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Mahendra Wadkar

Good personality, sincere and caring, Mahendra has been conducting tours to Rajasthan and Himachal, Madhya Pradesh since the past 2 years. He has a good sense of humour and is good at organising entertainment activities. He loves to play cricket.

Sandip Kashid

Sandip has been conducting tours to Himachal, Ladakh, Madhya Pradesh and Nepal since the past 2 years. Caring, humble and concerned, he has proved himself to be a good tour manager. When not on tour, he loves to go on treks.

Sumit Jadhav

Sumit, with his 4 years of experience in what one would term “Difficult” sectors, a seasoned Veena World Tour Manager. He has successfully conducted tours in Kashmir, Rajasthan, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Amarnath and Leh Ladakh. He is quite innovative and always comes up with new techniques to entertain Guests on tour. He is full of energy and nothing really dampens his spirits not even when faced with a crisis, in fact he quite efficiently manages the show in such cases. He loves to go away on trekking expeditions when not on tour


The MPJW181216 tour was quite delightful and we enjoyed it a lot. We are extremely grateful to Veena world for the last moment inclusion of Bhimbetka in the itinerary.
The rooms at the Hotels where we stayed were spacious and nice. The quality of food, amenities and services was also good barring the case of Hotel Raja Bhoj. The Team Manager Mr Mahendra Wadkar is a genius . His ability to control , manage and handle the situation is marvellous. His devotion and dedication is outstanding. We would rank him as one of the best Team Managers ever we came across.

The Asstt Manager Mr. Rahul Gaikwad is also cooperative . It would not be out of place to mention here that the tour could be successful because of his full-fledged and whole hearted assistance to the team manager.

Mr Santosh Kadam who joined us as a substitute Team Manager in place of Mr. Mahendra Wadkar needs also to be praised for this devotion , dedication and hard work. His anxiety in providing maximum relief to the guests during crisis was noteworthy.

Mr. Subhash Gangan & Mrs Supriya Gangan MPJW-(I-fly) 18 December 2016

We enjoyed tour very much Being senior citizens we got lot of support and help from Tour Manager Hotels were good Food was very good This tour was our third tour during this year 2016 we are planning future trip with Veena world only. thanks

Praphull Patil MPEX-(I-Fly) 03 December 2016

Recently we completed the tour of Indore, Ujjain and Mandu. Tour code STIM081216/A. We were a family of four and it was our first tour with Veena world.

The tour was conducted precisely as per the itinerary given to us. However, we feel that as the centre point was Indore city, much more of Indore could have been covered in the itinerary.
The accommodation and food arrangements were excellent and the tour managers Shri Akshay and Shri Omkar were very well mannered with jolly personality. They balanced professionalism with fun and we enjoyed their company.

Overall the tour experience was very good and we look forward to some more trips in the future.

Anand Banodkar STIM 08 Decembr 2016

Hi ,our Indore tour was very well organised with a nice hotel, good location, excellent food n room service. Not only that our tour managers Mr Akshay Gaikwad & Mr.Omkar Joglekar were very kind hearted, jovial n helpful made our trip still memorable. Thank u Veena World for such a wonderful experience

Sujata Abhyankar STIM (I-fly) 08 December 2016

I have come back from the M.P.tour mentioned above on 17th December. I am very very happy and enjoyed the tour very much .I was very safe and comfortable with our Tour Manager Mr.Mahendra Waddkar.He is very nice person and very good for time management. Because of his inspiration I could go to see many places like Jatashankar, Forts Bhedaghat etc.where I was reluctant to climb the steps But he took me with care like my son.I am thankful to him and to you for your good choice of persons like Mahendra Wadker.Really it is a wonderful experience to travel with Veena World .Last year in April 2015 I was on a tour with you to Maritius,Women Special.Yes I am proud of you and your team.
Thank You once again

Vaishali Athawale MPEX-(I-Fly ) 03 December 2016

Thank u for wonderful wonderful tour organised by you for five of us.Tour schedule ,accomodation, food,travel everything was excellent ,last minute addition Bhimbetka was simply marvellous .To summarise the tour ..... tour schedule-***** accomodation-***** food-***** travel arrangements -****- last but not the least service given by your tour manager Ganesh Dighe was very excellent ,he is cooperative, sincere ,always helping, smiling ,handled difficult situation short he is the ideal manager for tours. Thanks again ...

Rajan Ajinkya MPJW 13 November 2016

We were 26 guests and the tour was very nice we loved and enjoyed it much. This is our 3rd tour with Verna world .We were not much satisfied with the previous two but this one gave lively experience, hats off to this one. This is all because of your two tour managers. Yes, Mahendra Wadkar and Sandeep Kashid were with us .They both are so co-operative, caring and helping in nature that everyone lively enjoyed the tour. We wish them every success in their life. We thank you for providing such nice guides. Thanks.

Kalpana and Ashok Patole MPJW 10 January 2016

Thanks for a great tour with awesome tour manager Mahendra Wadkar and his colleague Sandip Kashid. Both were very kind, polite and helpful throughout the tour. Mahendra managed the entire tour and logistics very well despite experiencing bad health and he was very well complimented by Sandip. Both were awesome and hats off to both of them. The tour was great, hotel stay was good and food was nice. All in all an excellent tour. Thanks very much Veena World.

Agnes and Lovina Mathias MPJW 10 January 2016