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Subodh Jadhav

Subodh has been conducting tours to Kashmir, Himachal, Rajasthan, Andaman, Leh Ladakh and Mauritius since the past 9 years. Always enthusiastic and happy to serve, he is one of his kind. With a smiling face and jovial demeanour, he is fun to be with. He has now been promoted to conduct tours to Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. He is a good dancer and loves trekking, which keeps him entertained when not on tour

Sagar Gurav

Sagar has been in the tourism industry from the past 3 years. The god gifted talent of entertaining others got him into the tour Manager’s profile. He deftly conducts tours to South East Asia & Dubai. He creates a fun filled environment for which people always remember him. To add to it, he presents himself very well, is a good dancer and loves playing cricket. To quote him, “Veena World as an organisation has given me an opportunity to upgrade my knowledge and management skills. This has been beneficial in my personal growth and development.”

Amit Sawant

Having been in the tourism industry for 5 years, Amit ably handles Kashmir, SEA & Dubai sectors. Good sense of humour, patience, a good listener & thorough destination knowledge are few of his strengths. He is a good dancer & singer and also a talented photographer. He is passionate about cricket & swimming. He is organized, enthusiastic, matured and has a good sense of handling different kinds of people. According to him, Veena World is the best organization in the tourism industry, which offers freedom to work &also express yourself.

Deepak Jadhav

Good personality, sincere, hardworking and concerned, Deepak Jadhav is known to be a perfectionist. He is very good with his product knowledge and hence is a very good tour manager. He ensures that every Guest is handled suitably. His passion for travel translates to cent percent guest happiness

Samir Narkar

Along with Indian sectors Samir has conducted group tours for 9 years in Scotland, South East Asia, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Europe. He also has an experience in handling events of the organization. He is pleasant, accommodating and easy to work with. Now he has decided to pursue his passion and is therefore a full time tour manager with Veena World. A funny guy with good communication skills, he loves travelling. For him, Veena World is like home.


Guest Experiences
We had been to Mauritius with you. It was a nice rejuvenating trip. We enjoyed it very much. Nice arrangements by Veena World.Special thanks to our tour manager Sagar Gurav. He was very co-operative and caring person.
Sagar Kulkarni ASHM 10 August 2015
We had a very memorable 6 days fun filled holiday at Mauritius with Veena World. Our special thanks to the tour managers Ms Vaibhavi Soman & Ms Ashwini Samant who have handled the tour with efficiency , precision & care. If you had a “Feed Back form” it would have been better to communicate. This was our 2nd Tour with Veena World & it was better than the 1st.

The feed Back is as follows:
• Hotel accommodation – Excellent.
• Travel Arrangement ---- Very Good.
• Tour Itinerary ------ Good .
• Communication ---- Very Good.
• Food arrangement --- Excellent.
• Tour local guide – Very good ( Communicative / knowledgeable / Smart ).
• Tour Managers--- Perfect.
• Overall Rating --- * * * * * (5 Star).
Mr.&Mrs. Jayant Patankar AFMU 11 May 2015
Me & my wife were a part of Mauritius tour that Veena World. My sincere thanks Veena World for arranging such a great tour. The places that were covered during tour were very beautiful. Prachi - our tour manager managed the things in a swift manner. She was a great helping & caring hand throughout the tour. Naveen - local tour guide was also a lively personality.
Locations covered & activities planned were adequate , they kept us positively busy throughout the tour. The hotel where we stayed "Blue Marine" was fantastic. It was a very romantic location for honeymoon couples with beautiful, scenic & picturesque locations. I got a room from where i had direct access to beach from back side. Lots of variety in food. Yummy!!!! We really enjoyed it.
The bus that Veena had arranged for sightseeing was quite comfortable. Their food quality , room service were fantastic. Amenities were quite luxurious . The tour was real value for money. I would like to give my best wishes for Veena World’s future tours & would again like to congratulate them for giving us world class tour experience.
Keep it up. Kudos !!
Harshad Lovekar ASHM 04 May 2015
We had a wonderful tour to Mauritius with Veena World . Right from the start till end all arrangements were very good . Special thanks to our Tour manager Prachi Pradhan as because of her every moment we spent in Mauritius was a memorable one . She personally made an effort to see that all of us were comfortable. Our kids too enjoyed all the activities arranged by Veena World and specially the company of Prachi Pradhan . She was the favourite amongst all . Thanks Veena world n Thanks dear Prachi We will always cherish these memories.
Bhakti Pathare AFMU 04 May 2015
We express our heartfelt appreciation of the Tour Leader Ms. Prachi Pradhan who is very helpful and courteous. We also congratulate Veena World for organizing such a lovely Itinerary for our Mauritius Tour. Out of total 30 members in the Tour, we three only were Gujarati speaking and rest 27 were Marathi speaking. They all encompassed us with their love and made us part and parcel of the Veena World Family. They helped us at every stage, while climbing on the bus or disembarking, while going to visit places of interest, while going to Restaurant, etc. We have no words to express our special Gratitude to the Tour Leader Ms. Prachi Pradhan. We had picked up a wrong bag by mistake from Mauritius Airport, and she greatly helped us to get our bag from the Airport. She took extra care of us two Senior Citizens like our own daughter. She was a very good friend of Meena, our daughter-in-law. We also appreciate her funny side, helping nature and her singing and dancing ability. She was a strong support, whenever we needed. In short, Veena world has won our hearts and we hope to join your future Tours.
Rasiklal Nanalal Shah AFMU 04 May 2015
I was a part of Mauritius tour. We enjoyed that trip. This was possible only because of our tour manager. He entertained us very well. He never gave us a chance to feel bored. He made our trip very thrilling and happening. He brought such a lovely memories with Veena World. We would like to make another tour with him. I’m thankful to Veena World for such a great experience.
Dhanashri Meher AFMU 20 April 2015
I would like to thank you for giving us an opportunity to go for tour of Mauritius which is by coincidence our marriage anniversary day and gave us immense pleasure to celebrate in a foreign country and that in a marvellous Blumarine hotel surrounded by beautiful ocean and merry atmosphere among our fellow group members. It was one of the happiest moment of our life in cutting the cake specially made for the occasion. I appreciate the herculean task of Tour Manger Mr.Amit Sawant, the young and enthusiastic well groomed person with experience behind him. He managed the tour efficiently consisting of senior citizens who could not dominate the young Amit as he never gave any chance to that effect because of his confidence & cool temperament in tackling any situation which ultimately resulted in successful tour beyond doubts. He was nicknamed Shravan Bal by the group members as everybody was happy with his style of work. We really enjoyed the tour and had the privilege of visiting a beautiful, clean & green country! As we trust in God we trusted in Veena World and without any hesitation we did the booking for the tour. We thought of supporting a Marathi lady who is the key person of the organisation known for her honesty & integrity so as to see the company going to the top in near future. We have sowed a small seed which will grow in a big tree. We were also lucky to see her in Mauritius among us. Her very presence boosted our enthusiasm for rest of the tour. The entire tour was excellently managed by the young & dynamic tour manager covering all sights as per itinerary without giving scope for any kind of problem. The tour manager made his job look easy due to his efficiency in handling a tour of senior citizens which is a difficult task. Everyone should learn from the people of Mauritius the way they keep their country clean, green & beautiful.
Priti & Satish Bagwe AFZM 08 April 2015
I recently experienced the Veena World tour services at Mauritius. I had booked a Mauritius package for me , my husband and my twins who are 3 and ½ years old. It was a great experience. Mr. Amit Soman was our tour manager. He is a very good person and was always there to help us with a smiling face. Our group had a varied age group some were honeymoon couples, some elderly and some were middle aged people. But we were never bored. This was the very first time we toured with Veena World but it was a very nice experience. The services were very good, the hotels, food etc. was nicely planned and managed. I am also glad to tell you that your team is remarkably good. We will love to tour with you again and again.
Dr.Pallavi Khedekar AFMU 21 January 2015
We are very happy about the tour . Amit Soman seems to be a promising tour leader. He managed the trip very efficiently. Due to bad weather the scheduled program was cancelled. But to my surprise he managed it on the fourth day which was exciting. We really enjoyed it a lot. As far as food was concerned it was appreciable but could be better if provided with Indian style. For eg kadhi pakode was not so nice. Could be better if served kadhi and pakoda separately. Rajma was too repetitive . Otherwise the whole experience was fantastic. We would like to go again with Veena World.
Mr. and Mrs. Pawar AFMU 21 January 2015
We went on a 11 day tour for Mauritius, Kenya & Dubai through Veenaworld from 21st – 31st May. This trip was the most memorable trip that we had so far through any tour agency; we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the trip and were 100% satisfied.
The itinerary itself was very well planned with enough time for sightseeing. The choice of the places and activities was excellent. All the hotel locations & particularly those in Kenya were awesome, food quality in all places was very good. The tour manager – Deepak Jadhav was just the right blend of friendliness and professionalism and he managed the schedule well. The group size was also just right (20 people) & this also helped in forming a close bond.
We really look forward to travel again with Veenaworld after such a nice experience.
Anup Rege
Anup Rege
I am frequent traveler having really a Bad experience now. i have booked a tour on dtd.12.07.2014 for my parents to Amarnath. We contacted you & your sales partner number of times & confirmed the date of travel & you have also informed us that the helicopter service is available. Suddenly after payment of all the dues you informed us that now the helicopter service is cancelled, the route of travel is change, instead of hotel u provide 2 days stay in tents. How is it possible? how the senior persons in tour can travel like this we have already booked the air tickets & everything & now you suddenly cancelling the schedule? is this a service? we request you to kindly arrange to repay our dues with all our ticket charges. I dont think that u can compete with the tour operators like kesari, SOTC etc.
I have also travelled to Mauritius in January 2014 at that time also u changed the schedule by 1 Day.
My friend travelled to thailand along his family the reference was given by me the schedule changed to 3 days u kindly confirm if you want.
My parents name is Shanta Dhoot & Purushottam Dhoot
CA Shyam P.Dhoot 9422877355
Pls convey the message to Smt.Veena Patil & kindly provide the contact no to me also

CA Shyam Dhoot
Heartiest congratulations on glorious 5 months!! We (self & wife Pooja) would like to thank you & Team Veena World for successfully customizing our most memorable vacation to Mauritius. Couldn't hold back, but to narrate the special mentions experienced by us through the trip. It was really commendable seeing your team to co-ordinate/ manage along with our so called ‘Corporate Busy Schedule’ to ensure itinerary is being finalized per our best of expectations. It started with walking into Veena World’s Head-quarters on Diwali day to meet ‘Patil Dampatya’ and that too me wearing super matching ‘Yellow’ Golf T-shirt. Great hospitality and unparalleled warmth extended by both of you, Neil sending Diwali e-Greetings immediately after our meet; Just reassures your strong commitment for CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Ever smiling Bhanupriya handing over our confirmation vouchers along with travel Kits (with ever fresh Veena World branding). And that’s not all... Veenatai specially remembering my earlier discussion/ Likes & ensuring ‘Picnic Khaoo’ (Crunchy Delights) to be handed over at the airport before we board the flight. Committed team member Mandar ensures, he reaches well on time(even if it’s at ungodly hours early morning) to meet us at the airport to handover those handy ‘Goodies’. Again these are just not munchies but meticulously bunched all the required ‘Stuff’ for overseas family holidays….(International charger/ CCY covers/ Aawla supari/ Garlic Chatni/ Dry fruits n On n On ….). The thoughts invested behind bundling these packets clearly showcase that it’s is just not the CRM but sincere CARING for your guests, as your FAMILY…And there are lots to talk about from the tour. The respect n command Veenatai has developed across the local suppliers, is the strong reflection of her PERSONNA. We say the Enterprise is always prima over individual who runs it. But I would say there has to be a LEADER who gives identity n REPUTE to such entities. That’s Veenatai YOU are! And the finale was unexpected…Upon knowing my Golfing hobby, supplier arranged for round of golf at Anahita Golf Course at short notice, which was icing on a cake….All said n done, couldn’t stop from documenting these experiences & also record our sincere appreciation/ NAMASKAR for Team Veena World! As promised now we are already tuned for our next US trip …Seems we’ve registered for ‘Life Membership’ with ‘World Veena’. Look forward to hearing soon from your team…Once again kudos to Team Veena World & Best Wishes for assured success to follow in Tons!!!!
Prasad Pradhaan