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LHSS-I-140817 Sandesh Patel
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LHHL-IP-100817 Amol Jadhav
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LHDL-I-080817 Jitesh Vaijapurkar
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LHHL-270717 Huduson Francis
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LHWB-I-LHWB-IP-190717 Vishakha Shah
LHJW-I-170717 Sachidanand Pawar
LHDL-I-120717 Monish Mali
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LHHL-I-020717 Saumitra Pradhan
LHDL-I-010717 Monish Mali
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LHHL-I-250617 Pravin More
LHHL-I-220617 Ajay Gharat
LHHL-IP-220617 Sunil Kini
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LHHL-IP-150617 Sunil Kini
LHHL-I-110617 Jayesh Khot
LHDL-I-110617 Sachidanand Pawar
LHHL-I-070617 Jigar Vora
LHHL-I-070617 Monish Mali
LHDL-IP-050617 Sunil Kini
LHHL-I-040617 Kishor Walung
LHHL-IP-030617 Sachidanand Pawar
LHDL-010617 Santosh Dhamke
LHHL-I-300517 Rahul Patil
LHST-I-290517 Vishakha Shah
LHDL-IP-280517 Jigar Vora
LHDL-280517 Vihar Thakur
LHHL-I-280517 Sunil Kini
LHDL-IP-280517 Monish Mali
LHDL-250517 Makrand Ghanekar
LHHL-I-220517 Sunil Kini
LHHL-210517 Vihar Thakur
LHHL-200517 Jayesh Khot
LHHL-IP-200517 Kishor Walung
LHDL-I-160517 Saumitra Pradhan
LHHL-120517 Hudson Francis
LHDL-120517 Vihar Thakur
LHDL-100517 Makrand Ghanekar
LHDL-IP-080517 Jigar Vora
LHHL-050517 Vihar Thakur
LHDL-I-040517 Kishor Walunj
LHHL-I-030517 Makrand Ghanekar
LHHL-I-010517 Jigar Vora


Sandeep Patil

Sandeep has 6 years experience as a tour manager and handles Kashmir, Amarnath, Rajasthan, Kerala, Karnataka, Leh Ladakh, Nepal & Bhutan. He has been a good support to the info-centre team. He is a simple and caring person. With his hardwork & good communication skills, he has proved himself to be a good tour manager. When not on tour, he loves to go on treks and is passionate about riding bikes.

Sumit Jadhav

Sumit, with his 4 years of experience in what one would term difficult sectors, is a seasoned Veena World Tour Manager. He has successfully conducted tours in Kashmir, Rajasthan, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Amarnath and Leh Ladakh. He is quite innovative and always comes up with new techniques to entertain Guests on tour. He is full of energy and nothing really dampens his spirits not even when faced with a crisis, in fact he quite e􀁇ciently manages the show in such cases. He loves to go away on trekking expeditions when not on tour.

Sagar Mhatre

Sagar has been conducting tours to Nainital, Rajasthan, Kailash Mansarovar, Chardham and Ladakh for the past 6 years. The initial tours to North East India / Seven Sisters were also conducted by him and in the process he set the sector making it easy for the rest of the team to conduct tours with minimal discomfort. He now also does International sector and conducts tours to Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. He is a good dancer and loves playing kho kho. He feels proud to be a part of the team Veena World.

Alison Dsouza

Alison has been conducting tours to Kashmir, Uttaranchal, Rajasthan, Leh Ladakh, Kerala, Goa since the past 3 years. Hardworking, positive & patient are a few of Alison’s attributes thatmake him a good team player. He is good at singing & taking quizzes and keeps the guests entertained on tour. He is fond of football, athletics & trekking. When not on tour he assists the sales team. He reckons Veena World is setting a benchmark in tourism industry & that his future is bright

Amit Kene

Having 5 years of experience in the tourism industry, Amit deftly handles Kashmir, Ladakh, Rajasthan, Delhi-Agra, Kerala, & Thailand. He’s talkative and keeps guests entertained at all times. He has caring nature, and he’s soft spoken, enthusiastic, & has good coordination skills. He always ensures that a particular task is completed no matter how tough the situation.

Sachin Bhise

Sachin has been in the tourism industry for the past 10 years conducting tours to Sikkim Darjeeling, Ladakh, Himachal, Chardham, Kailash Mansarovar & Thailand. Handling the rough sectors has made him very resourceful as the sector is known for the challenges it presents without any intimation. Good sense of humour & handling crisis deftly are a few of his strengths. He loves biking, playing cricket & he’s also a very good kabaddi player. He reckons that the organisation is on a right track & will scale new heights.


It was the best experience I had with the entire process including the tour right from booking till the last day of the trip, everything was in place. Tour managers Jigar Vora & Monish made it possible for us to enjoy the tour to its best. They managed everything properly and made us feel at home. Thank you for this amazing experience!

Srishti Gawande LHHL (I-Fly) 07 June 2017

Excellent Tour LHDL05062017, Excellent arrangement. Tour Manager Mr. Sunil Kini n Mr. Shreeyash Wanikar were very cooperative and helpful. Excellent in their work commitment. Overall experience was very good.

Sunanda Jadhav LHDL (I-Fly Pune) 05 June 2017

We had gone to Leh Ladakh trip from 1st June to 10th June. It was our first trip through Veena world. I must say it was a great experience. Both of your tour leaders Santosh Dhamke and Aniket and also a local tour guide Norbu, were wonderful and very caring and supportive persons. Because of them we did not feel the pressure of a rather adventurous tour. All your drivers were also very helpful. Overall it was a great satisfaction. We both of us admire the success of your company and wish a very bright future for your team and company.

Prakash Joshi LHDL (I-Fly) 01 June 2017

This was the wonderful and very joyful tour experienced by whole group. Thanks to Veena World and Team. Nicely managed and well organized by your team (specially credit goes to Jigar Vora and Mohnish Mali) Very well appreciated for Time keeping, Good communication, Caring, Well informed, Good relations with local representative and customers and very good approach to handle the situation in case of emergency or disputes. Very well wishes from all tour members and everybody is eager to plan next tour .

Shripad Akolkar LHHL (I-Fly) 07 June 2017

It was a wonderful experience. We had no difficulties at all. They had an on time performance. I am very happy with this tour. Their people were very nice with us. We were like Raja's on the tour 😁 😀. I would suggest everyone to go by Veena World.

Advait Gosavi LHHL (I-Fly) 05 June 2017

The experience was awesome... And this was just because of Our tour manager Mr. Tanmay and Mr. Akhil.. The comfort and care they gave us in entire trip was remarkable. Our kids were most happy to be with them, rather they were not ready to be with us. Yes Veena group thanks for giving us such a memorable experience. Would certainly like to give a word of recommendation for there future growth.. Best and beautiful future to Veena group..

Madhura kadu HPSN (I-Fly) 24 May 2017

We chose to do our tour to Ladakh from Veena world ( May 26-June 4) and it happened to be a very joyful and convenient trip for us. A huge heartfelt thanks to our tour managers- Mr. Makrand and Mr. Santosh. They were always polite and so much willing to help us out. It is because of them that we kept all worries at bay and simply enjoyed the trip to the fullest. It is also very nice to know about Buddhism and culture from Mr. Tundup. We were very happy after the trip. Huge thanks to team Veena world. Looking forward to another wonderful trip through Veena world.

Sanjay Kumar LHDL (I-Fly) 26 May 2017

Hi, This mail is to appreciate all the efforts taken by Veena Team to give us best vacation experience during our Tour to Leh ( 22 nd May to 28 th May). I am ( honestly) not a group Tour Person. This was my first group tour and I was very skeptical about it from the day my family and friends forced me to book it. But I must say that after spending 6-7 days with the group and Tour Managers , I am a changed person. The destination itself was very scenic and beautiful. Its worth spending few more days , I felt. We visited various places like Khardongla pass,Changla pass, Shey Palace, Monesteries , snow clad mountains and Lake . It was natural beauty all around. A must visit destination ! Best part of the tour was the way it was managed. Our Tour Managers Sunil Kini and Shreeyash Wanikar did a great job of making everyone comfortable. I was really surprised to see them managing the group so efficiently and with a big Smile on the face. I am sure they were putting lot of hard work and making sure that every one in the group gets great experience during the tour. What was more surprising was the infrastructure in this sector is still not up to the mark but both made all the effort to make sure that we were all comfortable. After long tiring day I found them spending time with few energetic kids who refused to retire after returning to the hotel. Great Energy ! Really Appreciate your efforts for great memorable experience for us !

Sunil Brid LHHL (I-Fly) 22 May 2017

Both of us had been to Leh-Ladhak tour recently. We had very good experience of the tour. Hotel stay, site-seeing was well arranged. Vehicles & Drivers arranged for site-seeing were good. Both of the tour managers were very good, efficient & cooperative (Sunil Kini & Shreeyash Wanikar). Over all a great experience.

Dr. Vilas Ainapure LHHL (I-Fly) 22 May 2017

Dear Sir/Madam, Good Morning!! On behalf of my family (Self, my wife Aparna, son Pranav & my mother-in-law Saroj Joshi, we would like to express "BIG THANKS" to Veena World for organizing wonderful trip of Leh Ladakh from May 16 till May 25, 2017. This was first trip with Veena World. The trip was very well coordinated by Tour Manager Soumitra Pradhan and his assistant Akshay Mayekar. The hotels where we stayed at all locations were excellent. Hospitality shown by your team during 10 days was much appreciable which did not allow us to feel that we are away from home. All other tour members were very supportive which gave us a feeling of one single family. The food arrangement and the dry snacks provided were of excellent quality. We did not face any problem during our stay in Leh. Thank you Veena World for taking "Good Care" of the family!!This trip completely distressed us especially my son who needed a break after HSC Exam. Sweet memories of this trip will remain forever!! Special Thanks to Soumitra and Akshay for their excellent work & support!! Keep it up! We look forward to have many more trips with Veena World!! I am sharing few good photographs of our tour. Once again "BIG THANKS to VEENA WORLD"!!

Sunil Gokhale LHDL (I-Fly) 16 May 2017

आम्ही 8मे ते 14 मे लेह लडाखची अतिशय छान ट्रिप केली. खूपच छान अनूभव होता .सर्व नियोजन अतिशय ऊत्तम .चैतन्य रणभोर आणी रोहन देशपांडे दोघांना specisl thanks.ह्या दोघांनी ट्रिप ला बहार आणली.कुठेही तक्रारीला जागा नाही.फक्त एक सूचवावेसे वाटते .पॅगाॅग लेकला एक stay हवा .thank u .

Smita Ranade LHHL (I-fly ) 08 May 2017

This is regard to feedback for Paresh Narvekar and Amol Patil Tour managers of Leh Ladakh Group tour 14 August 2016 batch.

We enjoyed alot with both Paresh and Amol, Nice management.
Qualities we like the most
1) Answer with Silent smile to any type of aggressive query from any guest.
2) Handling all critical situations with proper planning and effective solutions.
3) Taking proper care of all age guests with personal attention to everyone.
4) Perfect directions, to the point answer, timely follow up and the list goes on.

We would like to do tours with both of them all the time.

Charushila Sanap LHHL (I-Fly Pune ) 14 August 2016

We have travelled first time with Veena World and had enjoyed tour.
My views regarding tours as below

Planning of trip - Excellent
Food - Very nice
Hotel accommodation - Excellent
Travelling arrangement- Excellent
Tour Managers- Helping, attentive and coordinating nicely.
We have decided to plan our next trip with Veena World only.

Hemant & Chetana Kulkarni LHDL(I-Fly )12 June 2016

I am Devyani Dande from Nashik. I am writing this letter to you with reference to my first experience with Veena World on Ladakh trip . Our trip commenced on 10th April 2016 and ended on 19th April 2016. Our tour manager was Mr. Mahendra Wadkar. I am really happy with the service which we received during the entire trip.

Going to a place like Ladakh which is 10000 feet above sea level and making the trip successful with a great level of careness,right from asking daily how we are, taking care of food and transportation services, looking after every member of the trip is something which is commendable. However, I would suggest that you can organise another category of Ladakh Trip only for youngsters who are interested in bike riding(as Ladakh is famous for its bike riding journey) and exploring Ladakh with Bike riding I am really happy to be associated with Veena World and looking forward for more trips.

Devyani Dande LHDL 10 June 2016

Myself Jayprakash Buttepatil, speaking on behalf of my whole family , went to Leh Ladakh on 9th June 2016 with Veena family for the first time and my experience was very good. Firstly the initiative which you have taken towards saving the environment,is excellent.

My overall experience was amazing, liked the Hotels, food everything and we wish you guys maintain the same sense of comfort. About the tour manager Sandeep Patil, was there with us at every moment and was very helpful. He made sure that all the arrangements were upto the mark and also considered our comfort.Along with him was Rahul Patil, very joyful person and made sure that we enjoyed all the group activities.

We are looking forward to do abroad trips with Veena World once again and wish to have guide like Sandeep Patil. Keep up the good work.

Jayprakash R. Buttepatil LHHL (I-Fly Pune) 09 June 2016

We participated in your Ladakh with Kargil tour of 2nd June 2016 and I think our decision to join your group tour was right one. This was our first tour with Veena World and we had no chance to complain about anything. Everything was well organized right from the time we reached Mumbai Airport till our return back. The Hotels were very good, though a tent accommodation at Pangong Lake could have been better (but I do not know if any options are available at all!) The tent accommodation at Nubra valley was very good. The local transport arrangements were very comfortable and the driver and guide were professionals with very good knowledge, which they were happy to share with us all time. The overall food served during the tour was very good but I would personally have loved to try a few more dishes from the local cuisine.

Last but not the least, your tour leaders Sumit Jadhav and Dipesh Ugale were outstanding and managed the entire tour extremely well. They are hard working and also very lively. We could become family friends in those 10 days. They kept the entire group together. They are your real assets who make the tour successful.

Overall we are extremely satisfied customers and will look forward to join another Veena World Tour soon. All the best in your venture!

Sunil D. and Mugdha Joshi LHDL (I-Fly ) 02 June 2016

Veena Tai Namaskar We Mr & Mrs Walve with our tiny family enjoyed Leh-Ladakh Trip with Veena world group. In day to day hectic schedule, these 7days with your tour manager Mr. Amit Kene was very soothing. Resorts, food & tour manager was very perfect to get acquainted with complex age group & fluctuating atmosphere.

Mr. Amit has given his best to pamper each & every person in group as family member giving waitage to sole liking and Happy events without disturbing the trip schedule.
As Veena World representative he has the qualities to make things pleasant in spite of differences and very fluctuating atmosphere at Ladakh. Of course Veena Tai you had taken great efforts to maintain name and fame with quality selection of resorts and your crew members .

I would like to appreciate Mr Akshay Co Manager & Mr. Dorji at kora resort in Nubra valley, great engineer to given his best to enjoy the Nubra valley with Veena World. Veena Tai , it's because of your warmth , loving & caring attitude and that stuff you have seeded in your Veena World acquaintance ,we would like to be with you in our future enjoyment. Thanks a lot.

Maithilee Walve LHHL (I-Fly )08 June 2016

Dear Madam/ Sir
It was a pleasant experience for both of us, me & my wife to have the above tour. Definitely, the credit goes to the Tour Managers, Mahendra Wadekar & Makarand Ghanekar, for their excellent co-ordination & co-operation. Due to lot of here & say we had some apprehensions, especially about health problems. But due to timely instructions from Mahendra & Makaranda, everyone in the group could enjoy the tour without any serious health problems. Whenever some people in the group faced minor problems, prompt help & action by Mahendra & Makarand enabled the people to recover quickly.

We had our 29 th Marriage Anniversary on May 23 rd. Mahendra & Makarand made arrangements for the cake & we could celebrate the same. It was an unforgettable experience since due to the network problems we could hardly contact our both daughters who are in USA or any other relatives. The group members formed a family for us in this celebration. The two sisters in the group, Krishna & Kanchi almost the same age as our daughters who were all the time our co-passengers in the car, made us feel that we were travelling with our daughters. We have already mentally reached a high altitude by way of academic achievements our both daughters, but it was great experience for us to physically travel to an altitude of 18380 feet to Khardungla pass on the day of our anniversary & that too relatively smooth travel despite the difficult terrain & weather conditions.

One good thing I would like to mention about Mahendra is his timely suggestion. When I told him that I would like to sponsor a Sweet Dish or something for the group in celebration of our anniversary, he suggested us to do so at Dras War Memorial so that we buy the things from the army canteen there which is indirect help to them. Me & my wife both immediately agreed for same & it was a great pleasure for us to implement the same.

Overall arrangements were good including local hotels, local travel & food. Considering the difficult terrain & still developing infrastructure, the overall experience was good. The excellent hospitality & helpful nature of the Army & BSF personnel was really wonderful experience throughout the tour. This was our first tour with Veena World.

Also attaching the photo of unforgettable celebration of our 29 th Anniversary with Veena World group. Best Regards & best wishes to Veena World to reach more & more heights.

Rajeev Deshpande & Vrunda Deshpande LHDL (I) 21 May 2016

We joined your tour LHHL (1) 180516 W/A to Leh and Ladakh from 18/05/2016 to 24/05/2016, and wish to inform you that our experience with you have been fantastic. Right form booking at Adarsh Dream Holidays Porvorim Goa (Mr.Amit Joshi) to being attended and taken care of by Tour Managers Mr.Kaustubh Junnarkar and Mr.Shreeyash Wadikar we are thoroughly satisfied. At each point your staff was courteous and helpful. Also what pleases us the most is your professionalism and your attempts at perfection..

Tour Managers Mr.Kaustubh and Mr.Sheeyash were perfect in their jobs and went that extra mile to take care of each one of us in the tour. I was touched when they came to inquire about my health one day when I was feeling low and offered to get Khichdi.

Congratulations for completing successful three years this June.We wish you all a great future ahead. With this dedication we are sure you are going to be among the Top tour operators.
This was our 2nd tour with Veena World first being to Mewar Rajasthan in Dec/14

Sunita /Vijay /Anuradha and Deeplaxmi Sawardekar LHHL(I-Fly) 18 May 2016

I had an amazing experience! All members from trip are like a family now. Thanks to tour managers Mahendra dada and Makrand dada. Thank you for looking after us. Playing games was a lot fun.Thank you Veena world for this wonderful trip. Hope to travel with you soon. Juley!

Radhika Raut LHDL 21 May 2016

We travelled with Veena World to Womens special Leh-ladakh Tour on 9th aug,2016 and Veena World made it amazing experience. The trip to Leh Ladakh was unforgetable and very adventrous because adjusting to climate where oxygen level is low is really a challenge and it was made possible because of our tour manager Amit kene and Sampada Gaurkhede.

The entire process starting from booking to airport representative and tour manager details and also all the services provided starting from hotel to each and every thing was very well organized and properly taken care of .The tour went smoothly and we enjoyed each and every moment , thanks to our tour manager Amit Kene and Sampada Gaurkhede.

Our group interactions and get-together , culture show, fashion show was very memorable, thanks to Amit Kene who is really very hospitable. He took good care of all the guests and is really very kind and helpful and it is only because of them that we had such a wonderful and safe tour. We thoroughly enjoyed this tour.

This was our first tour and I am sure my next tour will also be with veena world and I hope it will be managed by same tour manager - Amit Kene and Sampada. So thank you Veena World and especially the tour manager Amit Kene for making this tour so memorable.

Priyanka, Nikita and Nisha Bhalekar LHWA - (I-Fly )10 August 2016

Would like to share a positive feedback on our LHDL (i) 120616M/A with following points: 1. Excellent planning, efficient itinerary.
2. Awesome XYLO's and even more awesome drivers.
3. Fantastic accommodations, no issues at all.
4. We loved the food all over the tour. Taste and variety of food provided was exceptional.
5. Dry Snacks was a saviour. Appreciate the variety in the hamper.
6. Tour managers Swapnil, Prasad and Mandar were very efficient and took care of every minute detail in the tour. Everyone gelled up very well and now we have a small family within the group.
7. Food at Delhi airport during the return journey is appreciated too.
8. Overall a 10/10 experience during the tour. Thanks for making our Ladakh Experience memorable.

Saee Tembhekar LHDL (i-Fly ) 12 June 2016

The tour was well organised and lead by Makarand and Mahindra. Leh Ladakh appeared more beautiful and soothing with the special care taken my these two angels.

Very small things had a greater impact. They made us so comfortable and relaxed that we felt as if it was a family tour. The instructions were up to date and important, we followed them and hence overall the tour was awesome, staying arrangement was fine, and food tried best in the resources available. Local conveyance and drivers were the best selects.
Hats off to Veena for making high altitude regions down to earth :

Swati Bhavsar LHDL 10 June 2016

आमची लेह लडाख I Fly टूर अभूतपूर्व झाली. विमानातून दिसणारे बर्फाच्छादित पर्वत पाहून मला माझ्या मुलीने विचारले , Mamma, Is this heaven ? 11500 ft. एवढ्या उंचावर असलेला लेह हा मिलिटरीच्या अखत्यारीतला प्रदेश. मिलिटरीचे airport आणि जागोजागी असलेले Prayer Wheels बघून आम्ही भारावून गेलो. हॉटेल वर गेल्यावर आमचे TM स्वप्नील देशमुख आणि प्रसाद पराडकर ह्यांनी इथल्या परिसराशी acclimatize होण्याबद्दल सूचना दिल्या. तसेच सर्वांची ओळख करून घेतली. दुसर्यादिवशी लेह मधले local sightseeing केले. Rancho's School, तिथल्या monasteries, त्यांची परंपरा आणि कलाकुसर केलेले स्तूप छान होते.संध्याकाळी तिथल्या लोकांचे पारंपारिक नृत्य पाहिले.तिसर्या दिवशी खारदुंगला पास करून आम्ही Nubra Valley ला जाणार होतो. खारदुंगला पास ह्या 18380 ft. उंचावर हवा खूप विरळ असते. त्याबद्दल आदल्या दिवशी स्वप्नील व प्रसाद ह्यांनी तशी कल्पना दिली होती.पण त्यांचा उत्साह आणि confidence बघून आम्हाला कसलीच चिंता वाटली नाही. खारदुंगला पास वर पोहोचल्यावर, स्वप्नील आणि प्रसाद प्रत्येक गाडीपाशी येउन सर्वांची विचारपूस करत होते. आम्हाला एवढ्या उंचावर पोहोचल्यावर Everest पर्वत सर केल्यासारखा आनंद झाला. आमच्या Group मधल्या कोणालाही विरळ हवेचा त्रास झाला नाही. नंतर Nubra Valley -Cold desert , Double Hump Camel Ride, Campfire असे खूप enjoy केले. येताना Future बुद्धाची भव्य मूर्ती पाहून थक्क झालो. आमच्या गाड्यांचे सर्वच driver एकदम निष्णात होते.

दुसर्या दिवशी आम्ही Pangong Lake ला निघालो. वाटेत चांगला पास ला थांबून photos काढले. 14270 ft. उंचावर असलेला हा खार्या पाण्याचा अतिशय सुंदर ,आकाशाप्रमाणे रंग बदलणारा lake मनात कायमची आठवण करून राहिला. तिथे जाताना दुर्गम डोंगराळ प्रदेशातून प्रवास केल्यावर , तिथेही नेहमीप्रमाणेच Veena World ने आमच्यासाठी छान जेवण arrange केले होते. हि खरोखरच कौतुकास्पद बाब आहे.

आत्त्तापर्यंत आम्ही सर्वच जण तिथल्या हवेशी इतके व्यवस्थित acclimatize झालो कि सर्वांचेच स्वेटर , टोप्या घालणे कमी झाले होते . त्या दिवशी Magnetic hill, शांती स्तूप व असा Zanskar आणि Indus (सिंधू ) नदीचा नयनरम्य संगम पाहिला. खूप enjoy केले.

लेह लडाख सारखी adventurous टूर Veena World सोबत केल्यामुळे आमच्या छोट्या अनन्यालाही खूप enjoy करता आले. आणि आम्हा सर्वांची हि टूर अविस्मरणीय झाली. Veena World व TM स्वप्नील देशमुख आणि TM प्रसाद पराडकर यांचे मनपूर्वक आभार !!!!

Soniya LHHL 17 MAY 2016

The most memorable tour where I enjoyed much like me having age of 66.
The Shey Palace, Monastray in Leh, The most adventureous Khardung Pass.

Worlds most highest 18300 feet moterable pass - fully cold atmostphere, another most fabulous Numbra Vally in Tents and cold desert at Numbra, Also I enjoyed Pangong Lake which everchanging hues of lakes in 7 different colours. I have visted Pathar Saheb Gurudwara and Sangam of 2 rivers, Indus and Zanskar.

I would like to thank you Apla Manus Mr Bhavesh and Mr Sandesh for carefull and very much informative.
Good experiene.

S B Surve LHHL (I-Fly ) 27 May 2016

Its really an amazing experience to have a wonderful trip to Leh & Ladakh with Veena World. Hospitality of our tour managers, Mahendra & Makrand is awesome. I would say, its a best example of customer centricity from Veena World and tour managers. Three cheers for the entire team of Veena world.

Salil & Niharika Shrivastava LHHI 21 June 2016

This is to appreciate the great cooperation from the tour manager Mr. Kaustubh Junnarkar and the local guide Mr. Nurbu. During the tour our kids suffered from some health problems due to the climatic changes. During that period, Kaustubh was available even in late night hours and supported us nicely. He accompanied us even in the hospital.
Despite of the problems we could enjoy the tour due to his kind attention, cooperation, care taking nature and moral boosting. Because of the hospitalization we missed the scheduled visit to Pangong lake but he nicely rescheduled our tour and so we could enjoy the memorable beauty of Pangong lake. We are very much thankful for all the things he did for us.
We are thankful to 'Veena World' for providing such a nice tour manager. This was my third trip with you and I look forward for more such tours in the future.

Swati Ambardekar. LLHL (I-Fly-ex-Pune ) 06 June 2016

We just returned from the Leh Ladakh Tour (LHHI210616) two days ago.
We had Mr.Mahendra Wadkar as our tour manager and also Mr.Makarand Ghanekar who assisted him.

1. Both of them were absolutely friendly, lively and made our tour memorable.
2. With there timely instructions and tips, we did not face any difficulty during the trip.
2. We were happy with the hotel and the food served during the trip.
3. The entire experience was extremely good and we would definitely consider travelling with Veena world again in the near future.
4. Moreover, the province of Leh Ladakh is divine. We are glad we chose this destination. A special mention and thanks to Veena World for making available frequent dates and combinations of tours for this destination.

Radha Shrikhande LHHI 21 June 2016

I along with my family decided to go to Leh-Ladak. I choose your travel company which is the right decession I made.

Your tour planning was excellant.Hotel selection is very good. Apart from these your tour manager MrPranay and MrSwpnil are outstanding. If you produce such type of tour managers there is no doubt your company will earn valuable goodwill. Ther are your greatest human asset which you should nurture and retain. Bangera family.

Next tour I am looking forward will be Dubai in the month of Jan17. You may mail me the quote along with itenery dates of departure.

Sunanda and Suresh Shinde LHDL 25 September 2015

Firstly i would like to say that we had a wonderful time and a great experience at our holiday. Apart from nature's beauty Veena World made our experience even more beautiful and worth. I thank the entire team of veena world specially Sandeep Kasid and Nikhil Surve for this fantastic journey.

Sandeep was an excellent tour manager who made sure we were comfortable at every point of our tour. He kept no stone unturned from his side to make our tour memorable and a super comfortable one. He would keep patience and solve the silliest queries of all the people and made our holiday memorable even in terms of entertainment. He did not consider this tour just lyk a mere part of his job but made us feel lyk a family and put the best of his efforts. A big applaud to him for everything.

Nikhil was more like a friend to all age groups and he too made sure that each and everyone was happy and comfortable. He never refused for anything that we askd him for. Pictures are the most important memories that we cherish for life after any tour and nikhil and sandeep both made sure v all have ample of them. They made us feel lyk home in terms of food and comfort even in such a remote area. Hats off to both of them. A special mention for all the drivers and the cook who were excellent at their service. The drivers made our journeys so comfy even on such worst condition roads and also took care of elderly people travelling with us. Last but not the least a big thank you to the entire staff and all the people of veena world for making our trip a memorable one.

Nishit Mehta LHDL (I-Fly )17 July 2016

I had planned this getaway at last moment and had great expectations from the tour. When I met the tour managers Mahendra and Makarand first, it just clicked instantly that this trip is going to be good.
These guys are absolutely fantastic, funny, caring and know how to take everyone together, even some not so good guys, well that's my opinion of few guys. It was absolute pleasure to be with these guys and had hell lot of fun. They brought different groups and families together and made sure we all enjoyed together. Rare quality it is, they are assets to your organization.

Would like to tour again with Veena World, specially with these two guys. Already planning to send my parents via Veena World mostly to Kashmir as suggested by both. Will always wish Makarand and Mahendra all the best for their future. My stress free 9 days from busy schedule was blissful.

Pranav Vora LDHL 21 May 2016

I am glad to submit my positive feedback as under
Trip Details- LHHL(I) 050516M/A ?Leh Laddkah- 5 to 11 th May ?We were 6 person ? Rajesh & Rashmi Tibrewal , SP Roongta & Madhu Roongta, Dinesh & Manju Roongta

It was a great time spent , all arrangement was marvellous , Tour Manager Bhavesh & Sandesh were excellent
Really great fund, I sincerely appreciate the Management
Rajesh Tibrewal

Rajesh Tibrewal LHHL(I) 05 May 2016

I along with my family decided to go to Leh-Ladak. I choose your travel company which is the right decession I made.

Your tour planning was excellant.Hotel selection is very good. Apart from these your tour manager MrPranay and MrSwpnil are outstanding. If you produce such type of tour managers there is no doubt your company will earn valuable goodwill. Ther are your greatest human asset which you should nurture and retain. Bangera family.

Next tour I am looking forward will be Dubai in the month of Jan17. You may mail me the quote along with itenery dates of departure.

Sunanda and Suresh Shinde LHDL 25 September 2015

We travelled with Veena World for the 1st time. It was very satisfying and enjoyable experience for me and my wife. You people are simply great. We must from our bottom of heart thank all your staff for making our life enjoyable. Your choice of Hotels, food and different site seeing are wonderful. It was really thrilling experience when we visited Pangong Lake. We must thank all of you for giving very good local car drivers, they all are simply great. Last but very important is Mr.Subodh and Mr.Sagar our tour managers they are simply great. I must salute their patience towards each and every member of group. They looked after all of us very warmly. They entertained us throughout our tour. Subodh and Sagar thanks a Lot. "Veena world Great". We will henceforth do our tour with you only.

Sunanda and Suresh Shinde LHDL 25 September 2015

All the arrangements were excellent right from Airport in to Airport out. Hotels, food, transport, guide & other facilities were Excellent. the managers Sri Harshal & Sri Shahil 's behaviour & approach were excellent. We had been to so many tours but experience in this Tour of Veena World Tour was very very good in all respect. Approach of Sri Harshal & Sri Shahil were excellent. We all got homely treatment they made ONE FAMILY from seven families. We never felt that we are away from our family i.e. our Son.We are interested in Andabare / Nikobar tour & Kerala tour pl let us know the best season to visit this area & expenses.We wish Veena World Travel all the Best.With Kind Regards to Sri Harshal,Shahir & other staff & to self

Sheela & Arun Agarkar LHDL 28 August 2015

We returned yesterday from Leh Ladakh tour. We have indeed no words to describe how much did we enjoy the tour. This was certainly a lifetime experience made only and only possible by your Tour Managers, Harshal Pansare and Sahil Patil. Both of them exhibited the highest level of professional skills and at the same time not losing human touch. They have developed in those ten days great bonds and showered on us a very loving care, which can't be measured in terms of any known measurable unit. We can't possibly thank you all enough for making this tour a memorable one. We are looking forward for yet another similar or even more sweeter experience with Veena World ASAP. We love to visit Turkey, Greece and Egypt with a small Mediterranean Cruise and welcome your feedback on the same.

Arati and Anand Kher LHDL 28 August 2015

I along with other tour members completed a very enjoyable and exciting tour of Leh Ladakh Kargil Srinagar. All through the journey we had very good accommodations and hospitalities. Our tour manager Harshal and his able supporting hand, the charming Sahil Patil were just too good to give us the needed support at those remote locations away from home. They were like brothers to youngsters and as if able sons to we senior persons. Anything said will be less for them the way they took our care. I pray almighty a for a very happy and healthy life ahead for them. God bless them for the hospitality spirit they are having. I certainly would love to be in a trip in future with them. As a suggestion, I would request VW to add neck collar in the list of items mentioned by them in the preparatory mails, this will be very much useful for the type of road on which we had travelled after uncertain landslides.

Pradeep Bhattacharya LHDL 14 August 2015

First and foremost, many thanks to all in your team for giving us one more memorable vacation. Our second tour with VW team after Andaman and the experience keeps getting better. The whole experience started pre-tour with the booking process itself through multiple phone consultations and in-person meetings with sales advisors Apeksha Parab and Snehal Umredkar (Kandivli/Borivli VW office), seeking inputs from tour managers Harshal Pansare and Yogesh Nichite prior to the tour, online payment process, complimentary bags etc going all the way till the delivery of snack kit at the airport by Mandar Joshi.

Kashmir and Ladakh as we all know is very unpredictable with ever changing weather conditions to the uncertain political and social scenario. Add to it, our tour was commencing on the 14th Aug with our Independence Day being the very next day and we were supposed to be in Srinagar on both the days. Given the security implications, our on ground tour management team of Harshal Pansare and Sahil Patil took special cognizance of this and made arrangements accordingly. This meant that we embarked on our sightseeing the very day we landed on 14th Aug with a Shikara ride in Dal Lake and thereafter completing the three scheduled sightseeing points in Srinagar early in the 1st half of 15th Aug so as to exit the Srinagar city limits by 11.30am . To our pleasant surprise, there was a welcome modification in the itinerary wherein we would now be spending only 1 night in Srinagar as opposed to 2 in the original itinerary and spend the other night instead at the beautiful Sonamarg. This was a very calculated and well-planned decision taken by Harshal and team which gave us an opportunity to a fantastic time at Sonamarg away from the tension filled atmosphere of Srinagar. This truly was a remarkable start to the tour and that set the ball rolling for the days to come. Similarly later in the tour, one such decision was later to leave for Nubra Valley earlier than planned in the itinerary to accommodate for the hotel and weather situations. The VW team showed good planning and flawless execution all throughout.

In terms of accommodation arrangements and facilities provided, all the hotels we stayed in were really good, recommendable and upto the mark. The travel arrangements were also commendable, considering the scenarios where cars from Srinagar were allowed only till Sonamarg, ones from Kargil were only allowed from Sonamarg to Alchi etc. All the vehicles were in prime condition ably driven by experienced drivers. Food arrangements were equally good with varied options both local and traditional being served wherever possible. Planning of the overall itinerary was good giving us time to rest, free time to exploring the places, as well as covering all the sightseeing locations in the end. Though I have a few suggestions which I will duly cover later in the sections below.

However, the most imp component of any guided tour - the tour managers, is the area that we are most satisfied about. The extensive experience of Harshal Pansare reflected from last 11-12 years of operating in the Kashmir Ladakh sector meant he was always in control of the situation and took decisions keeping the best interests of the group in mind. He was ably supported by the ever enthusiastic Sahil Patil who between both of them showed great camaraderie and managed the whole tour very well. Being a high altitude travel situation, they were perfect in their guidelines and instructions, very well managing the expectations and conditions of all senior citizens in the group all the while creating a pleasant atmosphere throughout. Needless to say, we got 2 more friends added to our friend list. At the end of the tour, even a few group members acknowledged Harshal and Sahil???s contribution to keep the spirits high and encouraging of some members who feared the after-effects of high altitude travel. Tundup Nolock, our local guide from Explore Himalayas was equally fun to be with and knowledgeable about the locations in Ladakh. I would also like to appreciate all the members of the group who came from various backgrounds, locations, with existing medical conditions, across various age groups and yet were very accommodating and fun to be with. All of us tackled the high altitude travel very well and hence could thoroughly enjoy the 10 day tour including the sudden flight cancellation by GoAir on our return leg from Delhi-Mumbai. I have also shared a few suggestions with your team which I feel could make the tour more enriching.

Anushri and Anish Patki LHDL 14 August 2015

The trip of Leh Ladakh was really awesome. The most memorable and unforgettable trip. Enjoyed a lot. Initially it was very difficult to get adjusted to such a climate and a place where the oxygen level is too low. But the tour managers Kaustubh and Upendra were really co-operative and treated us like a family. I went with my friends and really wished my family was present at the trip. The camp fire, group games, get together was a great fun. The food was also good. This was my first trip with Veena World. It was really adventurous. Looking forward for such adventurous trips in the future!!!
Veena World Rocks!!!

Yashashree Thanekar LHHL 14 August 2015

Thank you very much for recent leh ladakh tour from 10 aug to 16 aug. we enjoyed evry bit of it. very good arrangements,food and accommodation facilities were excellent. The tour manager and the other staff members were very cooperative and the hospitality was very nice.M

Looking forward with similar tour/s in future. Thank u very much.

Manali Kulkarni LHWA - (I-Fly )10 August 2016

My husband Sanjay and I had gone on your Leh Ladhakh tour a few days back.The tour is an adventurous type and by the grace of God, and all your efficient tour leaders and guides we had an awesome trip.We noted that the tour Managers and guides - Sagar Mhatre, Sachinanand Pawar and Nurboo buk buk take lots of care of their customers. They are polite and also very understanding, especially when it comes to climbing up to places for sightseeing. I think i must mention here that, my husband and I were very apprehensive about visiting the Pangong lake due to my Asthmatic conditions .We requested Sagar to be in our car with the oxygen cylinder and he relented without a fuss. We were lucky that we did not need to use it and neither did anyone else in the tour. But it was a great solace to have him with us in the car. When a fellow passenger fell sick and required to be hospitalized the duties of handling the remaining tour and the patient were taken care of with ease (so it seemed to us) .Travelling through the mountains, visiting Kargil Memorial, Hall of Fame in Leh, the military placed at strategic points and seeing the Road builders on the way, was really an eye opener for the hardships that all these people endure, for us to enjoy life. Truly words cannot suffice to thank them.Similarly the efforts of the tour managers to try and ensure that all the sightseeing points are covered is also commendable.The best hotels we stayed at were in Sonmarg, Leh nd .Numbra Valley. Just a minor suggestion if it were possible please ask them to install fans/pedestal fans where possible. Sometimes its not possible to open windows and the effect of heat and low oxygen itself is tiring. The successful completion of the tour is a very important landmark in our lives. We were tired but enjoyed.This was our second trip with Veena World and we look forward to many more in India and abroad.

Anita Modak LHDL 07 August 2015

Leh Ladhak trip was a unique experience. Tour manager Harshal Pansare and Sahil both were cooperative and caring. Both were always ready to help. In all critical situations they could maintain their mental balance. They organised good games, antakshari . Food was good. Time management excellent. I see good future for Veena World.

Ranjana Deshmukh LHDL 26 July 2015

My mother, Dr. Pramodini Borkar and I just completed your Leh Ladakh tour. Our tour managers were Kaustubh Junnarkar and Upendra Sawant. The tour was very well organized and the tour managers made sure we had everything for our comfort. Everyone was especially happy with the food provided on tour, at Hotel Leh Chen, Leh. The tent stay in Apple Cottage, Nubra valley was a fantastic experience and truly one of it's kind. In spite of the difficult terrain, most of us completed the tour without any major problems, and only a couple of tour members felt the brunt of the oxygen scarcity in at high altitudes. All the drivers were experienced and very good at their jobs. This tour was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience, and I am extremely glad my mother decided to book the tour with you. The tour couldn't have been a success without the meticulous planning from your end and the scrupulous attention shown to us all by the two tour managers, Kaustubh and Upendra. Thanks to Veena World, we have made new friends and seen the landscapes of Leh Ladakh to make memories lasting us a lifetime. Our family is extremely happy with Veena World, and we will certainly recommend it to everyone we know. Keep up the good work.

Dr. Poulami Borkar LHHL 14 August 2015

We are in the age group of 70 plus. We were assured by your team go ahead with the Leh Ladakh tour without fear and assured us that we will be taken care by the Tour Managers. Our experience of Leh Ladakh tour was wonderful. Asawari of Ghatkopar office was very helpful in booking the tour and the day to day coordination. The guest relation officers Mandar Joshi and Mandar Shastari were very helpful. Our tour Manager Amit Kene and Jigar Vora took care of us in all respect. Hotel Snow land was the best n comfortable for stay Dining n relaxation. Vehicle provided for site seeing were best with skilled Driver tour guide Tundup.Sight visit to Pangong lake n Nubra Valley was excellent n well planned. Local visit to Pather Sahib Gurudawara. Sindhu river. Monasteries n other sites were v well-coordinated. Go Air flight was v good in time n comfortable. It was a dream come true visit n all was possible because of Veena World n able staff u have chosen. Ladakh folk songs n dance in the evening were superb. Please convey my good wishes to ur staff who under the able guidance of Iron Lady like Veena are taking the Veena World to New Heights. With best wishes for ur Prosperity. This was our 4th tour with V.W. All tours were Memorable.

Usha & Ram Saini LHHL 09 August 2015

I was part of the Leh- Ladakh tour this year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our tour representatives Amit and Jigar for the wonderful trip. Though we were stuck in Nubra valley due to landslide and with too many opinions, tempers flying they handled the situation very well. Our trip back to Leh was very strenuous and they ensured that we reached our hotel in Leh safely. We had wonderful Food during the tour Thank you to Arati Mohite for a wonderful experience while booking. Thanks again Amit, Jigar for all your help and efforts.

Sulata Hosadu LHHL 31 July 2015

It was my first experience with Veena World and i must say that it was the most amazing experience i have ever had! I along with my family planned for Leh Ladak and it was truly awesome! Our tour leaders Mr Amit Kene and Mr Jigar Vora managed our tour so well! They are so enthusiastic which made our trip really wonderful! The hotels and the food was also good. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and I am quite impressed with Veena World. I wish to do many more trips with Veena World! Thanks to Veena World & Special thanks to Amit dada and Jigar dada for making our trip so memorable!!

Sucheta Shikrapurkar LHHL 09 August 2015

This is Mihir Malik from Panvel,Navi Mumbai.. Having a passion for photography.. i wanted to travel Ladakh since a long time. I booked the Leh-Ladakh Tour with Veena World at your Panvel office. My experience was the best time i had in my life. I am 21 years old and i travelled alone on the tour.. My mom at home was relaxed because she knew i was travelling with Veena World. This was my third tour with Veena world and every time the experience has been fabulous.
Hotels : The hotels were fantastic. Snowland hotel at Leh and Royal Camp at Nubra Valley.. Both were great.. It was great thing on your part to shift the 'Saser Camp' to 'Royal Camp' as many of my friends had told me that the Royal camp is better.
Tour Guides : Tour guides were Amit Kene and Jigar Vora..Both were superb.. They played cricket with us and also held many interesting group games. Bornfire was also there on the 5th day and the guides danced with us and also made everyone dance.. Travelling alone never made me feel homesick as the guides treated me like their younger brother..
The local guide was Mr.Tundup Nolong.. He had such a great knowledge about the entire region of Ladakh that i literally had to make notes to remember each and everything.. The guides also enjoyed with us at Sand Dunes,Nubra Valley..
Made lots of friends and the 'Ladakh Whatsapp group' is very active !!
Suggestions : Travelling to Panamik hot water springs was very very tiring as it was 2.5hours one way because of the landslides.. And when we reached there.. the spot was closed and we couldn't enjoy anything.. So alternative options could be thought instead on one day at panamik.
The food was amazing as always.. and we were also served Momos :) Hot garam Batata Vada was superb !
Kudos to Veena World.. Awesome fun.. Already planning my fourth tour with Veena World to Rajasthan Marwad in November.. :)

Mihir Malik LHHL 09 August 2015

Just returned from Leh Ladakh tour. So still in same mood, wonderful trip. Good hotel. Tent in Nubra valley was superb. Food was quite good and variety menu. Not happy with the custard and it is repeated thrice. Vehicles good Drivers and tour guide very nice. Tour manager should accompany from mumbai till mumbaiTour managers Amit and Jigar very much caring helpful and good managers to manage everything. Rethink over hot spring tour of panamic especially when road conditions are not good not worth travelling for 2 hours. Rest everything good, no problem.

Dr Meghana Raje LHHL 09 August 2015

Leh Ladakh Chandigarh Manali ??? my first experience through Veena World and this is one experience I wouldn't want to forget for life time. This is long cherished dream fulfilled to visit Leh Ladhak was fulfilled. We were a small group of only 13 travelers and also had senior citizens travelling with us who were above 70 plus, but nevertheless they seemed to be enjoying with all of us with the same enthusiasm. The effort put in by Sachin Bhise and supported by Amol was tremendous in this matter as they have paid utmost attention to all the small details that were required to make our journey wonderful and memorable. I wish to mention about two details about Sachin, one that he is an ace photographer who has captured some awesome pictures of us all, as these are going to be memories which are going to be with all of us forever. I have troubled him a lot to get my pictures clicked, so this mention was very necessary. Also second mention about the Hot Springs to be visited in Pramanik from Leh, was highly impossible if Sachin had taken the decision to turn around back to the hotel as the roads were in very bad condition because of the landslides. Once we reached the destination, we found that our vehicle couldn't reach up to the Pramanik Centre and the Centre was closed due to landslide as all the muck had entered inside. Nevertheless we all still climbed up and got to enjoy the hot springs in streams coming down directly from the mountains, something we wouldn't have been able to experience, if the centre was open. This was something very breathtaking and can only be experienced by oneself without describing it in words.
Lastly you guys are the hero???s of your company, and the tours rock because of your continuous effort.God Bless you guys and keep up the work.

Shilpa Hadkar LHJW 05 August 2015

We had gone for Leh Ladakh tour with you and it was a great experience.Our tour managers Sahil and Harshal are very good and cooperative nature they are helpful to all us they conduct various games for more and more. Tour enjoyable hotels and food quality are very good

Vrunda Dyahadray LHDL 26 July 2015

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for our amazing tour of Srinagar, Kargil, Leh, Ladakh. We had fabulous time. We felt properly looked after from day one .Thanks to fantastic and energetic managers Harshal Pansare and Sahil Patil for making our trip such a memorable experience. I would like to once again thank Harshal and Sahil for going an extra mile to help us through in times of difficulty. May it be bad health, road blockage due to land slide or cancellation of plane due to bad weather. They always stood by us. Without their help, it would have been tough for us! I honestly appreciate their interpersonal skills and friendly approach. Respect their sense of responsibility and care! Very well planned tour. Everything right from Travel, Accommodation, Entertainment & most important food was perfectly managed and we did not have to worry about a single thing. We had an awesome experience with Veena World. The entire trip was great, a real once in a lifetime experience of Leh Ladakh. Thank you for the wonderful tour !!!!

Ujjwala Muke LHDL 26 July 2015

Ladakh in itself is an amazing place. The tour was completely perfect. The accommodation, the food, the drivers, the guide, all were too good. Our tour managers Harshal Pansare and Sahil Patil managed the complete tour very efficiently, whether it was bad health, trouble due to land slide or the cancelled flight, all the situations were handled very carefully.This Ladakh tour was a much awaited and needed break for me and my Aai and we could enjoy it to the fullest with you. Thank you so much.

Kartiki Puranik LHDL 26 July 2015

Let me first congratulate you for making the Women's Special tour of Leh Ladakh, a grand success. Before I could come out of those blissful moments, I had to leave for Udaipur, hence the delay in sharing my feedback.Though the tour started with some unforeseen hiccups and teething troubles of rescheduling of the flights and delayed flight to Leh, we believed in keeping patience and did not allow those things steal the joy! That helped us. The sincerity of the tour managers helped us to bear with the change in the itinerary due to the local strike at Leh. It was a bit difficult to visit sightseeing places before getting acclimatized. But we chose to understand the genuine problems faced by the tour managers. They recompensed by making us play games with our group members! The games were truly entertaining! We had great fun playing. Initially we were wondering if only dinner is provided after reaching Leh, we would have to arrange for our other meals. Your representative at Ahmedabad had informed us that if it is not mentioned in the itinerary, it won't be provided. But to our pleasant surprize we were served dinner at Delhi too! All the meals served were excellent in quality and never insufficient. Veena world never gave us a chance to complaint!! It was ensured that good, quality food is served and all the kinds of cuisines were included. I loved all the soups served in the meals! The cars and the drivers of the cars at Leh were very good. The courtsey and politeness of the drivers and other staff at hotels and camp sited were praiseworthy. Veena world has earned respect with them and that penetrated in their treatment to the customers!! Arrangements made to pay homage to our armed forces on Kargil day was like a cherry on the pie! I have no words to describe my appreciation for that. You not only made it possible for us to attend the function but the Rakhi and gifts given to our Javans was remarkable.

I loved the way the fashion show was conducted. The enthusiasm of the participants was overflowing! A touch of professionalism aptly controlled it!! It was too good! I just hope that the comment I heard from somebody saying, `Those who are coming for the third or fourth time are given the awards' is untrue. You don't need to to do any such thing as you have taken such good care of the customers that such incentives are not required. All the staff members of Veena World are very sincere, enthu to serve and take good care of the customers. I would suggest one thing, in your Ahmedabad office also it should be more like it. I am looking forward to enjoy another tour with you.

Nimisha Paradker LHWA 21 July 2015

I along with my wife Navanita have just been on Leh Ladakh tour , our experience was wonderful and the tour was well managed with all the odds, I would like to especially thank and convey our regards to two of our tour manager Mr P Thalkar and Jigar Vora for their hard work and cheerful way of handling the entire tour. Kindly convey the same to your Director Veena Tai.

Prasad Gharat LHHL 19 July 2015

Leh was on my wish list for about 2 years now.. Every time I saw people updating their Facebook status about Leh, I would want to go there. Thankfully, since this year I had made up my mind to explore Leh.. You guys made the trip possible and worth the wait. Having seen a lot places/cities/countries as a backpacker, this was my first time travelling with a big group and also the first time with any tour operator. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip of Women's Special Leh Ladakh right from the start to the end. Our tour managers, Swapnil and Niyoti were the best hosts I could have asked for. Swapnil and his funny one liners didn't let any tensions bother us while Niyoti's sweet smile was what kept us going. And not to mention Amit, who patiently used to come wake us up every morning at least twice. Thank you guys for being so patient and yet so fabulous. The arrangements for the trip were very comfortable right from the hotel rooms to the food and the cars for sightseeing. Of course no trip is complete without some glitches, however your team patiently handled all our frustrations, irritations, anger and yet assured us that the trip was going to be smooth. Just a suggestion, maybe you could try doing group check-in for the travellers. This way it is fast and also the luggage weight gets distributed through all the travellers.
Lastly, it was great to meet new people and make new friends on the trip. The experience was fabulous! Keep up the good work guys. Will definitely travel again with you sometime soon. Cheers!

Mini Parab LHWA 21 July 2015

Just returned from Women's Special Leh Ladakh. It was really a good experience. Your tour managers Alison and Suvidha Jadhav nicely organized the tour. Veena World is really very Energetic, Enthusiastic, Nice, Attentive, Well Organized, Really Loyal, Company that is Careful, Organised, Magnificient, Punctual, Able, Neat, Young yellow company.

Sarojini Joshi LHWA 21 July 2015

I along with my wife Navanita have just been on Leh Ladakh tour experience was wonderful and the tour was well managed with all the odds, I would like to especially thank and convey our regards to two of our tour manager Mr P Thalkar and Jigar Vora for their hard work and cheerful way of handling the entire tour. Kindly convey the same to your Director Veena Tai.

Prasad Gharat LHHL 19 July 2015

The women's special Leh Ladakh tour arranged by Veena World was quite successful. I personally enjoyed different events during the entire tour. Hotel and food was good. Our tour managers, Alok and Prachi were quite helpful and concerned about our wellbeing. This was my first trip with veena world. I think in future I will not hesitate to travel with VW.I should mention negative points too for the improvement.
1) Quality of handbags was not good since the belt was broken before reaching home.
2} At the leh airport many ladies were in tension because of mess over there.Infact we needed help at that point. We ran short of time. May be we could have started earlier from hotel.
Overall veena world has created good impression and in future I would recommend my friends to visit Leh with VW.

Dr. Vandana Dhamankar LHWA 21 July 2015

I just had a tour to LEH LADAKH with Veena World's Women's Special, it was a nice experience. Veena World is good for all the service and hospitality. As this was Ladies special tour all age group ladies were there but they take care of everyone like their relatives only. I want to mention special thanks to our tour Manager Prachi & Alok they did great job. They take care that everyone be comfortable and enjoy each movement. We enjoyed our tour more because of them thank you guys. No suggestion, no complaints for Veena World. I will love to travel with Veena World again. Thank you.

Ashvini Rathi LHWA 21 July 2015

It was a very pleasant tour at Leh Ladakh and the services and hospitality provided by the Tour Manager Pranay and Jigar was very good and appreciable. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and the natural beauty of Leh and Ladakh was mesmerising and unforgettable. Food provided at the place was good and no complaints for the same, considering the altitude at which we were being served. Travelling arrangements were also comfortable. Hats off to the entire Veena World team for arranging the tour so very good. Hope to tour through Veena World very soon at other destinations. Once again, thanks for memorable trip.

CA Ashok J Modi & Shekhar R Bhandari LHJW 08 July 2015

Just came back from Women's Special Leh Ladakh.The first bestest best tour in my life by Veena World. We enjoyed a Lot. No words for complaints??.speechless. Our tour leaders Alok and Prachi were Loving and Caring persons. So many thanks to Alok and Prachi. The tour was well orgainsed. I would like to travel again with Veena World family. Again many many thanks to Veena World family.

Shubhada Deodhar LHHL 29 July 2015

The best ever experience I have had travelling with Veena World having had travelled across the world with various National/International travel agencies for three decades. Your Staff's personal/individual attention for my wellbeing with love and care will always be fondly remembered by me. Will look forward to travel with Veena World as long as I am able.
With warmest love to you all

Usha Mukherjee LHWA 21 July 2015

Firstly, I would like to say I enjoyed the trip immensely though there was a bit of chaos at the Delhi airport, due to flight delay and lack of information about the same, once we reached Leh things smoothened out. I would also like to add that our team leaders, Sagar and Bhanupriya took great care of us and saw to our wellbeing and health. In fact, its thanks to their support and help that I had a nice and successful trip. The only aspect I was uncomfortable with is the fact that we were addressed in Marathi most of the time. I believe Veena World caters to people of all religion and castes, hence, the language used at all times should be Hindi and slogans of religious significance (such as ''ganpati bappa moriya'') should not be uttered.

Srividya Iyer LHWA 21 July 2015

I and my mother had gone for Leh and the tour was perfect. We thoroughly enjoyed it and did not face any difficulties. The tour manager Pranay Thalkar and Jigar Vohra ensured that we enjoyed the trip and had a safe journey throughout. Both took great efforts in ensuring this. Best wishes to both of them. Overall had a wonderful trip and we look forward to travelling with Veena World again.

Manasi Bhide LHHL19 July 2015

I am Ashvini Rathi from Pune. I just had a tour to Leh Ladakh with Veena World it was nice experience. Veena World is good for their service and hospitality. As this was Ladies special Tour all age group ladies were there but they take care of everyone like their relatives only.I want to mention special thanks to our Tour Manager Prachi & Alok they did great job. They took care that everyone was comfortable and enjoyed each moment. We enjoyed our tour more because of them thank you guys. No suggestion, no complaints for Veena World. I will love to travel with Veena world again.

Ashvini Rathi LHWA 21 July 2015

It was my mother???s second time with Veena World's Women's Special. She had been to Thailand last year. Now, Leh Ladakh. I am very happy to share with you that she is very happy with tour. Ur arrangement, hospitality. She keep on sharing her experience with all. I never thought my mother would come out her kitchen and see the world. But Veena World not only did this but she also got to interact with women from different parts of India. In fact she found her best friend I.e her roommate on tour only. Looking forward to see her in many more tours under the tag of Women's Special..u really made that woman (my mother) a special one. I wish a good luck...and come up with new ideas..we always keeps our eyes on ur advertisements.

Milind Umape LHWA 21 July 2015

I had blast with Veena World's Women's Special Leh Ladakh. It was a nice experience. Very good service, food quality was good. Hotel arrangement was also nice.Main reason for our awesome experience with Veena World is our lovely tour managers. Prachi and Alok both are fabulous. They did their job perfectly. They both take care of us like family. It was safe journey with Veena World. I just want to give one suggestion for women special trip. Please don't club girls and old ledies in one group. I would like to travel with you again.

Komal Navandhar LHWA 21 July 2015

This was my 1st trip with Veena World, we had been to Leh Ladakh. I was impressed with the whole arrangement, which I found to be both professional and smooth. I would not hesitate to recommend Veena World to my friends and relatives and would also personally be glad to undertake future trips with you.

Lakshminarayan Iyer LHHL 17 July 2015

First and foremost I am thankful to you and your team for arranging astonishing tour of Himalayan Ranges thereby bringing people like us close to the nature.Your city office service at Thane was extremely good. Ms Lata Salgaonkar was very helpful and never hesitated to answer any repeated questions. I appreciate her help and patience. The Snack packets given by you were of good quality and sufficient to keep ourselves alive in case of emergency. Tour managers namely Mr. Amit Kene and Amit Nandoskar were well experienced, jolly, cheerful who kept our moral high and happy. Good sense of humour without any insult to anyone or harming feelings. They were more friendly with all of us including young generation. Guide Mr. Noorbhu was most knowledgeable and friendly . We all were lucky to complete our tour without any disturbance and as planned.The actual tour program slightly deviates from the published one. I think two days stay in Nubra valley in tents can be reduced to one and same can be given in Pangong Lake. The hotels arranged and food served was satisfactory but a person like me would like to taste the local food which was not available. You may think on same and arrange to keep at least one local dish. We appreciate tour manager celebrating the birthdays of guests with great pleasure. Entertainment programs were well arranged including local folk dance. Various games and plays were also arranged wherein all participated which needs appreciation. The only lacuna I found was in camp fire program arranged in Nubra Valley camp. The collection of songs required for dance were not available resulting into almost failure of a good program. Otherwise all were just jostling and most eager to enjoy the moment. On our return journey from LEH we faced some difficulty which I have shared with your team, request you to take this matter with the airline. Other than that our trip was most successful and enjoyable.

Vijay Sawardekar LHDL 12 July 2015

It was an excellent tour to start with. Our tour managers Mr. Bhavesh Vichare and Mr. Akshay Gaikwad were very helpful and cooperative. They took very good care of everyone. They had a sound knowledge of the region with good communication skills. All the best for their future endeavours. The drivers were good in their driving skills and polite. One could see their co-operation during any time of need and amongst themselves. Our car driver Mr. Stenzen was of great help especially during the time when my father Mr. AM Muntode had a fainting attack due to altitude sickness at Changla pass. I would like to thank him for his assistance during the same through your tour company. One thing I felt of inconvenience was traveling to Mumbai for flight to Delhi instead of taking flight from Pune to Delhi and unavailability of services of a proper lounge at delhi airport during the transit. I hope the management takes a note of this. It was first time that we were with a group tour. We had a great time. We would surely like to take our next tour with Veena World.

Dr. Pramod Muntode LHHL 10 July 2015

At the outset, let me mention that me and my wife thoroughly enjoyed the Leh Ladakh tour. Both of us were a little sceptical about this tour since the travel involved high altitude journey and had fear of some breathing trouble etc. But everything went well. We are carrying many fond memories of this tour back home. I also must mention that our tour leaders Akshay and Bhavesh did a splendid job of managing the tour. They were constantly on their toes to ensure that all the members in group are comfortable. At one time, when we were stuck just before the Khardung La, they arranged for hot tea and served it in our vehicles. We could see that it was not an easy task to accomplish at that odd place. This is just one example of their resourcefulness and timely actions. We experienced the same throughout our tour. Pl convey our thanks to them. I have shared some suggestions regarding basic facilities and menu with your team, hope you consider them.
This is my second tour with Veena and i must say me and my wife are satisfied and happy with our experience.

Prashant Abhyankar LHDL 19 June 2015

This was my first group tour and first from a travel company. I was little reluctant to go via tour company, but due to unavailability of air tickets had to opt for the tour but I should say I got every penny worth. I had been to Leh Ladakh and after doing the tour I realized it was a wise decision to go for the tour than self-support. Considering the geography and weather conditions, the tour managers did an excellent job. The group was a great one with lots of energy. Now the most important thing, the tour was managed in the best possible manner by Mr Sachin Bhise and Mr Rohan Deshpande.
They infused lot of energy in group, guided us to great extent, took care of us every moment and overall helped us to have a memorable once in lifetime Ladakh experience. My sincere thanks to both of them and you tour company.

Prashant Kamble LHHL 28 June 2015

Our Leh Ladakh tour was very excellent, enjoyable, memorable and hassle free. Sachin and Rohan both of them made this tour very enjoyable, entreating with human touch. Veena World is going absolutely fine and most practical view saving our earth...

Varsha Moghe LHHL 26 June 2015

Last month, we experienced the trip of our lifetime with Veena world.. LEH LADAKH... yeah it deserves those capitals. Amazing location.. Courteous tour managers.Warm hospitality, homely food, well equipped hotels and tents..What more does one ask for? Alison and Kishor were so helpful.. Even taking us to the Army canteen (highest canteen for commoners like us)for some lip smacking Masala dosa in Leh. Also last but not the least our local guide Tsangpo and our driver Tensing...Juley to all of them...

Akshay Kulkarni LHHL 19 June 2015

Myself and my mother Vijaya Abhyankar went with Veena World on the tour of Leh Ladakh. I would firstly like to say that the overall tour was very well organised and well managed. The tour was made to feel comfortable right from Mumbai airport, where Mandar Joshi handed over packets and gave clear instructions. On reaching Leh, we were well received by Makarand Ghanekar and Alok Lokhande.. Both of them took very good care of us during entire tour and looked after our needs at every point of time. About the tour, it was as said well organised, places were covered well and according to our comfort. The time allotted to see places was sufficient enough. Local tour guide Sonam was very cheerful and gave proper information. Our driver Phungsuk was well mannered and took us safely through rough terrain. Kudos to him. All the hotel staff and cooks were well mannered and took good care of our needs. Overall it was a tour to remember. We thank you for keeping us in such comfort in harsh conditions and difficult times. Thanks a lot

Shardul Abhyankar LHHL 24 June 2015

I enjoyed travelling with Veena World to Leh Ladakh. This was my first tour and it was great. Our tour managers Alok and Makrand were amazing. They took care of us like a family. I would love to travel again with Veena World. Three cheers for Veena world. It was a great tour full of laughter and fun.

Sagar Patil LHHL 24 June 2015

Me and my wife went too Leh Ladakh trip starting in June. And I must say that, our trip was awesome. The trip was physically demanding and treacherous. But it was very well planned and executed.
I would like to mention the names of tour guide and co-ordinator, Sandeep Patil and Meghraj. They both are fantastic, hard-working and strong. They can easily pull the trip of 100 people or more. They were very enthusiastic and full of energy throughout the trip and never showed fatigue or being to trip many times. They accompanied well, with detailed information on everything, whether places or health issues, food, etc. Very best of luck to both of them and wish them luck. Value for money, I will say 8.5/10. Sandeep Patil & Meghraj 10/10.

Would highly recommend Veena World.

Mayank Poonekar LHJW 17 June 2015

I just want to tell you that you and your entire team have made this Women's Special- Leh Ladakh tour very special for us all. You have given us more than what was mentioned in your itinerary .I would say that some things money cannot buy and for those things you have Veena World. We have experienced nature's beauty at its best in the mountains and valleys of Leh Ladakh. We have glimpsed different shades of the colour blue at the Pang-Pong Lake. Camel ride at the Nubra valley and photo stop at Khardungla Top were awesome. Visiting ??The Hall of Fame? Museum on Vijay Din and spending quality time with the soldiers is really a life-time experience. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this opportunity. This is the most memorable experience I am going to cherish in long run. I wish you and your team all the very best. I am sure that you will conduct many more memorable tours in future and I hope to be part of it again & again.

Bhakti Sawant LHWA 21 July 2014

I and my wife Lalitha took your tour to Leh- Ladakh from 27th of July to 2nd of August.We had a wonderful time in touring with you.The hotels provided for us was good and the food on tour was also good. The transport provided was also good. The Tour manager Sandeep Patil and Paresh were very proactive and very helpful. The local tour guide Mr. Nurboo and the driver of our vehicle were also very cooperative. I want to bring one instance where my wife suddenly developed severe altitude sickness and went more or less unconscious. The driver and Mr. Nurboo acted immediately and gave her oxygen and she was revived soon. This happened in Chang la. The tour was arranged well but I suggest a night stay at Pangong Tso lake. Another suggestion is the language of communication and providing instruction. Though most guests travelling were Maharashtrians and speak Marathi,some like us are not and do not speak that language.
I suggest that the medium of communication could be Hindi/English and also maybe Marathi.

Ramani Krishnan LHHL 27 July 2014

Namaskar! I had been to Leh-Ladakh-Kargil-Srinagar with Veena World between 28.06.2014 to 11.07.2014. The tour was excellently organised. Transport, hotels, food & everything else was very well managed. Our Tour Managers Pranay Thakur & Sachin Temak were friendly, caring & professional. The overall experience was really great. My good wishes to Veena World family.

Charulata Kale LHGR 28 June 2014

I desperately wanted to get a break from my hectic professional life and hence decided to go to Ladakh. I roped in my wife and my cousin and her husband. While hunting for a perfect package and a good travel agency, we ended up at Veena World. The first cut experience at the Veena world Ghatkopar office was excellent and we decided to pursue with Veena World for the tour. And as it turned, it was an absolutely wonderful trip.
The journey began with a warm and family like treatment when we landed in Leh . Adjusting ourselves to the demanding climate, we started the journey with two wonderful tour managers Nilesh Mhaske and Nilesh Ghosalkar. The experience was mind boggling may it be the local sightseeing or the adventurous drives through the Khardung la and Chang la passes or the beautiful Nubra valley or the scintillating Pangong lake...and not to forget the camel ride.
One of the important part of any travel is food and hats off to the Veena world's cook who never gave a chance to miss our home cooked food. We had a good active and lively group of 28 people and that added to the fun.. This feedback can go on and on with so many good things about the tour, but i would surely like to thank Veena World for giving us memories for a lifetime.

Soorya J. B LHHL 06 July 2014

We had been on the Leh Ladakh tour with Veena World ,it was simply amazing. The tour managers were very kind and caring. Ladakh is really a crown over mother India s head. Amazing picturesque beauty.

Sharad Patil

It was nice experience travelling with you to Leh Ladakh. Our tour managers, Subhod Jadhav and Sandeep were very nice and they managed the tour very well, also they managed well in Barlachala where we were stuck in snow for 6 hours, the hotels provided on tour were not good. The food on tour was awesome, Kancha was the best cook. The airline experience was worst my brother had to stay back in Leh and the tour mangers flight was before guests flight .This the worst decision taken by Veena World but still the tour was good we had fun and we also got new friends on tour ??????SUBHOD DADA U ROCK!

Sanket Padte

I happened to go to Leh Ladakh tour of yours on this May. I am writing just to tell how nicely it was all managed and the loads of fun we had there. Being such a secluded place , your tour managers managed to give a proper food and take care of each and every need. Especially I would like to thank Nilesh Mhaske for his support and also for handling us. I had gone to various places with snow but however I never enjoyed it coz I had this altitude hypoxia issue. Me being a medical student frankly speaking can't say how much I am thankful for you for recommending acetazolamide which otherwise I wouldn't have taken and ruined all the fun I had in that untouched snow. This was my first trip with Veena World and I would say it was the best.

Sayali Dhake