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Sunil Yadav

Sunil has been conducting tours for the last 19 years. He started off with Indian sectors and now an expert with South East & Far East Asia. He has thorough destination knowledge. He is a simple, calm & a very hardworking person. He has good destination knowledge. He is an avid dancer and loves playing kho kho. He feels very happy working with Veena World under the able guidance of Veena Patil.

Roshni Bagwe

Sincere, concerned and responsible, Roshni is an excellent tour manager with sound knowledge of the Far east Asian countries of Japan China Korea along with Middle Eastern countries of Dubai. She's always there for the guests and leaves no stone unturned for their comfort and making their holiday the best days they have spent. A happy and jovial face, Guests love her fun loving and helpful nature.

Sushma Kadam

Sushma’s proactive, responsible and enthusiastic nature makes her a very able tour manager for the Japan China Korea Taiwan Sector. With Excellent sector knowledge and ability to make each guest comfortable on right from Day 1 and make them enjoy each moment is what she is remembered for.

Deepak Jadhav

Good personality, sincere, hardworking and concerned, Deepak Jadhav is known to be a perfectionist. He is very good with his product knowledge for Japan China Korea and Australia and is a very good tour manager. He ensures that every Guest is handled perfectly well. His passion for travel translates to cent percent guest happiness.

Amol Salgar

Amol Salgar has been in the tourism industry from the past 7 years. He started of with event management but his passion to travel and the god gifted talent of entertaining others pulled him to the on tour profile. He has conducted tours all over the world- from Kashmir to Japan China to Europe. He loves interacting with people. His tours are filled with fun. To add to it he presents himself very well, is a good dancer and photographer. He finds Veena World a great place to work and fulfil his dreams.

Vivek Kochrekar

Being a tour manager is much more than a career for him, it's something he is passionate about. He loves to take people around the world and adds a magic personal touch to all that he does. Guests who have travelled with him feel like they have been with someone they have known for years. With an experience of 15 years, his knowledge is unparalleled. His knowledge of the Australian Sector is incomparable through first hand travel experience and constant self-study. His communication and oratory skills are noteworthy.


It was a very enjoyable tour. Icing on the cake was your presence which made the whole thing more lively. Though it was a touch and go situation and we couldn't get to spend more time at places, we got to see all the things we had hoped for.Our tour managers were excellent. Smiling Akilesh and enthusiastic Sai and Akilesh made our trip very enjoyable..
Bina Upadhya ASZN 31 march 2017

Fabulous, picturesque, eventful, meticulously arranged tour. Tour managers were friendly helpful. Coach managers were punctual. The food was enjoyable specially authentic Japanese luncheon. The gala event was really GALA with Veena Madame. Looking forward to meet in next tour. Returned safely. Thank you veena world
Mangala Vatve ASZN 31 march 2017

It was a memorable experience. Sakura blossom was fabulous 👍enjoyed with many photographs. Bullet train's traveling was thrilling ☺ Fuji mountain close was not possible but photography was successful. Hiroshima bomb dome,museum visited with its sanctity. Temple visits were 👌 The last GALA event enjoyed with full spirit. Entire arrangements were perfect. Tour managers, coach managers were at service all the time. Veena Patil's presence added glory to event.Returned safely home with lota of sweet memory. See you on next tour
Mangala Vatve ASZN 31 march 2017

Dear Veena Tai, It was a pleasure to travel with Veena world. I just returned from my Japan Ladies Special Tour. Fantastic experience, Very good arrangements, very good food. Little about Amit Sawant & Mandar Raut. Veena tai you are lucky to have these prized pure heart gems with you. They made my trip very memorable and enjoyable. Hope to travel with them again. See you all very soon. Thanks All Veena tai, Amit & Mandar. God bless you. Thanks -- CHABUKSWA
Madhuri Chabukswar ASWN 30 March 2017

Yesterday night at 11.40 reached Pune from Japan women's Tour, very much happy and contented समाधानी. All thanks to VEENA ,AMIT and MANDAR. Food ,hotels travels were awesome. Amit and Mandar ni आम्हाला हसवले ,सांभाळले, रमवले.आणि शेवटी tour sampatana रडवले. miss every thing. MILLION THANKS
Aditi Valsangkar ASWN 30 MARCH 2017

It was amazing experience in the city of rising sun. All the arrangements were very good. Shree Prashant Save and Japanese guide Atsuko took all efforts to make us happy and comfortable. Thanks to Veena World and all participants for memorable tour.
Vidya Khisti ASJN 28 march 2017

With greetings & best wishes, I would like to share my experience of our TOUR ???????? ASJN 190916. (Japan Jewels) from 18th to 24th Sept. 2016.
The Tour was really fantastic & we both really enjoyed it. The credit of this successful tour goes to your entire team involved in planning & administration, your travel partner Asami in Japan & your soldiers on field - tour manager Mr. Nilesh Mhaske & Mrs. Ayako. also all the members of the tour for matured behavior & co-operation and last but not the least, most valuable guidance by you & your family to your team. Every one is a part of this successful tour and need to be appreciated & applauded.

The food was very good in entire tour. It was nice to get a taste of Japanese food on the way to Hiroshima. Every one enjoyed it. Also it was really a nice idea of Nilesh Mhaske to arrange a backup Indian food packet to all. I have one suggestion here. Instead of full backup meal, you can arrange light snacks like sandwiches, bread-butter/jam with tea /coffee etc. Secondly, you have provided sufficient snack packs, but ready to mix tea / coffee sachets were insufficient.

Now, Veenatai , I would like to share some personnel thoughts. I think your uncle Late Shri. Raja Patil is PIONEER for Tourism Industry in Maharashtrians through Raja-Rani Travels. Your father Shri. Kesaribhau Patil NURTURED it with your assistance. And now, you have GLORIFIED it through VEENA WORLD along with your husband Mr. Sudhir Patil. You have made Global Tours possible for many more people. Japan / Australia / Russia / China and also partial Europe & US just in Rs. 1.25 to 1.5 Lacks are really unbelievable.

I have one more instance to share with you. I am resident of Thane but temporary shifted to Pune since 2012. I met you 2-3 times personally about 19 years back in April /May 1997, when you were associated with your former organisation & your Office was in a Flat (1st or 2nd floor) on Kataria Marg ???????? Mahim. You had personally workout a special tour of Char-Dham Yatra for my family of 16 members (Majority of them were very senior members). I observed closely your working on that Tour and was really impressed. It was a very nice interaction with you and Mr. Sudhir Patil to remember.

Recently I saw 2 photos of you with my sister, one @ inauguration of your Pune office, & another during her Srilanka tour with Veena World. She got prize of best costume with her husband. I am surprised, you still look as young as you were in 1997. Great.
Once again all the best wishes to VEENA WORLD team and look forward to my next trip with VEENA WORLD.
Jayant Kulkarni ASJN 19 Sept 2016

We had a blast time in China with very informative, co-operative, good manager, able communicater, always smiling and always helpful Mr. Akhlish Shinde as our tour Leader. ****
From Mumbai itself we had good experience except the sad untimely demise of Mr.More. Ishwar un ki Aatma ko shanti de aur un ki family ko Sabar. All the hotels were nice except the Beijing. All the restaurants were nice with good food & Services. All the local Chinese Guides were also nice. It's my personal request and not the complain that Chinese Tour Guide should accompany us at every site seeing and explain in detail with it's history and give more time for sight seeing please.
All the bus coaches, Bullet Train, Domestic Flight were excellent. We travelled by Air, Road and Train except water. My request is please include even 1 hour Cruise in Shanghai. I from bottom of my heart Thanks Veena World, Omkar Travel, Akhlish Shinde, Stevan( PanduRang ), May and Summer and all the hotels and restaurants and China Govt. and of course Indian Government.
Abdul Muqtadir Bagban ASCN 18 SEPT 2016

Memorable trip with your enthusiastic ,indescribable, incomparable & caring guide Amol Salgar. I wish him best luck in his future life.
Wonderful person bravo!
Kishore Khurd ASJC25 September 2015

Actually i wanted to write to you two months back when i returned from my tour in Japan. I was travelling alone which I always prefer, feeling so very much on your own and adventurous!! But when i landed and walked miles to go from terminal one to three , got tired n hungry. tried calling my son who was coming to Narita airport to pick me but somehow could not manage to operate the Matrix phone and i panicked. As my son was in train ,where you are not supposed to talk or call, he thought that he would call me once he reached Narita. but all the logic failed me. I asked for help but in vain. and then i spotted yellow Veena World group. Actually they all were travelling with me from Mumbai airport in my plane only but came much later as they were in a big group. the leader Mr.Yadav Sanjay or Sachin, I dont remember, just took the cell and tried different ways to connect !!! and thats it !! got connected and talked to my son !! that time i realised what it is to be with your own people!!
i dont remember if i thanked him properly. i want you to show him my mail. and i appreciate you for picking such right people, smart n humble n helpful!! I was lucky that Veena World tour too was with me in plane. Wishing Mr.Yadav a great career and many more golden years to Veena World.
Thanks again.

Kanchan Raje

We had an awesome tour in Thailand with Veena world. My wife and I enjoyed a lot in Bangkok and Pattaya. Our tour manager Amit Sawant was very supportive, enthusiastic and helpful on tour. From Mumbai to Thailand and back to Mumbai Amit guided us all in every situation like on airport tickets, on arrival visa process etc. Also gave us all information and instructions time to time on tour. Local guide Laila was also very supportive and all arrangements like bus, both the hotels in Bangkok & Pattaya was very good. On tour food was very good. Thank you so much for such a wonderful trip. It was indeed the most memorable honeymoon trip.

Ankush And Neha Patil, ASHA 17 May 2015

This was the best Far East tour that we have had! The experience with Veena World was BEYOND expectations!! Especially with a tour leader like Sachin Temak who took care of all our small details...Never did we come across a Guide like him. Had the best time ever.

Bhalchandra Lele ASFG 19 Oct 13

I had been on the Japan, Korea & China with my wife. Till now I have always travelled on my own & this was my first experience of conducted tour. The tour was exceptionally well organised & the real hero who deserves the kudos is our tour leader Amol. Average age of our group was 60+ & he took care of everybody better than a family member. Credit is to him that everybody enjoyed all the sightseeing in spite of the physical limitations due to age. At one point Amol not only arranged for a wheelchair, but pushed it himself. Amol really stood out as a role model of a tour manager. For my next tours Veena World will always be the first choice & if Amol is going to be the tour leader it's a certainty.

Bhalchandra Lele ASFG 19 Oct 13

I, along with my wife, had been on Veena World's Japan China Korea tour recently. I must admit that I opted for Veena World only as a coincidence. I specifically wanted a certain time slot in October and when I checked the net, this particular tour fitted in perfectly. I had traveled with other tour operators in the past but mostly I believe in traveling on my own in a small group. Naturally, I was a bit anxious about the tour schedules, arrangements and more so about the Tour Manager. But let me confess that Veena World has been a pleasant surprise as the tour scheduling / execution was extremely professional. The choice of hotels and restaurants was very good. I am mighty pleased that I made a right decision and it is needless to mention that Veena World will be my first option in future.

But the real architect of this wonderful package was the Tour Manager, Amol. Amol has been an exceptional manager. Actually, I would really hate to call him a ??Tour Manager? as he was much more than that. He was not only efficient in his prescribed role but the way he took care of the group was something very special. He has given all of us numerous moments to cherish. Amol is an outstanding ambassador for your company.

I wish you all the success in your future endeavors

Makarand MaratheASFG 22 Oct 13