souza, Mr. Sagar and Mr. Praveen very considerate, kind and helpful throughout the entire tour. Their Time Management and Punctuality are worth mentioning. Overall we had a very memorable experience and we are looking forward for another tour with VEENA WORLD in the future.

Mr. & Mrs. Venugopal RJGR 8 February 2015

We just wanted to write to say how impressed we were with our tour to Rajasthan & Veena World. We had wonderful trip, everything you organised for us worked 100%, and tour managers were full of knowledge, friendly and helpful, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH. From the minute we arrived Jaipur airport your tour company was amazing!
Prior to us coming to the Rajasthan, me and my wife had great tour in Kerala through Veena World. Hence we suggested to my parents, sister and In-laws to choose Veena World only for this tour. Our Tour Managers Shri. Sagar Mhatre, Shri. Mahendra Wadkar & Shri. Soumitra Pradhan are an excellent tour manager, their knowledge about Rajasthan was exceptional. We are impressed by their professional and courteous manners, and by their extensive knowledge of cities and it's colorful and amazing history.

Anyway, that's about all I wanted to say. Thanks again for your help. I have recommended tour Rajasthan to a number of people already, so hopefully they will use your service. Many many thanks for such wonderful Rajasthan trip that has left us with amazing memories. Please pass on our thanks to three of them ( Tour Managers ) they are an absolute credit to your company.

Shweta & Abhinay Sawant RJTS (I) 22 February 2015

We had a wonderful experience with Veena World on our trip to Rajasthan(Mewad- Mount Abu, Udaipur & Jaipur).Our tour managers Mr Kaustub, Mr Sainath & Mr Monish welcomed us all with pleasure and enthusiasm. The managers took special care of all of the group members at all times. They promised us that we come as individuals but return as a whole family which would have not been possible without their efforts to make us one family. The games planned were fun and our laughter need no bounds. The tour guides appointed at all the destinations ensured that we got full information & importance of all the places we visited. The travel & lodging were also comfortable and convenient. The food was gourmet & we got to taste the scrumptious local cuisine ( dal bati, churma, kachodi). Our trip went smoothly & we enjoyed a lot all thanks to Veena World & its members. This trip will be treasured in our memories forever. We look forward to have many more such trips with Veena World.

Ms. Supriya Bagwe RJSP (I) 21 February 2015

It was our first experience with Veena World. All the arrangements were excellent- food, hotels and sightseeing. Special thanks to our Tour Managers Swapnil Deshmukh, Meghraj Raut and Ganesh Dighe for creating a homely atmosphere. I would like to give one suggestion.. the Group Photo should be for a individual group of 28/30 people (i.e. one bus) so that we can identify ourselves.In our group photo, guests of 2 buses i.e. 56 guests were included in a one common photo. Once again thanks to Veena World for lovely tour.

Prabhakar Shet RJSP (I) 14 February 2015

We landed safely with sweet memories of our Rajasthan tour. It was nice touring experience with Veena World. Well organized tour, every visitor was well attended throughout by Mr. Alison, Mr.Sagar and Mr. Pravin, Three friends are well versed to handle any task, they are fantastic!!!! Good Hotels, Good food, Good Hospitality in short everything was the best.

Amita & Sharad Desai RJGR (I) 08 February 2015

I visited Rajasthan Marwad along with 6 of my family members. The tour guides Sagar, Mahendra and Soumitra made this tour very very very very very very very special for us. They smiled under all circumstances. They were magical and super fun, especially Mahendra and his great fun nature. All 3 took too much care of all of us. Want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this experience. This was my second tour with Veena World and will continue doing so. Thanks to your special tour guides.

Chirag Thakkar RJTS 15 February 2015

This was our first experience with Veena World. Food, Accommodation was good. Thank you very much for such a wonderful tour to Rajasthan-Marwad with Veena World. I would like to give Special thanks to your three tour managers Amit Keni, Chetan Dhawale and Pramod Gharat for their assistance and treatment to everyone. Thanks to your Office staff who was very kind to us. Our group was also very helpful and supportive with all age groups. We really enjoyed it very much.

Pallavi & Subodh Shembekar RJTS (I) 25 January 2015

It was my first experienced with Veena World....Thank you for the wonderful moments...All the arrangements were excellent...food, hotels and over all atmosphere of tour.. Special thanks to Swapnil Deshmukh, Meghraj Raut and Ganesh Dighe for arranging very well... I would surely be happy once again to be a part of Veena World in the future...

Asmita Joshi RJSP (I) 07 February 2015

Our Rajasthan Mewad Marwad tour has been a great success and I thank all the tourists who actively took part in it. Your enthusiasm has made this tour a great success. I extend my sincere thanks to our tour manager Alison D'suza, Pravin and Sagar Ragade for his constant support and encouragement in conducting this tour plan. Thank you one and all.
Last but not the least, I would like to thank the management of (Veena World) for their unabated encouragement in conducting this tour in very good manner.

Dr. Pandurang Burute RJGR 24 January 2015

The tour was brilliantly organised. We had a wonderful time. The tour managers Amit, Chetan and Pramod were very efficient, entertaining, enthusiastic, enterprising and caring. We will cherish the lovely memories of the tour forever. One small suggestion - When a game is conducted only for couples, one should be conducted only for singles also. Thanks for the lovely tour.

Vijaya Balan RJTS (I) 08 February 2015

Our recent Rajasthan Marwad tour was well organized and a well-executed one. To me it was not a surprise, as I have experienced this during my Leh Ladakh visit last year.
In the nutshell, good hospitality has become your way of life. Very good, keep it up!

Mr. & Mrs. Paranjape RJTS-(I Fly) 08 February 2015

My wife and I , both senior citizens travelled to Rajasthan Mewad by air tour. They showed us whatever was promised in Brochure and by Veena World office team. This tour was well managed by their tour managers Meghraj, Ganesh Dighe & Swapnil Deshmukh. They had immense knowledge about everything with a great sense of humour which made this trip exciting. Even Guide whom we met in Rajasthan were amazing. All the transport arrangements were excellent. Our belongings were safely looked after by bus drivers when we were busy in sightseeing. Tour itinerary was also very well planned. No hectic schedules. All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) were on time and as best as possible. All the hotels were quite luxurious and with best facilities. The tour managers also helped us to upgrade our rooms wherever possible. Hotel staff were also very co-operative. There is absolutely No scope of Complaint. I will definitely recommend Veena World to our Friends & Family. Once again I must thank Meghraj, Ganesh Dighe & Swapnil Deshmukh for making our tour memorable. Best wishes to Veena Tours and their Team. Looking forward for International trips ahead.

Mr.& Mrs. Rane RJSP (I) 31 January 2015

It was a very pleasant & exciting experience with you on our Rajasthan group tour. We enjoyed a lot. We look forward to join you for more exciting tours.

Ketan Mestry RJTS 08 February 2015

I sincerely thank Veena World for such a wonderful tour to Rajasthan. We really enjoyed very much. The group we had was awesome. Special thanks to tour leaders Amit Keni, Chetan Dhawale and Pramod Gharat. We Bhide family have decided to continue the relationship with Veena World for future tours. Thanks Veena World.

Vaishali & Amit Bhide RJTS 01 February 2015

I had planned out this trip for my mother Mrs. Charushila Chaudhari as a surprise. When I revealed her about this trip, she was very nervous and worried since she was going to fly first time and that too, with strangers. When I dropped her at the airport , even I was a bit nervous since there was not as expected welcome/ introduction at Mumbai airport with the authorized guy. When she arrived back from the trip on 7th of February, she was so excited and so happy from the trip, I can describe that happiness in no words. On the way to home from airport , full 3 hours she was narrating the moments and her experiences throughout the trip. She also mentioned so many times about how Sagar and Pravin took care of the fellow travellers and how they kept the group going and excited. She is now looking forward to join trips of Veena World whenever she has time and off-course me too. Thank you Veena World for giving such a wonderful tour experience and taking care of her.
Thankful to Allison D'souza - Tour Manager and a very special thanks to Pravin More and Sagar Ragde - tour guides for their superb co-operation and all the help and care provided to the group. It is very appreciative .It was a job very well done. Hope to see you guys in some trip in the future.

Saurabh Chaudhari RJGR-(I) 24 January 2015

We wish to place here our appreciation for the tour that was managed so professionally and was aptly named "Rajasthan Grandoise". Firstly, we wish to thank and appreciate the courtesy shown to us by one of your team members at your Dombivali branch office, Ms. Snehal Kulkarni. She patiently explained the tour particulars to us and we were very much impressed. At Sangli, where we booked our tour, through your agent, Mr .Mangesh Shah, who has by now become our close acquaintance during our Europe Tour, and also his staff went to great pains to explain all the particulars of the tour to us and extended utmost cooperation to us for which we are grateful.At the beginning of the tour, we were not happy with the amenities provided at the hotel in Jaipur, but Mr Alison Desouza and his colleagues, Pravin and Sagar made every effort to make us comfortable. Thereafter, every hotel in the itinerary was excellent and comfortable for us and we had no occasion to be inconvenienced. The hotels, their staff and the food in general was excellent. The itinerary was thoroughly managed superbly and Alison, Pravin and Sagar made every effort to make the tour pleasant and worthy for us. The sightseeing spots chosen were very good, the guides provided were very sincere and we were provided a good insight into Rajasthani Culture. Again we wish to thank Veena World for making our tour a great success through your sincere and amicable tour manager and his colleagues.
We will definitely select your company for our future tours.

Savita & Satish Pednekar RJGR-(I) 24 January 2015

Thank you very much for such a wonderful tour to Rajasthan. We enjoyed a lot on this tour. This was our first experience with Veena World. Food ,accommodation and entertainment everything was very excellent. Especially your tour manager Amit , his assistants Chetan and Pramod all of three are well trained people gave us royal treatment. We are very much thankful to them.
During this tour we had some problem regarding our flight. due to bad weather the flight was being cancelled. We were not able to reach the reporting hotel in time. We were in contact with Amit and Chetan time to time. After a lot of struggle we got the flight in the noon. Our original flight was at 5.50 am and we got it around 1.30 pm during the whole period we didn't get anything to eat except a sandwich and a cup of tea. We explained the situation to Amit and his asst. they cooperated and supported us very kindly on the phone. After all we reached our destination at around 3.55 pm. but Amit and his assistants received us so nicely and gave us such warm greetings that we forgot all our worries so long. In future we will like to have Veena World's tour with same tour managers again.
Hats off to them and your management. Thanks for this grand experience. One suggestion : while travelling in bus for site seen the seating arrangement was fix according to booking. But i think it should be in rotation because in this system some senior citizens were sitting on last seats all the time and some young people were sitting on front seats.

Vinaya & Askhok Patil

I am very happy to share my views about the Rajasthan Marwad trip we went on this month. We had a wonderful experience on our tour because of the wonderful group and extraordinary tour manager Mr. Amit Kene followed by his efficient sardars Chetan and Pramod. I would like to mention specifically about the tour manager Amit Kene that his sense of humour , pramod unmatched dancing ability and Chetan????????s responsible attitude along with prompt response in every possible thing made us enjoy even the desert of Rajasthan to the fullest. Amit Chetan & Pramod you guys rock. All the very best. Looking forward to go on all trips may be India for abroad only through Veena World.

Riddhi Padwal RJTS (I) 25 January 2015

We enjoyed the Rajasthan (Mewad) tour. Veena World team celebrated my husband's birthday on tour. It was a very pleasant surprise for us.
Thank you Veena World.

Purnima Pathak RJSP 10 January 2015

We were group of nine including 7 from Australia. Trip was great however total disappointment with hotels quality and service. We are happy to pay more in future if hotel qualities are guaranteed. Your tour manager, staff and drivers were very helpful and cooperative. I personally feel that additional training may be provided for businesses development aspects and individual personal development.

Ravi Bhagwat RJGR (I) 25 December 2014

I Dr. Shrikant Bodke had opportunity to be your tour guest for Rajasthan tour (Mewad part). First of all let me congratulate you for an excellent experience with Veena World. I was really impressed with the sheer professional management of Veena World.The entire trip was a pleasant experience. But what really made our tour memorable was the company of our three wonderful tour guides, Swapnil, Ganesh and Meghraj. I was very impressed with the ever helping nature of our tour guides. Be it elderly people or small kids they took utmost care to see that we were always comfortable. Sometimes they went out of their way to help us. They were always there, before us, be it the morning wakeup call or our dinner sessions. I really thank each one of our tour guides. They have now become part of our extended Veena World family. It would not be inappropriate to say that Veena World achieved great success in very short time due to the presence of such wonderful people like Swapnil, Ganesh and Meghraj. They are great valuable assets to your company. Once again thanking you and our tour guides for a great trip. Hope to fly with you soon preferably with our tour guides.

Dr. Shrikant Bodke RJSP(I) 24 January 2015

Thank you very much for such a wonderful tour. We enjoyed a lot on this tour. This was our first experience with Veena world. The food,accommodation and entertainment everything was very excellent especially your tour manager Amit , his assistants Chetan and Pramod all of three are well trained people gave us royal treatment. We are very much thankful to them. During this tour we had some problem regarding our flight , due to bad weather the flight was being cancelled. We were not able to reach the reporting hotel in time. We were in contact with Amit and Chetan time to time. After a lot of struggle we got the flight in the noon. Our original flight was at 5.50 am and we got it around 1.30 pm during the whole period we didn't get anything to eat except a sandwich and a cup of tea. we explained the situation to Amit and his asst. they cooperated and supported us very kindly on the phone. After all we reached our destination at around 3.55 pm. but Amit and his assistants received us so nicely and gave us such warm greetings that we forgot all our worries so long. In future we will like to have Veena World's tour with same team again. Hats off to them and your management. Thanks for this grand experience. One suggestion : while travelling in bus for site seen the seating arrangement was fix according to booking. But i think it should be in rotation because in this system some senior citizens were sitting on last seats all the time and some young people were sitting on front seats.

Vinaya & Ashok Patil RJTS 25 January 2015

We have just completed a nice and enjoyable trip of Rajasthan Marwad . We ( me, my wife, son, mother in law) enjoyed the every moment of trip covered full with games, dance, jokes, personal performances. The tour was well planned, well organized and nicely executed. During these 8 days we were in different world. We totally forgot office work, work tension, studies, home too. It was wonderful experience. We would like to convey our special appreciation for Tour Managers - Mr. Sagar Mhatre, Mr. Koustubh Junnarkar, Mr. Sagar Ragde. All were excellent. Throughout the trip they were very caring, polite, friendly and helpful at all times. A BIG thanks to all of them. On the departure day Mr. Kaustubh had come to drop us not only at the station but upto our train compartment. Who else can do this other than a family member.Yes, now we feel that we are the part of Veena World family. We specially thank and congratulate to "Veena Tai" for her new venture which is arranging such wonderful enjoyable tours. Often people says that Marathi people lack behind in the business. But Veena World has proven them wrong. "Veena Tai" is an excellent example and role model for all the young entrepreneurs. Three cheers for "Veena Tai and Veena World"

Mr. Vijay Mhetre RJTS 14 December 2014

I on behalf of my family members thank Veena world for my memorable tour to Rajasthan - Mewad. The tour managers were also dedicated to ours

Sachin Chandgadkar RJSP-(I) 24 January 2015

I would like to extend my appreciation for the amazing work done by Amit Kene, Rohan Deshpande & Dipesh Ugale on our tour to Rajathan Mewad. The endless efforts and the professionalism that they have portrayed has impressed everyone immensely and we deem ourselves honored to have had them as a tour managers. All the 60 members in our tour were felt like a family all because of our tour managers. We would surely love to have our next tour with Veena World. Thank you once again for all your efforts and also for the amazing & memorable tour. I must truly say that Veena World Rocks!!!

Sailee Pawar RJSP 24 December 2014

We enjoyed the trip very much.The trio of Satchitanand, Nilesh and Ganesh handled the overall management in an excellent and professional way with the right kind of warmth and strict time management. Cheers to them. The hotels and their services need improvement, hope this will be taken care of. Overall the experience was great and have already started recommending friends and relatives. Surely will look for next opportunity with you.

Gurudas Prabhukhanolkar RJSP (I) 17 January 2015

This was our first tour through Veena World & we are happy to say that it was a very well conducted tour.The tour was well organized & very well conducted by our tour leader Amit Keni. He was nicely supported by Chetan & Pramod. All the three were very caring & co-operative. They made the intercity journey comfortable & lively by entertaining the tour members by conducting various games in the bus. All the hotel accommodations were very good. Hotel Heritage Inn at Jaisalmer was the best among all.
On the very first day, the I fly group reached Jaipur very early in the morning & the travelling is not at all hectic. So along with the visit to Birla temple one or two additional sightseeing points can be added. The food provided at all the places was good except for the dinner at Sam Sand Dunes (desert safari). The dinner could have been arranged back in hotel Heritage Inn after the folk dance. The lighting arrangement at the folk dance was not adequate to enjoy the dance. Also the desert was not large enough as it was expected to be or as it is always shown in the desert photographs. It will be nice if you can change the desert safari location so that people can experience the real desert life.
Overall it was a memorable experience & we look forward to join you for other tours in near future

Manjiri Deosthale RJTS-(I) 18 January 2015

I, thoroughly enjoyed my Rajasthan experience with Veena World. This would be my most memorable experience among the places i have travelled. First, I would like to thank your back office people and our three tour managers Amit, Chetan and Pramod who made this tour a memorable one with their friendly, helpful and well-behaved manner. Once again would like to have them as tour managers. Secondly, would like to thank our group who was very helpful and supportive with all age groups having a very young heart who perfectly gelled with each other. Our group with Amit, Chetan and Pramod was like a one big family experience for me. Enjoyed every minute of it. Three cheers to you and tour managers for a well-organized tour. Would like to travel with Veena World again.

Dr. Aditee Wadadekar RJTS (I) 25 January 2015

Rajasthan with Veena World was a very good experience. We enjoyed to the fullest for all seven days. Tour manager, Alok Lokhande, Sagar and Kunal all three had managed the tour to our satisfaction. I being Gujarati, first time joined the Maharashtrian tour, but I enjoyed it. Overall tour experience was very good. Also we want to visit Koorg. If you have your tour for the same , please let us know. Looking forward for the same.

Sanjaya Gadhvi RJTS-(I) 04 January 2015

This was my first trip with Veena World. I feel very fortunate because this was an excellent tour & we enjoyed very much. I would like to thank Amit Kene, Chetan Dhawale & Pramod Gharat for making our tour memorable. All the three tour leaders have great sense of humour & they made our tour very enjoyable. All of them are very cheerful, responsible & punctual. They were very co-operative & friendly also. l wish to join your other national & international tours & off course with this team of Tour Leaders. It will be definitely great pleasure to join your other tours.

Lata Deskhmukh RJTS 18 January 2015

Rajasthan trip was awesome. The hotels were clean and tidy & food was excellent. Veena World's trip packets of wafers chiwda dink ladu dry fruits etc were a nice dhakka. The guides for the trip at Udaipur and Jaipur told information about that place neatly. Ganesh Nilesh & Sacchidanand are very friendly in nature & they are excellent shiledar of Veena World. They have made our trip memorable.

Anjua Aphale RJSP (I) 17 January 2015

I along with my husband Krishna Bhagat and son Om Bhagat wish to thank Veena World for the awesome experience on
our Rajasthan tour. This was our second wonderful experience with Veena World. The first one was Shimla Manali in May 2014.
I must say a very well-Managed, Systematic and properly planned tour by Veena World. Special thanks to the tour managers Kaustubh, Sagar and Chinmay, all
did a wonderful job and were always ready to assist. The personal touch that they got to the group was excellent and added more excitement and fun to the overall experience.

We wish Veena World and the tour managers bigger success and fulfillment in all the endeavors.Last but not the least , we look forward to many more such wonderful
experiences with Veena World in the times to come.

Aparna Bhagat RJTS 28 December 2014

It was our first experience of travelling in a group tour wanted to spend a holiday somewhere in India and joined the Rajasthan ???????? Mewad tour arranged by Veena world in Dec14. We enjoyed a lot. The entire group was enthusiastic and motivated by all 3 tour managers. The program was completely packed for all days, ???????jaagte raho, bhagate raho, travelling various places all over and tasting nice Rajasthani food varieties everywhere. Even the guides arranged were much informative and grabbed the attention of audience. The tour gave us experience of using different means of conveyance at different places. The tour managers - Amit Kene, Rohan and Dipesh, were taking care of elderly and mixing with everybody, created a good interaction among all. We did not know when the tour started and ended, my children enjoyed a lot. Thanks for the nice experience and thanks to tour managers for well-planned and organized tour!

Asawari Kulkarni 29 January 2015

It was our first experience of travelling in a group tour wanted to spend a holiday somewhere in India and joined the Rajasthan ???????? Mewad tour arranged by Veena world in Dec14. We enjoyed a lot. The entire group was enthusiastic and motivated by all 3 tour managers. The program was completely packed for all days, ???????jaagte raho, bhagate raho, travelling various places all over and tasting nice Rajasthani food varieties everywhere. Even the guides arranged were much informative and grabbed the attention of audience. The tour gave us experience of using different means of conveyance at different places. The tour managers - Amit Kene, Rohan and Dipesh, were taking care of elderly and mixing with everybody, created a good interaction among all. We did not know when the tour started and ended, my children enjoyed a lot. Thanks for the nice experience and thanks to tour managers for well-planned and organized tour!

Asawari Kulkarni 29 January 2015

We just returned from our Rajasthan Marwad tour with Veena World. We are back with loads of HAPPY memories! This Rajasthan tour was just fabulous!! The location, the food, the bus, the games, ??????? all fabulous! We had a wonderful group with a mix of juniors and majority seniors.. .. ranging from College students to ???????Retired-long-back?????? people. it's amazing that eight days of togetherness has resulted into wonderful friendships and we already have a WatsApp group now to keep us connected and continue the fun! The credit of keeping our group together and ensuring everything goes fine during these 8 days goes to our Tour Managers Team. Kudos to Alok Lokhande, Sagar and Kunal !!! Most importantly, all the 3 worked as a Perfect Team! They were completely in sync with each other and hence there was no confusion or ambiguity in any messaging to the tour group. All the 3 showed a lot of caring, especially when it came to helping our senior members during long walks / climbs. Also worth a mention is that they showed respect to all and we felt that we were in real safe hands. When it came to fun, all the 3 ensured that each one enjoys and when it came to work and arrangements, they acted as real Professionals. Deepa and I became famous as ???????Shopping Girls??????, as from day 1 we used to rush for shopping at each destination. Am sure we tested the patience of Alok, Sagar and Kunal! All in all, we had a wonderful time and that has now charged our batteries at the beginning of the New Year to take on our daily chores!!

As we sign off, we must say that our decision to tour with Veena World was a decision well taken! Best Wishes to Alok, Sagar and Kunal from us and wishing Veena World lots of success for scaling greater heights!!

Smita Haldankar & Deepa Desai RJTS 04 January 2015

I was one of the tourist in your Rajasthan tour along with my friends. It was really a wonderful experience for all of us. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. Especially I want to appreciate the friendly behavior, care taking and alertness of our tour guides Ameet, Pramod and Chetan. All of them were so nice to us as if they are our family members taking our care. The hotel arrangements and food arrangements made by them were extraordinarily good. I realized, it is not only me but all members of the group were very happy about the tour leaders and the arrangements made by Veena World. I will like to travel with Veena World only in future and I insist on getting Ameet, Pramod and Chetan to be with us in our every trip as tour guides in future.

Medha P Kulkarni RJTS 18 January 2015

Namaskar ! Myself and my wife have just finished the Rajasthan Marwad tour which concluded on 25th Jan at Jodhpur. We really enjoyed the tour very much. Amit Kene, Chetan Dhavle and Pramod Gharat was an excellent team which performed very well. The overall experience of the tour was nice. The food at Mandava was excellent!!

But we have some suggestions about the tour about the improvement in food variety and quality at some places and also about shopping. I have shared the same in detail with your team over the email.

Sagar Bhomaj RJTS 18 January 2015

It gives me great pleasure to write to you for thanking for the Rajasthan-Mewad tour. I on behalf of my family extend our heartiest congratulations for the extremely well organised trip to your team. I write this specifically since people of my age generally prefer independent tours over rigid package tours with families. But I was pleasantly surprised with the tour plan that managed to include all kinds of experiences that made it exceptionally memorable and not monotonous at all! What I particularly liked was:

-How local food (like mirchi pakoda, pyaaz ki kachori, malai kulfi) were all included as part of the sight seeing

-The timing for visiting crowded places was well planned (e.g. visit to Ajmer Sharif Dargah was planned late evening which was very convenient to avoid peak crowds)

-The tour guides at various spots were very knowledgeable. (City Palace-Udaipur, Jaipur and Chittorgarh). Whenever I plan a trip back I will make sure to get in touch with them for a more detailed tour of the palace.

-The food and stay were comfortable at all locations.

But the hearts of the trip were our friends/managers on tour (Nilesh Mhaske, Sachidanand Pawar, Ganesh) who not only had everything organised at the right time but kept everyone in happy spirits with their energy. They made sure no one felt left out or unattended to. Every little need was looked into and acted on promptly. They deserve a round of applause. What we would like to suggest is to infuse some local art form/performance within the trip. That would really help enhance the overall tour experience. I would like to conclude by congratulating Veena World on the exceptional progress in a short period of time and wish you luck to keep striving for a better travel experience. I will highly recommend it to our friends and family.

Supriya Krishnan RJSP 03 January 2015

We have been to Rajasthan Marwad with Veena World during 11.01.15 to 18.01.15. Initially we were a bit apprehensive as it was our first ever group tour and we were unsure whether we would be able to enjoy a group tour. However, owing to your excellent management we enjoyed this tour to the fullest. The tour managers Alok Lokhande, Sagar & Kunal looked after everyone as a family. We appreciate their efforts wholeheartedly. The food & hotels were excellent. Thank you Veena World for a wonderful experience.

Rohini Thite RJTS 11 January 2015

Me and my family have done Veena World's Rajasthan tour Mewad sector. First of all we simply loved it, your arrangements were good...no hitches even if there would have been ...Dheeraj and Kishor who were our tour managers managed it sooo well...it never reached us. For us it was fun fun and some more fun. Dheeraj and Kishor literally pampered us throughout our tour. We had kids travelling with us and we were little worried at first but from the first day Kishor became dear Kishor uncle to my sons...and we knew we didn't have to worry anymore. Right from wake up calls to...giving information...helping out with every little thing we came up with ...Kishor looked after us at every point like an extended family. Food was good throughout the tour....Veena World treats were looked forward to, we ended up with putting on weight. So, Veena World ..thank you for this wonderful experience. Keep it up!

Sheetal Patil RJSP-(I Fly) 28 December 2014

I did a trip with you to Rajasthan Marwad. Congratulations on having built such a good team. My parents and my in-laws have been touring with your older venture for many years. Whereas my wife and I, we never believed in group tours, we had been touring on our own domestically and internationally. However, my parents and in-laws recommended us to try the Group tour this time, so that we could just focus on the pleasure and outsource the entire efforts and planning to the tour organizers. And I must say, this was an immensely successful experiment for us. We would 100% recommend touring with Veena World to our acquaintances. It would be inappropriate if I finish off without congratulating your tour managers Swapnil, Ganesh and Aniket who were extremely helpful during the tour. And on occasions Aniket went out of his way to help us, especially when my daughter fell sick during the trip. Thanks and looking forward to a long relationship with Veena World.

Omkar Ambulkar RJTS 23 December 2014

I have been with Veena World to Rajasthan. This was the first time I had booked with any travel company for holidays. Veena World proved that I took a wise decision. Special thanks to tour managers Dheeraj Chaudhary and Kishor Walunj. They have taken extreme good care of whole group and managed the tour with great enthusiasm. Both of them are young, still showed great level of maturity and demonstrated good management skills to manage group of 49members inclusive of kids to senior citizens.

I would also like to appreciate efforts by planning team. Itinerary of the tour was perfectly worked out which can make use of time available for tour. Hotel selection was good and made our stay comfortable. A real value for money trip.

Another good point I observed is recognition of Veena World wherever we visited. I find respect for Veena World in local people. Local guys are getting business that is one part but another aspect is that your tour managers have created goodwill for Veena World as company.

Overall, it was wonderful experience and look forward to have next trip with you.

Rahul Mhatre RJSP-(I) 28 December 2014

I have been a part of your Marwad tour. The tour was overall excellent. Our tour manager Mr Atul Palkar and assistant tour manager Mr Tejas Kapote were extremely co-operative and showed great hospitality. We appreciate their efforts of making us comfortable in the entire tour. It was a wonderful experience and we look forward to join your future tours too.

Karishma Jayakar RJTS-(I) 25 December 2014

I travelled to Rajasthan through you. This tour was a wonderful experience. It was very enjoyable and informative. Your tour manager Mr. Sachin Temak definitely deserves a congratulatory note. He took care of the minutest needs of the group. Mr. Sachin, Mr. Manoj and Mr. Vinay catered to each one of us in a professional manner with a personal touch to it. Hats off to them for managing 63 people ranging from age 11 months to 72 years. They have done an excellent job. Just a few gentle suggestions: 1. Avoid including children below 3 years. 2. Smaller group will be appreciated more as it would be more comfortable in all respects.
I am impressed by your tour. Do keep me informed of your Women's Special tour.

Dr. Sujata Khadilkar RJSP 20 October 2014

This was the first time for me and my sister to travel alone, so we decided to go with Veena World to take an experience and we would like to inform you that this has turned out to be an amazing tour for both of us thanks to Mr .Atul Palkar and Mr. Meghraj Raut. They were so helpful, co-operative and took great care of our whole group. We would like to thank Mr. Atul & Mr. Meghraj once again because of them these 1st experience of travelling with Veena World has turn out fabulous. We already have recommended our friends and relatives to experience tour with Veena World. Thank you once again, looking forward to have another tour with you.

Mandira Donde RJSP 02 November 2014

I am a physically disabled person having disability in my both the lower limbs and medical officer ( doctor ) by profession and had booked for the above tour from Goa through your Veena World office Porvorim (Joshi ) with assurance for special assistance to me which has been fulfilled to my expectation. First of let me thank you for appointing the best team manager Mr. Alok Lokhande and his assistant Mr.Kaustub and Chinmay. I had toured many places with other agencies but I am proud to say that this is the best tour of my life and henceforth would like to go with only Veena World. I could visit and see almost 95 % places only because of your very loving and helpful tour manager . He tried his level best to arrange for special conveyance and even personally took me on wheelchair so that I could enjoy every moment of the tour. I personally thank him and his team and God bless them. It was a perfect tour in all ways from transport /hotels /food /tour team. My better half (wife) told me to specially convey her thanks.

Dr. Vithal M Rane RJSP 29 October 2014

We had been to Rajasthan Mewad. THE TRIP WAS TOOOO GOOOOD! The customer service by Sachin Temak and his team was absolutely too good. 'Customers delight'
food to travelling to hotels to local site visit to guides were too good. Your team has lot of patience to deal with customers and the timing and arrangements were too good . This is our 2nd trip through Veena World. Suggestion: Why don't you have loyalty scheme !! or give more discount when the customer has come for 3,4 or more times ..for travelers like us!

Sudhir Kulkarni RJSP (I) 27 October 2014

We thank u for lovely Rajasthan tour. Atul Palkar and Megharaj Raut took great care of the whole group. And made our tour very enjoyable.This was my first tour with you .Initially there were doubts in our minds but our experience is so good that we can recommend Veena World to anyone who desires to see different parts of India. Thank you very much. And thanks to Atul Palkar and Megharaj Raut once again. Looking forward to having another tour with you.

Hemal Rege RJSP 02 November 2014

RJTS , tour was one of the awesome experience I had along with my family. The whole tour was organized systematically. For the first time I was out of station during Diwali and bit worried about Diwali celebration but Aditya, Sacchidanand , Jagdish did a wonderful job. The rangoli , diyas, a packet of utane, attar ,moti soap , bus decorations, Laxmi poojan in desert and icing on the cake was crackers was a warm gesture. Overall good. Looking forward for the next tour with Veena World.

Smruti Mogrey RJTS-(I) 19 October 2014

Recently I went to Rajasthan with Veena World along with my kids. Our tour managers Mr.Nilesh Mhaske, Mr. Mahendra & Ganesh were too good. What can i say about these three people just one word "Threesome awesome". Right from the start of the journey to the end, they made us feel at home. The interaction with every family member, taking care of all the elderly people, no delay in any kind of service ,very prompt ,entertaining, taking utmost care of all the details, overview of all the things given prior, giving an ear to every person??????????????????s need and all this without losing their temper. My kids got 3 new dadas in their life. My kids were so enthralled that they had tears when we bid adieu. They still remember them and have told me to travel through your tours only. Apart from all these, your choice of Hotels, Food, itinerary was excellent. The snacks provided didn't leave us empty stomach for a moment, the games played were very engaging and I am happy I won it too .To sum it up I had the best time in my life for these 8days, will be looking forward for many more group tours with your company. Lastly all the best for your new venture. Thank you once again.

Apurva S Chandgadkar RJSP (I) 11 October 2014

We recently travelled to Rajasthan ?????????????????? Mewad on your group tour and were super pleased with service levels and facilities offered by Veena World. We would like to convey our special appreciation for Tour Managers ?????????????????? Nilesh, Mahendra and Ganesh. We specifically observed ?????????????????? Nilesh, Mahendra and Ganesh demonstrated sleek and highly professional service experience ! Three of them have solid passion for their work that I am still adored of ! The team work and co-ordination between the tour managers was simply fantastic??????????????? Nilesh made this tour a memorable experience for us with his absolute clarity on tour program and his high level of excellence !! Kudos to Veena World for making this tour a wonderful experience in our life !!!

Ambarish Vaidya RJSP 27 September 2014

I, along with my wife, had toured Marwad through Veena World. We stayed at Hotel Heritage Inn, Jaisalmer. It was a wonderful experience. The stay gave me a pleasant surprise of staying in one of the Marwad Palaces. The look, the ambiance of the hotel prove, the name of the hotel as Heritage Inn. The lush green lawn and the open swimming pool add to the luxury stay at the hotel. On both days during my stay at the hotel, I walked barefoot on the lawn and did Yoga for about an hour. Room service was very good. The maintenance was excellent. Food was very standard. One small suggestion, if implemented, will remove a small black spot. Each room may be provided with a separate cable TV connection.

Nishikant Mupid RJTS (I) 14 September 2014

Our Rajasthan(Marwad) tour of 7days concluded on 23rd Feb with a wonderful experience.Me and my sister enjoyed the tour to the core.Right from beginning till the end each and every moment was awesome for us.All the arrangements-travelling,hotels,food were perfect.Although our tour majorly consisted of seniors citizens,but still each and every person in our tour were enthusiastic.Our Tour Managers Mr Ganesh Sorate and Mr Manoj Dhangar were excellent.Throughout the trip they were very caring,polite and helpful at all times.A BIG thanks to both of them.Thanks a lot Veena World for arranging an unforgettable tour.Definitely our future tour will be with Veena World.Thanks Again!!!!!

Prachi Vivalkar

First of all we thank you so much for your perfect organization of our journey to Delhi Agra Rajasthan Khajuraho & Varanasi. Everything was perfect! The hotels wonderful , the tours excellent, the drivers and guides so professional ! My family enjoyed so much and we will keep in our heart the memory of this journey !! Once more thank you !!!
Kind regards and congratulations for your perfect organization!

Ing. GP Introna, Italy Signature Holidays, Delhi-Agra-Rajasthan-Khajuraho-Varanasi

Our Rajasthan(Marwad) tour of 7days concluded on 23rd Feb with a wonderful experience.Me and my sister enjoyed the tour to the core.Right from beginning till the end each and every moment was awesome for us.All the arrangements-travelling,hotels,food were perfect.Although our tour majorly consisted of seniors citizens,but still each and every person in our tour were enthusiastic.Our Tour Managers Mr Ganesh Sorate and Mr Manoj Dhangar were excellent.Throughout the trip they were very caring,polite and helpful at all times.A BIG thanks to both of them.Thanks a lot Veena World for arranging an unforgettable tour.Definitely our future tour will be with Veena World.Thanks Again!!!!!

Prachi Vivalkar RJTR

We have just completed nice and enjoyable trip of Rajasthan (RJSP) 10 th to 17th November with Veena World. We liked the trio which managed and conducted the tour Mr. Nilesh Mhaske,Jeetendra and Alison.Hotels were good, food was good and the tour was managed efficiently by the TRIO .We are looking for more such tours with Veena world. Thanking you and Waiting for your reply.

Shobhana Patki RJSP 10 Nov 2013

We went on a Tour of Abu to Jaipur 8th to 15th Nov 2013
It was a very good experience. Hotels were well located at different places. Food was good. Travel arrangements were very good. In spite of crowded places due to Diwali season, excellent travel arrangements were made to save time & for our comfort. Most of all, Tour Manager & staff were excellent. Swapnil , Sacchidanand & Meghraj took care of us very well. Mixed with young & old very well. Gave us right instructions at different places like Do\??????????????????s & Don??????????????????ts which we realised after the visit. We were a group of 50 + and staff was three But took all efforts and made everyone comfortable. Special thanks to them. Our first tour with Veena World was memorable & wish to have many more. We can write much more but don??????????????????t want to write essay. Dr. & Mrs. Prabhugaonkar & Mr. & Mrs. Mhambre were with us who were also very happy with the tour.

Sanjay Kamat RJSP 08 Nov 2013

We would like to thank Veena World for the hospitality, warmth and care which we have experienced recently with Veena World through Splendor Rajasthan tour in Diwali.

We are very happy and feel proud to join Veena World family by traveling with Veena World in its foundation year. We booked this tour to experience and partner the journey started by Veena Patil.

Celebrating Diwali with Veena world team was an awesome experience. My appreciation is to everyone from Veena World team who has contributed to make this tour successful.

We would like to travel with Veena world again and again and will definitely recommend to our friends to experience hospitality with Veena world tours.

We have already placed an enquiry for other tours with Veena World.

Omkar Saraf RJSP 03 Nov 2013

About our experience on Rajasthan tour dt.4.11.2013 to 11.11.2013: It was one of the lifetime experiences for our families. My daughter\??????????????????s birthday was celebrated in a grand way by Veena World, it was a fantastic experience for her & she had personally expressed the same on the last day of the tour to full team who had attended this tour. We felt at home throughout the tour, it was a Royal treatment to all families with Veena World on this tour.
We all must underline the presence of Mr. Ganesh Sorte & Mr. Manoj Dhanagar who were the tour leaders. They were very prompt & they did their best to see all the families were at comfort. It was a fantastic time to see Rajsthan with your team members who took utmost care to see that our every minute of the tour is enjoyable.

The hotels were very good. Though there was a little problem in between and I must say the way the problem was tackled & resolved was outstanding. The positive approach by Ganesh & Manoj is highly appreciated and that is the reason the tour was memorable from start to end.

The food, snacks given to us from time to time was fantastic. I am sure all members who had attended must have added some kilos.

All put together it was an awesome experience & we will definitely look forward to joining Veena World for our next tour whenever we plan.

Once again thanks to Ms. Veena Patil & her team at Veena World for such a wonderful tour & wish you all the very best for future.

We are proud to be a part of Veena World\??????????????????s initial tour members.

Kedar B Khadye RJSP 03 Nov 2013

We went with Veena World's Rajasthan treasures tour on 30/10/2013. The tour was excellent in all the respects.

Amita and Yogesh chokshi Rajasthan Treasures Tour 30 October 2013

I have attended Rajasthan Mewad tour with my family and our friends. It was a very nice experience with Veena World. We really enjoyed the tour a lot. We are very happy with the treatment the tour managers gave. We would like to go for more such tours. Thank you and All the best to Veena World.

Mrunal Paldewar

Our seven days tour to Himachal with Veena World was a dream come true.The hotels were very good and the tour managers took great care of everybody in the group of 30-35 people, right from a one year old child to a 70 year old senior citizen. We are now eager to go to Rajasthan with Veena World.

Shrirang Paranjape

I, along with my friend Smt Neela Patwardhan, had joined Rajasthan Grandeur Tour, with Veena World , from 11th Oct to 25th Oct 2013.
The tour was fantastic . Our tour leader Shri Aaditya Bhoite and his assistant Shri Atul Gangurde , really conducted tour very nicely.
Smt Neela had faced an accident , one and a half months before the tour , which gave her walking and climbing trouble . But Aaditya and Atul and also other tour members helped her kindly . She also enjoyed the trip .
Best wishes to Veena World for future plans.

Dr.Leena Mohadikar RJGR 11 Oct 2013

I and my friend went on your Rajasthan Splendour tour. Words are falling short to describe our wonderful experience with Veena World. Along with excellent arrangements we experienced great entertainment ?????????????????? the chit chats, dance, jokes made our holiday even more joyful.Well done Veena World.

Nina Patil

We travelled by rajasthan splendor. Mom,dad,bro n me, we had a lot of fun. I made many new friends. Played games in the bus. We all enjoyed truly.
The hotels were comfortable.
N our tour managers Ganesh Sorte n Manoj were always with us and were also very warm and welcoming, they ensured that everything was well planned and well organised .
I liked the concept of wakeup call.
N we all had a blast during new year.
I am very happy with the service offered.
Our next trip will definately be through Veena World

Deepshri Hebbalkar

We have just completed Rajasthan Mewad tour with Veena World.It was very well managed & conducted tour. Sagar Bhosle & Kishor were very cooperative & helpful. They both deserve appreciation. Your idea of giving books as prizes is novel. One suggestion avoid booking of RTDC Hotel Sheekhar. It does not suit your choice of giving the best. WISH YOU ALL VERY HAPPY PROSPEROUS & SUCCESSFUL NEW YEAR.

Pramod Patil

We had a wonderful days with Veena World on our Hooneymoon. The Management of hotels (except emrald in Cochin), food, destinations, preparation is simply excellent.
We would like to plan our next tour Kullu-Manali, Rajasthan, Leh-Ladhak etc. Special thanks to Tour Manager\??????????????????s Mr. Sumit Jadhav & Mr. Tushar. We had a wonderful time with these 2 & how they are handling the tour is their speciality. We enjoyed lot with them & requesting Veena World to kindly keep these 2 TMs for our next Tour.We will be in touch with you on Facebook.. Have a nice day.

Rakesh Tawde

We all enjoyed your Rajasthan tour throughout. My thanks to Ms Rajitha ,who is working with you in Mahim ,for suggesting Veena World for this tour. Especially your both the tour managers Sagar Mhatre and Alison were taking care of senior citizens very well and mingled with us like family friends. We hope the same treatment in all our future tours. Since majority of us were above 60 years, we were taken care of well by them, and the travelling also by bus was good and the hotel arrangements too.


This refers to our tour with Veena World to Rajasthan (RJSP) starting on 08-11-2013.

To begin with, an excellent overall management by Swapnil, supported superbly by Sachidanand & Meghu.
Hotels were good, with neat & clean interiors. Courteous staff.
Food was overall good???????????????a little variety would have been appreciated.
Sightseeing were a little hectic, but it is obvious if all major sightseeing points are to be covered.

We would say???????????????overall very good experience.

We would definitely look forward for travelling with Veena World in future.

All the Best.

Amod Kharkar RJSP 08 Nov 2013

This is to acknowledge the hospitalityextended to us by \??????????????????\'VEENA WORLD\??????????????????\'at Rajasthan tour.The services were commendable,the tour managers were very cordial.i was very impressed that i will patronise only veenaworld hence forth.
my friends mrs deshpande,mrs karpe,mrs dhage and self enjoyed the trip to the fullest.
Looking forward in joining veenaworld for our next tour to sikkim,gangtok.
wish you good luck in your endeavour in travel and hospitality business.

Neeta Gokhale

Excellent, wonderful experience no words to describe the beauty of the nature in Kashmir!

Akshata JKKV20 Oct 13

Congratulations for your new venture! We, my family of 4 members had been on a Rajasthan Tour with your tour managers Sachin & Gaurav. It was a fantastic tour & an unforgettable experience for my family. The hotels were picturesque, food was awesome. Your tour manager Sachin Temak was very helpful. Though the travelling schedule was very hectic ,the AC coach was very comfortable and we couldn??????????????????t feel the fatigue of travelling. Thank you very much for giving us this lifetime experience of Rajasthan at a very affordable price. We will always look forward to many more beautiful tours from Veena World. All the best for your future plans!

Ms. Sujata Patkar RJTR 09 Nov 2013

Once again, it was an great experience of Rajasthan Splendor tour in Feb 14.Me and my husband enjoyed a lot in this trip???????????????.these are very memorable moments in our second innings of life.Thank you very much for making our moments happy and memorable for everyone.Wish you Great Going Ahead.

Hemlata Malwade

Myself prof.Dr. P.N.Shinde from Satara. We enjoyed Rajsthan grandeur tour. I have written on feedback that i will write my comments separately because i was unable to spare time for it on the last day. Before tour I was well in contact with your office in Satara office and I am glad to write you that I had arranged a talk of Sushil Kamble, your official in Satarain in our sr. citizens organisation and we have decided to enjoy a special tour collectively. Meanwhile we booked tour of Rajasthan for which Kamble cooperated us. During tour we enjoyed really though suffered on first day due to cold. Historical monuments is the main feature of Rajasthan. Guides gave us proper and detail information about it. Being Ph.D.in history i am satisfied over it.I ought to mention that the kind services and help of Mahendra and Tejas is beyond the words. Such hospitality and kindness will help, certainly to reach Veena World in each corner of the nation. Even I hope that \??????????????sky is the limit should be the aim of the Veena.\??????????????So I say enjoy Rajasthan with Veena World only. Veenatai congrats for your inspiring letter on the occasion of republic day which we celebrated in the Hotel enthusiastically.As per my suggestion my close relatives,Mr.and Mrs.Sapkal from Pune have booked Kulu Manali tour in next month. Our next destination may be J&K but with Veena World only.If like and possible more care should be taken about food.

Pandurang Shinde

We recently completed our Rajasthan tour of two weeks. I think I was the your first customer from Pune to book your tour. We had a great time on this tour & enjoyed every moment. Being senior citizens, we were skeptical before the tour started. However, it turned out to be a very pleasant experience. The total journey was over 2000Kms & we hardly felt any tiredness. We have stayed abroad for lots of years & had done the tours with the native operators there but those were no comparison with your tour. Truly great.

A word about your tour managers. During this tour, there had been two minor & one major emergencies. However, I must give credit to your tour manger Mr. Aditya Bhoite & team for handling them very well beyond expectations. He is a very COOL cat you have.

Lastly, we also wish to thank our local agent in Pune, Mr. Piyush Dhoka,of Anand Travels for helping us immensely to get the things going & without whose help we would not have gone on this tour.


It gives me immense pleasure to inform and write to you that \??????????????You have truly given us a wonderful trip Rajasthan Splendor which will be in our minds
for a long long time.

To be frank and honest this was my first vacation trip I had dared to select ??????????????Veena World?????????????? without knowing much about the organisation
speciaIly when I had my Parents-in Laws with me and let me tell you that my trip would be truly incomplete if I miss to thank you and your entire team members
which I travelled during 10th -17th Nov.

I feel very fortunate that, I had this opportunity to be on this tour having a very energetic ,enthusiastic,good humour and highly experienced
Tour Manager Nilesh Mhaske.Very Professional and also very patient .Nilesh great sense of humour and managing nearly
60 people that too of different age group specially the Senior Citizens itself is incredible.

Of course very well and excellently supported by Alison and Jitendra.A great team and would love to come back again.

I would like to thank Nilesh and his team members once again for the excellent job that you did and giving us a very Memorable trip.

Your knowledge is wide.I sincerely wish you and your organisation the Very Best and Good luck

Megha and Raut family

I do not want to book any tour at present but i just wanted to check your service so I called for enquiring about Rajasthan and South East Asia tours. I got excellent information from your team members. They almost took me to each and every sightseeing place through the telephonic conversation. What an experience ! I??????????????????m proud to say you have already proved to be the best travel company. I will surely travel with Veena World in future.

Prashant Patil

I Suniti Dixit of Ashalini laboratory ,Panvel completed Rajasthan tour (10th -17 th NOV) with my Son Saurabh. IT WAS EXCELLENT.
You are doing your job very well and our best wishes are with you always.Best of luck for all your future endeavor.

Suniti Dixit

I Suniti Dixit of Ashalini laboratory ,Panvel completed Rajasthan tour (10th -17 th NOV) with my Son Saurabh. IT WAS EXCELLENT.
You are doing your job very well and our best wishes are with you always.Best of luck for all your future endeavor.

Suniti Dixit

Recently I went on a Rajasthan Tour with Veena World. It was indeed a very good experience. Diwali first day surprise was too good. It felt as if we were at home celebrating Diwali. Nilesh Mhaske and both his assistants, Jitendra and Ellison were enthusiastic and very helping. We got a hands-on experience of their helpfulness at the latter half of the tour when they had to carry hot-water buckets climbing two-stories for all of us and they were doing it with an unwavering smile on their faces. Now I would like to make a suggestion regarding Chokhidhani. As it is far from the main city it takes time to reach there which makes it a bit difficult to take a stroll around. Also meals are arranged at the same facility for all which makes the place over-crowded. So I would request you to reconsider this place.

I wish you and the entire team Veena World all the best.

Sunanda Chitale RJSP 02 Nov 2013

I toured Rajasthan Mewad and returned this morning.I am very happy to share having an wonderful experience on this tour , perhaps even better than my own expectations.
Our group had 55 members in the age group 10 to 75 years , but the tour manager Subodh Jadhav along with Kishore and Sagar , looked after all of us very well, and all of were like one big family.
The hotels were decent, and food was also very good. The tour team also kept on pampering
us with tasty snacks and munching at regular intervals.
Well done Veena World , keep it up. Best wishes for future.


I enjoyed ur Rajasthan Mewad trip dated 31.10.13.The journey was nice.The stay was pleasant and the trip was really a memorable one.The best thing I found was the warmth and love of ur team members Sachin,Nikhil and Gaurav. All the three were very nice and of helping nature.That is why my mother aged 70 and my kids aged 10 and 4 enjoyed the trip.In the whole trip I never felt that these three guys are ur team members, instead they appeared to be a part of your and also my family. I am running a pediatric hospital and pathology laboratory at Pandharpur. This experience made me to think about myself. I should be more friendly and cooperative with my patients. Also I am wondering how do u manage such a wonderful trip within a small amount of Rs.16000/- each. It was really cost effective.

Dr.Sadanand Patil RJSP 31 Oct 2013

I am writing to express our profound appreciation for the wonderful service Veena World provided to me and my family in Rajasthan Tour from 3rd Oct to 11th Oct (RJSP : 03/10/2013).
I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with your operations and personnel. I don't believe I have ever viewed a more efficient, smooth running, and cost efficient tour such as yours. I was particularly impressed with the procedure you have implemented to monitor quality control.

I am very much thankful to the Tour Manager Aditya and the three assistants Sandeep, Atul & Rahul. All four were extremely courteous, joyful and went out of their way to explain various functions and answer our inquiries. Our small needs were also taken care by them. The food and the hospitality was excellent. Each and every hotel was fantastic. We liked the rooms and the service provided to us.

My appreciation is to everyone from your team who has contributed to make this tour a grand and unforgettable memory to me and my family. We assure you that henceforth we will be opting only \??????????????Veena World\?????????????? for all our future trips. And we will also pass our good experiences to all our friends and relatives.

Once again many thanks!

Arun Tipugade

I am glad to inform you that my father Dr. Suhas Kende and my grandfather Mr. Suresh Pangarkar were included in your tour of Rajasthan.
They are too happy with their tour, they enjoyed their tour lot. Your services were beyond our expectations and the food was also awesome.
All this credit goes to your team for managing such a wonderful tour. All these members were so impressed that they contributed Rs. 300 per family and gifted to the driver, cleaner and two of the tour managers. The guide was also fantastic everyone felt like living the history again. In short the tour was awesome. We are also planning our tour after my boards and the entrance exam i am sure that this tour will be the most memorable tour of life.

Maitreyee Kende RJSP 04 Jan 2014

I am back from my Rajasthan Tour with you.This was my first tour with Veena World and on the very first day I decided, henceforth all my family holidays will only be with Veena World.Your tour manager Mr. Subodh Jadhav is very nice guy, very co-operative and very caring person. While it is so difficult to manage a small family I wonder how he managed a group of 57 people! Very good vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food options were made available. Special thanks to Veena World for celebrating my daughter??????????????????s birthday at Udaipur.

Sudhakar Pawar RJSP 04 Dec 2013

I am a practicing Orthopedic surgeon for last 30 years, in Pune. I recently toured to Rajasthan with Veena World.I have travelled all over India, U.S.A.-twice as my daughter is there, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore. But as this was my first experience with a company that too with Veena World at its first year of independent venture, I had lot of suspense and tension. But my wife Smita and I werextremely satisfied by all the services extended to us ,Especially all hotels, food,& more than above the competent, patient and all the time jolly tour manager Mr. Subodh Jadhav was the best. My best wishes for Veena World

Dr.Sanjay Kulkarni RJSP 04 Nov 2013


RJSP 20 Dec 2013

Hello! Veena World This Diwali we had cherished memories with family on tour of Rajasthan Splendour of 31/10/2013 .All the hotels , sightseeing , travelling , food all were excellent . Our tour manager Mr. Sachin Temak along with Nikhil Gaurav took extraordinary efforts to make our tour a success. Sachin is really hard working. Thanks to Sachin and Veena World. Planing our Kashmir tour May 2014 for another unforgettable memory.

Dr.Pravin Sonawane RJSP311013

Dear Veenatai
Just to thank you for making our trip to Rajasthan a memorable one.
We had booked for Veena World RJSP tour (Nov. 29, 2013 to Dec. 6, 2013).

In fact it was a great pleasure to meet Mr. Sudhir Patil and old acquaintances like Anjali and Prakash when I had come to book my trip.

Hotels, food, local transport, back office service (Mahim office) all were of excellent quality. The idea of giving books (instead of discount coupons) for winners in the group games is really novel.
Special mention must be made of tour leader Sagar Bhosale and his colleague Tejas for their time management, politeness and achieving 100% success rate in completing the tour itinerary. Their connect with the guests was exceptionally good and they deserve the appreciation
Thanking you once again and looking forward to more and more tours with Veena World.

D. M. Damle

Congratulations for your new venture! We, my family of 4 members had been to Rajasthan Tour with your tour managers Sachin & Gaurav. It was a fantastic trip & unforgettable moments for my family. The Hotels were picturesque, food was awesome. Your tour manager Sachin Temak was very helpful. Though the travelling schedule was very hectic , The AC coach was very comfortable & we couldn??????????????????t feel the fatigue of travelling. Thank you very much for giving us this lifetime experience of Rajasthan at a very affordable price. We will always look forward to such beautiful sightseeing tour from Veena World. All the best for your future plans!

Sujata Patkar

Best wishes for Veena world. When I thought of a short & last minute vacation , I visited your Vashi office and booked Rajasthan tour . I must say that the core of office is just superb . The front end staff : efficient & cooperative , especially Shweta Patil & Ankita Deshpande. Just to site an incident : I called up Ankita on her cellphone at 9.30 am (thinking that office time starts at 9am like mine ) regarding my queries and patiently & cheerfully she answered all of them . I really felt sorry when I came to know that office timings are post 10am , but nowhere she mentioned that I have disturbed her in her personal time. I appreciate the work style .Hope your other staff also works like front end staff . Will definitely keep you posted about the experience after I return from my tour.

Bhushana Samant

First of all wish you a very happy and prosperous new year 2014 and also I say Tilgul ghya goad bola. Really we have enjoyed our Rajasthan tour with good food and good hospitality . Our tour managers Nilesh, Jitendra and Dsouza are very nice persons. Nilesh has managed tour efficiently as per tour schedule. I want to say something about the hotels , some hotels are not provided as per \??????????????Veena world\?????????????? standard and the snacks also my humble request to you, can you add rajgira vadi and biscuits instead of some oily products because sometimes oily products are wasted and your purpose behind it is not served. I hope you will consider these things. I would like to travel with Veena World in future because my faith is in your good hospitality and good management.

Mohana Kanade

CONGRATULATIONS !!!! I would like to congratulate to you from the bottom of my heart for starting again from the zero. I have just returned from Rajasthan tour (Rajasthan Grandeur ?????????????????? 15 days/14 nights. It was a wonderful experience. beautiful scenario including fort, palaces, folk dances, puppet shows, camel safari, havelis, food, jungle safari even rickshaw, jeep, tom-tom safari and shopping too. Everything was excellent. We enjoyed a lot. Myself was travelling alone, but group was very good so as I can enjoyed a lot. Aditya, Mahendra, Tejas all behaved very respectfully and lovingly. I can see good potential with all of them. Tejas is very young and have a diploma with the same subject which is good for your company. Qualification and experience always acts good and place the company to a good position. I have shared some suggestions and concerns with your team which i hope are given attention to. Thank you for the wonderful tour.

Al-Mas Potrick

Let me THANK YOU for making our tour a BIG success with a great satisfaction and comfort! It was my dream to take my parents (who are 75 yrs + old) to Rajasthan, which is the only state they have not explored in India before! It??????????????????s only because of your management and outstanding support from Tour Managers ?????????????????? Swapnil Deshmukh and Satchitanand Pawar , we could able to fulfil our dream! The entire group became ???????????????one?????????????????? family in just 2 days with great efforts from Swapnil & Satchit. My parents were the ???????????????junior most (!)?????????????????? in the group and they enjoyed a lot! Thanks again to Veena World! I have no second thought that Veena World will become the #1 company in India in tourism! Wish you all the luck and success. Cheers!

Sandeep Tidke

I would like to thank Veena World for giving a really wonderful, carefree, stress free 8 days to my Mother Mrs Shobhana Bhandarkar who just came back yesterday from Rajasthan ??????????????????Jaipur-Udaipur tour. As a senior citizen and a first experience with a travel company she had a good time. A very well planned and detailing when it comes to traveling, hotels, food and the plus point of Veena World is the personal attention of all the tour managers which was a very reassuring part of the tour. I would like to thank personally to Mrs Veena Patil for her vision, planning and detailed execution. All the staff at the Veena World??????????????????s office.Personal attention of the tour managers during the tour Swapnil Deshmukh, Sachidananad Pawar and Mahindra Wadekar and the driver and the cleaner for a safe and comfortable journey .I would like to assure you that this was a beginning and the first experience but definitely not the last one. Pl keep us updated on the new tours in the future.

Anand Bhandarkar

Recently I travelled on rajasthan tour on 24 th feb, it was fantastic from every angle. well designed. well lookafter, good hotels, good food, within reasonable cost, max. sightseeing. team leader mr sandip patil along with mr paresh mr jitendra were too good to provide all help. in future ,i will travel thru veena world.

Pramod Gupta