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Pranay Thalkar

experience in conducting tours at Leh, Kashmir, Himachal, Nainital, Rajasthan and Char Dham. He is hardworking and ready for challenges. He is a good entertainer and keeps the Guests happy on tour.

Sachin Bhise

Sachin has been in the tourism industry for the past 10 years conducting tours to Sikkim Darjeeling, Himachal, Chardham, Kailash Mansarovar & Thailand. Handling the rough sectors has made him very resourceful as the sector is known for the challenges it presents without any intimation. Good sense of humour & handling crisis deftly are a few of his strengths. He loves biking, playing cricket & he􀀶s also a very good kabaddi player. He reckons that the organisation is on a right track & will scale new heights.

Kunal Shinde

Kunal has been conducting tours to Sikkim, Darjeeling and Kerala since the past 3 years. Soft spoken, warm and good interpersonal skills make him popular with Guests. Though Sikkim Darjeeling is a difficult sector, he is ever ready for challenges and makes sure that Guests enjoy to the core. In his free time he loves to go trekking

Sandeep Patil

Sandeep has 6 years’ experience as a tour manager and handles Kashmir, Amarnath, Rajasthan, Kerala, Karnataka, SikkimLeh Ladakh, Nepal & Bhutan. He has been a good support to the info-centre team. He is a simple and caring person. With his hardwork & good communication skills, he has proved himself to be a good tour manager. When not on tour, he loves to go on treks and is passionate about riding bikes


Guest Experiences
My experience to Darjeeling Gangtok tour was amazing. Right from stay, food, entertainment, sightseeing everything was perfect. I develop so many relations during this tour. Your tour managers Swapnil Deshmukh , Sohail Shaikh and Sunny Chauhan all were amazing. Two of them were freshers but so dedicated towards their work and as far as perfection in their work that you just can't make out they are freshers. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience.
Poonam Chamria SDGL (I) 18 April 2015
I can’t tell you how badly I’m missing my tour. I’m just 20 kms away from my house right now and I wanna go back collect all people of our tour and join back Jitu Dada i.e. Jitendra Dada Mahesh Dada and continue the tour endlessly. But I know that is not possible. Your boys are now my SUPER HEROS. I have nothing to speak about them because all that I wanna let speak is JUST MEMORIES. Adventure, hospitality, fun, surprise, remembrance and LOVE is what Veena World defines. All I can say is that I had a ZHAKKAAASS journey with your team. I had come as a family of 3 members and now going back as a family of 30. This is what I like about your tours. You'll bring families together and tie a bond of relation. I’m just 17 so not too big to bless your tours but I can surely do one thing that is pray for your long success.
Siddhiraj Paramshetti, SDGL 20 May 2015
I am thankful to Veena World for arranging such a luxurious trip. Though we had to face some hurdles while returning from Lachung due to landslide, due to wise decision of Mr. Jitendra Mhashilkar and his team (Amol Patankar and Mahesh Satdive) we could get down safely to nearest checkpoint. Even the transport driver Jigmi helped us with his boys (co-drivers) to pick up luggage and help elderly people to get down safe from the landslide damaged area. Your boys not only represented the brand and protected it in time of small crisis but they even protected it as their own property. In the tremendous cold weather they used to allow guests to finish their lunch or dinner first and then only they would sit to eat. Sometimes hardly anything would have been left for them or whatever cold food was left they used to gulp it down. Answering guests’ nonstop questions the tour guides even missed their food for entire day or may be even their breakfast. Who provides such wonderful service other than you. Hats off to your boys.

Well my journey is not yet finished. Have to explore many more destinations. But thanks once again for providing such a luxurious trip.
Deepti Jaywant Malkar, Sikkim Darjeeling
First of all thank you so much. You have truly given us a wonderful trip. We have recently gone to the trip will be in our minds for a long time. U have truly given us a wonderful trip. We had recently gone to Sikkim Darjeeling. Through the trip was hectic but your organization and arrangements were good and we have all appreciated the care taken by our tour leaders Kunal Shinde and Of course the associated tour leaders Mahesh and Gaurav. Each and everyone had taken care of us. The trip will be in our minds for a long time. I Sincerely thanks Kunal, Mahesh, Gaurav...because when my child was ill everyone accompanied us to the doctor and helped us. I pray that the years ahead of bring you great happiness and great success. Wish you good luck and success of the tour leader and their associates.
Archana Tarmale SDGL - (I Fly )09 May 2015
This was the first time we opted for a conducted tour. I had heard a lot about Veena World from various people so thought about checking it out, Me and my friend Mayuri chose the Sikkim Darjeeling tour. It was one of the most scenic and beautiful places we have visited and combined with the perfect management from Kunal, Mahesh and Gaurav we had the getaway we had hoped to have.
Hats off to Kunal and his companions for handling so many different types of people and their various demands with such ease!! We had an amazing time and hope to have more wonderful tours with you!
Mayuri and Janhavi SDGL-(I Fly) 09 May 2015
I have been travelling all over the world over the last 15 years, but never travelled through a package tour. The reasons - I have small kids aged 7 and 11 and making it on time, every time is impossible its just kids!! Plus, I need a bit of a personal attention as my mother travels with me. She is almost 77. As you can see, there is a huge variation of ages in my family - from 7 to 77!

However my experience with Veena World, was out-of-this-world. Led by Kunal Shinde, the troops of Veena (Jr. Kunal and Santosh) led us through thick and thin, keeping us well-informed of the days activities, timelines, difficulty of the trip and food/water provisions. Like dedicated soldiers, the team took care of us - even pampered us! Daily quota of water, hot tea/coffee, snacks, lunch, dinner - it was all so meticulously planned! And that personal touch - we celebrated 2 birthdays during the visit. Hotel stays were gorgeous and the quality of hotels/food quite good. Clean, hygienic and comfortably warm! You have a great team. And I hope your troops continue to be as committed, as they are now! Certainly. my visit next to J&K, will be through your agency! God bless, all the best - and take care!
Aditya Kadle SDPL 22 March 2015
Me, my daughter Isha & my friend Supriya Divekar went for Darjeeling Sikkim tour between 15/04/2015 to 23/04/2015 through your company. This was our first tour through any travel company & the experience was memorable!! The scenic beauty of Sikkim was mesmerizing. The arrangements made by you were excellent, be it travel, food or hotel accomodations. Though this was a difficult terrain to travel, the arrangements made it easy. Special mention is required of your Tour Manager Pranay & his assistant Keith. Both of them were very helpful, alert, always around for any assistance. They both were always cheerful & energetic, though it must be very taxing for them. Pranay always managed everything effortlessly with a smile & Keith was a perfect match. You have an excellent team there! Thank you for making it such a wonderful & memorable experience for us! Our further tours will surely be with Veena World!! Hope all the tourists & your people are safe in Nepal. Thanking you again.
Swati Keskar SDGL (I Fly)-15 April 2015
I would like to give my review of our tour.
This was my first tour with Veena world and I must say the experience was awesome. The food was good and hotel stays were fairly pleasant. The tour is managers Pranay Thalkar and Keith Demello are very good, thus far I have experienced. It’s really appreciable the efforts the two boys take for guests, especially of wide range of age.Thanks and look forward to have other trips with Veena World.
Neena Lohar SDGL(I Fly) 06 April 2015
My wife and I had gone to Sikkim and Darjeeling with you group. I have to say your tour guides were very good, kind and helpful. Your cars were of the best quality, they were very well maintained very clean and the drivers were very good. However the food was spicy and we south Indians could not relish it every day. You could also try and arrange for some curd during meals. And also arrange for some warm milk at night. You may try and arrange for some sandwiches and fruits at night meals. I am not complaining . These are mere suggestions.We had a great time. Thank you!
T.K Padmanabhan SDPL (I Fly)29 March 2015
I've completed your Sikkim Darjeeling tour. Me and my son thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Tour leader Pranay Thalkar and all his 4 assistants were very good, they all gave us very good personal attention whenever needed. The food was excellent. His organization was very good. We liked your "Karla" bhaji. As I lived in USA, it is difficult to come more often to India and take the domestic tours but I look forward to travelling with you again.
Jayashri Wadkar SDPL 02 November 2014
Just back from Darjeeling trip with Veena World. Yet to unpack all the memories of the trip.Yes, this trip was bit different than, the Kerala trip we did with you.

It was more than staying in three star hotels, having lavish meals and going for shopping and getting pampered by the team, Veena World.

This trip had adventures and at times had discomforts, which were unavoidable due to reasons, beyond your controls. Still the trip was wonderful, as we were given the best services by your team. The discomforts, were diluted by the wonderful brigade of managers. They made our Diwali a true happening and memorable. This is "Din din Diwali :- Returns " for us. Looking forward for many more such happy moments to bring in our life.
Rajyashree SDPL 19 February 2014

Thanks To VEENA WORLD For this Auspicious Tour.
Today is the last day of our tour of Sikkim Darjeeling.the tour code SDJW(Sikkim Darjeeling Jewels)
on the very First day we all were unknown to each other BUT our Tour Managers- Keith D\’mello & Pranay Thalkar took efforts to convert the Group Into a Family And Today they are successful.I wish The Tour lasted for more 10 days.
Basically the overall tour was Fadu …!!:p
Satvik Subhash Karmarkar
Just completed our visited to SDJW(sikkim darjeeling tour) with veena world.
Ok….!! agreed the tour was just awsome beyond our expectations ,tour manager pranay thalkar and keith d\’mello gave that personal touch which was needed and required for a successfull tour.I do appreciate the work done by veena world and would love to visit some more places with veena world.
Thankyou guys for such a memorable tour…….
Swanand Bhushan Tendulkar
Dear Veena Madam,
First of all Thank u so much..You have truly given us a wonderful trip.  We have recently gone to
The trip will be in our minds for a long time. u have truly given us a wonderful trip.  We recently gone to Sikkim Darjeeling (SDHL) dated 21-5-14.  Though the trip was hectic but your organization and arrangements were good and we have all appreciated the care taken by our Tour Leaders Viraj Desai n Kunal Shinde and ofcourse the Associated tour leaders Omkar, Amol Jadhav, Tejas, Nikhil, Nitish, Suyog and jitendra. each and everyone had taken care of us.  The trip will be in our minds for a long time.
I would like to say a sincere \”thank you\” to you for making our SDHL tour so memorable. Thank you
      The glue that held the tour together was our marvelous guides. We loved the tour.
  I sincerely thanks Kunal, Omkar N Suyog…beacuse when my 4 years nephew was ill n suffering from fever kunal n suyog accompanied us to the doctor and helped us..
    I pray that the years ahead of bring you great happiness.!! N great success.. wish good luck n success of the Tour Leaders n their Associates
Sunita Gosavi
This is to acknowledge the hospitalityextended to us by \’\'VEENA WORLD\’\'at Rajasthan tour.The services were commendable,the tour managers were very cordial.i was very impressed that i will patronise only veenaworld hence forth.
my friends mrs deshpande,mrs karpe,mrs dhage and self enjoyed the trip to the fullest.
Looking forward in joining veenaworld for our next tour to sikkim,gangtok.
wish you good luck in your endeavour in travel and hospitality business.

Neeta gokhale
Heartiest congratulations for the successful completion of the first year. My family indeed takes pride in being associated with you. We pray for your success in the years to come. I also would like to compliment you for the service given by your team during the recent tour of Sikkim- Darjeeling on which my family happened to be a part. They were totally satisfied by the level of service offered during their travel. It is almost a fortnight that they have returned and still I get to hear a new story every day. I must mention the name of Kunal Shinde, (whom I have started envying now) who has held high your standard of services. With my family’s feedback about their experience, I am sure to say that the success of VEENA WORLD is definitely bound to grow by leaps and bounds and I hold no doubts that it shall stand tall in tourism industry of India. I once again take the opportunity of congratulating you.
Neeraj Gala.