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Paresh Narvekar

Soft spoken and smiling, Paresh has an experience of 6 years in the tourism industry. He has been conducting tours to Kashmir, Rajasthan and Nainital. He has thorough knowledge of the sectors that he handles and has good communication skills. When not on tour he assists the Sales team. He feels good working in a positive atmosphere of Veena World. He believes his future is bright in the organisation.

Nilesh Ghosalkar

Nilesh has 8 years experience as a tour manager and handles Nainital, Chardham, Kerala & Mauritius sectors. He has been a good support to the info-centre team. He is a simple and caring person. He has proved himself to be a good tour manager and he always conveys his tour experience to others and helps other tour managers with his suggestions especially for Kerala. He feels good to work with Veena World, which is setting a benchmark in the tourism industry.

Akshay Vaidya

Polite, sincere and good personality, Akshay has been conducting tours to Nainital, Himachal and Kerala since the past 5 years. He has thorough destination knowledge and good communication skills. He loves singing & dancing. He enjoys travelling & feels Veena World has given him a chance to pursue his passion through work.

Sachin Mangaonkar

Cheerful and enthusiastic, Sachin has been conducting tours to Nainital and Kerala since the past 5 years. When not on tour he assists the Sales team. He is a good mimicry artist and a talented cook. When not on tour, he loves to pursue his hobby of driving. To quote him, 􀁈Veena World is an organisation where I can work with immense pleasure. Name itself motivates me to work with e􀁇ciency. I am proud to be a part of such an extremely superb organisation.

Vihar Thakur

Caring and enthusiastic, Vihar has been conducting tours to Nainital since the past 1 year. His personality, managerial skills and fantastic coordination skills ensure that Guests have a gala time on tour and return with happy memories


Guest Experiences
It was just fantastic experience to tour with Veena World. The locations of Nainital, Mussoorie are by themselves exotic and rich, but the arrangements and homely warmth your team offered made the trip enjoyable and memorable many more times. Right from the moment we landed down on Delhi airport on 14th May till 22nd May, our tour managers-Sachin and Atish took on their shoulders not only our luggage and bags but also all our worries, routine tensions and tiredness ,and in return gave us only enjoyment in its purest form. At the end of the day after the sightseeing/travelling, we used to get tired, but Sachin and Atish used to be as fresh as they used to be in the morning. I am aware that after we going to our rooms for rest, they must be having a lot of reporting/administrative and other tour work to do. But even after such a tiring routine, they would be there to welcome us with the same happy mood and never exhausting enthusiasm.

I once again say thank you Veena World, thank you Sachin, Atish for giving us a fantastic tour. See you on the next tour.
Yogesh Shewade, NIJW 04 May 2015

Nainital tour which we did last week it was just awesome tour. The facilities provide to us was also satisfactory. The tour managers who were with was awesome. They provided us everything on time. The next tour which we are going to do with you, we want the same tour managers. Vihar Thakur, Yogesh Vyavhare, and Ganesh Dighe. Three of them was awesome. Enjoyed trip a lot. We are happy that we got those three tour managers.
Vaishali Phulpagar, NIJW 15 May 2015

Simply amazing, I am presently at the IGI airport and returning to Pune. The tour was so spectacular that I have no words. Stupendous, magnificent, and many more adjectives fall short. Thank you Veena World for this experience.
Ashlesh Harish Khedkar, NIJW 21 May 2015

I just came back from my first ever tour with Veena World and would like to share my experience. This first experience with Veena World was excellent in all aspects! The tour plan, tour management, hotels, food, travel and hospitality. The cherry on cake is the highly professional, friendly and caring team of tour managers. The team of 3 young and enthusiastic tour managers made our tour life time memorable. This team was leaded from front by Mr. Akshay Vaidya, a dynamic and lovable young captain! Other 2 soldiers in his team were Mr. Yadnesh Vaidya and Mr. Sanjiv. Akshay and his team set a benchmark for excellence in customer service. They didn't only provided a good guidance throughout the tour, but also provided a warm feeling of "care" to the guest of every age (from 1 year baby of my friend to my 77 year old father). When 1 year baby of my friend fell down and got injured (& was profusely bleeding) while playing at Nainital, Akshay took her to nearest hospital in literally no time! He stood behind her mom-dad to give all moral support all the time. I was also with him during all this time and I saw just one emotion on his face .... a true humanity! Akshay and his team took a good care of my dad (aged 77 years), not just as a tour managers, but as caring son. The same respectful care was provided to all senior members of the group. This all exceeded the expectations of just a "tour manager profile".

The tour was well organized to give maximum comfort to guests. All transports, hotels and food were excellent. But the most important was caring attitude of tour managers. I just give one (among many more) example. We were offered a local drink "Shikhanji" by a road side vendor (since there was no better option available) at Corbet Museum. To our surprise .... all the drinking water with the vendor was replaced with hygienic mineral water by tour manager, so that no one will suffer with any kind of water born infection. This caring attitude cannot be a part of syllabus of any study course. It's an inbuilt quality and very few people have it. Akshay and his team showed this quality which make them "special"!

Our tour ended up with slightly unhappy mode. We missed our Indigo flight due to some miscommunication. It was our own fault. The situation was very panic. I have a family standing at airport entrance with luggage. Akshay once again stood with me in this panic situation, helped to get tickets of another flight of Air India. helped to get shuttle service for another terminal, and most importantly, gave moral support all the time.

To summarise .... the tour managers like Akshay Vaidya are real assets of Veena World. After our first ever experience, we just fall in love with Veena World and already decided to take life membership of this extra ordinary Veena World family!!

Thanks a lot for this excellent experience!!!
Wishing a great future to Veena World. You will break all existing records in field of tourism.
Dr. Sachin Dighe NIJW 11 May 2015

I am an ophthalmologist from Aurangabad. I travelled with my family to Nainital, Mussoori ,Jim Corbett etc. by Veena World. This was our first experience with Veena World. Vihar Thakur was our tour manager and Yogesh was his assistant. I am very happy to share our wonderful experience about the tour. Vihar was very informative and both of them were extremely caring and cooperative.
He gave us excellent information about the wild life at Jim Corbett. All the sightseeing was very well managed and Vihar guided us properly. All the best and keep the good work up.
Dr. Archana Vare NIJW 06 May 2015

I have completed my tour with Veena World I really would like to appreciate your bahadur sher Mr Sachin Mangaokar dada , Atish Bherde and Mr. lovely Ganesh Dighe because of them we completed our tour of haridwar/nainital/mussoorie they were always there for any kind of help i am very glad to tell you that you got perfect team in those days they were with us not as a tour manager or else they were as part of our family we had jabardastt fun masti. Management chi baat kele tarr that was really really awesome hotels,food,facilities ATTIUTTAM ! I really would like to appreciate atish bherde dada and ganesh dighe dada because they were with us during the time of travelling they made us laugh jamm maaja aali ! Asach raha we all r proud of you!
Saket Khandare NIJW-(I Fly)05 May 2015

We loved the experience with Veena world for our Nainital tour . We appreciate the efforts put by the Tour managers, Meghraj Raut, Ajit Soman and Harish Mhatre for our safety and comfort. They are gems in true words.
Words are way too less to explain the impeccable experience we just had in terms of food, stay. co-ordination and leisure. We are absolutely sure that an established travel company like Veena World understands their guests, thus we would like to give our valued suggested to entrust that we travel again with Veena world. We did a last minute booking ensuring payment in instalments, thus it was considered as last booking for the tour. Our bus seating arrangement was at the very back and we faced some traveling issues with the jerks. We recommend the seating should be in rotation basis for a fair and comfortable travel for everyone in the tour as elder citizen will surely find difficult to manage for long hours journey as my parents were one of them. Hope you take our suggestion positively and think over it. Once again thanks for such a memorable experience for lifetime. Veena World says it all, Travel beyond and Celebrate Life.
Mrunmayee Shinde NIJW-(I Fly) 01 May 2015

I have completed my tour with Veena World I really would like to appreciate your bahadur sher Mr Sachin Mangaokar dada , Atish Bherde and Mr. lovely Ganesh Dighe because of them we completed our tour of haridwar/nainital/mussoorie they were always there for any kind of help i am very glad to tell you that you got perfect team in those days they were with us not as a tour manager or else they were as part of our family we had jabardastt fun masti. Management chi baat kele tarr that was really really awesome hotels,food,facilities ATTIUTTAM ! I really would like to appreciate atish bherde dada and ganesh dighe dada because they were with us during the time of travelling they made us laugh jamm maaja aali ! Asach raha we all r proud of you!
Saket Khandare NIJW-(I Fly)05 May 2015

I Dr. Priti Khatavkar from Aurangabad ,enjoyed the tour (Haridwar ,Hrishikesh ,Nainital ,Mussoorie and Jim Corbett) from with my daughter Jayati and husband Dr. Dhananjay. With your young brigade Mr Vihar Thakur and Mr. Yogesh we all had great fun and masti. After eight days it is a family. Vihar and Yogesh both worked hard to bind this family. Hats off for their dedication, punctuality , politeness, arrangements and management. Vihar made 10 th May night a memorable by celebrating Mother"s Day. Every one of us including our kids participated and shared feelings for own mother.
This was bit hectic scheduled tour, fulfilled our 80 % expectations regarding food and stay. Stay at Mussoorie was not that satisfactory. The best thing was that you had included Kingdom of Dreams in itinerary. It is a fabulous entertaining show. Thanks from all of us for making our holidays productive and full of joy.
Dr.Priti Khatavkar NIJW 06 May 2015

Me and my wife had joined the tour for Haridwar, Rishikesh ,Mussoorie, Nainital, with tour manager Sachin Mangaonkar and his assistant Ganesh Dighe and Attish Berde. We enjoyed the whole tour in a family manner, the accommodation and meals were very good. Sachin and both his colleague are very careful fellow ,helping nature and very jolly in nature. Sachin is having a very good knowledge of topography and historical importance of the location. I hope they all are enhancing the goodwill and reputation of Veena World. i would like to suggest to provide a caller- mic to the tour manager.
Ramrao Somvanshi NIJW 05 May 2015

At the outset let me thank you for the nice arrangement of the tour to Nainital Mussoorie Haridwar Corbett. I with three other members of our Deshpande family attended the tour .
Our feedback is as follows:
1. Stay arrangements: First class and up-to-date.
2. Breakfast and meals: Bountiful and novel
3. Choice of places of visit: nicely chosen and worthy of visit
4. Travel arrangements: Well-planned
5. Guide and assistance: Trained , Polite and helpful

My father who is 85 years old who was also a member in the tour was very happy with the tour however, he has the following suggestion. You may consider if possible:
'Veena World' is growing now. My best wishes to you. I feel that the managers were Trained , Polite and helpful with your clean uniform, however, it would have been more impressive if they are well-built and with little more impressive uniform.
R C Deshpande NIJW (I Fly) 03 May 2015

Just resumed my daily routine work after returning from Nainital, Mussoorie, Corbett Park. This was my first tour through Veena world and i am glad and appreciate the warmth and hospitality given by your tour managers throughout the tour. This time it was Vinod Deshmukh (TM), Sagar Chavan. Juggling between their responsibilities and entertaining the guests, hats off for this guys they managed us so well, especially first day they received us on Delhi Airport but due to some unfeasible management of flights from company the guests were heated up but these both guys made us calm down, but would like to suggest company that please don't make such arrangements as this may cause problems to leaders of group and they have to face it. Proceeding for further tour it was awesome experience site visiting and it was full of fun. Jim Corbett and KOD was the experience for lifetime. Another thing I would like to suggest about food it was not that good in some hotels like BRENTWOOD, BELVEDERE PALACE, CLASSIC RESIDENCY please see to that. But vinod and sagar made us best available food menu especially non-veg as per our demands. And it was lovely experience with lots of memories thanks to VEENA WORLD and their CREW MEMBERS for making it happen.
Priyanka & Sharadchandra Pathade NIJW-(I Fly )03 May 2015

At the outset we thank you for going ahead with Nainital Mussoorie Corbett tour despite of having only 9 members. It was the first time we got an opportunity to go on tour with Veena World. We have chosen this tour and visited Haridwar, Nainital, Massoorie & Jim Corbett. It was a fantastic experience & this tour will be remembered by me and my family for ever. The Ganga Aarti at Haridwar was one of the best spiritual experience. Selection of hotels were excellent, specially The Corbett Tusker Trail & Cheveron at Nainital both were amazing. Food was also sumptuous. It was really a class experience for all of us because all you have provided was the best. Our tour Manager Mr.Sachin Mangaonkar & his assistant Mr. Omkar Mahadik have taken great care of us from beginning till end of the tour. Tour Manager and his assistant were taking lot of care of us & there was always a filling during the entire tour that there is somebody who is really "caring" for us. In fact we Mumbaikars are not so much used to such caring. Sachin is a perfect tour manager. He is simply excellent. We have been provided information about the places we have visited nicely as well as about the places during our travel from one place to another. In Jim Corbett we have enjoyed fantastic Jungle safari experience due to valuable information provided by the tour manager & although we could not see the tiger there were no upset filling in our mind as we have enjoyed the Jungle Safari with tour manager. Jungle Safari was again an awesome experience we had.

To our surprise we got calls from your Mumbai office inquiring about the tour and whether everything is going well . It’s really nice to see that we have been given a VIP Treatment like this on the tour. That time only we have decided that this tour with Veeena World is not our first tour but it’s the beginning of our journey with Veena World. The idea of giving books to winners is fabulous idea as it will add up to our knowledge and will be a treasure for us.
However, we suggest that in Nainital places like Sat Tal, Bhim Tal & in Haridwar Mansa Devi Temple shall be included in tour Itinerary. Nainital is really a beautiful place to visit. But only two days stay at Nainital is not enough to enjoy the beauty of Nainital. Tour Manager had explained us that on the basis of suggestions received from the tourist these places were dropped from the Itinerary.
Once again Thank You very much and wish you all the success and hope that we will get an opportunity to go with Veena World in future also.
Smita Dhuri NIJW 17 April 2015

It was indeed a great pleasure to go on tour organised by your company. Your representatives Meghraj, & Ajith were courteous & all the time helpful. New boy Harish added value to this young team. We wish him long career in your organisation. Since the bus journey is quiet long the bus seats could have been more cushiony & comfortable. However it was not bad either. Music system in the bus was the only missing item. Light music in the bus would have sparkled energy. Tour was spaced out well. Hotel stay was comfortable. Food was good. All the tour members were wonderful. Over all me & my family had wonderful tour. Thank you for the same. Look forward to have our next year tour with Veena World.
Jayprakash Shetty NIJW(I Fly)22 April 2015

It was my first tour with Veena World. I was an individual lady traveler in the family tour. The whole tour package was carefully designed to suit the need of every client and all arrangements were made to the point. Special mention to the tour managers - Nilesh Gonsalkar , Anil and Chinmay Manerikar, who took special care of me through out and made sure I was comfortable at all times . The tour managers were very polite and helpful. Even though Anil was new, he confidently took charge of the tour arrangements. They also kept the journey lively by making us participate in various games while in the bus and also during free time in the hotel. All the hotels that we stayed in were as promised , food was good and we never had an issue in the entire trip that was planned so well. Everything is taken care off. Thank You Veena World , and , I look forward to exploring another destination with you soon!
Natasha Khanna NIJW-(I Fly)21 April 2015

I need to make special remarks about your tour managers ! I run a hospital with 50 employees and specifically know value of an employee.I feel blessed if my employee works as if its his/her hospital ! I must congratulate you as the tour manager Vihar Thakur behaved just as if our complete satisfaction and enjoyment is his prime commitment ! his managerial skills are really appreciable. his participation in all activities,behaviour with kids,managing things at all locations is very nice.he explained many locations,historical significance of many places, birds very properly and studiously! at this younger age, we were really amazed with his multifaceted management abilities ! his enthusiasm many times made us forget our tiredness! Because of his proper time management only, we could attend and enjoy all sight seeing ! His second in command Yogesh is also worth special mention! He is a fast learner !He became "yogeshdada" for our kids in these 9 days!all kids were very comfortable and friendly with him! happy children in a trip definitely multiply parents pleasure! these two form a perfect team !
Prashant Kashikar NIJW 27 April 2015

We following members participated in your tour Nainital Mussoorie Corbett Park. We are glad to inform you, we enjoyed entire tour and thanks for the arrangements made. We would like to inform you that tour manager Mr.Vikrant Kumbhar & his colleague Mr..Harshal Marchande has nicely managed the entire tour. Mr. Vikrant though is young chap but his maturity level is high, good understanding .good conveyancing skill, good communication with each member. He is well versed, how to handle team. Mr. Harshal is following Mr. Vikrant so he will be expert very soon. Mr. Harshal is. honest and hardworking fellow. We wish best of luck to both and we sure both will get good success in their future life. In future, we will give first preference to Veena World when we plan our tour.
Prakash K. Joshi NIJW 25 April 2015

It's my pleasure to congratulate you for putting together such a wonderful and dedicated team. In this competitive world only service can take best ahead and I am sure if you keep up the level that was exhibited to us in our tour, am sure your group will be leader.
Seema Nayak NIJW 05 April 2015

Just resumed my daily routine work after returning from Nainital, Mussoorie, Corbett Park. This is my third tour through Veena world and i am glad and appreciate the warmth and hospitality given by your tour managers throughout the tour.This time it was Vinod Deshmukh (TM), Sagar Chavan and Atish Berde. As i was travelling alone, they never let me feel the loneliness of it. Juggling between their responsibilities and entertaining the guests, hats off for this guys.And i want to thank all of you who never come into the picture and work at the back stage just to make our tour smooth, effortless and memorable. I would just like to share a feedback so that in future you and your team can give the best of the tourism industry to your quests - The quality of food at Hotel Sun Grace in Mussoorie was not upto the standard,rest of the hotels food were superb. Once again thank a lot and may your sincere effort and hard work take your organisation on the top of the tourism industry.
Atul Yeram NIJW (I Fly) 24 April 2015

I and my mom had travelled through Veena World to Nainital-Massoorie-Corbett park. This was our first tour with Veena world and we must say the experience was memorable and awesome. Thanks to Veena World for such a wonderful tour and balanced itinerary. Hotels offered were very comfortable and food was tasty. Natural beauty of Nainital, Corbett jungle safari and 'Zangoora' show at Kingdom of dreams was unforgettable. Also the other families in the tour was very friendly and we have bonded very well with them. Last but not the least is our tour manager Mr. Vikrant Kumbhar. Mr. Vikrant was very informative, helpful and patient. He was good entertainer. He conducted tour very well. Thanks to Veena world for excellent service and look forward to have other trip with you in future.
Pushkar Tamhane NIJW (I Fly) 25 April 2015

It was really a wonderful experience on our North India tour with tour manager Vikrant. He was very courteous ,caring , assertive, extremely hard working, focused & had full knowledge of the region which helped us in understanding the places which we visited much better. coupled with that fact the personal touch given by him to every family. He ensured that all information before the start of the day was made available to us including details of dos & don’ts while visiting places which made each day of our trip very enjoyable & pleasant. This qualities displayed at such a young age by him was really mind blowing . The travel logistics & hotel arrangements were also good .
n fact I can say that Vikrant Khumbhar has been a perfect brand ambassador of “VEENA WORLD”.This was my first trip with Veena world & your team simply stands out & way ahead of other travel companies in the market. I for the fact that every year has resolved to make a trip every year with your esteemed travel company. Thanks to you & entire team for making our holiday a truly memorable one with memories to cherish for a long time to come.
Ashish Tudekar NIJW-(I Fly)25 April 2015

Our tour was exciting. This was our first tour with you. Our tour managers Mr . Paresh.,Vikrant, Vihaar done their job excellently. Itinerary package given by you was great.
Hotels n food was very good. We enjoyed a lot. We got new friends on tour. New addition of Kingdom of Dreams on last day was awesome. We wish to continue planning our tours with Veena World in future. Thanks.
Paresh Narvekar NIJW 11 April 2015

I had visited Nainital Corbett tour with my husband and child, for the first time with Veena World. First of all, I am very thankful to get the booking at the last moment. To start with the experience .. it was awesome.
The tour was well planned in detail, as it was seen throughout the journey. The group leaders were knowledgeable and had detailed experiences of the areas where we were travelling. The hotel arrangement was very good and to mention specially was Nainital heritage property was my life time experience. We felt pampered and relaxed by the group leaders Mr. Paresh Narvekar, Mr. Vihar Thakur, Mr.Vikrant Kumbhar. Trio did amazing job. Food the major requirement of my life.. was excellent. I am very thankful to Veena World and looking forward for the further tours throughout my life. Lots of memories to cherish.
Dr. Manisha Pewekar 11 April 2016

We had a gala time in the trip and my family is thankful to Veena World for doing all necessary arrangements at the last moment and accommodating us in Uttarananchal trip which was truly a blessed trip for all of us. Lovely stay, good tea breaks and sumptuous buffet spread in lunch and dinner. Not to forget about our dear tour guides Mr Ajit and Chinmayee who were very warm and cordial throughout the trip and this trip is different because we got lot of time to relax and enjoy as it was not hectic so this make this trip special and memorable one.
Gurudath Shenoy NIJW 05 April 2015

It was a great experience we had with Veena World tour. We returned yesterday from our Nainital, Mussoorie tour with Veena World. It was an excellent trip. The team leaders Vihar, vikrant & Paresh were very caring. They all take care of us!!! They looked after all the details very well. Hotels, food & all the management was very nice and excellent.
In future we'll prefer to go anywhere only with Veena World!!! All the best to our team leaders (Mr. Vihar, Vikrant & Paresh).
Rupali & Mandar Joshi NIJW-(I Fly)11 April 2015

One thing missing is tag line and we would suggest one " Chala Chala Veena World"! Thanking you and your entire team including Ankita for such wonderful trip organised at short notice. It was our first trip with Veena World and it has left lasting impression in our and specially our children's mind. The tour was well conducted with smooth coordination from Nilesh and his team. Both Ajit and Chinmaya were extremely helpful and patient in dealing with our constant queries. We are also thankful for accommodating some requests during travel specially food. The hotels were good and their staff gave us privileged service. We felt pampered and had relaxed break. The food packet idea was hugely appreciated by our group and the food quality was also awesome. Kindly keep up the service and quality.
Our group included following members, and I would like to quote their feedback in single mail for easy reference.
Seema & Deepak Nayak NIJW 05 April 2015

We are very very thankful to Veena World & their tour leaders for awesome experience of Nainital tour. We had 9 days tour with full of fun & masti. Special thanks to Paresh Narvekar, Vihar Thakur & Vikrant Kumbhar for their great support & smiley , pleasant attitude. They are very cooperative in any circumstances. In future we would like to make any tour with these guys.
Samir Bhatkar NIJW-(I Fly) 02 April 2015

It was a fabulous experience. The itinerary was well organised. The food quality & variety was excellent. The tour managers were very much hostile.Especially I would like to share my personal experience. When we were at Jim Corbett ,I lost my wallet along with all my remaining money & debit cards. Mr. Paresh Narvekar (one of your tour managers) helped me immediately by giving money out of his own pocket. I could complete my remaining tour only because of his valuable help. Thanks a lot! I would also like to give one suggestion. While visiting company bagh & gunhill point at Mussoorie with cycle rickshaws we were not at all comfortable. The journey with cycle rickshaws was also time consuming. That can be replaced by hiring taxis.
Prasad Bokil NIJW 02 April 2015

From the bottom of my heart I would like to express that our trip was completed with a great success and happiness with your trained team. Last year i.e in 2014 we had gone through the same type of caring experience with your team during Shimla - Manali trip. Considering these two experiences, it is now confirmed that in future there is no alternative but to arrange the trip only with VEENA WORLD. All team members were very cooperative, having detail knowledge of the area and enthusiastic. The members of our group [2 years - 71 years] were very much comfortable with all the team members. This is only possible under the leadership of Veenatai.
Mr.& Mrs. Kulkarni NIJW-(I Fly)02 April 2015

We are very very thankful to Veena World & their tour leaders for awesome experience of Nainital tour. We had 9 days tour with full of fun & masti. Special thanks to Paresh Narvekar, Vihar Thakur & Vikrant Kumbhar for their great support & smiley , pleasant attitude. They are very cooperative in any circumstances. In future we would like to make any tour with these guys
Samir Bhatkar NIJW-(I Fly) 02 April 2015

Me & my mom travelled to Nainital Mussoorie Corbett Park for 9 days. It was an amazing trip. Special thanks to Paresh dada our tour manager, Vihar dada and Vikrant dada for taking care of my mom. Trio did an amazing job. We had nice experience exploring places and meeting new people. Indeed a great tour.
Manali & Vaishali Sawant NIJW-(I Fly) 02 April 2015

We have just completed Nainital Mussoorrie and Jim Corbett tour. Veena World really stood to their commitment to excellence. Excellent arrangements coupled with delicious food and well informed Tour Leader made it an absolute dream vacation. Special thanks to our tour leaders Paresh, Vihar and Vikrant. Keep up the excellent service. Wishing Veena World all the best.
Dilip Purandare NIJW 24 March 2015

This is with regards to our tour experience of I-Fly tour - Nainital Jim Corbet. The trip was a memorable experience and credit for same undoubtedly goes to Mr. Paresh Narvekar and his team's constant effort(Mr. Vikrant Kumbhar and Mr. Vihar Thakur ). All three of them conducted tour professionally with personal touch. Hats off to coordination and understanding between three of them. Mr. Paresh Narvekar is soft spoken, smiling, humble - an ideal tour manager. He took care of each guest from the tour (Age group of 3 years to 68 years).Special thanks for helping my parents (Senior citizens) to cross difficult Kosi river path during Jim Carbette nature walk in the morning. Vihar ensured Athithi Deo Bhav throughout the tour. Timely hotel and bus arrangement made by Vikrant is highly appreciated. There were no unnecessary delays during the tour.
Radhika Rahalkar NIJW-(I Fly)24 March 2015

Our first tour with Veena World & we were little bit afraid but from the first day, when we met Paresh Narvekar, Vihar Thakur & Vikrant Kumbhar we felt so much comfort & security. The boys made our trip so memorable. They gave us best service. We were there as a family. THANKS TO VEENAWORLD!
Rahul Khalde NIJW-(I Fly )15 March 2015

We returned to Mumbai very safe with very good memories as we had wonderful tour. Paresh, Vihar and Vikram were extremely helpful and for me they were like my sons. Full credit of the success of the tour goes to them. I wish them best of luck in their future career. I will be joining the tour to Kashmir which is scheduled in the next month.I have one suggestion. Due to age, many of us are having Diabetes. I will be happy if you can provide the sugar free snacks. Rest all fine.
Ashok S. Parchure NIJW-(I Fly)15 March 2015

Our tour of Nainital, Mussoori and Haridwar was very nice. The tour managers Ajit and Akshay were very good. We are very happy!
Dr. Tejaswini Lanjekar NIJW-(I Fly) 08 November 2014

I, along with my family, travelled to Nainital with Veena World on a tour. The support given by the tour managers Akshay, Vikrant & Ajit was excellent. There was an incidence at the airport while luggage check-in but Vikrant came to the rescue & handled everything wonderfully. Veena World had arranged a couple of surprises for us during the tour which was really remarkable. The entire tour was organised very systematically.
Mr. Mandar Naware NIJW(I Fly) 25 October 2014

Our trip to Nainital Mussoorie was a wonderful experience. Thanks to all the tour managers I had a great time on tour. My family and I are looking forward to next trip with Veena World.
Pramod Pandit NIJW 20 December 2014

This was my first experience with Veena World on Nainital tour along with my family & friends. Excellent trip, enjoyed a lot. It was an awesome experience. The provided hotels, food and transport were excellent. The tour managers Meghraj Raut & Chinmay Manerikar were very co-operative, helpful and gave excellent service. The celebrations organized on Christmas and New year were entertaining. Once again I would like to thank Veena World for having this memorable tour & special thanks to Meghraj Raut & Chinmay Manerikar.
Medha Kamat NIJW 25 December 2014

First and foremost, “Three Cheers” and a big round of applause to Veena World for metamorphosing my family and friends tour of Haridwar-Nainital-Mussoorie-Corbett Park into a dream sequence vacation and a lifetime cherishing memories. All of us had a very pampered tour indeed, with a special mention for the splendid hotel stays, the excellent mouthwatering food quality, the entertaining Christmas and New Year bash, the awesome “Jhumroo” show at Kingdom of Dreams and most importantly the heartwarming behaviour and dynamic management of tour manager Meghraj Raut and assistant tour manager Chinmay Manerikar. This first par excellence tour experience with Veena World is definitely the beginning of many more to come. Heartiest wishes to Veena World, to scale the pinnacle with consistent commitment, sincerity and to serve humanity and mankind by knitting happiness and joy always.
Shaila Patil NIJW 25 December 2014

Superb tour, nice experience. Thanks Veena World.
Sagar Shiralkar NIJW-(I) 18 October 2014

I was a part of Veena World’s Nainital Mussoorie Corbett tour with my family. It was the most memorable experience of our life. All hotels, food arrangements, games, chit-chats, daily get-together, everything was just excellent. There was no place for any sort of complaint. My wife’s birthday was celebrated by the tour managers on tour and according to her it was the unforgettable birthday ever. The tour managers accompanying us, Akshay, Ajit & Vikrant were too good. I feel as if I have found ‘Lifetime Friends’ in them. Hats off to Veena World.
Vijay Vichare NJIW 25 October 2014

Let me thank you for the great holiday we had on your tour to Nainital. The arrangements that you had made for us including hotels, site seeing and food arrangement was fabulous. We (including my nephew Ayush and daughter Sia) specially want to thank your tour manager Paresh Narvekar & Vihar Thakur. Their coordination with each other is much appreciated. They were very energetic throughout the tour. We appreciate the care they have taken of each and every member of the group. We still smile when we remember the nature walk in Jim Corbett and how we were scared at first but then we felt safe because of Paresh and Vihar who tired their level best to make us feel safe with running from first group member to the member who is at end taking care that nobody was left alone. It was a very memorable tour for us and we would again like to go for another tour with them.
Kavita Manvatkar NIJW-(I) 23 October 2014

Myself and my wife (both Sr. Citizens) have just arrived home after completion of Nainital Mussoorie Haridwar Corbett tour. I am very glad to inform you that our experience was simply superb with regard to this holiday package. The hotels, food, tour management and care taken by our Tour Managers Paresh Narwekar and Vihar was marvelous. At every step both these boys took extra care for the elderly guests and the kids. This tour was like a home away from home for us. I am sure all other co-guests also feel the same way. All the co-guests were fun-loving and cooperative. Never for a moment we felt that we are meeting for the first time. All in all it was a memorable tour of our lifetime ! We wish your organization and both our tour managers Paresh and Vihar best of luck for the future.
Neela & Umesh Mohe NIJW 01 November 2014

I have just completed your tour today and am very eager and happy to share my experience. The hotels and food were too good. The site seeing timings and management was excellent. Our tour manager Paresh and his assistant Vihar both were very cooperative and helpful and would give individual attention to everyone to make him feel special.
I am very happy to have done this tour with you and am hoping to do the next tour with you .

Ajay PawarNIJW 05 May 13
First and foremost let me thank you and your team for the wonderful and memorable holiday . Just returned from Nainital (nijw) tour. Enjoying the goodies now at home. The hotels were excellent, got to stay in a heritage property. Enjoyed it the most. Food at Corbett was delicious . Now a suggestion. Instead of giving 2 bags per person if the company can give one stylish and sturdy overnight bag, it would be wonderful. Would I want to travel with you guys, definitely yes. Have a nice day.
Meera. K. Rao
I joined your Nainital Mussoorie Corbett Park (Ifly) tour with my wife Sadhana and one relative Mrs. Shakuntala Birje on triple sharing basis. Our overall trip was excellent. Your tour manager Sachin Mangaonkar and his assistant Vikrant Kumbar were very co-operative. We were total 40 in the group and out of these 36 were senior citizens. Your team leaders treated us as a family members and took good care of us. The hotels provided by you were good and the food too, except the hotel at Gurgaon. I have a few suggestions which I have shared through the mail. We all are happy with your services however I shall be glad if you will try to implement my suggestions in your future trips. Hope your business will prosper for many years to come.
Somanath Bhor NIJW -(I) 13 September 2014
We just returned from our NIJW ( Haridwar-Nainital-Mussorie-Gurgon trip , Awesome experience , Excellent Trip Enjoyed a Lot , Special Credit to Arvind Jadhav – our Tour Manager , who managed the tour so well
Samir Nayak
this is the feedback of the nainital mussorrie Jim Corbett tour conducted from 7 th may till 15 th may . The overall tour went well. I would like to say that all your staff ARVIND, Ajit and Sanjeev have been really good and helpful. I am in the hospitality industry for the last 18 years and am a chef by profession in Marriott as an executive chef.on the 1 st day Mr Sanjeev met us outside the Delhi airport and we got into the bus , were welcomed by him and were taken to Haridwar by evening where we went to the Ganga aarti. We had a good time there. The hotel there was good and there was a swimming pool there which was enjoyed by all the children. Next day we left for Mussorrie via rishikesh where we had a guided tour and were taken to the Iskon shop for some shopping.the tour actually went according to the itinery and went well.but here are some points you need to know and improve if you want us to come back to you.
being a chef i never crib about the food and did not want to compare it.but i could see all other passengers not happy and finally we spoke to ARVIND about it.the food was repeated again and again through out the tour until the last day. even after informing again nd again.he gave some explanation but not convincing .the food taste is also where you need too improve as ingredients can be local but the way you make it has to be some of the meal periods there were not tags at the buffet .for bf fruitti was served as juice which is unacceptable.The Momos served in mussourie as the local speicality were not good at all.the worst things was when i asked for a spoon of bournvita at the Le Roi hotel in Corbett.the staff told me to pay i went and spoke to manager Mr.khatri,who started telling me about the menu decided with veena world and that does not include bournvita .i was mad when i heard and told him i belong to the same industry and our business depends on all the guests .one spoon of bournvita will not make any difference.children will have the same amt of milk as you use in tea and coffee.finally he agreed but said do not tell anyone as everyone will ask.I understand if i had ordered it in the room them i had to pay but for bf ,i dont think so.the worst hotel was kyron in Karol bagh which according to all of us was way below the standard.a lot of us did not have lunch as we wanted have something the menu when inquired again was repeated.these all things were brought to notice to the tour manager .one more thing was the driver of the coach although he was a great person.the driving was really rash and when complained were informed that he is well trained and knows his driving well.but it is always clear that one mistake can be costly to us and also for veena world.
i have given some tips to Arvind regarding menu planning and things to look at ,now it depends on you all to take this positively or treat it as just a feedback.

aniruddha limaye
We had been to Nainital Mussoorie thru Veena world from 3rd may to 11th may. This was my first experience with Veena World. Even though I had trust in the name \’ Veena Patil\’, I was little doubtful about overall quality, as this travel company was only 9 months old !! But today I must say that my first tour with your company has given me that confidence & I can rely on Veena World for all my future travel plans. Starting from the sales office, till the departure gate at Delhi airport, everything was well organized. We enjoyed each & every moment during those 9 days. Transport, hotels, food, everything was perfect. The tour was made more enjoyable by tour managers, Mr Sagar Mhatre & Mr Vinod Deshmukh. They ensured that each & every minute is utilised properly & at the same time it is not made very hectic. They looked after any special needs of team members & were very cooperative throughout the tour. Hats off to them !! As far as suggestions are concerned, I feel that ( & even many team members ), visiting Nainital zoo is waste of time. The location is very odd, you need to walk lot up & down & in return, you really do not see much. If you have some better option to utilize that time period, kindly review. The other point is regarding the sacks which are given as complimentary gift. I feel as such nobody is going use 4 sacks, rather I will suggest to give 2 stroller bags (or even one ) & 2 sacks. Once again I would like to thank Veena World for having this memorable tour.
Shreeram Sawant
I appreciate the hospitality given by Veena World and Sagar, Vinod and Siddhesh. It was indeed a great tour to Nainital with well managed team.I wish Veena World best luck and I must say you are lucky to have such a wonderful assets like Sagar , Vinod and Siddhesh for efficiently managing the show!!! They indeed were best. Lots of memories to cherish! It’s amazing to see Veena world growing with such a high pace leaving complete customer delight in such a short span of 9 months’ time. Quite Appreciated!!!
Thanks once again.

Namrata Wadekar
First and foremost let me thank you and your team for the wonderful and memorable holiday . Just returned from Nainital (nijw) tour. Enjoying the goodies now at home. The hotels were excellent, got to stay in a heritage property. Enjoyed it the most. Food at Corbett was delicious . Now a suggestion. Instead of giving 2 bags per person if the company can give one stylish and sturdy overnight bag, it would be wonderful. Would I want to travel with you guys, definitely yes. Have a nice day.
Meera. K. Rao