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Ashish Dandekar

Ashish has been in the tourism industry for the past 10 years. He started off with conducting tours to Indian destinations after which he moved on to international destinations such as South East Asia and Australia New Zealand. Pleasant personality, mature and practical are the attributes that make him a good tour manager. Good sense of humour, hardworking, eversmiling & caring are his USPs. He is good dancer and a great Dhol player. He is passionate about badminton & volleyball. For him, working with Veena World is like a dream come true and he is proud to be a part of

Dinesh Bandiwadekar

Dinesh has 17 years of rich experience in the tourism industry and he deftly handles SEA, Sri Lanka Maldives, Vietnam- Cambodia-Philippines, USE, Australia -New Zealand, USA with Bahama and Europe sectors. He is adept at handling emergencies. He has good knowledge of visas. He is a matured person who can be relied on for ful􀀩lling responsibilities. He is articulate, well groomed & has good product knowledge. We are proud to have him as a part of the teamVeena World.

Deepak Jadhav

Good personality, sincere, hardworking and concerned, Deepak Jadhav is known to be a perfectionist. He is very good with his product knowledge and hence is a very good tour manager. He ensures that every Guest is handled suitably. His passion for travel translates to cent percent guest happiness

Rajesh Salvi

Rajesh is a seasoned tour manager with a vast experience. He is an Australia expert with countless tours experience to this heavenly destination. He is smart and resourceful and therefore is a tour manager to reckon upon. He is a good entertainer and ensures that his tour is lively at all times. His concern for his guests makes him all more likable.

Vivek Kochrekar

Being a tour manager is much more than a career for him, it's something he is passionate about. He loves to take people around the world and adds a magic personal touch to all that he does. Guests who have travelled with him feel like they have been with someone they have known for years. With an experience of 15 years, his knowledge is unparalleled. His knowledge of the Australian Sector is incomparable through first hand travel experience and constant self-study. His communication and oratory skills are noteworthy.


Tour was well organized and neatly conducted and we enjoyed lot. Thanks to Veena world. Bhavesh Vichare was excellent tour manager and ensured comfort of all. Thanks to Tejaswi (Borivali branch) and Manoj (visa assistance) for support. We would definitely like to travel with you for next tour .

Jayant Daithankar AUSM 22 May 2017

we express our Experience about our Trip to Australia- AUSM160317.
1.planning,organising,Execution of the Trip was Excellant.
2. Tour Manager Mr. CHETAN SURVE was very supportive,gogetter,jovial,efficient in organizing the tour suitable to specially to senior citizen Guests.... no others words to express about his caliber
3. This was our 2nd Trip with VEENAWORLD within this 1st Quarter 2017.
4.we certainly make many Trips to EUROPE, AMERICA,... thro. VEENAWORLD in FUTURE.
5. we recommend to All our Relatives, Friends,... for their Trips with VEENAWORLD.

Nageswara Kalahasti AUSM 16 March 2017

Me, Sucharita Marathe and my mother, Mrs. Manik Marathe, went for Australia trip from 16 Mar to 22 Mar' 17. The whole journey was a fantastic experience!! It was a properly planned and perfectly executed tour!! The sites chosen, time allocated at each site, Indian restaurants with good Indian food, bus journey, everything was planned wisely.

Dry food packets, rainy wear, cap, ready mix tea coffee sachets, adapter, passport pouch, shoulder bag, everything was provided necessary for the tour abroad. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness behind this kit.

Our tour manager, Mr. Chetan Surve has managed the tour in an excellent way.
He is well experienced in this field and had latest information required for such a long journey in abroad. He was very clear about sequence. We never felt any haphazardness or hurried manner. He had proper solution for queries from group. He explained details about all places where we visited. He gave us sufficient time to roam around. Sydney site seeing day was full of different destinations, but was perfectly handled by Chetan. Because of his time management we could have a fabulous jet ride too!! Chetan is very friendly and amiable person. None of our group felt hesitated to approach him. But at the same time he had a very good hold over the group. He relentlessly reminded group about keeping valuables and passport safely.

He got mixed up with the group very easily and involved all members in group activities. He made the group feel togetherness which was really a good thing for a long distance tour. Hotels, restaurants were really good. We had very comfortable stay and nice food. As our group was small, bus provided was also small. But it was in good condition, clean and neat. Windows, AC, heater were operational. Luggage loading and unloading was taken care by bus driver. Suspension was good, so we could enjoy journey at back seats as well. Beacuse of mic availability in the bus, we could have many group activities. Due to the inclusive environment created by Chetan, people did not get bored in whole day travel.

In sum, it was a lifetime, fabulous experience for me and my mother. We travelled with Veena world for the first time. We will surely plan our future trips With Veena world. Thanks to Veena world and Chetan! Wishing you all the best for future!

Sucharita Marathe AUSM 16 March 2017

We were guests of AUAN - 24/05/16 tour to Australia and New Zealand. We wish to record our appreciation for our Tour Manager Mr. Harshal Pansare and the entire team of Veena World for providing us an awesome and memorable experience.

The goody bags we collected at the airport prior to departure contained the usual tasty snacks. All other accessories came in handy at some point except the hardly-used neck pillows which actually became a pain in the neck as they were bulky and occupied a lot of precious space in our luggage.
Our Tour Manager Harshal is an amiable, caring, considerate, calm, cool, and confident young man. He was unruffled throughout and never let his anxiety or behind-the-scenes efforts show on his smiling face - it seemed as if the tour took care of itself and was sailing smoothly on its own! Except for the wake-up call, breakfast time and start of the day's tour, he never mentioned minutes or hours. He saw to it that everyone had their share of fun leisurely whether it was enjoying the scenic splendour or exercising their child-like desires on seeing the waves / snow or simply shopping. Still every place in the itinerary was covered. And he even managed to provide us with some bonus - he took us on a free ride in the Heritage Tram at Melbourne and also more than fulfilled our request for a drive around MCG (not included) - we got to stroll around there for more than half an hour.

We had great company in our guests - all were punctual, friendly and cooperative. The itinerary was perfect and gave us glimpses of the variety of life in the different cities of the two countries. The hotels were good / satisfactory - all of them were in the heart of the city. Our Coach Captains were great too - along with their expert driving skills, their great sense of humour during their commentaries kept us entertained. Only Veena World's games n' gifts were missing.

Thanks to the Almighty and the weather Gods for the successful tour which concluded without any hiccups. Once again a BIG THANKS to Veena Madam and her team, and in particular to Mr. Harshal Pansare for a memorable experience Down Under.
Dr(Mrs) Brinda Balasubramonian
Dr. S. Balasubramonian

Dr(Mrs) Brinda Balasubramonian & Dr. S. Balasubramonian AUAN ? 24 May 2016

I, Mrs. Meena Rogye, residing at Andheri east, Mumbai, recently travelled to Australia with your company, Veenaworld, 19th September 2016 to 26th September 2016.
I am very happy to tell you that the whole experience was very good and the tour was made more enjoyable and memorable by the help and support of your tour manager, Dheeraj Chaudhari. I wish to have Dheeraj as a tour leader in my subsequent tours with your company. Thanks and looking forward to be in touch with you

Meena Rogye AUSM 30 Sept 2016

I Appreciate that Veena World has completed our dream to visit Australia. It was indeed a great and best experience of my entire life. I myself and my wife are very thankful to you and your entire team and especially your team manager Mr. Atmaram Lad and Dhiraj Choudhary. Both of them are very sincere, helpful and co-operative. They treated all of us like family. We are really looking forward to go on a expedition again with Veena World. We are overwhelmed and thank you to organise a affordable Australia tour for us and we hope you keep on organising such affordable tours in future aswell.

Ramesh Shedge AUSM 04 September 2016

वीणा वर्ल्ड ची ०३ सप्टेंबर ते १० सप्टेंबर २०१६ ची ऑस्ट्रेलिया ट्रीप आम्ही दोघांनी केली. ट्रीप अतिशयच चांगली झाली.आमची ही आपल्या बरोबरची पहिलीच ट्रीप . तुमचे अतिशय उत्तम नियोजन आणि ते नियोजन जबाबदारीने आणि प्रेमाने पार पडणारे,मोठ्यांची मुलाप्रमाणे व छोट्यांची मुलासारखी काळजी घेणारे तुमेचे ट्रीप manager श्री आत्माराम लाड व धीरज ...यांचे कौतुक करावे तेवढे थोडेच .. कुठेही कसलीही अडचण न येत उत्तम हवामानाच्या साथीने, सह-प्रवाशांच्या सहकाऱ्यामुळे हि ट्रीप मस्त झाली. त्यात तुम्ही दिलेल्या sea Plane ride चा धक्का खरोखरच सुखद धक्का होता. एक वेगळा अनुभव आम्हाला घेता आला.या अस्मरणीय भेटीबद्दल आम्ही आपले आभारी आहोत. आपल्या radio वरील भाषणे प्रेरित होऊन आम्ही ८ नोव्हेंबर ची japan ट्रीपलाही जात आहोत.ती ही उत्तम पार पडेल यात शंकाच नाही. veena world कोल्हापुर शाखा तसेच सर्व सहलींचे नियोजन करणारा आपला कर्मचारी वर्ग हे ही या कौतुकास पात्र आहेत

Deepak Kulkarni AUSM 04 September 2016

First I thank you all Veena World staff because of their efforts our trip make beautiful. All arrangements are excellent. Foods, hotels are very excellent. This is my 3rd and with Veena World first tour. This is the best tour with comparison to other comp any. Thanks for arrange tour for affordable cost to middle cast. My dream to see MCG is a unbelievable. Team manager Dhiraji Chaudhary has also very supportive man.He handled all tourist very carefully. Now I am looking next year tour with you. Thanks

Dilipkumar Joshi AUSM22 August 2016

I wish to express my gratitude on befhalf of my elder sister Smt. Usha Bawdekar - Physiotherapist, who enjoyed this trip in all respect.
Initially when she told me that she is planning to go with Veena World on this tour ( 6 nights & 7 daya duration), I myself was not sure that will it be possible to cover important cities in Australia in such a short span.But when I heard all the details from my sister, I really felt amazing and realised what great efforts you have taken to make this tour successful.

Everything was planned perfectly considering senior citizens and with best tour leader like Ashish Dandekar. My sister told me that Ajit I never dreamt that my trip could have been so wonderful and enjoyable. Leave apart from money, lot of care was taken to provide personal attention and comfort to all senior participants. Thank you very much and looking forward to accompany Veena World for any tour in future.

Usha Bawdekar AUSM 14 August 2016

A big hello to all at Veena World

At the outset I extend heartfelt thanks to teh entire team at Veena World for arranging a memorable tour to New Zealand.

We have to state that right from the decision taken to visit the country the sales representative at Thane ( Ms Leena Salgaokar) to our Tour guide ( Mr Ashish Dandekar), I think the entire team at Vena World deserve huge kudos for their earnest service.
We took the New Zealand Jewels Tours which started from 29th Feb'16. Early morning at the airport to reaching New Zealand...........all the arrangments were simply great. I am sure we could not ask anymore in an alien country.
I have to specially mention about our our guide , Mr Ashish Dandekar the ever smiling tour guide. This person has an efferservent personality of serving all ( big or small) in the tour. His approach was a perfect blend of professionalism & personal touch, which I am sure all the guest have pleasant memories to caary. I ws visiting the tour with my mother ( who was supposedly the most elder in the tour batch) and have to state that the entire trip was pleasant without any room for any sort of complaint.

Well after returning back and narrating the details of the trip, I am going back again to New Zealand with my husband sooooonnnn.

Only a suggestion for could adventure loving people , if you design a special tour in New Zealand for South Island only....I think it will be awesome. Even a week would prove insufficent for exploring the entire south Island of New Zealand ( which is simply fantastic).

Well to sum up at the end.
Proud to be part of Veena World Family !!!!!!!

Veena World truly Rocks !!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Bharati Jadhav AUNS 28 February 2016

Myself, Sudhir Dongre and my wife Asmita Dongre, both aged 56, did the AUNZ0652016 tour recently with Veena World.
I must admit that the tour management was excellent, precise and professional and there was hardly any reason for us to feel a moment of discomfort.
Kudos to Dheeraj Choudhary, your young Tour Manager, who did his best to ensure pleasure for us during tour and that we carry home optimum joy out of the tour. He is polite, well mannered, jovial, fully conversant with his role and locations he guided us and while being of mixing nature, he displayed authority whenever needed. A true parent or teacher role of a kind.

Not only we two but all from our group would surely wish to extend all blessings and best wishes to him for his career and life ahead.
As regards Veena World, I must thank all of them who remained behind the scene but equally contributed to ensure the best of the tour for us. I liked this element in Dheeraj that he always mentioned about the backend team and credited them whenever the topic of Veena World came up.
We had done Europe Tour in May 2014 when Bhushan Gupte was our Team Leader. We found Dheeraj and Bhushan on the same plane when it came to serving people.
Our second tour with Veena World proved to be overwhelming and it only created more bond with the firm.
Looking forward for more such tour in future.
All the very best and heartfelt blessings to entire Veena World Team !!

Sudhir Dongre and Asmita Dongre AUNZ 06 May 2016

This is my second tour with Veena World. I was planning for my dream destination since last 3 years. Finally this year i decided to follow my dream and yes Veena world made it happened. Even though initially i faced some issues while doing the bookings but the output of my dream was fabulous. Ideally the tour is complete package of nature, travelers and of course tour manager. I think i am very lucky to get all three combination in one. Everything arranged by Veena world was awesome and they made me feel Royal wherever i travelled. With bottom of my heart i would like to thank Veena world to help me to fulfill my dream and special thanks to Mr Rajesh Salvi our Tour Manager. During those 17 days he took care of everyone, whether it was our happiness, smiles, anger, complaints. He always ensured it that customer satisfaction is priority in his daily to do list. He always kept smiling and made special place in everyone's heart in the trip. Hats off to his efforts he puts to ensure that every penny we counted for the trip is fruitful
Looking forward many more spectacular trips with Veena World

Dipti Patil AUNZ 15 November 2015

Firstly, I would like to thank Veena World for conducting such a wonderful tour of Australia New Zealand Escape of 12 Days and 11 Nights. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Here is my detailed feedback of the tour:

TOUR LEADER - The first thing one notes about the tour even before one reaches the destination is the conduct of the tour leader. I have to say that Mr. Ashish Dandekar was the best tour leader i have ever had thus far. He was responsible, caring, friendly, co-operative and enthusiastic. He understood the requirements of a youngster like me and helped in every possible way he could. He helped in getting bookings of all the extra adventure activities my sister and me wanted to do. He is a great company to have around while on tour. I would like to wish him all the best and he is a great asset to Veena World. I would love to have him again on future tours.

CHOICE OF THE SIGHT-SEEINGS - I think the choice of the sightseeing was cleverly made and it ensured that we saw the best of Australia and New Zealand. Although it was my 2nd visit to Australia, it still did not fail to impress me. New Zealand and Queenstown in particular is clearly a paradise. It arguably beats places like Europe and Kashmir. The locations chosen by Veena World in New Zealand were enchanting. And i can't help but admit that New Zealand has become my favourite country thus far and Queenstown being my favourite city.

CHOICE OF RESTAURANTS - Given the limited choices of Indian restaurant one has while travelling abroad, the restaurants were chosen aptly which made sure that we did not miss the Indian taste in the Australia and New Zealand. The restaurants in New Zealand were a pleasant surprise to me as they had great food and not just great but foods that everyone craves for. Think about Dahi Wadas, South Indian delicacies, Pav Bhajis and you will know what i am talking about. Absolutely fantastic!

PACE OF THE TOUR - This was one of the most optimally paced tour i have experienced. It had a good balance of sight seeings, travel and free time. Unlike other tours where pace is very fast leaving no room for tourists to grasp in the beauty and culture of the country, this was a good medium paced tour. This medium pace relaxing tour worked wonders for sure.

ASSISTANCE IN GETTING BOOKING FOR ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES WHICH WERE NOT PART OF ITINERARY - This is a special appreciation to Ashish Dandekar and Veena World for supporting in getting youngsters like me a seat for adventure activities in Australia and specially New Zealand. It is easy for a tour leader to have the guests get the bookings for the extra activities on their own but Ashish ensured that he helped us in getting the right agency for our adventure activities and that too in a way that didn't affect the tour itinerary. This is a special effort which, in my view, deserves high praise.

SUGGESTION - Having seen the New Zealand and having fallen in love with that country, i would suggest Veena World to increase the number of stays in Queenstown and Auckland. And possibly also include Fox Glacier. It might increase the cost but then you can try for say a 12 days tour to New Zealand. I would love to go on a 12 Days tour to New Zealand.
Finally, i would like to wish luck to Veena World and looking forward to going to New Zealand again (Possibly a longer tour) and to other countries and celebrate the travel as the Veena World tagline goes.

Ria Munot and Raj Munot AUNL 03 November 2015

I have no words to describe your excellent planning, management and execution of the tour. Each and every detail was meticulously planned. We never faced any problem anywhere. Wherever there was any problem like the situation of bus not arriving in time at Melbourne hotel at about 4 AM to catch our flight our super-efficient tour Manager Ashish Dandekar was there to sort out & make alternate arrangement on the spot. Words are not sufficient to describe excellent management, co-operation and handling of the tour by Ashish. I must thank you for appointing such an excellent Manager like Ashish for our tour.

I have shared a few suggestions regarding the pre departure call to be made well in advance so all the people can prepare well. It is possible to send extra bag/weight by road between these two points by land at much cheaper price. You may explore this facility and offer same as optional at extra cost. Size of pouch given for PP & ticket may please be increased by 0.5cm in length and height as present size is too tight to fit in both and likely to damage PP with three pages of Australian Visa. The food given by you during the tour is very tasty and quantity is more than sufficient. I feel inclusion of lasun chutney in the snacks hamper is a waste instead you may include one more item. Introduction of all members may be carried out at the airport either at departure/transit or arrival point but not in the Bus. As per the local law people can't come in the front and use the mic and if one introduces from the seat people in the front can't see/hear. You can include the fire work show at Sydney.

Hemant Gadkari AUNZ 30 September 2015

We have participated in the only New Zealand tour. The Hotels were excellent and special thanks for providing Indian good quality food.The tour leader Ashish Dandekar was caring and helpful nature. We have enjoyed the tour.Overall the tour was well organized. All sightseeing points have been covered. All the best to Veena World.

Mahendra Suratkar AUNS 09 October 2015

We really enjoyed the Australia & New Zealand trip with Mr.Ashish, caring and soft spoken tour manager.
We appreciate excellent management of the tour by Veena_world.

Vasant Khandge AUNZ 30 September 2015

I had a good experience of South East Asia tour in December 2014 month with Veena World.And now yet another fantastic experience of Australia & New Zealand tour in April 2015 with Veena World.
As usual the tour was well organized up to micro level on all the fronts of booking of lodge, Indian restaurants for lunch / dinner, air tickets & buses etc.The food was very nice / tasty and every time it was giving the feeling of being in India with family. The tour manager Mr. Deepak Jadhav was very very good at his heart all the time. One best example could be, he always use to serve food items to individuals on table thereby taking utmost care of individual member. He was always having food at the last. To be frank Mr. Deepak is not a diamond but he is a GEM with respect to his behaviour & attitude. Mr. Deepak is not just an employee but he is an ASSET of Veena World. Thanks to Veena Team & Mr. Joshi from bottom of my heart for organizing a partner, thereby saving money for me. This will achieve my goal of visiting all the possible corners of world with Veena World. Also my special thanks to Mr. Joshi & his team ( PSP Porvorim, Goa ) for taking all the trouble to organize this fantastic tour for me.

Digambar Amruskar AUNZ 17 April 2015

Very recently my wife and I had been to Australia New Zealand conducted by Veena world. As the experience of our first tour with you to Nepal- Bhutan was very good we decided to take this tour also with you. Aus ??? Nz tour was simply marvellous. Both these countries are blessed with unique things by nature and the people there have made them more attractive for the tourists by providing all sorts of good services. Our itinerary was full of interesting places and events. We were curious every day till the end about what next surprise we are going to have. The great barrier reef, penguin parade were wonderful but the climax was the lime stone cave with glow worms. Nobody could have imagined that how beautiful it would be. We have no words to describe the joy when we saw the thousands of glow worms shining in the totally dark back ground. As if the entire galaxy from the sky has descended to the ceiling level. It would take pages to write about all the things we enjoyed in the tour. We enjoyed, first in our life, hot air balloon ride, the helicopter ride which showed beautiful view of 12 apostles and the ocean. It is unforgettable. Under water sea life through semi-submersible, both the gondola rides, all the cruise rides, speed boat ride etc. everything was memorable. Now I must mention about the organization of this tour. We were fortune to have Mr Ashish Dandekar as the tour manager, handsome, ever smiling and very helpful person. He guided us at all the airports. His instructions and communications were very clear. He spared no pains to make this trip a success. We were feeling safe and secured on the foreign land due to his constant care and monitoring. In fact we assured our only son who resides in U.S. not to worry about us on the very first phone we received from him. Ashish tried his best to cover all the places, took us to different Indian restaurants, in the same town, whenever possible.
To conclude, we really enjoyed our trip in totality and would like to continue our association with you. We would be busy for couple days in sharing our experience and photos with our relatives and friends. Thank you once again.

Shaila & Girish Bondre AUNZ 27 April 2015

It is indeed my pleasure to share with you that I along with my husband Mr. Arun Shingrut undertook the Australia and New Zealand tour. Our Tour Manager Rajesh Salvi, a highly competent, co-operative and smiling all the time, conducted the tour excellently. We really enjoyed our tour with you. I had noted all the pleasant memories of the tour in my diary and "SION DARPAN", a Marathi Magazine in their Diwali edition has recently published my article about the trip.

Anagha Shingrut AUNZ 22 February 2014

I have just returned from our Australia and New Zealand tour of 17 days. It was just amazing and fabulous tour among all my tours abroad. I really appreciate your hard working team and managing skills to give maximum comfort , luxury and everything to everyone. Besides, our tour escort Vivek Kochrekar conducted this tour so nicely that we all felt as this tour is Veena World's family .He is such a great person, we all felt Vivek as "Apla manus" .I have no more words to describe this anymore. But I summarize that i feel very proud that Veena World has a very bright future. My best wishes are always with you. Thanks and all the best.

Vidya Gadgil AUNZ 12 September 2014

Our comments on Australia tour
1. We had an excellent experience about Mr. Rajesh Salavi, as tour manager. He was very friendly, took care of all tourists and looked after them very well. He also handled the problems, though there were very few, very well.
2. We found all hotels very good.
3. The one day trip to Canberra was not liked by all. Lot of to and fro travelling by bus and relatively little memorable to see. This may be deleted from next trips.
4. The group photo given by the tour manager is of poor quality, dusky and faces poorly shown. It should have been taken by a professional photographer, who was hanging around, and then distributed.
5. I had paid AUD 4025 and the actual amount to be paid was to be 4024. When I asked about refund of 1 AUD, I was told that the cashier does not have one dollar bills. The office can have a policy of refunding in such cases excess payment in INR. What if I would have paid AUS 4030, if I wouldn't have a bill of 5 AUD? I should be refunded by at least Rs 55.
6. Out of 18 meals all were Punjabi. They were good in quality no doubt but there could have been variation. Last meal was South Indian, when we insisted. There should be variety of cuisine.
7. The compulsory gift of 40 Singapore dollars in the form of chocolates was not appreciated by some. To bring as gifts chocolates by overseas relatives in many families has become a routine. That could have cut down the cost of the tour.
8. Overall we were happy with the tour.

Dr M D Rahalkar

Recently I had been to Australia & New Zealand tour with you. I would like to share my views on this tour . The tour was very well organised, especially the accommodation. During this tour, our tour manager was Shri Rajesh Salvi,. He is a very cooperative person. He guided the tour very nicely.
He has thorough knowledge of the places which were part of our tour. His command on the language is also good. He use to take care of each and every person. He has the ability to sort out problems instantly which may arise during the tour. He is a very caring person. I wish him all the best for his future career.

Sunil Deshmukh

I would like to thank you for the kind cooperation shown by Veena World regarding the tour I completed with your company to Australia and New Zealand. My personal experience with your tour has been wonderful and I would like to thank you for personally looking into the problem I had regarding the booking and helping reach an amicable solution. I had a very pleasant experience with your company and your team member was also very helpful.Considering that I would like your company grow leaps and bounds, I would like to give you a suggestion which would help you further improve your services.Some people feel that your Mumbai office staff needs to be better trained in their dealings with people. I again emphatically say that my personal experience with your staff has been very good (with a special mention of Rujuta and Rajesh Salve with whom I have had an excellent rapport and who have been extremely cooperative). Kindly treat this not as a complaint, but a mere suggestion to help your company become a better organisation. Having said that my best wishes will always remain with you and I look forward to more trips with you.

Neelima Patwardhan

?MANDALI???. This word is still on my mind after returning from wonderful & dream Destination ??? EUROPE. Thanks to our excellent tour managers ??? Amit Soman & Rajesh Salvi .They were caring, experienced and professional as well as friendly. We enjoyed a lot . Sometimes you cant explain your feeling in words, I can only say ?Thank You???I adore the professional approach of the complete Veena world team. Enjoyed the most awaited moment??. Snowfall in Austria??especially the hotel location?? it was AWESOME.Thrilling experience at Jungfraujoch ??? the Top of Europe with wonderful snowfall?? We found all hotels very good
Finally, thanks Veena World, for great journey of EUROPE?? and Thanks?? Amit Soman & Rajesh Salvi

Pranali Yesaji

I, Durga Patkar, joined the tour to Australia and we enjoyed a lot. My mother walks slowly with a walking stick so I was bit tensed whether she will be able to cover all the sight-seeing or not and whether we will be able to match our timings with other group members or not. But your office staff , Manasi Shirsat others and tour manager Rajesh Salvi assured me that she will be able to manage. Really my mother could cover all sight-seeing due to Rajesh???s co-operation. Your entire office staff helped me patiently during collection of documents required for visa. Mr. Rajesh is a dedicated person, always used to be there for any query or problem, was helpful to everybody and managed things very well by constantly remaining on toes.
The hotels including rooms and other facilities, Indian food were very nice.Because of all these things our Australia tour was really a memorable experience.
All the best. Keep it up!!!!!!

Durga S. Patkar AUHL 07 Nov 2013