Veena Patil

Born on the eve of World Tourism Day, Veena Patil is one of the most known and loved faces of travel industry and a celebrity in her own right. She is dynamic, gritty, wise, judicious, sensitive and emotional all at the same time. She is one most efficient business women of her times.

After completing Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Somaiya College, Mumbai, she joined her father’s company – Kesari Tours that was founded in 1984. She competently led the Company as Managing Director for 6 years. In her tenure as Managing Director, she launched 200+ products and 2500+ tours a year. She escorted various groups in India as well as abroad. She expanded the agent network from 40 in India to 215 across India and abroad.

All the marketing strategies were her brainchild and she made most effective use of print, electronic and event media. She conceptualized innovative tours viz. Special Tours for Ladies, Senior Citizens, Students and Pilgrimage Tour and many more. Under her leadership, the company manpower grew from 400 in 2006 to 1000 in 2013. She led the company from a turnover of 239 Crores in 2006 to 750 Crores in 2013.

A prolific writer and a columnist, she churns out numerous articles and advertorials for several publications. She is also a proud author of various travel books. She has been honored with awards like Maharashtra Times Tejaswini Award, Indo-Swiss Society Award, FIE Foundation National Award to name a few.

However, it is rightly said that there comes a time when one has to move on in life. She left the company at its peak to step on to something novel and much more beautiful. She is now very excited about her new journey of setting up another travel venture. Her vast experience of 28 years, her never say die attitude and an enthusiastic and an able team are her major assets. Industry waits to be a part of the new world she is busy creating now.


Veena Patil

Born on the eve of World Tourism Day, September 26, 1964, Veena Patil is a popular personality in the Indian travel industry and combines the best of both the worlds, i,e wisdom of the east and dynamism of the west.

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Sunila Patil

Born on 11th September 1973, Sunila Patil is a popular face in the tourism industry. An avid traveler, destination expert, a sophisticated and elegant personality.

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Sudhir Patil

Born on 24th December 1960, Sudhir Patil is very popular face in the travel and tourism industry. Soft spoken, down to earth, pleasant personality is how you can describe him in a nutshell

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Neil Patil

Neil Patil – son of Veena Patil and Sudhir Patil is smart, creative and resourceful. Born on Dec 16, 1991 is the first one from the generation to enter into the business and there’s a lot to look forward to. He draws his business acumen from his astute parents.
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