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Atul Gangurde

Sincere and enthusiastic Atul has been conducting tours to Himachal, Rajasthan, Chardham, Delhi and Agra since the past 3 years. Good destination knowledge, instant decision-making & good communication skills are his USPs. He is an entertainer and is fond of kabaddi & trekking. According to him Veena World is an emerging company and he is sure of his secure future

Akshay Pachpute

Akshay has been in the tourism industry for the past 7 years and he is ace at handling Himachal, Kerala, Rajasthan, Chardham sectors. He is a favourite with guests and has very good entertainment skills. He has good destination knowledge, good communication skills & a great sense of humour. He loves swimming, trekking & playing volleyball. He feels that Veena World is setting a benchmark in the tourism industry & the tour managers have a great future in the organization


Guest Experiences
The entire tour was very successful, well planned and well managed by all the three Tour Manager Mr. Atul Palkar, Mr.Sandeep Kashid and Mr. Siddhesh Raut. Hats off to their efforts, management and co-ordination in conducting the tour and more particularly their patience in dealing with senior citizens of different age and temperament. There was full coordination and cooperation among all of us which is rare sometimes. The managers kept us entertaining during long distance journey. The services of tour managers were found highly appreciable. They may be spending their time away from their family for a long time during the season. According to us their services need to be considered for suitable reward.
Premanand Shenoi NIDA 08 March 2015
We returned from tour happily. The tour was excellent. Mr. Atul Siddesh and Sandip were taking care as one family. We enjoyed tour as one family. Thanks.
Nilkanth Vairagade NIDA-(I Fly )08 03 2015