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Yogesh Nichite

With 8 years of rich experience in tour escorting, Yogesh is quite an expert in Kashmir, Kerala, Andaman, Chardham, Amarnath, South India, Leh-Ladakh & South East Asia sectors. Apart from having a good knowledge of these sectors he also shares a great rapport with the local suppliers of these places. And of course he is a successful tour manager today because of his good coordination skills and good entertainment skills. He is fond of biking and photography.

Subodh Jadhav

Subodh has been conducting tours to Kashmir, Himachal, Rajasthan, Andaman, Leh Ladakh & Mauritius for 8 years now. Always enthusiastic & happy to serve, he is one of his kind. With a smiling face & jovial demeanor he is fun to be with. He is a great entertainer and keeps amusing the guests on tour. He is a good dancer and loves trekking, which keeps him entertained when not on tour.

Sagar Mhatre

Sagar carries 5 years tour escorting experience with him. He conducts tours in Nainital, Rajasthan, Kailash, Mansarovar, Chardham and Leh Ladakh. His never say die attitude is commendable and he is one of those tour managers who just does not rest unless he completes a certain task successfully. He is a good dancer and loves playing kho kho. He feels proud to be a part of the team Veena World.

Santosh Dhamke

Santosh has been conducting tours to Himachal, Uttarakhand, Kashmir, Amarnath Yatra, Chardham, Rajasthan & Andaman for 6 years. He has a thorough knowledge of the sectors that he handles. Talkative and funny, he is quite a good entertainer. He has a good judgment of things. He is friendly and guests love to be with him. When not on tour, he pursues his passions – Kho Kho and biking stunts.

Dheeraj Chaudhari

Always smiling and calm is how one would see Dheeraj. He has been in the tourism industry for almost 9 years. At the onset, he conducted tours to Himachal, Rajasthan, Ladakh, Kailash, Nepal and now also conducts tours to Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia sector. He is passionate about swimming and singing. According to him Veena World is an organization that has good working environment & great work culture.

Satish Jadhav

Caring and sincere, Satish has been conducting tours to Himachal, Rajasthan, Kerala and Andaman since the past 3 years. Hardworking & entertaining, he builds a good rapport with guests on tour. He loves travelling and combines his passion with his work.


Hi Team Veena World… This is to share my experience of the recent Andaman Tour that I did through Veena world - ANEX - (I)280517M/A . Me & my wife had an wonderful experience with the Andaman trip. The tour was very mesmerizing & had very nice memories of various places of Andaman. On top of this we would like to highlight about tour Manager Mr. Kaustubh Junnarkar who made this tour very memorable. Also the arrangement of Veena World Tour manager Mr. Kaustubh Junnarkar were great & he had taken lot of efforts to let us Enjoy the tour. He managed the group in an excellent way. He was always enthusiastic and caring. The hotel locations were amazing & food was also nice. And about the companions we enjoyed their company. Hope, will soon be the again on trip with VEENA WORLD The hospitality given by Veena World is also very good. I would like to thank VEENA WORLD Team. Wish u & Veena World a very bright future.

Yogesh Bhoi ANEX - (I-Fly) 28 May 2017

We had an excellent holiday with Veena World on the Andaman Tour ANEX - (I) 230417/A conducted from 23rd April 2017 to 29th April 2017. Our Tour Manager was Kaustubh Junnarkar, we take this opportunity to thank Veena World and Kaustubh as the tour was conducted very professionally and executed in a competent and timely manner. Kaustubh was extremely helpful and active throughout the tour. The flight and bus arrangements were trouble free. Thumbs up to you, Kaustubh. Not only did we learn more about Andaman but the tour gave us an insight into our own beautiful country. We enjoyed the food and stay both at Hotel Coral Cove as well as at Hotel Symphony Palms. Many Thanks to you Veena madam and your team for a memorable holiday. Thanks and Regards Ashish Unde and family.

Ashish Unde ANEX - (I-Fly) 23 April 2017

What a wonderful xperience !!!!!
No doubt the Andaman itself is a beautiful destination , but equally good was the tour planning.
All the hotels were fantastic.Nice food , decor ,cleanliness & above all their locations .
The dry snacks , Welcome snacks,farewell snacks - simply nice & very much helpful.
The itinerery was perfect.We enjoyed every single moment.
Last but not the least , What a gem of a person the tour manager was !
We had travelled with many,many tour groups ,But VISHAL TAMBE was one of the best ones.
He was very very humble,soft-spoken,attentive & efficient .
His knowledge about Andaman was amazing . There was a pleasant smile on his face every time. He was neither iirritated nor angry in the whole trip.
May God bless VISHAL TAMBE !!!

Now we intend to do the 8D/7N tour of South India.
Veena Madam ,Thanx a lot 4 making us so happy.May God bless u !!!

Wish u & Veena World a very bright future.
With regards ,

Pramod Godbole ANEX - (I-fly ) 27 march 2107

We just returned back from mesmerizing Andaman tour No. ANEX - (I)180317M/A with unforgettable memories. The reason behind that is our tour manager Vishal Tambe. We were 27 people altogether. This is my second tour with Veena World. Like my previous tour of Leh-Ladakh, the tour was a grand success. I specially thank the tour manager Vishal, who single handedly managed the group in an excellent way. He was always enthusiastic, laughing and caring. The hotel locations were amazing & food was also nice & tasty. The hospitality given by Veena World is also very good. I would like to thank VEENA WORLD Team & our tour manager Vishal Tambe - Makrand Khandkar & family.

Nilima Khandkar ANEX - (I-fly ) 18 March 2017

Hi, Me and my wife had really very wonderful time and enjoyed the tour, had a great experience. Our tour escort Vishal Tambe is really a very good man and he took utmost care to see that all the tour members are well taken care of. Thank you for celebrating my birthday on the tour. Hope to travel with you again soon.

Ashok Shah ANEX - (I-fly ) 18 march 2017

We Awadhut L. Ghorpade & Mrs. Anuprita A. Ghorpade enjoyed Andaman & Nicobar tour which was from 18/03/2017 to 24/03/2017.This was very good experience to us right from booking till we came back to Mumbai Airport.
Ms. Samrudhi at booking desk explained about tour very nicely & cleared all our doubts, which developed good confidence in our mind to join this tour as we are travelling with veenaworld first time.

All destinations,hotel accommodation,transportation,food were very nice we really enjoyed.
On top of this we would like to highlight about tour Manager who made tour very memorable.
Mr. Vishal Tambe most obedient, very co-operative & has good knowledge about area. Right from Port Blair airport he explained us very nicely. he gave us royal treatment during tour. he never gave us a single chance to complain. So Special Thanks to Vishal Tambe & Veenaworld management for appointing Vishal Tambe on our Tour.

!!Once again THANKS to Veenaworld!!
Awadhut & Anuprita
We have decided to plan all our future tours with Veenaworld only.

Awadhut Ghorpade ANEX - (I-fly ) 18 March 2017

I enthusiastically recommend Prathamesh Patki and his contribution towards making my trip outstanding. This young boy always ensured we all were most comfortable. He worked tirelessly to lead this tour by taking full responsibility and displaying high level commitment. I truly appreciate his enthusiasm and dedication.
Even when I met with an accident, he took care with utmost attention and put in all efforts to make me feel comfortable.

Hansa Patel ANZA (I-FLY) 24 February 2017

We have completed our tour to Andaman Island with over all satisfaction.
Our tour is completed as per the program well organised by you. Hotel arrangements, food, boat travels provided by you was so nice which was to be best of our economical contribution to you. Visit to Cellular Jaii , Savarkar Cell was so touching, Neel Island, water sports scuba diving was the good experience of life. Now regarding your officer ( Our Tour Manager - Mr. Vihar Thakur ) To handle 26 persons with different age / area at a time is not a joke.

So nice person. He is so young but shown overall ability and his efforts to complete the tour as a senior person alone. He is so friendly and behaved with us as a family member. We both will not forget him. He helped honestly when my friends wife was minor injured. He immediately helped to provide doctor at this unknown area. We always wish him best for his future. We hope you will provide same person for our future tours.

We , my wife sincerely promise to be a part of you in our future holiday tours and will refer our friends, relatives to book their tour program with VEENAWORLD ONLY as the money spend by us is not higher than the amenities provided by Veena World

Shekhar Hire ANEX - (I-fly ) 04 February 2017

First of all I would like to apologizes for late feedback. It was nice experience with Veena World. Overall hotel selection, sightseeing was very well selected. First day was little bit hectic for us because we came from Pune. Since it was night travel for us to come to Mumbai and then to Port blare early morning, first day sightseeing became hectic.

Apart from first day, all other days were very well planned. Tour manager Vihar was very cooperative and helpful. I am personally very happy with this tour.

Looking forward for such tours with Veena world again and again

Reshma Chaudhary ANEX - (I-fly ) 04 February 2017

I along with my wife Sonali really enjoyed Andaman honeymoon tour ( 6th Feb to 12th Feb 2017 ). Thank you Veena World for arranging such a wonderful honeymoon special tour. Food and accommodation at each hotel were perfectly comfortable and elegant. Bus and every vehicle provided during this tour were excellent. Special thanks to our tour manager Rupesh Gawade for taking utmost care of everyone. He ensured no one is left behind on islands. Time management was excellent. Looking forward for many more trips with Veena World in future.

Ketan Narkar ANHA (I-FLY ) 06 February 2017

Recently we have done Andaman tour (ANNEX - (I)300117M/A/3). The tour was well organized. The Hotels were excellent and food quality was also very good. All the sightseeing points were covered as per scheduled. Our special thanks to tour Manager Mr Amit Kene who was very caring and helpful. Thanks again to Veena World for organising such a wonderful and memorable tour.

Mahendra Suratkar ANEX - (I-fly ) 30 January 2017

Me and my wife were part of Andaman Honeymoon Special Tour which started on 28th Jan 2017. This being our first trip with Veena World, we were a little sceptical about the service. But Vihar Thakur ( Our tour manager) left no stone unturned to prove us wrong!! He managed the tour exceptionally well allowing us to enjoy Andaman tour and have experience for a lifetime. He had asked us in the beginning to enjoy the tour and let him take care of all other things and he walked the talk. He was working round the clock behind the scenes to ensure everything fell in place. We did not have to worry about a single thing. We would surely like to enjoy another adventure with Veena World and have Vihar as a tour manager. Thanks a lot again for the wonderful experience and we are sure Veena World will keep raising the bar with respect to customer satisfaction having tour managers like Vihar with you.

Yogesh Bajare ANHA (I-FLY ) 28 January 2017

Recently we went to Andaman tour from 4th Feb '17 to 10th Feb '17. This was our fourth trip with Veena World. The entire trip was very enjoyable & memorable. On day one after the visit to the Cellular Jail, Savarkar cell & the light & sound show, we all were overwhelmed! Except for the first day which was a bit hectic, the rest of the trip we had comparatively easy time & enjoyed all water sports. All the activities were professionally organised & efficiently conducted. Specially the water sports - snorkeling & scuba diving were once in a lifetime experiences. Visit to Ross island & listening to Ms Anuradhapura Rap was also a memorable experience. Lion's share of the success goes to the tour manager Mr. Vihar Thakur. Single handedly he managed all the tour related activities like transportation, accommodation, visits to beaches etc very efficiently. Also taking into consideration the individual needs of all the group members. His efforts are truly praiseworthy. We wish him all the success in future & rapid growth in the organisation. In future also we are looking forward to more fun- filled trips with V. V.

Alka Maindarkar ANEX - (I-fly) 04 February 2017

It was our first trip with Veena World. Me and my wife had an amazing experience of his trip.
Andaman is a place where everything depends on weather, however planning and coordination of Vihar Thakur (our Guide) with local people was excellent. We really enjoyed each and every moment of this trip.

All our companions were also very friendly and helpful. Special thanks to Vihar Thakur once again for managing all the things very systematically beginning from tickets, Airport Check-in, hotel rooms accommodation (even prior to Check in time and check out time extended), our eatables to our departure from Portblair airport and making our trip very smooth and enabling us to enjoy the untouched beauty of nature and sightseeing. Hope to have such tour managers in all our future trip

Mukesh Devpura ANHA (I-FLY) 28 January 2017

I am glad to inform you, that i am very happy to choose and trust Veena World. I had been through many broachers, as it's our 1st tour, expecting to have good experience. Had many ifs and but in my mind. But from the day one you proved me wrong. The service received during the tour was par excellance and well draft itenary. Kudos for all of you. During the tour effort taken by our tour manager ( Vihar Thakur ) was splendid. Well planned and executed. He was clam,composed and co-operative. Looking forward to have many experience and wonderful memories. Keep-up the good work.

Shrikrishna Tawde ANHA (I-fly ) 28 January 2017

Just felt that I must share the experience we had on our Andaman honeymoon tour. To explain it in one word, Awesome would be perfect one. Actually this was my first tour with Veena world and I am sure there will be many more to come. Overall arrangements were very good. Everything was well planned and executed.

I would like to specially mention our tour manager Mr. Vihar Thakur. He was very humble, helpful and he managed everything very well. Kudos to Veena world and their team.

Nishant Patil ANHA (I-fly ) 28 January 2017

Me & My wife were part of ANDAMAN TOUR - ANHA(I)280117 M/A which was started on 28.01.2017 from Mumbai to Andaman. It was great experience & quality time too that we had spend with each other apart from our routine life.Before proceeding to Tour I had heard that site seeing & everything totally depends on Andaman weather conditions so i was worried how could be it possible to getting things done in time but I sincerely thanks to our tour Manager Mr. Vihar Thakur who had been taken tremendous efforts to get things successful. I am Happy that I am the part of great tour. All other team members were also very good & co-operative. I also thanks to all the Veena World Group Staff & sales partners ( Mrs. Suhasini Dharkar Madam, Pushpak Group- Aurangabad) with whom I interacted.

I am currently working as HR Manager So being HR Point of view Mr.Vihar Thakur our Tour Manager has all the qualities that one Manager needed He is very humble & Co-operative. Planning, Organizing, Directing & Coordinating from Mr. Vihar Thakur is too good. At last I would like to thanks Veena World for such good tour & Mr. Vihar Thakur who has taken efforts for completion of successful this tour also wishing him lots of successes & best of luck for his professional & personal life as well. I hope you will Provide us same co operation in future & waiting for another Happy tour with Veena World.

I wish Veena World will gets lots of succuses in future & wishing you all the best

Sachin Gokul Bhoi ANHA (I-fly) 28 January 2017

This is my first tour with veena world. And my tour was awesome ...nd memorable...our tour manager mr.vihar thakur...he is just great..he was very humble,cooperative,respective throughout the tour...he has managed the tour very well...our tour was memorable nd joyful because of his co-operation nd management.

Thanks to veena world and also to vihar thakur....i assure you that my next trip would obiviously with veena world...

Banashankari Kulkarni ANHA (I-fly) 28 January 2017

This is my first tour with veena world. And my tour was awesome ...nd memorable...our tour manager mr.vihar thakur...he is just great..he was very humble,cooperative,respective throughout the tour...he has managed the tour very well...our tour was memorable nd joyful because of his co-operation nd management.

Thanks to veena world and also to vihar thakur....i assure you that my next trip would obiviously with veena world...

Banashankari Kulkarni ANHA (I-fly) 28 January 2017

Me & my Wife had an wonder full experience with the Andaman Honeymoon trip. The tour was very mesmerizing & had very nice memories of various places of Andaman. Also the arrangement of Veena World Tour guide I.e. MR Vihar Thakkur were great & he had taken lot of efforts to let us Enjoy the Uncherished Andaman,
And about the companions we enjoyed their company. Hope, will soon be the again on trip with VEENA WORLD

Ravishankar Shastri ANHA (I-fly ) 28 January 2017

Yesterday only we came back from our Andaman honeymoon special tour. It was really great. The literary was properly set. No hectic schedules. We got personal time as well. No words about tour manager Mr. Vihar Thakur........!!! Great man. He managed everything very well. Very helpful, calm, polite and always smiling. Because of him we were relax. Many many thanks to him and Veena World for great tour.

Definitely we'll look forward to go with Veena World only and hopefully we'll get Vihar as tour manager. Thanks once again

Mugdha Amit Nimkar ANHA (I-fly) 28 January 2017

Hi Team Veena World,
This is to share my experience of the recent Andaman Tour that i did through Veena world.
When : 23rd Jan to 29th Jan
From : Mumbai
# Tour with Veena world : 3rd
TM : Amit kene
*I would like to state that i went only with my cousin sister, much at the worry of our families.
Andaman : Just loved the place! Nothing less than an exotic international tourist location. Very clean, amazingly beautiful beaches and islands. Friendly and welcoming people, good weather and endowed with extreme natural beauty. Would love to go back.
About the tour facilities: Not the 1st time with veena world, and hence i am an already satisfied customer. However, even more happy after this tour. Lovely beach side properties, super tasty food (didn't miss home on a single occasion!), very scenic stay localities, comfortable and best-in class modes of travel, hassle free sight seeing, well planned activities to make the most of the 6 days! Overall, extremely satisfied with what veena world has provided me in return to what i have spent for the tour.

Tour Manager: I would really want to stress on how Amit has strived his best to make the tour so smooth and enjoyable for each one of us in the group. He has gone out of his way to ensure each one made the most of the tour, enjoyed the best activity at each place, got the food they would love to have, got the best of their memories clicked, stayed safe at any point during the trip and much more. Banana ride, jet skiing, scuba diving and what not! Every activity was fun for us - young as well as seniors, through his tips and encouragement. He made every lunch and dinner so special and relaxing that we could easily forget all our tensions back home and truly enjoy every moment of the trip from within. He has the knack to make stupidest of the games so enjoyable and memorable, all youngsters and oldies burst out into laughter equally! Such was the bonding between the group, that all other tourists in any cruise/tourist spot/restaurant would gaze at us wondering "how could someone have so much fun, seems like a family group!" And all credits to Amit for this. Overall, i had a wonderful time. Something i ll cherish forever! Made some really good friends and memories.

Thank you Veena World, and a Big shout out to Amit :) looking forward to another such memorable tour with this amazing TM, and Veena world!

Pradnya Patil ANEX - (I-Fly ) 23 January 2017

I was a part of the Veena group that travelled to Andaman on the 25th Dec. Our tour manager was Mr Vishal Tambe.

I am writing this mail specifically to acknowledge the exemplary assistance and service provided by Vishal. I was travelling with a 5 member family with two senior citizens (age 78 and 83). Vishal made every possible effort to make this trip as less strenuous for my old parents. Right from accommodating favourable seats on the Cruz, organising wheel chair / auto / cycle rickshaw wherever possible. This took a lot of pressure off me and my wife Manasi and made this into a memorable and enjoyable trip for the whole group

Mahesh Nandurkar ANEX - (I-fly ) 25 December 2016

This is the first time that I travelled to a place through a tours and travel agency and I'm extremely happy that I chose Veena World for it. I travelled to Andaman on 25th December and Akshay Vaidya was our tour manager. I was recommended Veena World by another relative and I must say that it stood true to all our expectations. The arrangements were well made and it would not be possible for us to manage all of it by ourselves without the help of Veena World. I appreciate all the goodies we got and Veena World left no stone unturned to make us feel special. Akshay was very hospitable and friendly. Right from the pickup day at the airport to the time he dropped us off at the airport on our way back, he has been a great support. Definitely will be going to more places through Veena World. Thanks!

Sharda Kamat ANEX - (I-fly ) 26 December 2016

Thank you so much for arranging wonderful Honeymoon trip to Andaman on 3rd Dec to 9th of Dec 2016. I am very much thankful and Happy with Akshay Vaidya who has managed it with right attitude. He is one of the best Manager I ever seen till date, the way he has shown his proactive approach, right and frequent communication with everyone which kept environment healthy among the tour members.I feel like he is an Asset of Veena world. I would love to be a part of Veena world again in coming days and will surely recommend to my friends and relatives. Thanks you so much once again

Piyush Kulkarni ANHA (I-fly ) 03 December 2016

I was on the Andaman tour no. ANEX - 220516 M/A organised by VEENA WORLD along with my wife Madhuri and daughter Nikita . The Team Manager was Amit Nandoskar.

I am extremely happy about my overall experience with Veena World right from booking the tour to returning from the tour. Overall communication about tour features, itinerary, cost etc. was done properly, bags provided by Veena World were very useful to carry our tour luggage, communication regarding flight bookings, meeting time, contact details was done properly and well in time.

The actual tour was awesome. Hotels were good. The Monsoon in Andaman had started while we were there and so the weather was completely unpredictable and some islands/ beaches were closed due to that. In spite of this, every attempt was done to show us the maximum possible places (Some listed and some non listed). Every time Tour Manager Amit used to give proper instructions on what need to be carried, precautions to be taken etc. Though the place has certain natural limitations, we never felt it as Veena World has ensured that we get good variety of food. As mentioned earlier, visit to some places were cancelled due to bad weather, but we never felt the vacuum or waste of time / money as either the alternate place was shown to us by the Tour Manager or some event was organised to ensure that we enjoy and pass a good time. Tour Manager was successful in creating the family environment and at the end of the tour we all were like one family.

While planning my further pleasure trips, I would surely give first preference to Veena World and also recommend Veena World to my family, friends and other associates.

Nachane Yatin ANEX-22 May 2016

This was my 1st tour with Veena world with my family. I must say that I had a fabulous experience :) Vinod Deshmukh was very supportive and made sure proper arrangements about tickets, travel (bus + cars), hotel bookings are there. He was always on his toes to make sure itinerary is followed. We all enjoyed the games that we played as a group event - especially Ping Pang Pong :)

The choice of the Hotels especially sea princess, Wandoor is amazing! I really had a great experience especially after visiting cellular jail, scuba diving, kalla patthar sea, radhanagar beach :) Thank you Veena World :)

Abhijit Bapat ANEX - (I-Fly ) 14 August 2016

The hassle-free tour ended well without any hiccups, thanks to pleasant Tour Managers Kaustubh Junnarkar and Ulka Patwardhan who coordinated the tour very well. Both of them took great care of us - senior citizens all - from 55 + to 80+. They are endowed with a clear and loud voice, good diction and fluency in Marathi, Hindi and English. We were the only South Indians in the group and they made sure they spoke in Hindi / English too. They patiently took special care of the senior-most ladies who had trouble walking and made sure they too enjoyed most of the tour. The Fashion Show on the last night was a grand finale to our tour. It was organized in a near-professional manner by the talented duo Kaustubh and Ulka and their local team. Everyone participated enthusiastically. Thank you for the attractive gifts for the numerous winners. We missed Veena Madam's presence though!
Food Excellent meals - always on time and always tasty and healthy.
Tour Participants We were an enthusiastic bunch of punctual Senior Citizens and bonded well during the tour. The old ladies over 80 who wouldn't give up were an inspiration.
Itinerary / sight-seeing Kudos to Veena World for the excellent guides at Ross Island (Anuradha Rao), Chatham Saw Mill (Kalyani Mandal) and Cellular Jail (Shibu). The jewel in the crown was the visit to Cellular Jail on 26 Feb and it was made memorable as Ulka & Kaustubh led the group as we sang befitting songs as tribute to Veer Savarkar on his death anniversary.
We thought there is some scope for improvement with respect to itinerary schedule, complimentary items and sightseeing. Hope you take action there.

Dr.Brinda Balasubramonian & Dr. S. Balasubramonian ANZA 22 February 2016

We, myself, my wife and sister, were on the above Yatra ( Tour ), that left Mumbai on 25-02-2016 and returned on 2-03-016. Personally for me it was a Pilgramage and was blessed by my being able to be present in the Cell on 26th February ( Swa. Veer's Punyatithi ), 2016, in which Swatatrya Veer was held captive and tortured.
I could offer my homage to Swatantrya Veer and many many more martyrs before & after him who were held in the Cellular Jail and tortured in inhuman ways for the independnce of our Motherland. I offered this homage on behalf of myself, the members of my family - particularly my father Late Shri Hari D. Kelkar who was a devout admirer Swa. Veer - and my Co Yatris by prostrating before the Photographs of Swa. Veer by showering Zendu Flowers - which were very promptly provided by Shri Vinod Deshmukh at my request. I also expressed my feelings during our get together after our visit to Cellular Jail where we sang Swa. Veer written unforgettable Kavitas like Jayo Stute, Saagara,etc.
Many Many Dhanyavads to Veena World and Vinod Deshmukh our Tour Manager.

Ramchandra Kelkar ANEX 25 February 2016

I enjoyed your Andaman tour it was a nice experience touring with Veena World. All the arrangements including hotels, food, traveling were very much satisfactory. The information about the places shared by your tour manager Mr. Kaustubh Junnarkar seemed to be very useful and complete as well. He should get a special mention here, as there were different categories of tourists in our groups i.e. families, senior citizen, a honeymoon couple and we the bachelors group. The kind of attention Mr. Kaustubh paid to each one of us was really commendable. We also got to know the vision of your company during our discussions. Wishing you and your team my best wishes for a prosperous company futute with a small suggestion to include Bartang Island and the limestone caves in your standard itinerary.

Kiran Adhav ANEX 22 January 2016

It was my first experience with Veena World. But we are very happy and satisfied with tour, because our tour Manager Mr. Atul Nandoskar make our tour more happy. Every time he take care of all members personally. We enjoyed sightseeing. Amit was enthusiastic, energetic and smiling all the time. He was clear in briefing, explaining about every day's schedule. He handle everything with coolness. All the good wishes for him for his future. Transport facility, both the Hotel rooms, breakfast and food provided was very very good. We enjoy our tour without any tension. Once again take an opportunity to thanks Veena World and our tour manager Mr. Amit Nandoskar.

Prakash Satardekar ANEX 26 January 2016

Me & my daughter made Andaman Tour .We enjoyed it a lot. We are very much satisfied with everything. Food, transport, resorts etc. Tour Manager Amit Nandoskar was also excellent. This was our second tour with Veena World. Last year, we had done a 15 days Rajasthan tour. That was also an excellent tour. Thanks to you, your team for nice, affordable tours. We wish you still more success in future. For all our future tours we will join only Veena World.

Kirti Raval ANEX 26 January 2016

I recently with my family flied to Andaman through Veena World. We were 6 members. It gives me immense pleasure to tell you that we had a memorable and fun filled trip to Andaman.For Andaman, it was love at first sight. After reaching there, we had a courteous care taker in the form of Mr. Amit Nandoskar the group leader. He was gentle and was personally attending to everyone's needs. He was trying his level best, particularly, to satisfy food requirements of my three years kid Mihir. He was properly guiding about the baggage, medicines, clothes to wear etc and was clear in communication. He was also helping each and every senior citizen and trying to comfort them which were in majority in the group. It was fun with him when we played games on the beach resort.

Credit of all the enjoyment goes to the Veena World. Hats off to cooperative and humble tour manager, Amit. We really appreciate his efforts to make everyone at ease.

Dr. Anurag Lavekar ANEX 01 January 2016

Gargi and I, with our friends Korannes were a part of the trip to Andaman this month. The group was very nice. We indeed had a lovely time. The tour guide, Mr. Amit Nandoskar was extremely. Disciplined and conducted the matters to everybody's satisfaction, a difficult task indeed. He took equal care to cater to the individual needs of the young and old without differentiation. We liked the hotels and the arrangements. The food was also very nice. The games conducted integrated the group. I was also a recipient of a couple of prizes, which will make me read in Marathi again. Since the group is largely Maharashtrian, as a suggestion perhaps one special Maharashtrian meal towards the end of the tour would be remembered, it could be programmed into future tours.
We will again travel with Veena World.

Pradeep Mankame ANEX 01 January 2016

I am working as a lecturer for commerce in a college in Mumbai. Recently I had been to a trip to Andamans with my family and I must say that it was our best trip to date. This was our first trip with Veena World, totally hassle free. The time management was fantastic. I have already given a feedback but wanted to write to you personally. As a lecturer in the subject "Organisation of Commerce and Management" I am normally attracted towards entrepreneurs and their organisations and have a tendency of looking beyond. I have also read that ethics and energy of entrepreneurs spill into the organisation.I was amazed to experience the same in the tour. Though we travelled with unknown families we could feel the warmth of being together. I need to make a special mention of our tour manager ,Mr.Yogesh Nichite.Single handedly he managed the tour and made it a joyful experience. Being a soft spoken and caring person having him with us was like having a family member to guide us. Even the 10 commandments given in the book are worth remembering. Moving with the team of Veena World, I have realised that language is never a barrier and that sincerity, honesty and good communication play an important role in building relationships. I would be happier and proud to meet you in person in the future.
Thumbs up to the whole team of Veena World for going beyond mere travel and tourism. Thanks for reading through patiently.

Uma Iyer ANEX 22 December 2015

Avery happy new year 2016. Thanks for making a wonderful start of a year for my family. We took the Andaman Jewels tour .What an experience it was, believe me I am still in Andaman..:) Lovely and clean blue water beaches, water sports, snorkelling and scuba. And most important the cellular jail???????.. umm??????? I shouldn't be calling it jail??????? I think I should call it a temple where a god with name Savarkar lived for 10 years. All the beauty we could enjoyed because of Veena World's well organized and well managed tour.

Starting from the dry snacks we received on airport till the last breakfast and water bottles at the time of departure everything was well planned and most importantly very well followed by Veena World guys. Amit Nandoskar is simply awesome??????? He single handedly managed everything. I want to mention one incident. Looking at his overall hush???????. hush I thought that I will carry my luggage to my room in Port Blair hotel. He immediately came over there and requested me to keep it down and said that he will take care of it, and he did. One of the group member from our group simply said that ???????Amit took care of every small thing except to check, how much oxygen we are breathing.?????? And it is really true.

All the hotels were nice. I liked the hotel in Havelock island as we had best food and a good time at bonfire.

I would like to mention that we made very good friends in this tour. Our group had people with nearly all ages. Age starting from 1 year 10 months to 70 years..:) and everyone enjoyed this trip. And everyone was accommodative and enthusiastic.

This was my first tour with Veena World but I am thinking why I didn't do any tour with Veena World before.

Dr. Gargi Mankame ANEX 01 January 2016

We would like to thank Veena World for arranging a wonderful and enjoyable trip to Andamans. Our tour manager Amit Nandoskar, made our experience really exclusive. He took care of all our needs so efficiently and with a smiling face. We had a very friendly group. We are so pleased with the comfortable arrangements, that we are planning to go for another trip either to Singapore / Malaysia or Australia/New Zealand in May or June. Thank you!!

Dr. Gargi Mankame ANEX 01 January 2016

We travelled for the1st time with Veena World. It was a great experience at Andaman in all aspects (hotels ,food & sightseeing). Pl pass on our best wishes to Mr.Subodh Jadhav who really deserves to be rewarded. We have celebrated his birthday on tour. Once again, thanks to Veena World, we were safe at Port Blair as our stay was extended for two more days due ''Chennai airport problem.''

Uma and Narhar Joshi ANEX 29 November 2015

Enjoyed the Women's Special tour to Andaman. All women were looked after very well by the tour manager. Dheeraj was very prompt in his duties, specially wake-up calls. Later he became a part of our family. Havelock stay, food everything was very good. Only in Port Blair, if the hotel would have included fruits for breakfast would have been good for senior citizens. Special thanks to Veena Mam for organizing activities for Women to exhibit their talents n boost their confidence. Enjoyed the trip.

Viju Chavan ANWA 25 October 2015

I congratulate your excellent management at VEENA WORLD and giving us the opportunity to travel to exotic places and experience a HOME AWAY FROM HOME ! We have enjoyed the Andaman with VEENA WORLD. I have started living my life , making new friends , having fun dressing up ,JUST LETTING MY daily and experiencing the joy of life !!!! My feedback about the tour experience ???????? Secure, family atmosphere.
Tour manager Dhiraj Chaudhari was very good at time management, polite and courteous, Jolly boy, helping in nature. Airport rep Mr. Mandar showed no enthusiasm or acknowledgement to the guests. Food ok can still include variety in menu, mainly Ice cream. As they have arranged Garba & Dandiya on Kojagiri night ,Ulka Patwardhan has prepared Bhel for all of us is very appreciable. we have done full enjoyment. Relaxed mentally from our daily work schedule & daily hectic routine works. During cellular jail visit we can include 2 min SILENCE as respect to VEER SAVARKARJI AND OUR MARTYRS. We have sing songs like" Ne majasi ne","Jayostute.."..which is very nice. Dress codes were also very good which are favourite to all ladies. Party in black & game "Sangit Khurchi "was amazing enjoyment, enjoyed a lot. Thanks. Fashion show was very nice .as there was CATWALK of all ladies .participation was from age 20 to 75 age group. enjoyed a lot. Before start of catwalk Veenatai has done catwalk on ramp & checked light arrangements & stage ramp for comfortable to all ladies which is appreciable that means they are taking care of each & every lady. Queens prices are given to all queens I got Style queen. So Some discount vouchers given in the form of prices is very good idea ,so that our next tour with Veena World is now fixed. Swimming competition was also taken is appreciable as 72 years old lady also taken part in that. we enjoyed a lot. We would like to do next many more tours with Veena world.

Overall the tour was awesome. Full enjoyment DHAMMMAL THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME THIS GREAT TIME Lots of love and all the best !

Jyoti Kulkarni ANWA 25 October 2015

We just returned back from Andaman tour with unforgettable memories, The reason behind that is our tour manager Dheeraj Chaudhari. He was very helpful & kind hearted, Me & my aunty were very afraid because we were going abroad for the first time but when we are met Dheeraj we felt very secured and safe. The hotels was amazing & food also yummy & tasty. The hospitality given by Veena World is also very good. Thanks to Veena World Vasai office & special thanks to Shreya Raut for suggestion of Andaman tour. Last but not the least all thanks to VEENA WORLD & our tour manager Dheeraj Chaudhari.

Chaitali and Chandrakant ANEX 11 October 2015

We have booked your tour of Andaman. We have booked above tour from your Ambarnath Preferred Sales Partner. Right from beginning of tour till the end of above tour we have got excellent services from your team. We have enjoyed lot. We will recommends our friend to book their tours through Veena World only. In personal, we will recommend name of Sharyu (Ambarnath office) for her best services

Chaitali and Chandrakant ANEX 11 October 2015

Himachal tour with you. At that time in my feedback form I had mentioned that your tour managers were very competent and excellent in behaviour. In this tour also I realized that your tour manager Dheeraj Choudhari is no less than others, rather I can vouch safe that he is really a very good manager who excelled in his hospitability. He was very helping in nature. Thanks for organizing such tours

Usha Mantri ANEX 11 October 2015

We enjoyed our Andaman tour very much. The tour management was excellent. Breakfast, lunch and dinner served was very nice.
Tour manager Shri Dheeraj Chaudhary was very co- operative and helping nature. His behaviour with guest was very good . He is good asset for your organization.

Madhukar Chitnis ANEX 04 October 2015

I want to THANK you all from the bottom of my heart for making it a wonderful memory for my MOM & DAD !!! They have done "Mauritius, Simla Manali & Now ANDAMAN with Veena World & Very much happy with the hospitality you guys have inculcated. The choice of Hotels, local guide and the best food is always been your USP - however friendly and helpful staff is your BIGGEST ASSET !! you have good collection of GEM working with you - Keep customers happy with the help of these GEMS and they'll take you at the TOP of this service industry !! I was getting regular updates on SMS - "Your loved ones will be visiting... XYZ today" that was really helpful in tracking up things & Having the overall idea of the trip. This is excellent initiative -- CHEERS for that ! To mention specially as heard from my parents - Mr. Santosh Dhamane was very much helpful in handling the things there and he was trying to help as much as he can for all the group members - His positive attitude and friendly talk made them feel like being in the family itself. Considering this appreciation, I Myself planning to have a honeymoon tour may be for KASHMIR/SIMLA Manali with VEENA WORLD next time. Wish you all - a very happy and successful journey ahead.

Ashutosh Dixit ANHL 08 August 2015

It was a pleasant experience of travelling with Veena World. Previously I used to travel individually. However during Dec'2013 when I was at Sentosa Island Singapore, I met Veena World group & then I decided to travel with Veena World. Being a Ratnagirian, your PSP Shree Travels it became easy to plan the trip. During entire trip outstanding hospitality was experienced. Group leader Subodh Jadhav took so many efforts to make the trip memorable. Last but not least thanx to your PSP Shree Holidays for so many efforts they took to make our trip successful.
Thax once again. Keep it up!

Narayan Ajgaonkar ANEX 24 March 2015

It was a fantastic experience with you guys in Andaman. Subodh Jadhav had treated us very well. Our group was like our family. Thanks to Subodh and team Veena World.

Madhura Joshi ANEX 16 February 2015

My parents traveled with you recently on the Andaman tour. Visiting Veer Sawarkar Smarak in Andaman was one of their dreams. I must say that because of you their dream was fulfilled in a wonderful way. The tour arrangement was very nice and they really loved it. Special thanks to Subodh. He did an excellent job as a tour leader. He was very caring and attentive throughout the tour. I think without people like him, tour could not have been so nice to my parents. (They both are heart and high BP patients). Subodh, thank you once again ! Finally, I am happy that I trusted Veena World for their safe journey and money was well spent. Hope they can visit many destinations with your team in future.

Madhuwanti Joshi ANEX 10 February 2015

Thanks for the detailed planning and execution of our Andaman Tour on the eve of our 25th Marriage Anniversary. All the credit goes to your team for a memorable tour arranged by you. Except not so good food at Blue Bird Resort ,though Le Meridian and German Bakery at Havelock, other arrangements were too good .At Havelock many of the drivers indulge in rash driving and we had to tell to your travel associate agent there. We did enjoy the ambiance and stay at Neil Island at Pearl Park. Our suggestion in such tour, one need to be given an option to increase the stay at Neil island by cutting down leisure stay at Havlock because Neil island is too good full of lush greenery.
Candle dinner for our Marriage Anniversary day on 4th Feb, at Water Sports complex ,Port Blair at ocean Blue was indeed memorable ,great venue, Great Environment around and nice food and services. Thanks.

Mr. & Mrs. Karbhari Signature Holidays Andaman

To begin with, Me & Asmita thoroughly enjoyed our honeymoon at Andaman, and would like to tell you that we are very happy with the overall experience with Veena World. Travel arrangements, hotel stays, local travel etc. was very well provided to us. All the On tour facilities provided to us were very good and we do not have any room for complaints. I would like to express my gratitude towards for all the excellent services offered to us that made our stay very comfortable & hassle-free. 5 stars up! Cheers!

Akshay Nigudkar Signature Holidays

Service provided during our Andaman tour was very good. Tour manager Subodh Jadhav managed and guided us very nicely. Our experience with Veena World is good. We would like to continue with Veena World in further tours.

Kamalakar Thakur ANEX 04 February 2015

We are pleased to congratulate you for managing, maintaining and improving the high standards in your new venture - "Veena World. This was our first trip through Veena World. We wish to appreciate the efforts taken by Subodh Jadhav as tour manager, who had planned and executed the tour exceedingly well. He is very well trained and had exemplary behaviour. His local contacts are good and he has changed plans suitably to show the group maximum possible sites. He has excelled in group activities and has good voice for party songs and joyfully conducted the group games. This group was lucky to have weather gods to their side and did not have to face any adverse weather though you had provided the ponchos for any possible rains . We wish to inform you that we would love to go with Veena World again and expect the same experience for full enjoyment and lifelong wonderful memories of the places visited and new acquaintances.

Srihari Athavale ANEX 22 January 2015

This is to say that we three of us had been to the trip, for the first time. One of the members was arthritis patient and has undergone knee transplantation. I am glad to inform that the tour manager Subodh was very cooperative due to which we did not face any difficulty and enjoyed the trip very nicely. Our special thanks to him and we appreciate his patience and the management made by him.The hotel arrangement and the meals etc and the tour programme was very nicely arranged. Thanks for the same and we may join again for other trips in future. Special thanks to Subodh and your team.

Sulochana Chandiramani ANEX 22 January 2015

My wife and me had a great time in Andaman and it was possible because of your superb arrangements! Our tour guide Mr.Subhod Jadhav was very humble and managed everything well, we enjoyed a lot with him as well. Looking forward for another tour with Veena World and Subhod!!

Satish Walvekar ANEX 22 January 2015

I congratulate your excellent management at VEENA WORLD and giving us the opportunity to travel to exotic places and experience a HOME AWAY FROM HOME !
I am a founder member of your company, last year it was Himachal Grandeur and now Andamans. When I lost my husband in 2003 I was feeling it's the end of my travel and enjoying the world outside but VEENA WORLD has transformed my life and i have started living my life , making new friends , having fun dressing up ,JUST LETTING MYSELF LOOSE And experiencing the joy of life !!!!

My feedback about the tour experience ????????
1. Secure, family atmosphere.

2.Tour manager Harshal Pansare was very good at time management, polite and courteous.

3. Airport rep Mr. Mandar showed no enthusiasm or acknowledgement to the guests.

4. Food ok can still include variety in menu.

5. During the games prizes should cater to cosmopolitan crowd not only Marathi books which i got in last tour 2 Marathi books.

6 During cellular jail visit we can include 2 min SILENCE as respect to VEER SAVARKARJI AND OUR MARTYRS.

7. Dress code to be precise mentioning water levels during journey like three -fourth and synthetic preferred for drying.

Overall the tour was awesome and of course BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION ,CAKE SPONSORED BY YOU WAS PERFECT.
Lots of luv and all the best!

Parul Negi ANEX 16 January 2015

I, along with my wife Nirmala joined the Andaman tour with you. This was our first tour with you. Needless to say that we enjoyed this tour very much. Though there were lot of uncertainty about rain and sea condition. But in spite of that our tour was very enjoyable and very pleasant. For that we give credit to the tour manager and above all to your entire team for meticulous planning and training given to tour manager to take care of all persons and their all requirements. We express our happiness for joining your tour and say thanks for making our tour so memorable. Food and hotels were also very good.

Jaykumar N. Chauhan ANEX 04 January 2015

A BIG THANK YOU for organizing our Andaman tour through efficient handling by tour manager Harshal Pansare. Keep it up!

Dr. Aditi S. Kamath & Subhash Kamath ANEX 10 January 2015

We want to tell you how much we appreciate the endless hours of service and dedication given to us by our tour leader Harshal Pansare during our vacation to Andaman this year. He made our holiday memorable especially with his kindness and never to say no attitude even though the weather conditions were not very supportive. Such employees are great assets to your company and because of such employees it makes us feel that we should travel time and again with Veena World. This is a very exciting time in this industry with an opportunity to make a difference in the market place. Keep up the good work.

Deseril Dsouza

My Andaman tour experience was amazing. Also the tour guide was very friendly, informative and enthusiastic. He has inspired us to go for the next tours with only Veena World.

Sneha Dhekane ANEX 23 November 2014

My wife Sunita and I are above 80 years of age. Since past 10-12 years we have been regularly going on your world tours. But now with age-related issues we find it difficult to gather the courage to go on foreign tours, hence we decided to opt for domestic tours. We went on Andaman tour from 15th Oct to 22nd Oct with your newly formed organization Veena World.
We were to depart on 15th Oct.2013 from Mumbai airport. Our Tour Manager Yogesh Nichite was with us in the same flight which was really reassuring and gave us a sense of security which lasted till the end. Our experience was so heartening that now we feel we should demand for Yogesh to be our tour manager on all our future tours. But of course I am sure that all your tour managers would be equally efficient and warm.
On reaching Port Blair, I was very much happy with the living quarters assigned to us at ???????Rose Valley Resort?????? which were very comfortable and plush with all the modern amenities. The one thing that I really admired on this tour was that the meals were arranged at the same place where we were staying. It really saved us unnecessary efforts and we could freshen up every time before meals. The meals provided were excellent and we could take some rest afterwards.
The highlight of the tour was tea/coffee/coconut water provided at evenings. Usually the tour cost includes breakfast, lunch and dinner but we are thankful for this newly started Veena World Treat which is really refreshing and very much needed. I hope you continue with this custom.
Along with Andaman the stay and programs planned on Neil and Havelock Islands were equally engrossing and memorable. Our Tango Eco Resort on Neil Island was small yet beautiful. Here we had a campfire and played Antakshari. It was an exciting experience for youngsters and elders alike who participated with enthusiasm.
Our stay on Havelock Island at Symphony Palms Resort was wonderful. This capacious resort had a hall where our tour manager Yogesh gathered us all and conducted various competitions and games. Veena World gifted books to the winners of these competitions. The books were very wisely chosen. On the eve of 20th Oct. the winners were presented with these books by my hand.
This tour was really a success story for me and my fellow tourists. It would be etched on our memories for a long time. Our tour manager Yogesh Nichite is the reason why this tour was such a huge success. With a blend of enthusiasm and calm, he looked after all us guests. As for me, he was a great help as I was very sick during Havelock to Andaman boat ride. He really took good care of me and looked after my diet all through the tour.
Now it's time for a suggestion. For an elderly person like me it is very much necessary to have an extra aide on board. Hence I would suggest that you please provide an assistant with your tour manager which would be a great help in case of any mishaps. If needed increase the tour price but a manager and his assistant are a must.
Veena Tai, you are experienced, courageous and innovative and I am sure your new venture Veena World would soar great heights under your able leadership.
I wish you success!

M. S. Ajgaonkar

We just came back from Andaman tour. We were 34 people altogether. As usual, the tour was a grand success. I was to specially thank the tour manager Subodh who single handedly managed the group in an excellent way. Some changes in the itinerary were forced due to some unforeseen reasons but Subodh executed the changes beautifully. He was always enthusuastic, laughing and caring. Many members of this group have decided to book another tour with Subodh for a different sector. Thank you for a wonderful tour.

Mahesh Khedkar

Mesmerizing Andaman A brief travelogue from our Andaman visit with Veena World.
Serene, pristine, tranquil, scenic- words fall short of describing the Andaman Islands. These offshoots of yesteryear s volcanic activity located faraway from Indian mainland are a perfect example of ecological diversity and alluring beauty in our own backyard. Cellular Jail a location, infamous for the tyranny of the British rulers, branded as ??Kalapaani? for the pain and torture meted out, in reality is a place to witness the heavy price paid for freedom and pay homage to the martyrs. If Cellular Jail was the highlight of Port Blair, then the journey to Baratang for mud volcanoes and limestone caves was equally exciting as it took us through the protected Jarawa tribal area and we were lucky enough to sight them during our return journey. Ocean water showcasing a vivid spectrum of Blue and non-stop ever gushing winds greeted us at Neil Island. Havelock presented us with majestic sunrise and sunsets and wonderful beaches like Radhanagar. We thoroughly enjoyed the boat journey to elephant beach, glass bottom boat ride, snorkeling, banana boat ride but the most memorable was the Scuba diving experience, surrounded by corals and fishes. This was my very first group tour, though I have traveled extensively across India and abroad for work and leisure. After weighing the pros and cons of travelling in groups, finally we decided to lay our trust with Veena World to explore the Andamans. And I am delighted that Veena World team has lived up to our expectations and provided us with a great experience throughout our 6N7D tour. Pre-tour processing and in-tour interactions with the Veena World team were highly memorable and worth recommending. Especially the efforts of our ever smiling and cooperative tour manager turned friend Yogesh Nichite are highly commendable. Four of us ??? my parents, wife and I, weren t part of the I-fly program from Mumbai which meant we met our tour group of 28 other individuals and the tour manager only at our first pit stop at Port Blair. Onwards we commenced on a journey which not only showcased the glimpses of Andamans, but also introduced us to interesting personalities and new friends. The hotels were located on truly awesome locations especially at Neil and Havelock islands. The food and hospitality of these hotels was quite impressive. The tour was very well planned giving us enough time for leisure and rest and at the same time allowing us sufficient time to cover all the major tourist attractions. The overall arrangements were perfect and going forward, we wish to continue our association with Veena World.

Anish Patki