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Dheeraj Chaudhari

Always smiling and calm is how one would see Dheeraj. He has been in the tourism industry for almost 8 years. At the onset, he conducted tours to Himachal, Rajasthan, Ladakh, Kailash and now deftly handles Thailand sector. He has good destination knowledge. He is passionate about swimming and loves singing. According to him Veena World is an organization that has good working environment & great work culture.

Sandesh Wagh

Sandesh has been escorting tours for 8 years and is an expert in Sikkim Darjeeling, Himachal, Rajasthan, & Chardham sectors. He is down to earth, pleasant and soft spoken and therefore it􀀶s easy to like him. And these are the attributes that endear him to our guests. He is adept at handling critical situations. He loves adventure and is a very good anchor. He feels Veena World is creating milestones in the tourism industry with every step it takes.

Kunal Shinde

Kunal has been conducting tours to Darjeeling and Kerala for 2 years now. He is quite hardworking and ready for challenges. In his free time he enjoys to go on trekking expeditions.

Alok Lokhande

Alok has 6 years’ experience in handling Kashmir, Rajasthan, Nepal, Ooty Kodai & Amaranth sectors. He’s pleasant and smiling, calm and composed. He is good at handling different kinds of people. Guests always give good feedback about him. He’s a silent yet good worker. He has thorough knowledge of the sectors that he handles. He feels lucky to be working with Veena World and loves his Job.

Amit Kene

Having 5 years of experience in the tourism industry, Amit deftly handles Kashmir, Nepal, Delhi-Agra, Kerala, & Thailand. He’s talkative and keeps guests entertained at all times. He has caring nature, and he’s soft spoken, enthusiastic, & has good coordination skills. He always ensures that a particular task is completed no matter how tough the situation.

Mahendra Wadkar

Good personality, sincere and caring, Mahendra has been conducting tours to Rajasthan and Himachal, Madhya Pradesh, Nepal since the past 2 years. He has a good sense of humour and is good at organising entertainment activities. He loves to play cricket.


I travelled to Bhutan on 19th March with Veena World. It was a pleasant experience. Our tour manager Mr. Amit Dixit and local tour guides were really caring and helpful. Overall the tour was really. memorable

Nandini Laad BTJW - (I-FLY ) 18 MARCH 2017

Hello Veena World,
First of all a BIG THANK YOU to you for making our (Tejas & Akshaya) Bhutan trip simply awesome. This was our second international trip with Veena World. Everything in the trip was well planned & the tour manager (Ganesh Sorte) well executed it. The meals provided during the trip was good enough. The choice of tourist attractions was also great. Tour manager guided us very well. He was updating us on every small small details regarding the tourists attractions, about the country & in general related to travel. He made our life simple in the journey.

All in all we had so much fun, made new friends, clicked photographs & gained some memories which will be cherished forever.
You guys are simply awesome! We look forward to another fabulous trip with Veena World!!

Tejas Shende BTJW (I-fly Pune ) 23 January 2017

It was our first trip with veena world and we had a great time . Hope to travel exclusively with ur team in coming times . Everything was fine right from ur booking executive to ur systems before departure . Hotels were comfortable and food was good and our tour manager was ur face who was warm and helpful . Hope to travel with you at least 2 time's in a year . We will try your expertise on international travel

Ketan Bhasin BTJW - (I-fly )18 February 2017

You guys rock as always, this was overall 10thexperience with you (Including my Family members different tours – Australia, Thailand, Europe, Rajasthan) . Regarding Bhutan experience I must say it was one of the memorable days of my life because this was first time I was away alone from home for 8 days after several years. Just want to ask you how you guys manage each tour so specially? Do you give any magic stick to tour managers? I am kidding here – I know how hard work it is to manage everything outside our state/country. But your team manages so efficiently it looks like a magic. Big thanks to tour manager Makarand Ghanekar for excellent support in Bhutan and I promise whenever we will plan next tour it will be with VEENA WORLD!

Poonam Brahme BTJW (I-FLY PUNE) 06 February 2017

६ ते १३ फेब्रुवारी मकरंद घाणेकर बरोबर भूतान टूर करत आहोत . टूर छानच झाली , राहण्यासाठी हाॅटेल्स , फिरण्यासाठी आरामदायी बस, कुशल ड्रायव्हर , अत्यंत उत्साही टूर गाईड आणि मॅनेजर या मुळे टूर प्रेक्षणीय तशीच आनंददायी झाली . मकरंद घरच्याआमच्या मुलांची उणीव भासणार नाही इतकी आमची काळजी घेत आहे .या आधी नोव्हेम्बर मध्ये आपल्या बरोबर केनिया , दक्षिण आफ्रिका , व्हिक्टोरिया फाॅल्स टूर केली, त्या वेळी निमेश लाड आमची काळजी घेत होता. ती टूर देखील संस्मरणीय झाली. नुक्तेच आम्ही उभयतांनी आमच्या सोसायटीमध्ये या टूर बद्दल आमच्या सर्व ज्येष्ठ मित्र मैत्रिणींना तासभर माहितीपर भाषण दिले आणि ते ऐकून खूप जणांना ही टूर करायची स्फुर्ती आली .
२०१५ मध्ये स्पेन , पोर्तुगाल , मोरोक्को टूर मनवीर तळेकर बरोबर केली होती , त्याच्याशी तर आमचे अत्यंत जिव्हाळ्याचे संबंध पक्के झाले आहेत , त्याच्या पौड रोड शाखेतूनच नंतरच्या टूर्स आम्ही केल्या आणि भविष्यातहि करत राहू , कारण वीणाताईंच्या मार्गदर्शनात तय्यार झालेल्या. या सर्व मुलांनी आमची मने जिंकली आहेत. धन्यवाद , आपल्या कंपनीची उत्तरोत्तर आणखी प्रगती होत राहो ह्या सद् भावनेसह
मनोरमा परांडेकर, वय ६८ पूर्ण

Manorama Parandekar BTJW (I-fly Pune ) 06 February 2017

Thanks ! Veena-World !
Our Bhutan Tour ( BT JW - (I)- Bhutan Jewel - Ifly) dt.27Nov to 4th Dec. was a memorable experience. Credit goes to the Wonderful Land of Bhutan,proper arrangements made by Veena World and sincere efforts of the Tour Manager Amol Salgar. Thanks to Veena World once again. Looking foreword to join another Tour with Veena World in near future.

Vilas Karekar & Surekha Sabnis BTJW - (I-Fly ) 26 November 2016

We enjoyed the tour fully and like a family. Our tour manager Amol Salgar took every care to keep us happy and relaxed, helped us in every possible way His experience and knowledge about the tourism made a lot of difference. The tour program was well organised.

Varsha Borkar BTJW - (I-Fly ) 26 November 2016

निसर्गाची मुक्तहस्ताने उधळण आणि जपणूक, ज्या आपल्या शेजारच्याच चिमकुल्या राष्ट्रात झाली आहे अशा 'भूतान' ला सहकुटुंब आणि रसिक लोकांबरोबर भेट देण्याचा अनुभव, अवर्णनीय आनंदासाठी कायम लक्षात राहील !
वीणा वर्ल्ड ने 25 मे ते 1 जून 2016 ह्या काळात आयोजित केलेल्या सहलीत स्वप्निल कदम ह्या उत्साही, हुशार आणि उत्कृष्ट सहल व्यवस्थापाकने दुर्गम भागातली हि सहल यशस्वी केली. सर्वांना ह्या सहलीचा खूप आनंद घेता आला, त्यात स्वप्निलच्या उत्कृष्ट सहल व्यवस्थापन कौशल्याचा सिंहाचा वाटा आहे ! या काळात स्वप्निल सोबत आमच्याबरोबर होता भारतावर प्रेम असणारा, भूतानचा एक तेवढाच उत्साही लोकल गाईड . 'अन्नू ' हे त्याचं टोपण नाव.
ह्या सहलीचा अविस्मरणीय अनुभव कवितेत पकडायचा माझा हा छोटासा प्रयत्न !

रम्य भूतान

थिम्पू आणि पारोचा,
भूतान अन्नू दाखव रे
पुनखा व्हॅली मधला स्वप्नील
भूतान मला दाखव रे

भूतानचे डोंगर इथल्या,
आभाळाला शिवले रे
पाहून त्यांचं हिरवंपण,
डोळे माझे निवले रे

क्षुद्र त्यांना पैसा अडका,
जमीन आणि जुमले रे
बुद्धम शरणं गच्छामी,
झॉन्ग मध्ये घुमले रे

थिम्पू आणि पारोचा,
भूतान अन्नू दाखव रे
पुनखा व्हॅली मधला स्वप्नील,
भूतान मला दाखव रे

गोंडस गोड बाळं इथलीं,
त्यांचे इवले काळे डोळे रे
झॉन्गवर पाहिलेले जणू,
मधमाश्यांचे पोळे रे

घोंघावणार वारा इथल्या,
फुला फुलांत लोळे रे
वाहताना सुगंध तो,
अंगांगाला चोळे रे

थिम्पू आणि पारोचा,
भूतान अन्नू दाखव रे
पुनखा व्हॅली मधला स्वप्नील,
भूतान मला दाखव रे

निसर्गाला जोपासायला,
राजा प्रजा झटले रे
फळे फुले पक्षांनी,
भूतान सुंदर नटले रे

निसर्गाचे माहेरघर हे,
खरचं मनाला पटले रे
आनंदाला सृष्टीच्या ह्या,
मी मनापासून लुटले रे

थिम्पू आणि पारोचा,
भूतान अन्नू दाखव रे
पुनखा व्हॅली मधला स्वप्नील,
भूतान मला दाखव रे
हिमालयाचे पाणी गार,
नद्यांतून वाहिले रे
वळणं घेत दऱ्याखोऱ्यात,
खळाळताना पाहिले रे

तृप्त होत मन हिरव्या,
निसर्गात नाहिले रे
रम्य भूतान मनात माझ्या,
घर करून राहिले रे
घर करून राहिले रे

- वैभव दळवी
31 मे 2016


माझ्याच 'रम्य भूतान' कवितेचे, सहलीतल्या थोड्याश्या गैरसोयीईंवर भाष्य करणारे, गाईड अन्नू आणि वीणा वल्डचा प्रतिनिधी स्वप्निल कदम ह्यांना गोड चिमटे काढत, मीच केलेले हे विडंबन. सहलीच्या शेवटच्या रात्रीच्या स्नेहसंमेलनात सादर केलेल्या ह्या कविता, माझ्या सर्व सहलमित्रांना खूप आवडल्या.

थिम्पू आणि पारोचा,
भूतान वीणा दाखव ग
स्वप्नील सोबत आम्हाला,
भूतान वीणा दाखव ग

ओढे नद्यांवरती इथल्या,
लाकडाचे साकव ग
स्वप्नील सोबत आम्हाला,
भूतान वीणा दाखव ग

गाय मेंढा संकराचा,
राष्ट्रीय प्राणी 'ताकीन' ग
वाघ आहेच म्हणती इथे,
सिंव्हीण देऊन टाकीन ग

थिम्पू आणि पारोचा,
भूतान वीणा दाखव ग
स्वप्नील सोबत आम्हाला,
भूतान वीणा दाखव ग

एक पिंजरा झू मध्ये,
त्यात, प्राणी दोन सोडले ग
तिथेही अन्नू स्वप्नीलने,
तास दोन मोडले ग

थिम्पू आणि पारोचा,
भूतान वीणा दाखव ग
स्वप्नील सोबत आम्हाला,
भूतान वीणा दाखव ग

रिव्हर राफ्टिंग करू सांगून,
उगाच दिल तोडलं ग
भूतांनी नृत्याच सर्वांना,
वर बिल जोडल ग

मशरूम सूप मधलं इथल्या,
मश्रुम कुठं दडले ग
स्वीट डिश सांगून पानांत,
कलिंगडच पडलं ग

थिम्पू आणि पारोचा,
भूतान वीणा दाखव ग
स्वप्नील सोबत आम्हाला,
भूतान वीणा दाखव ग

देताना माहिती टायगर नेस्टची,
धैर्य आधीच तोडले ग
धीर देण्याच्या पद्धतीला,
हात कोपरापासून जोडले ग

थिम्पू आणि पारोचा,
भूतान वीणा दाखव ग
स्वप्नील सोबत आम्हाला,
भूतान वीणा दाखव ग

हॉटेल दिसते मस्त ग,
म्हणूनच माणूस फसतं ग
रेसेप्शनवर यांच्या बर का,
कुणीसुद्धा नसतं ग
दहा बाय दहाच्या रूम मध्ये,
चहा कॉफीही नसतं ग

रेसेप्शन ते हॉटेल रूम,
चालायचं खूप असत ग
वायफाय आणि गरम पाणीही,
एकाच वेळी नसतं ग

थिम्पू आणि पारोचा,
भूतान वीणा दाखव ग
स्वप्नील सोबत आम्हाला,
भूतान वीणा दाखव ग

आमच्या बसचा चालक रात्री,
पावशेर मारून असतो ग
आशा करतो बस वरती
ते तरतरीत होऊन बसतो ग

फार काही आम्हाला,
तस नको असतं ग
योग्य हॉटेल सुरक्षित प्रवास,
इतकच हवं असतं ग

थिम्पू आणि पारोचा
भूतान वीणा दाखव ग
स्वप्नील सोबत आम्हाला
भूतान वीणा दाखव ग

सकाळ संध्याकाळ बुद्ध दर्शन,
करून करून थकलो ग
मी सुद्धा अर्धा मॉंक,
आता बनून चुकलो ग

रोज रोज झॉन्ग माँनेस्टरी,
दाखवायचा हेतू शुद्ध ग
पण स्वप्नातहि रोज आता,
येतो माझ्या बुद्ध ग

थिम्पू आणि पारोचा
भूतान वीणा दाखव ग
स्वप्नील सोबत आम्हाला
भूतान वीणा दाखव ग

टूर मॅनेजर स्वप्नीलच,
प्लान्निंग किती मजबूत ग
उगाच नाही झाली तशी,
आमची खरीच समजूत ग

राजवाडच नाही त्याने,
राजालाही दाखवलं
पारो flight landing पाहण्या,
विमानही मागवलं

म्हणून स्वप्नील सोबत आम्हाला,
भूतान वीणा दाखव ग
म्हणून स्वप्नील सोबत आम्हाला,
इतरही देश दाखव ग
इतरही देश दाखव ग

- वैभव दळवी
31 मे 2016


चिमुकल्या देशाचं ह्या,
नाव भूतान आहे..

नजर जिथवर जाईल तिथवर,
हिरवं हरएक पान आहे..

पर्वत, पाऊस, नद्या, ओढे,
निसर्गाची जान आहे...

चिमुकल्या देशाचं ह्या,
नाव भूतान आहे..

निसर्ग जपण्याचं इथल्या ,
माणसाला भान आहे,

म्हणून सृष्टीचंही त्यांना,
भव्य वरदान आहे

चिमुकल्या देशाचं ह्या,
नाव भूतान आहे..

वाऱ्याच्या गार झुळकेला इथल्या,
गाण्यातली तान आहे

मेरूंवर विसावल्या नभांचा,
निसर्ग खूप छान आहे...

चिमुकल्या देशाच ह्या,
नाव भूतान आहे..
'किरा'आणि 'घो' च्या वेशाला,
इथे खूप मान आहे

नम्रता अन आदरातिथ्य,
ही त्यांची शान आहे..

चिमुकल्या देशाचं ह्या,
नाव भूतान आहे..

प्रजेला ऐकणारा इथल्या,
राजाचा कान आहे..

राजेशाही असली तरी,
प्रजेला मान आहे..

चिमुकल्या देशाचं ह्या,
नाव भूतान आहे..

अगदी साधं इथलं बघा,
रोजचं खानपान आहे
आरोग्यसेवा, शिक्षण इथं,
नागरिकांना दान आहे

चिमुकल्या देशाच ह्या,
नाव भूतान आहे..
बुद्धाच्या तत्वज्ञानाचं,
इथे पसायदान आहे,

चाराचरात इथे म्हणून,
माणुसकीच भान आहे..

चिमुकल्या देशाचं ह्या,
नाव भूतान आहे..

भारताच्या शेजारीच हा,
मित्र एक लहान आहे..

शेजारधर्म त्याचा मात्र ,
खूपच महान आहे..

चिमुकल्या देशाचं ह्या,
नाव भूतान आहे..

चिमुकल्या देशाचं ह्या,
नाव भूतान आहे..

- वैभव दळवी
26 मे 2016

BTJW - (I-Fly ) 25 May 2016 Mr. Vaibhav Dalvi

Iam Mrs Prabha Patil from Nanded,recently my husband n me went to Bhutan BTJW(1)140816M/A .It was really superb in all respects.

Firstly our tour guide Ganesh was extremely good n very patient n coperative. The scenic beauty was awesome truly it is heaven on earth .Veena World you ll provided the best hotel food was good transportation was good .We were a group of 30 we all felt like one big family ,we made new friends that was possible because of you All.

I will rate it as 5 star rating .In future we have decided to see new places only with veena world.

Malakanagouda Patil BTJW - (I-Fly )14 August 2016

At the very outset let me congratulate first to you and your company for leading Tour industry. Within a very short time, you and company has achieved a lot within a very short span.

Me and my family with four other friends had joined your Bhutan tour of this month. We are very happy to tell you that we are fully satisfied with the tour itenary and the services of tour leader, Mr. Ganesh Sorte.
In fact before joining your tour we had studied all most all tour companies itenary and cost part, and happy to say that we are fully satisfied. I observed following things and would like to share the same. The size of group-good.
Itenary- good.
mode of transport-good.
Hotels-good except at Thimpu.
Food packets- very good.
Group discipline-Average.
Bus sitting arangement- should be on rotation basis.
Hotel Food- Average.
Local and Bhutanese Guides- excellent.
Language of guide- At all time should be either Hindi or English.
PRO-Very happy that your company has introduced to celebrate birthdays/ssc results etc during tour. Also you invited local group for performance. Quality of Bags/Nasta packets and all such items were of good quality.
Thanking you and eager to join your other tours in future.

Mayank Hora BTJW - (I) 04 May 2016

We take this opportunity to thank you very much for arranging such a nice tour of Bhutan. Mr. Mahendra must be appreciated for taking lots of efforts to make this tour a grand success. From the day first to the day last, he was like our person and nobody treated him a tour manager.

When we plan our next tour with Veena World, we wish Mahendra Wadkar should be as our tour manager.
CHALO-BAG BHARO-NIKAL PADO......Awaiting to follow this.....


This was my first experience with Veena World and it was truly a memorable trip. A memorable trip to Bhutan. Like our tour manager (Sunil Kini) said, on the very first day, we are more like an extended family, it truly did feel like that. Right from the beginning to the end of the trip, it was a beautiful experience. The places mentioned in the iteanrry was covered up and managed well by the team. We were only hoping to spend a few days more in Bhutan, since we lost the weekend due to the immigration process.

From traveling, to accommodation, food everything was well organised. Also good service provided by the hotels, along with beautiful locations. A big thank you to our team manager,Mr. Sunil Kini; Mr. Gaurav, and Mr. Mohan, they were the real backbone to our trip. They managed the trip extremely well. Mr. Mohan had an extended knowledge on Bhutan and through him learnt so much about the place. Overall a very good experience with Veena World. Looking forward to some more trips organised by you'll.

Shivani Kumar BTJW - (I-Fly ) 11 June 2016

Myself Mrs. Rohini Pai and my husband Mr. Umesh Pai are sending this mail to say thanks to Veena World and your tour manager Mr. Chetan Surve and Mr. Vivek Kochrekar for taking efforts for making our divine and difficult yatra to Kailash- Mansarovar successful and a memorable one.

Due to bad weather conditions our group split into 2 at Simikot. But our tour leader Mr. Chetan Surve over telephone have instructions to agents at Nepalganj to issue boarding passes and arranged vehicle to reach our hotel. For second group the leaders arranged bus, food etc so that they reach hotels without any problems and safely.

I really appreciate Mr. Chetan Surve's efforts. Inspite of high altitude and bad weather conditions he along with few of our group members completed Parikrama. Throughout our trip he remained cool and managed all the situations with ease. By God's grace and efforts of these leaders we completed our Yatra successfully. Thankyou Veena World and thankyou leaders!!! We wish Chetan and Vivek good health, wealth, and bright future.

Umesh Pai NPKH - (I-fly ) 15 June 2016

Have just returned after a great trip to Bhutan; our first with Veena World. In any group tour with 27 (no mean number!) expectant holiday makers, a lot of hard work goes into planning, detailing, and execution. And the Veena World Team, we can whole heartedly say has come out with flying colours. A big ???????Thank You,?????? to all there!

In any tour, the realities on the ground a few times, are quite different from what one expects. And ours was no exception. But our Tour Manager, Shri Sunil Kini, handled these on his feet, with admirable skill. He was gracious enough to not only lend an ear to many individual views (sometimes quite contrary), wishes and desires; but also fulfil so many of them. Supported as he was by our local guide, Shri Mohan Prasad (who spared no efforts to enlighten us to the culture, history and people of Bhutan) and Shri Gaurav (ever smiling and ready to help us), this tour has been a stupendous success. And last but not the least, kudos to our young coach drivers, who handled to wheel with dexterity and competence, hour after hour, day after day over the mountain roads.

K. Subramaniam and Hamsa Subramaniam BTJW - (I-Fly ) 11 June 2016

Me and my family went to the Bhutan tour ( BTHL - (I)230516M/A ) with Veena world . I've been to number of national and international tours before but this was my first tour with Veena world and I must say it was the best tour I've been to. Bhutan is a beautiful country . But Veena world made it even more awesome.

Tour guides ( Dorjee and Ngawang) were amazing . They had deep knowledge and answered every single question. Tour Manager Ganesh fulfilled all our wishes. ( like when we asked for kanda bhaji ) He was very helpful. Then the hotels !
Zingkham in Punakkha and Janka in Paro . These two hotels were very beautiful and the staff was very very polite. Transportation was also very good. I'll definitely give this tour 5 out of 5 stars.

Aditya Bhosale BTHL - (I-Fly ) 23 May 2016

I was one of the participant in your Bhutan trip (18 April 16) The overall management, transport, stay, food, and everything was satisfying. My full marks to the tour manager, Mr. Pranay Thalkar and also, to the escort -guide from Bhutan, viz, Mr. K. wangchuk ( fondly known as "Annu")
My regards to Veena and Sudhir, Thanks.

Mr. Suneet Raut BTJW (I Fly) 18 April 2016

I travelled for the first time with Veena world on Bhutan tour on 11/4/16 to 19th April. My experience is excellent , we both enjoyed the tour. We thank Mr. amol Jadhav who was a tour manager who managed very nicely With this I have decided to have tours through Veena world only Thanks, for good experience

Mr. Suresh Pankey BTJW (I Fly) 11 April 2016

I along with my wife had joined the Nepal tour. I must say it was awesome experience. I want to say big thank you to Veena World for organizing this trip. We all highly appreciate the meticulous planning particularly by Mr. Kunal Shinde ,the trip manager and Mr. Bhim Kumar (the Nepal counterpart). They organized so well that we had absolutely no reason to complaint on anything. The party on new year eve was awesome.

Shyamsunder Kamat NPJW 25 December 2015

Just came back from a memorable, joyful and a lovely trip to Bhutan. This was our second tour with Veena World. The first one to Leh Ladakh was a fabulous tour and we were reluctant and anxious and did not know if it was a one off tour or if we will get the same experience again. But, all our thoughts were put to rest right from the start of this tour with excellent tour manager Mr. Alok Lokhande. He made sure that guests experience a fun filled tour with all arrangements up to the mark. Not to forget the guides Mr. Kinley and Mr. Jigme who were fantastic and made sure we get all the information related to the places we visited and the drivers who carefully and safely rode through the difficult roads. This was a tour to remember and the entire group of 25 people became like a family when the tour came to an end. Surely, we are taking back memories for lifetime. Until next tour???????..thanks and regards.

Soorya and Saumya NPBJ 02 May 2015

We came back from your Bhutan tour. Our tour manager was Shri. Sandesh Wagh. The tour was very enjoyable the country - Bhutan is picturesque. Our hotels, provided by you were very good. Because of built -in heaters provided in hotels the cold climate was tolerable. Sandesh was very very cooperative and extremely helpful. My wife Anjali suffered from stomach ache during the last two days. When she requested Sandesh, he went all the way and arranged for Khichadi at Paro. Hot and well-cooked Khichadi was delivered to her in her room (we missed the sightseeing for that day).When we told all members that Khichadi was so good that all requested Sandesh to arrange Khichadi for all of us in dinner. And he did it!! All credit goes to Sandesh for his timely help [and of course to your grooming]
On the whole the tour was very nicely conducted and we enjoyed it. Thank you very much Veenatai and all your crew.

Anil Kale NPBJ 12 April 2015

Nepal tour was a great experience for both of us. Thanks for warm and professional approach from both Mr. Dhiraj and Mr. Bhimsenji in handling all aspects of the tour. Accommodation at first two destinations were good and friendly .Five star hotel s are becoming more robotic . Locations are nicely chosen .The world heritage sights being closed is unusual if compared with Ajatha Humpy Tour operator s like you should your influence in such matters. All in all we are great full to you and are excepting news for kailas manas. Thanks again.

Vinita & Dilip Apte NPJW 05 April 2015

We family enjoyed your tour to Nepal in May 2014. It was excellent lifetime experience to See Mount Everest by small flight. My son Rohan enjoyed a lot elephant ride at Chitwan. We appreciate excellent effort n help of Mr Dheeraj your tour guide during tour. Overall it was excellent n memorable time in my life with Veena world. We would like to go for tour worldwide thru Veena World.

Dr Ram Nalawde



Myself my wife Sharmila and daughter Pranoti had an excellent experience on the Nepal Bhutan tour from .The tour was very well organised with flight,transportation,breakfast,lunch and dinner included in the package. The tour guide managed the group very well and all the major attractions were covered within specified time.There was absolutely no scope for any error and timings,schedules ,hotel check in ,check out etc was as per precise timing and with minimum fuss.The tour cost was also reasonable and pre and post tour the staff gave all information like flight schedule ,hotel names ,detail itinerary well in advance.Overall we had a great experience.

Sandeep Shrikhande NPBD 06 November 2013

We are back with beautiful memories of our Nepal Butan tour. The sightseeing tours were great, hotels were select, snack hamper was in good quantity and the baggage arrangement was done very well. I have shared some suggestions about various aspects of our tour which i hope will be actioned. Good luck Veena World.

S.G. Bivalkar

Our tour to Nepal and Bhutan with Veenaworld was a memorable one. Bhutan is divine! A perfect peaceful and unwinding experience. The one hour air-ride of Himalayan ranges, including the Sagarmatha (The Everest), at Nepal, was a pleasant surprise, for which I have to thank Veena World. Nevertheless, I would suggest that though for us it came as a surprise, may be Veena World should give the tourists some idea about the availability of this option so that they are prepared for it.
I look forward to another tour with Veena World very soon. Thank you.

Maneesha Dixit

I am just back from Nepal Tour on 15th December. I enjoyed a lot. In Rajasthan, Valley of flowers and Europe tour, entertainment was missing en route which was back in this tour.
We played Antakshari for 4 hrs. Dheeraj is talented. Kept us active.

Sunita Dharwadkar NPGR 08 December 2013