A Different World…!

It is rightly said that the colour of the glasses we put on our eyes determines the colour of the world around us. We tend to perceive everything in life in the light of our prejudices. These prejudices are formed over the years as we grow and evolve. We create our own little world and seldom think of going beyond it. For everyone the world is different, because it’s his/her world. ‘Jagat Mithya’ elaborates on this very philosophy of life. This world is actually an illusion and in a way it is self-created by every individual. Travel is amongst the very few things which gives us an opportunity to venture beyond the self-created boundaries and take a sneak peek into another world, a different world…

We travel to different destinations with different purposes. Many a times it is for leisure and recreation. Whether we are travelling within our country or abroad, surprises and diversity is what strikes us the most on our journeys. ‘Surprises’ in terms of new things that we see and learn, in many instances something which was absolutely unknown, unheard or unread before and ‘Diversity’ in terms of the things we see which are very different from what we expected them to be or very different from how we are generally used to seeing them. Celebrating this very diversity of the world is the celebration of life in its true sense…!

Travelling indeed can be a great learning experience in itself. While we are enjoying our tour, keeping our eyes, ears and most importantly our minds open can truly make way for an enlightening experience. We all know of the ‘Swachh Bharat’ mission initiated by our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. The cleanliness and hygiene we see in the countries abroad which we have travelled to or plan to travel in the future, indeed motivate us to work together for the success of this very mission. Honking or jumping the red light which has unfortunately become a reflex action in our city and country is actually considered to be a taboo abroad.

Many a times we expect the taste of the meals on our tours to be similar to that of our home. Why not let our taste buds indulge themselves with a new taste at least for some days when we are travelling? The food and its taste brings along the influences of history, geography and culture of the region to which it belongs and thus opening our minds and mouths (quite literally) to this authentic experience is indeed a journey through the centuries made in a morsel.

Nudity, which is considered to be a taboo, is completely redefined at the world-renowned Cabaret Shows like ‘The Lido’ in Paris. These topless shows celebrate the aesthetics, beauty and the natural form of the human body and are far away from vulgarity. We even see it in the reminiscences of ancient India with evidences of world famous sculptures at our various temples and caves. Watching the world-famous lady boy or transvestite and transsexual dance shows in Thailand is not only a visual delight and an amazing entertainment but if thought over is something very profound. It reflects the greatness of the Thai society and culture which has recognised the dignity and has given an honourable position to the people belonging to the alternative sexualities and are not left to the fate of living a life of utter humiliation by begging at the traffic signals.

The Oasis of a developed and self-sufficient world created amidst the hostile climatic conditions of the desert by the countries of the Middle East; efforts put in unison by the governments and the countrymen of countries like The Netherlands and Japan towards keeping a check on the increasing number of cars on the roads and encouraging people to opt for the eco-friendly modes of travelling like bicycles; efforts taken by the countries such as Australia and New Zealand for the preservation of the indigenous ancient cultures…the list of things that will keep on inspiring us is indeed endless!

Our journeys can indeed prove to be quite introspective ones. There is something to learn and soak in from every new place we visit. Our holiday destinations unknowingly and unintentionally can teach us life lessons. It’s like reading in between the lines. Let our every journey be an opportunity to venture outside our own world and take a sneak peek into a different world. The next time we travel let’s travel a bit more, let’s travel beyond…!

Jitesh Ghag
(Team Veena World)