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Vivek Kochrekar

Any number of words fall short to describe Vivek 􀀙 our most celebrated Tour Manager. Being a tour manager is much more than a career for him, it's something he is passionate about. He loves to take people around the world and adds a magic personal touch to all that he does. Guests who have travelled with him feel like they have been with someone they have known for years. With an experience of 15 years, his knowledge is unparalleled. His forte is Europe and he can take you through the locations as if he were a map. His knowledge of Europe and other sectors has developed through 􀀩rst hand travel experience and constant self-study. His communication and oratory skills are noteworthy. These coupled with his knowledge make him an excellent trainer and a concrete support to the various departments of Veena World.

Dinesh Bandivadekar

Dinesh has 17 years of rich experience in the tourism industry and he deftly handles SEA, Sri Lanka Maldives, Vietnam- Cambodia-Philippines, USE, Australia -New Zealand, USA with Bahama and Europe sectors. He is adept at handling emergencies. He has good knowledge of visas. He is a matured person who can be relied on for ful􀀩lling responsibilities. He is articulate, well groomed & has good product knowledge. We are proud to have him as a part of the teamVeena World.

Rahul Desai

Rahul has an extensive experience of 12 years and handles the sectors of Europe, Scandinavia Russia, SEA, South Africa and Dubai. He is a vivacious individual who possesses the knack of dealing with different kind of people on the tour, courtesy his excellent communication and co-ordination skills. An avid dancer & table tennis player, he also loves to cook. He feels Veena World is the perfect place to work as the work culture in the organization & its policies are just & fair.

Atmaran Lad

Atmaram is a seasoned tour manager with 13 years of vast experience. He conducts tours to USA, Europe, South East Asia and Dubai. He is smart and resourceful and therefore is a tour manager to reckon upon. He is a good entertainer and ensures that his tour is lively at all times. He has a flair for modelling and a personality to go with it.

Amit Soman

Amit Soman has been in the tourism industry from the past 12 years. He started his career by conducting tours to Indian destinations followed by International destinations such as South East Asia and Europe. A pleasant personality with very good interpersonal skills are few of the attributes that make him a good tour manager. His has good knowledge of destinations. He loves playing cricket & table tennis. According to him, Veena World spells opportunity, for employees as well as guests where they get great services at affordable price.

Atul Bhobe

Atul has been in the industry for the past 12 years. Though he started oô€€¹ conducting tours in India, he later on moved to International destinations such as South East Asia, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Europe and Scotland. With a very good product knowledge and the experience of so many years backing him, he is a good tour manager. When not on tour, he loves to take part in cultural activities. He loves swimming, travelling and driving. He feels very proud to be a part of Veena World as he believes he got a good platform to hone his skills as a tour manager.

Prashant Potdar

With an extensive experience of 13 years, Prashant handles the sectors of SEA, Europe, Dubai, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Good communication skills & thorough destination knowledge are his USPs. He exhibits a pleasant personality with a unique blend of his entertaining and informative skills along with good co-ordination skills. He is a talented singer & dancer and loves swimming & playing volleyball. He feels proud to be a part of the Veena World, which has fair policies & no dirty politics.

Kamlesh Deovrukhar

Kamlesh has 13 long years experience and he skillfully handles SEA & Europe sectors. He has good sense of humour. Soft-spoken, and well groomed, he is ever enthusiastic. He is a great entertainer, in fact we approach him for DJ music for various celebrations on tour. If he is the DJ, we can be rest assured that every member of the group ends up dancing. To quote him, This organisation is a good example of how guests are given homely treatment on tours and I love the unity among the team of Veena World.

Sachin Mayekar

Sachin started off as an assistant tour manager, handling Indian sectors. Today, after 20 years, he is a pro and conducts tours as a tour manager to International destinations such as South East Asia, Dubai, Europe & Hong Kong- Macau-Shenzhen. He is calm and composed with an outstanding sense of humour, which makes him popular with the guests. He􀀶s fond of trekking & cricket. He feels that Veena World is setting a benchmark in the tourism industry & the tour managers have a great future in the organisation.

Prashant Handore

Prashant encompasses the international destinations of Europe, SEA, Dubai, Sri Lanka and Maldives with his expertise and experience which spans over 10 fruitful years. A fun loving individual in the guise of a shy personality, he has the ability to build a team and retain a good rapport with all colleagues. His true colours are exhibited on tours when he divulges various fun facts about the destinations, thus making the atmosphere entertaining as well as informative.

Kamlesh Sawant

Kamlesh is an expert tour manager with a rich experience of 16 years. He conducts tours to USA, Europe, South East Asia and Dubai. His hardworking and sincere nature coupled with an outstanding knowledge of history makes him a very Successful tour manager. Also, he is physically fit and therefore agile, always enthusiastic and very active on tours.

Manveer Talekar

Manveer has 9 years experience and he handles Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Macau (Shenzhen-China), Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam- Cambodia, Australia- New Zealand Dubai Mauritius Turkey, UK & Europe sectors. He is a spiritual and devotional person. He is very generous & loves to gift others. He has very courteous communication and is a very successful PSP of Veena World. He loves driving, travelling & listening to music.

Mehul Ghosalkar

Having been in the tourism industry for 10 years, Mehul expertly handles Europe, Scandinavia Russia & SEA sectors as a tour manager. He has a pleasing personality. Good destination knowledge, patience required to handle large groups are his USPs. Enthusiastic, he trains well and is a good entertainer. He is a talented cricket player & is passionate about photography. He feels lucky to be a part of Veena World.

Nilesh Joshi

Being in the tourism industry for 15 years, Nilesh is now an expert tour manager and deftly handles SEA, South Africa, Europe, Japan, and China sectors. He renders a personal touch to whatever he does. He has a good sense of humour. His never say die attitude and keeping his cool even in the most di􀁇cult situations on tour are his USPs. He is fond of reading & playing cricket. He thinks he is lucky to be a part of Veena World, where everyone is very helping.

Amit Kunte

Amit has 12 years experience in the tourism industry and he is adept at handling various sectors such as Europe, SEA, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Kailash Mansarovar, & Kashmir. He has sound product knowledge. He􀀶s very soft spoken and guests love his company. He􀀶s known to go out of the way to help and guide guests on tour and manages a group with maturity and sensitivity. He believes that Veena World has a good positive setup, honest intensions & that his future is secure.

Pratima Phadke

Pratima has an experience of 10 years and handles the sectors of Sri Lanka, Dubai, Macau, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, UK & Europe and SEA. She is a con􀀩dent and a jovial person who is an expert in speciality tours. Decked up with good co-ordination skills, good product knowledge and business acumen, she is a very accommodating and an understanding individual. She is fond of reading & listening to music. She takes pride in working with Veena World.

Deepika Kadam

Cheerful, pleasant and composed is what describes Deepika the best. Been in the industry for the past 6 years, she started off by conducting tours to South East Asia and then moved on to Europe and is an expert at conducting Specialty tours like Women􀀶s Special and Seniors􀀶 Special. She is also a good dancer and loves to play the dhol. To quote her, it is a pleasure to be a part of VEENA WORLD as I have grown professionally and personally with the company. It has given me a lot. I am always proud to call myself a Veenaite.

Amol Salgar

Amol Salgar has been in the tourism industry from the past 7 years. He started off with event management but his passion to travel and the god gifted talent of entertaining others pulled him to the on tour profile. He has conducted tours all over the world- from Kashmir to Japan China to Europe. He loves interacting with people. His tours are filled with fun. To add to it he presents himself very well, is a good dancer and photographer. He finds Veena World a great place to work and fulfil his dreams.

Rajaran Gavas

Rajaram handles the sectors of Europe and SEA. With and experience of 7 years in tourism, he has built up impressively on his knowledge about destinations. He is a truly lovable personality who is very particular and organized. He is passionate about all kinds of sports. He feels lucky to be a part of Veena World.

Bhushan Gupte

Bhushan began his stint in the tourism industry some 8 years ago as an assistant tour manager. Today he is an expert tour manager who conducts tours to South East Asia, Dubai & Europe. He is also an adept sales person & imparts destination training to team members. He is a talented singer & dancer and keeps everyone entertained on tour. He􀀶s passionate about trekking, is a university level Table Tennis player & he is also learning Tabla. According to him, Veena World is all set to become the biggest travel company in India.

Amit Dixit

Amit has been in the tourism industry from the past 13 years. He started off with tours to Himachal and Rajasthan and now conducts tours to South East Asia and Europe. With good destination knowledge, politeness and helping nature he woos his guests. He has a very good sense of humor.

Ajay Ghag

Enthusiastic and energetic, Ajay is a Sr Executive in the MICE team. His product knowledge and good communication skills helps him to build a good rapport with the Managers from the Corporate world. He has also ably led leisure and MICE groups to Europe, SEA, Japan-China, Dubai, Tashkent, Istanbul & Africa.

Rajesh Salvi

Rajesh encompasses the sectors of SEA, Mauritius, Australia, New Zealand and Europe with his expertise and experience spanning over 10 years. He is a pleasant person with good communication skills & thorough destination knowledge. He is an avid dancer & loves cricket and swimming. For him, Veena World is like a family where he feels positive about his bright future.


Guest Experiences

Thank you for giving us excellent Europe tour. This is my first foreign tour and I am happy that I selected Veena World Tour. Hotels was excellent. Continental breakfast and Indian meals very good combination. Tour manager Mr. Prashant is really " AAPAL MANUS' on tour. He had good knowledge of history and geography of every place. Each day he brief us about places we are going to visit. He had taken care of every guest. My friend Geeta Korhale is follower of Bramhakumari and she don!t take "paranna". Prashant has arranged food whatever he can do. Our group was of 41 guests. Sometimes he has push us and that is natural because he has to manage group in schedule time. Our group was always in time and always done loading and unloading of our bags and last day Prashant has given compliments for that. When Veena World have such a tour managers like Mr.Prashant ,Veena World will be always on top position in travel industry. Again thanks to Veena World, tour manager Mr.Prashant, travel advisor Lata Salgaonkar and visa assistant.
Jayashree C.Phulare. EUWN 18 August 2015

We had a wonderful experience with Greece and Turkey Tour. A word about our tour manager Vivek. He is a best tour manager with an ever smiling face, always with a helping hand to all. A slogan about him was " First to get up early morning and last to retire to sleep in night" We wish you all the best in future and hope we will join you in future trips too...
Dr. Dayanand & Dr.Kalpana Nooli EUGT 02 October 2015

We had joined Veena World for European Wonders tour. We reached Pune safely today. I am glad to say that it was a wonderful experience. The entire organization of the tour including travel coach, sightseeing, hotels and the food was too good. Having Pav Bhaji and Gajar ka halwa at the top of Mt.Titlis in Swiss was nothing less than being in heaven. Not only the planning but the execution of the tour by our dedicated tour manager Mr. Prashant Handore was also excellent. His time management and caring nature was too good. The way he conducted the entire tour was simply amazing. He is an important asset for your company. Overall we gathered sweet memories of the tour. We definitely wish to join you again in future.Thanks.
Dr. Prajakta Doshi EUWN 29 September 2015

Tour was excellent and was well managed by the tour manager Mr. Dinesh, he is well experienced , knowledgeable. He explained everything twice or thrice hence no mistakes within the group. One thing I noticed that he took his meal when all of us finished. l had a doubt that it may something special but it was the same which we consumed.
Dr. Suresh Mude EUEC 28 September 2015

We have done Europe Jewel with you and it was fabulous experience. Europe shown by Veena World was one of it's kind experience. Places selected, Guidance given, History, Beauty, Nature, Arrangement, Hotels, Food etc you name and it was fantastic. Punches like ice cream at Mt. Titlis, Tea at Junfrau, Vada Pav at Rhine fall all these means icing on cake. It was made memorable by Rahul too. We cannot forget Europe and Rahul. He may forget us because he must be tackling so many kaka, kaki, maushi. So I have given photograph with which he can recollect. Best Wishes to entire Veena World Family.
Jyoti and Ajit Kulkarni EUJW 26 July 2015

I would like to say thank you for memorable trip of Europe for 13 Nights. Initially we were hesitant to pay the total sum of money for 5 people , but now we all are very happy with the arrangement done from your side. And felt all the sum is paid off. We were the group of 5 of our family members. Eldest of my mother who is 59 yrs. & youngest of my son Aryan who is 7 yrs. old. They both enjoyed the trip. All credit goes to our tour manager Mr. Prashant Potdar , he has done a very good job to make our trip most memorable. As handling a group of 41 in different countries was very difficult task. But he had handled that with very cheerful way. So much so that my Son was behind his life everywhere he goes for the entire trip.
We all enjoyed the trip at the fullest. we are very happy with the all arrangements done for us like Hotels , travel , Food etc.
Sujal Rahul Madan EUWN 18 August 2015

It gives me a great pleasure to Scandinavian countries with Veena World. It was very efficiently and professionally right from Sahar Airport. On reaching the destination, we were taken to places that were most exotic and the facilities were remarkable. The hotels selected were excellent and the places chosen quenched our appetite of seeing the Scandinavian countries. A special mention of the tour manager Mr. Atul Bhobe who was most proficient and courteous. His help at all the times was beyond the call of his duties. There were a few rouge members in the group who refused to adhere to the simple rules that would convenience all the members. However, Atul dealt with them with utmost courtesy and very deftly made them adhere to the rules. I must say that Atul is an asset to your company. We would like to take the trip to New Zealand with you (not Australia) if it is available. Though it is unlikely, we wish that we get the tour manager Atul Bhobe for this tour too.
Dr. Bakul P. Dhruva EUSN 14 August 2015

We are glad to inform you that our tour to Europe has successfully completed. The tour manager Mr Rahul Desai is an extremely experienced and a very helpful person. In short, Mr. Rahul is a fully dependable Tour Manager. With his ultimate cooperation we could complete the tour easily. In all, the entire programme organisation done by you, veg food quality, sightseeing arrangements were absolutely fantastic. I could complete my wife`s wish to see Europe so blissfully with the world class arrangements provided by Veena World and support of Mr Rahul Desai. Looking forward to many more tours ahead. Thanks a lot.
Archana & Ulhas Gujrathi EUJW 02 August 2015

Enjoyed your Senior Citizens Tour for Europe in the last month, though it was hectic and strenuous. Your tour leader was competent, Hotel management, Meals and other Tour arrangement were excellent. We look forward to receive your book for information for visited places as promised in coming days. Once again thanks for excellent Senior Citizens Tour for Europe.
Meera and Anil Sapre EUZE 14 August 2015

My parents (Mr and Mrs J R Wagh ) and my in laws ( Mr and Mrs Maruti Pingale ) enjoyed the Europe tour a lot! All the arrangements were very nice! They especially praised the tour manager Mr Prashant Potdar for managing the tour wonderfully well and the driver who did a very good job in ensuring their comfort during the travel! Thanks for the wonderful memories and will be glad to travel by Veena World again !
Dr.Sushma Vijay Pingale EUWN 18 August 2015

The American Magic trip with Veena World made our dream to visit U.S.A come true! The trip was fun from the minute it started to the very end. We had enough time to see each attraction. Our tour guide Mr.Rajesh Gracias was very sweet, friendly, dedicated and informative at all our stops. All hotels were very nice, food was excellent and transport was well organised. overall an awesome experience and i highly recommend it to others. Thank you Veena World for the amazing experience.
Usha & Tulsibhai Vora

I am writing on behalf of my mother Mrs. Smita Ponkshe. She was extremely happy with the way the tour was conducted. As per her there was good amount of time given to showcase major structures of the places. Accommodations and food too was perfectly a blend of Indian and international cuisines. The entire tour was very well and smartly conducted by you. She looks forward to book more tours with your esteemed company. Kindly update her on the same.
Tanuja Vasudev EUEC 17 August 2015

We are tour members of your European Highlights tour with Mr, Kamlesh Sawant as Tour Manager. We were Senior Citizens, but Kamlesh Sawant treated us so well with his personal tourism skill that we never felt that we are Senior Citizens. He made all of us to enjoy as we are of 16. Kamlesh has one of the best quality to satisfy the tour members above their expectations. He has one more quality of caring the Tour Members / Sr. Citizens, hence our kids in India were less worried about us. His dedication to Veena World is very very appreciable. Kamlesh is one of the gems in Veena Tai's Veena World Organization. Lot Many Thanx to Veena World for giving us opportunity to complete the Europe Tour with the Most Efficient Tour Manager Mr. Kamlesh Sawant. We wish him all success in his future assignments. Keep it up Mr.Kamlesh. We would like to thank Madam Shwetali and Madam Priyanka from Borivali Office through whom we booked our tour. With all our Best Wishes to Veena World for the prosperous future.
Vandana & Chintaman Patil EUHL 23 August 2015

We enjoyed the Seniors’ Special Europe tour very much. We appreciate the cooperation and care taken by Nilesh of all us. He is the perfect team leader. Thanks a lot.
Krishna & Anil Bhawsar EUZE 14 August 2015

The trip was good, though, because of my health condition I was not able to enjoy as much as I would have wanted to.
I would like to thank Mr. Atul , our tour manager, who made every effort to see that I was not too inconvenienced. Among the tour managers with whom my husband and I have travelled, I must say that I found Mr. Atul very different in his attitude and approach. He was genuinely courteous and concerned about each and every tourist. He showed no favouritism to any one, was firm but gentle in his requests as well as general instructions. In fact after our first trip when Mr. Vivek was our tour manager, I can say that this trip was a thoroughly enjoyable one.

My husband and I have been travelling with Kesari for the past 6 years. This year we switched to Veena World, as we felt that the personal touch was missing in Kesari. The office staff was too laid back. But as you may already know, the staff at Veena World too should improve - insufficient info, wrong info, not returning calls- I think other tourists have already written about it All in all it was a good trip.
Padma Jayaraman EUSR 14 August 2015

The hotel arrangement was excellent so was food arrangement. We never missed Indian food on tour & were offered local food specialities like Pizza, Burger, Pasta etc. The local coaches were very good & comfortable. We had a very co-operative & wonderful group. We really enjoyed each & every moment on the tour. Finally about our tour manager Mr. Prashant Potdar, he is a wonderful , lovable person .He was giving personal attention to everybody. In our group most were senior citizens, Prashant took utmost care of everyone. He used to give information about the monuments, special places on our journey from point to point & also explain in details about our hotel stay, food arrangement & sightseeing. Prashant is really an excellent manager & we would love to tour again with you if Prashant is with us. Some photographs of our memorable tour are attached herewith.
Dilip Vaidya EUWN 18 August 2015

I would like to say thank you for memorable trip of Europe for 13 Nights. Initially we were hesitant to pay the total sum of money for 5 people , but now we all are very happy with the arrangement done from your side. And felt the money we spent is totally worth it. We were the group of 5 of our family members. Eldest of my mother who is 59 yrs & youngest of my Son Aryan who is 7 yrs old. They both enjoyed the trip.

All credit goes to our tour manager Mr. Prashant Potdar , he has done a very good job to make our trip most memorable. As handling a group of 41 in different countries was very difficult task. But he had handled that with very cheerful way. So much so that my Son was behind his life everywhere he goes for the entire trip.

We all enjoyed the trip at the fullest. we are very happy with the all arrangements done for us like Hotels , travel , Food etc.
Sujal Rahul Madan EUWN 18 August 2015

Thank you for the wonderful and memorable trip, the European Jewels concluded recently. Appreciate your coordination, planning, stay arrangements, wonderful Indian food, city tour, logistics were well managed and executed. Must say you took care of the smallest things throughout the tour. We the group of 11 from Belgaum and Dubai (Kulkarni, Upadhye, Desai (KUD)) were impressed by the efficiency and quality of service. Our tour manager Mehul is a gem of a person. So professional, patient so polite and helpful. Mehul your kind gesture will help you reach new heights in your career as well as the company's growth. Mehul's summing up session on the last day about the tour was awesome....nonstop breathless. Your staff Priyanka who had come as a tourist never hesitated to help us. Hats off to you both. Veena World must compensate for the extra kilos gained because of the yummy food. Your belgaum agent needs be trained , they need improvement, otherwise it was an amazing experience.
Vinayak Upadhye EUJW 16 August 2015

It was a wonderful experience on Seniors’ Special Europe tour.Unbelievable than expected. Really this is a trip of blessings. Many thanks to Prashant and Amit.
God bless you all!
Vasant Gole EUZE 14 August 2015

I am very thankful to you because I have achieved my dream of touring the Europe through your world class company having positive attitude & honouring me with award of QUEEN of INSPIRATION on this Women’s Special Europe tour. Our tour leaders Mr. Ashish Dandekar & Mr. Chetan Surve improved our outlook towards life by giving Mantra of PAP i.e. Positive Attitude, Adaptability & Patience. They also helped myself as well as my ailing mother very well & throughout the tour built our confidence. Because of this support ( received from my family members and tour leaders) I have completed this long duration tour successfully. So I have following lines in my mind for these two gentlemen who are guided by even more gentle lady Ms VEENA PATIL. VEENA WORLD KE DO ANMOL RATAN HAMARE DOST "Ashish aur Chetan".

I would also like to suggest you that along with packets of TEA, COFFEE & SUGAR, Please provide readymade packets of hot Soup which can be prepared at hotel rooms in cold atmosphere of EUROPE. I once again thank to all the supportive staff of VEENA WORLD & especially to VEENA Madam for helping to achieve my dream.
Vandana Sarvankar EUZE 14 August 2015

We joined the European Wonders tour group at Paris and continued with them till Rome.We really enjoyed this tour which covered major attractions from Europe. It was organized very well which took care of everything i.e. meals, sight-seeing, accommodation, comfortable travel by bus etc. We wish to convey our appreciation towards the Tour Manager Mr. Prashant Potdar who is very enthusiastic, good communicator, good care-taker especially of elderly people. He had arranged entertaining activities like Antakshari, relevant movies etc. As a remembrance for this tour, Mrs. Gaikwad has written a short and sweet poem which is enclosed herewith. We hope you will enjoy reading it.
Anuradha & Vijay Gaikwad EUWN 18 August 2015

1. Fantastic arrangements 2. A well organised tour
3. Very well personal attention by our tour manager Mr. Mehul Ghosalkar, simply outstanding
4. Throughout care & concern by the Veena world team for all the guests, the extended family of Veena world.
Overall a very nice experience. Looking forward to have many more such trips.
Ameya Bhatambrekar EUJW 16 August 2015

I am writing this mail in utmost happiness after speaking to my family members who have been to Europe with Veena World for the Tour “European Wonders and as the name says it was truly wonderful as I see happiness in their faces and their smiles means to me a lot. I am really thankful to Veena World’s whole team for successfully conducting the European Wonders tour . Tour guide Mr. Prashant was very co-operative, informative and very helpful throughout the trip as stated by my family members. Though my parents were from West Bengal but Mr. Prashant’s hospitality made them feel comfortable among other local tourists.

To quote Adhikary family :
“A dream converted to reality, when we the Adhikary family stepped onto the Heathrow airport in London, we were thrilled in body and mind as it was beyond our expectations. The whole journey was overwhelming due to good presentation by Mr. Prashant Potdar. We thank him and convey our wishes for his success in all sphere of life. We are also thankful to Veena World for the perfection in conducting the tour.”

I hope Veena World team continues these tours and expand their network to whole of India especially in West Bengal. Last but not the least, there needs to be a special mention of your preferred sales partner “Dream Destination, Ambernath” for wholeheartedly helping us at all times.
Nairit Adhikary & Family EUWN 18 August 2015

M very happy2travel with you to my dream land Europe. The trip was marvelous. We all 5 in a group enjoyed it very much. Our tour manager Mr Amit Soman is very good n caring n responsible person. He took very nice care of our group. He used2help us as personally though our group was 14 n all were. senior citizens All ur hotels n food arrangement is.very gud. I will sure like2travel more wit nxt dream land is USA.That I will like 2 book very soon. I like2inform u tat Amit soman must get good appreciation by u as per ur working condition. May be promotion or post. he is capable 4same.
Dr. Sunanda Okhal EUDM 25 July 2015

This is just to thank you and your team in context to my recent Women’s Special Europe tour. This was my first tour with Veena World and I was extremely pleased with all the arrangements right from initial booking, visa, airport escort, tour management, hotels, travel arrangements, meals, site seeing etc. I would specially like to compliment and thank Pratima ,Suvidha, Aarti, Sushant and other team members involved for all the help extended in making this memorable trip to me.
Neela Gadkari EUWB 15 Ausgust 2015

I would like to thank you for organizing a wonderful and memorable trip for my mother Pushpa Patel and my aunt Bhagwati Patel. They are continuously raving about their Seniors’ Special Europe tour experience and sharing minute details with the family. The pleasure cannot be quantified or expressed in words and we are indeed grateful to you'll for taking very good care of them.

This email cannot be completed before mentioning a special thanks to Mr. Nilesh Joshi (tour manager/co-coordinator) who treated them as family and took care of their smallest of needs and queries with utmost patience and calm. I understand it is very difficult to handle senior citizens but Nilesh tackled the challenge with ease. Once again thanks Nilesh.

Also a thanks to your entire team for their efforts.

God Bless!!!
Alpesh Patel EUZE 14 August 2015

Booking Experience
I had booked for 8 members of my family through your representative Suhas Sawant in Thane. Appreciate him as he was clear on all terms & conditions and supported us in all documentation, regular follow-up for visa and other processes, and also smooth and efficient booking process. Thank him as it was nice dealing with him.

Trip Experience
Most of our family members were above 60+ of age never travelled abroad. The trip feedback was easily noticeable with smile on everyone's face and also the same level of appreciation given by all. They have given 100% satisfactory remark to Mode of Travel, Hotels boarded, Food served throughout, No. of sites covered in time, clarity of rules & regulations, timely updates, evening gatherings and many more which added good memories to their life.

Tour Manager experience
Prashant Potdar was the tour manager for this group and his management of trip & hospitality was seen perfect from day one when he approached everyone for giving details of trip before departure. Prashant was praised a lot by all for his hospitality and friendliness shown throughout. Everyone thanked him for kind of experience & comfort he gave to all throughout. Special thanks to him from us too.

Appreciating all was necessary as we would like to rate A+ grade for whole tour experience. Thanks to Veena World and hope for continued success.
Yuvraj Wagh EUWN 18 August 2015

We just returned from our Europe tour organized by Veena World during 01.08.2015 to 19.08.2015. This was our first tour and third tour with Veena World. Just like before, this tour too proved to be an excellent experience. All the arrangements were meticulously planned and executed. All the hotels, meals, transports and sightseeing were excellent. Indian meals provided even on the foreign soil was really commendable. The tour manager, Amit Kunte, deserves a special mention. Calm, well-versed with the history of the sightseeing places that we visited, very polite and always ready to help everyone are few of the many attributes that Amit possess. He handled the group of 25 expertly. We really enjoyed our Europe tour a lot.

We wish Veena World a bright future. We would definitely like to travel again with you.
Jayashree and Vilas Paranjape EUMG 01 August 2015

I would like to thank you Veena World, for such a wonderful days in my life @ Europe. I really enjoyed , completed my childhood dream & returned home with complete heart & started living every day with positive approach. Each & every arrangement done by Veena world was perfect ,delicious & Great including Travel, Stay, Food ,programs etc. Tour Manager Ms Pratima /Suvidha were also very humble, patient. I would like to join again with Veena World on another endpoint very soon.
Smita Sudhakar Bal EUWB 15 August 2015

It has been the memorable experience to have travelled with Veena World to Europe. Myself and my wife Mrs Neha Ghodekar returned yesterday afternoon with lots of new friends, new relations and a real professional way the tour was conducted. I would like you to put on record special word of appreciation for our Tour Manager Shri Prashant Potdar, which I feel without his total involvement and ownership this tour would ever have been such a grand success. It is so difficult to manage 5 family members at a time, Prashant was such a true family head for this tour that all of us simply had to follow him blindly and complete faith. He had been strict at times and friendly when required. I must appreciate his managerial skills and personal touch particularly handling senior citizens with kid's gloves , keeping calm and always smiling..It was a huge responsibility on him to ensure all of land safely home without any complaints. I have personally noticed the sigh of relief when he dispatched the last person out of Mumbai airport and could see very relaxed. I must say people like Prashant are real assets for your organisation and I wish your organisation and him all the best.
Anurag Ghodekar EUWN 18 August 2015

Very satisfied with our experience of European holiday in the month of July 2015. The tour manager Kamlesh Sawant ..very knowledgeable and very helping natured...looking forward for another memorable experience with you.
Manjiri Puranik EUDL 04 July 2015

This is not a feedback but it is what I feel after the amazing and refreshing Women’s Special Europe tour with Veena World. This tour was one of the memorable tour of my life. After a long time I got sometime where I was thinking only about me and enjoyed every bit of it. My previous experience with Veena World was excellent so I decided to go for foreign tour with Veena World only and this time also the experience was excellent and cannot express in words. Everything in the tour was well organized and perfect.

Now something about the tour manager, Pratima was very caring and patient tour manager. She has all the qualities that a good tour manager has. Hats off to her for managing the group of 40 ladies. Suvidha also complimented her well. Both made the group comfortable and this is the reason that the tour was memorable and we enjoyed more. Veena Tai is lucky to have such a good and competent people in the Veena World family. Once again thanks for this memorable experience. My best wishes to the Veena World team.
Seema Teredesai EUWB 15 August 2015

I am happy to convey my sincere appreciation and compliments to your travel company for organising a very exciting and enjoyable tour to Scandinavia and Russia. The itinerary was very well planned and places of visit were best ones chosen, barring Russian Circus, which we felt was more of a costume display show and dramatics. You may consider changing this old traditional Circus with the contemporary one which also is being shown there. Our Tour manager ,Atul Bhobe was outstanding to say the least. He has perfect temperament, patience , understanding and maturity to handle such a heterogeneous group with a large number of senior members. He was firm, yet friendly and carried the group with him efficiently. He was very helpful in handling of our luggage and never hesitated in lifting the baggage whenever there was any delay or obstruction. As far as me and my wife are concerned, I must say that he personally ensured that we were provided with the bland food which we had specifically requested at the time of booking. Thanks a lot for everything which was awesome and enjoyable. A last request.Once again thanks and wish Veena World a grand success.
Col. Hemant Karkare EUSR 14 August 2015

नमस्कार! वीणा वर्ल्ड च्या युरोप टूर बद्दल किती ही लिहिले तरी कमीच . प्रत्येक स्त्रीच्या आयुष्यातील एक must टूर – Veena World’s Women’s Special . Excellent management, efficient tour leaders and celebration without fear ,tension ! In a short span of only two days , Veenatai won the heart of all and without being philosophical, shared her philosophy of life and inspired everyone. Would certainly love to join as many tours as possible.
However felt very sad when some people who already had seen Europe commented that if u have not seen Vatican and some highest rail station, u have missed half the Europe.
Also at some places we could not go inside as there were long queues but would have loved to see Buckingham palace, Versailles palace and the Collosium from inside. Thank you for such wonderful experience!
Jayashree Khire EUWB 15 August 2015

The tour was very fantastic and the Tour Manager Raj Gavas Sir was also very excellent. He explained all the historical information of Europe in depth. The hotel arrangements was good. Food, ambience was also good and upto the mark. Raj Sir took very good care of all the members and specially senior citizens and they were very happy with him throughout the tour. On return at Mumbai airport he was very much concerned and was enquiring about their well-being. We also got an opportunity to meet Ms. Veena Patil the Proprietor in Switzerland it was a memorable event to meet her and got to exchange few good thought about the tour. Looking forward for another tour with your esteem organisation..
Saraswati Suvarna EUEC 17 August 2015

I was on the Europe Jubilee tour 2 weeks ago and wanted to thank Veena and Sudhir Patil for a well conducted tour. mol Salgar our tour guide was a very efficient ,capable, caring and helping person always with a smile on his face..:) It was a truly wonderful, enjoyable and informative experience....I was amazed at how well thought-out to the finest detail every aspect of the tour was.. from sightseeing... to food to transport.... to activities. Kudos to Amol and thanks to Veena world.

Looking forward to many more such tours with you guys..:)
Ashwini Datar EUJE 12 July 2015

At the outset would like to thank you for the wonderful tours that you organise - both Indian and International Tours. I have recently been to the Women's Special European Tour. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this tour. It was very fun filling, inspiring, thrilling, very lively and a wonderful Tour. I would like to state here that, your team of Tour Managers - Pratima and Suvidha, both were excellent. Pratima especially was extra-ordinary, I have never seen a more efficient, always smiling and most helpful person like her. She was always cheerful and smiling and efficient, even in the most difficult situations. I really appreciate all that she did during our tour, we did not have to take any tension, because she was there. Suvidha was very friendly and was also good fun. Next time I again go for a Women's Special tour, I would request that Pratima and Suvidha be our Tour Manager again ☺☺

During this tour, I had great fun, and out of the 40 women, I can say that I made 11 very good friends. Every person was an inspiration for me. Every person was unique and had their own individuality, which was really amazing. I would next like to do a tour of Scotland, Ireland and England, next year around this time in August 2016. Hope you will come up with such a tour. I would request you to include more walking tours in your itinerary, because we get the actual feel of the place, when we explore the place on foot. The best experience i had from this whole tour was of Engelberg, Switzerland, because in the afternoon we had got free time to explore this place on our own, and the hotel - Edelweiss was simply beautiful and so where their owners. First time in my life I won the title of Catwalk Queen, it was funny and great fun.

All in all, I had a fantastic tour experience of Veena World - Women's special tour. Everything was included in the tour price, I did not have to spend a single penny on food outside...which was good, but also sad, because I did not get a chance to taste the local cuisine, as I was never hungry, thanks to Veena World. Lastly, would like to give a suggestion, please try to give the Electric kettle, etc before hand, not last minute at the airport, because it becomes very difficult to accommodate the bulky kettle, open the bags, stuff all the eatables etc. in the bag.

Thanks a lot to Veena World from the bottom of my heart.
Maria Lewis EUWA 15 August 2015

This refers to the recent Europe tour of Veena World which I undertook with my daughter.Our tour manager was Mr Kamlesh Devrukhkar. I am very happy with this tour conducted by Veena World with respect to our hotel rooms, lunch and dinner except the breakfast. All arrangements done by your tour company was perfect and went on smoothly and I had a great time and enjoyed this tour very much. Veena World Management has gone beyond our expectations in giving us the best services in terms of snacks, holiday bags, ponchos etc and other special surprises on the tour. The only thing which bothered us was the tight schedule on the tour otherwise the tour was very good and we all had a great time in the bus and on the roads. Also by the blessings of the divine God, everything went on smoothly without any untoward incidents. I hope to continue this experience in future too on your other exciting tours.
Suman Kamath EUHL 09 August 2015

I thank Veena World for the planning organizing and successfully conducting our Europe trip. What is more important is the operation of this trip. The tour manager Kamlesh Deorukhkar has to be appreciated for his hard work, his cordial behaviour with all the passengers his consideration for the senior citizens and playful nature with the junior group. His timings, instructions, knowledge and explanation about all the destination were really great and extremely helpful. It's employee s like Kamlesh Deorukhkar keep the tour company like yours making it number One in this field. Thanks looking forward for more trips with you.
Neena Sonavaria EUHL 09 August 2015

We feel extremely happy for choosing Veena World as our tour operator. To begin with we would like to appreciate the personal touch given in design of the tour as well as implementation by tour manager throughout the tour. It was evident that Veena World takes all the feedback from its guest and looks committed to improvise. Accommodation, Transportation & Food arrangements were excellent and well thought off i.e we got delicious Indian Food throughout the tour along with Specialty food from Europe occasionally which has made the food experience memorable ( dinner at Restaurant at Rotterdam, Taste of food at Hotel Swissforever, Belgium, burger at Cuckoo Factory are so good to forget). We feel our duty to inform you that the food provided at Cologne Germany was not up to the mark as per the standard set by Veena World in all other places of the tour. this may be taken as feedback for improvement. Last but not the least, The tour was designed back home at India may be by a team of expert but the implementation of the tour as designed or even better could not have been possible without ever smiling, dutiful, sincere & hardworking tour manager Mr. Kamlesh D. ( Always on time and takes care of full group like family). Being associated with such good tour and tour manager we look forward to travel with Veena World more often and feel proud to suggest you to Family and friends. Kamlesh Rocks!!
Tejkumar Sharma EUHL 09 August 2015

We have recently returned from European highlights tour. Simply Awesome.A totally mesmerising tour from the start till the end .It was a lot of fun throughout the travel. Most importantly a big thank you to Mr.Kamlesh Devrukhkar our tour manager. Best knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and absolutely fab!!! Went out a way to make sure we got the best out of the tour. We were able to cover all the sightseeing in the heart of Europe. Food and accommodation throughout the tour was awesome. Everything met our expectation. Our Photographs will remain happy memories of the wonderful time spend in London Paris, Switzerland , Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Rome and Italy. Thank you Veena World and Specially Kamlesh for a well organised and a fantastic trip to Europe.
Akshaya & Vishal Nagvekar EUHL 09 August 2015

We went for a Europe tour with Veena World.We had a GREAT EXPERIENCE though out these 20 days. The itinerary for the tour has been immaculately planned and very efficiently executed by the tour manager Mr. Amit Kunte.The Hotels selected for our stay were excellent and really comfortable. We were particularly thrilled with our stay at Banklialp Hotel Engelberg in scenic Switzerland for two days. The drive through the countryside throughout Europe in the most comfortable coach was amazing and fantastic.We found that the tour manager was actually well disciplined but at the same time amicable and efficient. He knew his job and did it exceedingly well. We would like to explore more Veena World tours and STRONGLY RECOMMEND the same for all.
Thank you " VEENA WORLD"
Dr. ( Col ) J N Lakhe EUMG 01 August 2015

We have completed our Europe tour recently. We experienced heavenly pleasure of EUDM tour along with other tour members & with our manager Mr. Amit Soman of Veena World. As usual the tour was set at micro level on all the fronts such as daily schedules, lunch, dinner, sightseeing, booking of tickets etc. for all 23 days of tour. Mr. Amit has explained us the history of every individual European country in detail and gave us the feeling of to be close to that land & those people by heart. The bus driver ( Mr. Jhoran ) for first 12 days of tour was new in Europe. But Mr. Amit has guided him properly to show the roads in all the cities & proved his excellent memory. Because this has saved lot of time & delays in other tour schedules. One day there was breakdown of our bus on the way to Venice. But the way Mr. Amit handled the situation was mind blowing & rewarding. Thereby completed the sightseeing of beautiful Venice. In a nut shell Mr. Amit has proved himself to be a GEM & yet another PILLAR of Veena World. Thanks to every individual member of Veena World Team for organizing this wonderful tour for me. Special thanks to Veena World Team for organizing a room sharing partner for me, thereby saving lot of money to enable me to opt more world tours organized by Veena World. Also special thanks to Goa PSP Mr. Amit Joshi & his team for everything they did for me.

Thanks once again to every individual of Veena World
Digambar Amruskar EUDM 17 August 2015

We would like to inform you that the Europe highlights tour was amazing. I appreciate the tour leader Mr. Kamlesh Devrukhkar the way he has managed the tour and also entertained us and also guided us very well for the shopping. Every day he use to make us aware about our valuable belonging. He was friendly with everyone. For us this tour was very memorable. Hats off to Kamlesh and we prefer to have first preference to Kamlesh for our next tour with Veena World. Please find attached herewith the photos.
Prashant Savadekar EUHL 09 August 2015

Its really appreciable of Veena World team, planning, service, site location, hotel arrangements. Disciplined tour under team manager cum guide Mr Amit Soman. His approach to each members was caring and he shared information of each city with history that to in simple "Marathi " I found. he is extraordinary. Salt mine of Salzburg & Eiffel tower night lighting tour which was not in tour programs but arranged by Amit was best events for me . " राष्टृ गीत " ,on15 August. Independence day at London Parliament house complex & in front of Mahatma Gandhi was remarkable event, credit goes to "Amit ".My own dream to visit one organic dairy farm of Netherlands successful only. because of guidance &help of Mr Amit. We have traveled. 7000 km, our daily traveling were 400km.timings morning. 8.30 to evening 6.30 (except dinner),time to site seeing. I felt very less. Timing to listen. Guide & PHOTOGRAPHY ,never matched. I am very much thankful to Veena Tai for her efforts to make delightful & economical tour. Hopeful of future USA, Australia. Tours with Veena World.
Dr. Prakash Zambre EUDM 25 July 2015

We completed our Jubilee Special Europe tour with you and we are extremely happy with the tour. Very well time managed and with personal touch. Me and my wife, both of us thoroughly enjoyed the whole tour. Special thanks to the tour manager Mr. Amol Salgar, he was really genius, enthusiastic from day one to day fifteen. He really helped to gel the group very well. I wish him all the very best in his future ventures. Even though being a top boss at Veena World, Mr Sudhir Patil also was really fabulous company to the group. Well read, humble, knowledgeable and captain cool of Veena World. Thanks a lot for the wonderful time.
Radhika & Raveendra Bapat EUJE 12 July 2015

Thank you for the lovely Jubilee Special tour to Europe. This was our first international tour, we enjoyed it thoroughly. All the doubts/ fears were cleared and we got to learn new things during the tour only due to our tour Manager Amol Salgar. Amol took care of everything. He received us at T2 and saw us off at T2. For 15 days he was very much there with us to help, to guide and to entertain. He made the tour comfortable and enjoyable as well. With God’s grace and Veena Worlds help our first foreign tour was fantastic and memorable. Thanks Amol Thank you Veena World
Sneha & Dilip Kanekar EUJE 12 July 2015

My family and I have recently returned from Europe on the EUDL tour. I would like to convey our collective feedback, impressions and suggestions. We were five of us, including two senior citizens in their eighties, and were naturally quite apprehensive about how strenuous the tour would be for them, as well as how well Veena World was equipped to handle any unforeseen situations, especially since it was a relatively young company in this line of business. I may say that we were pleasantly surprised and happy at the sprightly and efficient manner in which the tour was organized. Right from the ample load of carefully thought out utilities and eatables handed over to us at the start of the tour, to the selection of restaurants, guides and sightseeing spots, everything was well planned and smoothly executed.

While we are convinced that you “know your business”, we would like to mention some specific comments and suggestions to further enhance the travel experience :-
1. Firstly, we would like to appreciate the back-office staff of Veena World who were always polite and helpful while handling documentation and visa issues. Our interactions were specifically with Ms. Arati Mohite and Mr. Sushant Dhumal.
2. Secondly, mention must be made of the Tour Manager. We think we were fortunate to have had a most friendly, cheerful and competent manager in the form of Mr. Sachin Mayekar. All through the trip, he handled the group efficiently, maintaining his calm and patience, while doling out tit-bits of information on the places we were visiting, suggestions on where to find “free” toilets, what souvenirs to buy and what things to be cautious about. He kept the group safe and in good humour, and made the trip fun and informative. He deserves commendation.
3. In our opinion, Veena World was very generous with the considerately selected and much required utilities like AC Power sockets, Umbrellas, Windbreakers, Tea makers, Tea sachets, carry-bags, pouches and backpacks, besides a goodie-bag of snacks and eatables to munch during the journey. Every item was very useful, and we mentally thanked the organizers several times during the trip. This thoughtfulness was not seen in our earlier trips with other tour operators overseas, and does set Veena World apart for their attention to detail.
4. The selection of Hotels was overall good, especially the ones in Engelberg, London, Brussels and Rome. However, we must mention that the hotels in Florence and Paris were particularly bad with poor facilities and service and need to be looked at again by the organizers.
5. The Indian restaurants were generally pleasant and offered good homely food, especially the ones in Paris and Engelberg. One negative was that almost all of them had identical items on the menu, and meals thus became quite predictable and less enjoyable. We would like to suggest that some variety be discussed with them. Also, the group would have been happy to sample some other cuisines, specially local dishes, which we had very little opportunity of tasting. Maybe a meal on one of the many street-side cafes that dot the streets of Europe would have been a unique experience for many.
6. Since this is our third tour of Europe, we had some suggestions on itinerary too – namely that some out-of-the-way places be included in the route – such as Brugge in Belgium or the Black Forest region of Germany. Maybe if you made an optional tour of fewer countries - but allowed 2-3 days in each country, it would be more enjoyable and not feel like a whistle-stop tour. For example Switzerland, Austria and Germany would be a perfect 9 day tour and would leave the visitor much satisfied and would reduce the constant 6-7-8 routine that we had to follow every day to maximise the time available.
7. To any average Indian, Switzerland is the highlight of any tour to Europe and we would have anytime preferred a couple of extra days there instead of countries like Belgium. The cruise on Lake Lucerne was very pleasant... Engelberg was heavenly.. the Mount Titlis experience was beautiful! However, we would have loved to see a little of Interlaken or Lausanne or Chur on the way down to Italy.
8. The local tour guides in London, Paris and Rome were good. In particular the guide in Paris was an Indian and had a very comprehensive knowledge of the history and places.
9. The buses were all excellent and comfortable and the drivers were very courteous and polite.
10. We loved the "All costs inclusive in tour price" policy of Veena World which makes it stress free to the tourists and we do not need to weigh options of additional costs for certain attractions. It is the right way to do it and again distinguishes Veena World from the other operators.
11. The distribution of desserts like ice-creams and drinks at some of the places were very much welcomed as a sweet gesture by Veena World and we appreciated it.

Overall it was a wonderful and memorable trip and we would like to express our thanks to you and your team for all the effort put into making it so. As they say, excellence is never an accident but comes with intention. This is a service related industry and if the focus is maintained on efficient and polite service in all areas, it will not be long before you uplift yourselves as the best in your league. Please keep up the good work! We will certainly recommend Veena World to our friends and family for their holiday plans.
Harish Alwani EUDL 18 July 2015

Our first ever group tour and that too Jubilee Special to Europe. We are highly satisfied with all the arrangements.Our tour manager, Amol Salgar was fantastic. Really happy that Sudhir-ji and Veena-ji could join. Sudhir-ji's comments was apt and added greatly to overall experience.
Looking forward to many more with Veenaworld.
Ashwini and Vivek Datar EUJE 12 July 2015

We are thankful to Veena World team along with tour manager Mr. Mehul Ghosalkar for our successful Europe tour (European Jewels). Indeed it was very nice and joyful experience. We enjoyed a lot. It is very difficult to travel abroad for senior citizens like us, but due to such a fine tour arrangement and support from entire Veena World team we managed and able to travel Europe. The tour plan was well designed and choice of hotels, Indian restaurants was satisfactory, we are happy that we got Indian food. The bus arranged for tour was fantastic, we are thankful to coach captain for safe journey. Finally, we are very happy with our tour manager Mr. Mehul Ghosalkar, because of his all support, guidance the tour was successful. He handled everything carefully. We wish him best for his future tours.Thanks to Miss. Veena Patil and we are proud of Veena World.
Mr and Mrs. Anil Joshi. EUJW 12 July 2015

We were one of the lucky couples, among the group of Jubilee Special tour to EUROPE. Trust me, we have enjoyed the tour to the fullest, and one of the major share of this is MR AMOL SALGAR- our tour manager. We pray for his best future and thanks to Mrs Veena Patil and Mr Sudhir Patil for their presence in our tour.
Manisha & Vivek Puranik EUJE 12 July 2015

We had been on your Jubilee Special tour to Europe and we are absolutely happy that we made the right decision to book through you. The services provided by Veena World office at Thane – very Good, the tour arrangements were very good , all the tour Instructions and the sightseeing places covered were very good. The tour manager was fantastic, he took care of all of us , had very good knowledge and helped everyone. Excellent job by Amol.
Chandrashekhar L Joshi EUJE 12 July 2015

We would like to share our wonderful and most beautiful trip experience of Scandinavia with Russia Tour. This is our 3rd trip with Veena World within one year:

1 Simla Kullu Manali Dharamshala and Dalhousie --May 2014
2 South East Asia Tour - Dec 2014
3 Scandinavia with Russia - May 2015.

We had a great time with Veena World group , nevertheless to say that Hotels, Food and sightseeing coach was amazing. Hotels were as always superb with mesmerizing effect specially Moscow Our Tour Manager Mehul Ghosalkar is very cooperative, good caretaker and always helpful. We feel you have an asset like Mehul to be part of Veena World and GEM of Veena World. We had special mention that your Dombivli office all staff are very cooperative and helpful. We both of us as Photographers,we clicks thousands of candid and memorable photos for our future generation memories. I am winner of Veena World fan of the month -Feb 2015.We thank you and your kind hospitality for bringing cheer and smile on the faces of tourist and being family members of Veena world. We wish Veena World good luck and wishes by great success ahead.
Vandana & Satish Pednekar EUSR 22 May 2015

Our Scandinavia Russia tour was very well organised. Accommodations in the hotels and on the cruise ship, transportation- Intercity Bus, Boat and Train journey were also well planned and executed. Special credit is given to our Tour Manager Mr.Prashant Potdar for his understanding, amicable nature, patience and attending to the needs of tourists considering the large size of tourists. Overall a great experience.
Janet & Monish Devare EUSN 17 July 2015

I had the opportunity to visit Europe along with your Europe Jewels Tour. I would like to compliment your team and guides Kamlesh & Sameer for the excellent scheduling, coverage and execution of the trip. We were very much impressed by the punctuality that was maintained throughout the tour resulting in maximum coverage of the place visited. I would like to make the following suggestions regarding the food quality and variety which needs improvement along with some local cuisine. Also some free time is required to enjoy and explore on the own. Trust that you will surely consider these suggestions while planning your future tours. I am sure that your future customers will certainly appreciate the above points thus making their trip an experience to cherish!
Amulya Pandit EUJW 17 April 2015

We had been to Europe tour through Veena world . We just came back from the lovely and amazing tour .it was a simply great experience a dream come true for us. The places we visited were really nice and worth seeing . Each and every place which we were been taken were really nice and had a different experience .Appreciate the efforts taken by Veena world staff to opt the best places for us to visit. We had a nice time visiting London ,Paris and Switzerland. Whole tour was conducted in a good manner .The hotels which were selected were also nice and good service .Our journey starting from Day 1 till the last day was filled with fun, enjoyment and happiness. Each day brought us so,e different experiences .Switzerland was like heaven on earth , the breath taking views were simply out of the world. We can't forget the ice cream given by Veena world at Switzerland . Food was nice and tasty , only thing we need to suggest is that there should be vegetarian options in breakfast available for the people which are vegetarians or fasting.You should also give us the local food of the specific country at least once in a tour. Talking about our Tour guide Mr. Rajesh Salvi , appreciate his efforts and the way he took care of all the group.The knowledge he had about the places were brilliant. Special thanks for the tour guide for taking proper care of the senior citizen couple. We had a lovely group of people in our tour which felt like our own family .In a short span of time we all became close to each other and we will cherish this memories . Kudos to the team work of the Veena World . Last and not the least the tour left us with so many beautiful memories which we can never forget in our life .Thank you for providing us such a fantastic memorable trip.
Neeta and Sunila Vartak. EUSL 03 June 2015

This feedback is regarding our Europe trip with Veena World. We are thankful to Veena World and team along with tour manager Mr. Mehul Ghosalkar for our successful Europe tour(European Jewels) Indeed it was very nice and joyful experience. We enjoyed a lot. It is very difficult to travel abroad for senior citizens like us, but due to such a fine tour arrangement and support from entire veena world team we managed and able to travel Europe. The tour plan was well designed and choice of hotels, Indian restaurants was satisfactory, we are happy that we got Indian food. The bus arranged for tour was fantastic, we are thankful to coach captain for safe journey. Finally, we are very happy with our tour manager Mr.Mehul Ghosalkar, because of his all support, guidance the tour was successful. He handled everything carefully. We wish him best for his future tours. Thanks to Miss.Veena Patil and we are proud of Veena World.
Mr & Mrs. Joshi. EUJW 12 July 2015

We had been on Europe tour of 15 days ,we had very good experience, well managed. The hotels were best We had Indian meals everywhere. I am 75 years old and have difficulty in walking but I am thankful to our tour manager Mr. Mehul Ghosalkar who took my care and made my tour comfortable. Many thanks to him, I wish best of luck to him.
Shobha Prabhakar Phadnis EUJW 12 July 2015

It was our dream to see foreign countries specially in Europe - Switzerland, France and Germany etc. But I did not know how that would materialize. So the days passed and I got retired from job. On insistence from my wife, I decided to plan and accordingly I started seeing newspapers. I got address of Veena World. I contacted your team and requested for tour packages etc. Surprisingly I received your brochure in two days. I visited your Vashi office and I was delighted by the very decent and warm response. Upon going from brochures I decided to avail 19 days Europe tour and the with interaction with Ms Prachi, Ms Amruta it was finalized, all documents were made, payment also made and the fateful day came when we had to GGGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I am really surprised at how you have managed to arrange the trip IN SUCH A SMALL AMOUNT. HATS OF TO YOU. It was unbelievable journey full of praise. The food, stay, bus arrangement , everything was amazing. So minutely you had planned the trip in such small amount, I wonder. I think, I do not have sufficient words to thank you. It has opened a horizon of relation with Veena World to go for such a beautiful trips.Further, I wish to thank our tour manager Shri Kamlesh Deorukhakar for very pleasantly handling the tour and managing it very pleasantly. I further wish to THANK Ms Amruta and Ms Prachi for taking so much pains to complete the formalities. These two were always available whenever I needed their help, very decently and always with a smile. I will say these two are JEWELS with you and particularly Ms Prachi has the administrative guts to handle the things, politely, pleasantly , very decently, smilingly. I wish them a very good success. Thanks once again and wish all success to VEENAWORLD.
Sharad Kulkarni EUMG 20 June 2015

We stay in Ahmednagar. Actually it is because of my husband that I came in your contact. Surprised? Let me make it clear. He is fond of travelling and exploring new places ,since I got married to him I have been travelling a lot. You must be wondering why this lady is telling me all this? This is because way back in 1985 when we went to USA and Canada, which was my first international tour, my husband had planned all the trip. We were there for 3 months. Out of these 3months we took 1 month's Greyhound tour and saw all ie East coast, West coast, Niagara in Canada to name a few. Must say this needed lot of planning, writing letters as those were the days when there were no mobiles and Internet. So you can very well imagine how difficult and tedious it must be for us to plan everything .
Now when I look back and see....That since u came in our lives you have made things pretty easy for us. Right from boarding to staying in hotels, having delicious food especially Indian stuff (ghar ka khana) which we all miss when we are abroad. Be it sightseeing or seeing museums, shows and so on and so forth. So I want to take this opportunity to thank you for making our trips enjoyable and without any tensions. You all have taken into account the minutest details of what a tourist will need. To name a few......1-Giving food packets(I mean dry snacks)which we could munch as n when we were hungry.2-Providing kettle with cups and tea and coffee sachets.(You may not be knowing it but every day in the morning we both used to thank you for the same.)3-Providing Adapters. Last but not the least your Tour guides are just SUPERB. They were of great help. On one of our tours with you, Nilesh Joshi was our tour manager to Italy, Austria and Germany. I Must say I have no words to express my thanks to Nilesh. He is really a gem of a person. We all were really appreciating his skills when he was dealing with all sorts of people of different nature.....Some were adamant, some were short tempered, some were late lateefs and some were v difficult to please. Nilesh handled everybody with great expertise and saw to it that everybody was comfortable. One incidence which I can never forget is when we were in Innsbruck and at 2-30am I had severe allergic reaction and it was almost a question of life and death for me. Me and my husband being doctors knew the gravity of the situation. I was in a condition of shock. My husband called Nilesh and he was by my husband's side within minutes. He arranged for Redcross team who took my BP, Blood sugar and ECG immediately. And as they say all is well that ends well and so I was saved in nick of time. There was no need for me to be hospitalised. Nilesh did give us this option that if we feel I could be hospitalised. Why I am telling you all this in detail is that I want to thank Nilesh( and indirectly you) who was there in our hour of need. Because you have devoted people like him we tourists can really freak out and have gala time.
Here I would like to add that people like Nilesh may not remember us as for them we are just a face in the crowd. But we remember them, their warmth and above all their patience. So 3 cheers for you and your team who made our trip so comfortable, hassle free and above all memorable. A BIG THANK YOU to you all from me and Vivek. VEENA WORLD REALLY ROCKS
Makarand Sahasrabuddhe EUHL 21 June 2015

Great tour planning (except the waiting time to get to top level of Eiffel Tower) great experience especially Mount Titlis and the Rhine waterfalls were awesome. Good food some of the Indian hotels were serving very good food. Our tour manager Prashant Potdar was really good. Very good hotels, lovely snacks ,very few to things to complain about which I have shared on my mail. The team who helped us with the booking was great (Ms. Mitali, Ms. Pranali & Ms. Priyanka) at the sales office at Kandivali.
Makarand Sahasrabuddhe EUHL 21 June 2015

I really enjoyed the tour. It was the best tour I ever had. The tour manager was very helpful, joyful, the best guide I should say. The hotels was also very good. The food provided was excellent and it always kept me in touch with my India. I never felt any left out. The service provided from start of the tour till the end was just extraordinary. And I will recommend everyone to go with your tour because it is one of the best. Apart from all this I really want to salute Veena Patil, because at such a young age they have captured the whole market. I seriously would like to meet her given a chance. I want to meet you who have inspired me from your work. N after this tour I'm really impressed. Thank you
Dhiraj Hodar EUMG 20 June 2015

We were in a group who visited Europe tour organised by you. We enjoyed the tour & are very much satisfied with the arrangement of Indian- food, Hotel rooms, travel-coach. The entire tour was planned & managed in a professional way without any trouble to any tourist. We would like to appreciate the efforts of our Tour Manager Shri. Nilesh Joshi who made our tour successful & enjoyable. God Bless Him. Thanks & Wish you all the Best
Ravindra Barve & Family EUEC 13 July 2015

We would like to share that some of our friends suggested not to travel with Veena world, as it was a new company. Our experience with Veena world was the Best. Our tour manager Mr Vivek Kochrekar was excellent. Our memories will be everlasting with two V.(Veena world & Vivek) .Mr Vivek's advice, co-operation sharing knowledge of each country/city was mind blowing. We have traveled with many tours but with Vivek the experience was different.Looking forward for many such tours with Veena world .Our best wishes & blessings to Veena world and Vivek.
Mr. & Mrs.Parab EUJW 05 July 2015

We had booked a tour called European Escape and are very glad to say that we are very with the arrangements made at Brussels,Paris,Lucerne,Engelberg,Florence and Rome. Special thanks to our Tour Manager Mr Nilesh Joshi Sir, who conducted the tour exceedingly well. Thanks are due to the Visa sections and Accounts section too. Yogesh Dhoori,Vijay Kumbhare,Tabassum Mam,and Deepali Mam to name a few people.We would highly recommend Veena World to our friends and relatives.How to join a specialty tour to Ireland, Scotland via Veena world next summer. Many many thanks again, sincerely.
Nitin,Varsha,Devisha and Aarushi Bijwe. EUEC 13 July 2015

We have completed Europe tour with Veena World and we have very very good experience with you all. Your travel arrangement – Air, train, bus. The food arrangement – especially INDIAN food every were in EUROPE , Your programme setting - coverage of all most popular things ,your best itinerary and even your cost compared to others and no any hidden charges need to pay. We have enjoyed tour very much. This is our luck that we have got the tour manager like Vivek Kocharekar. He is knowledge bank of EUROPE. He handled the trip in very very good manner. He provided us the knowledge for our safe tour, he was taking care of each and every body in group, he was a company with our every moment . He was the GUIDE for us to whole 15 days tour, so that we can see the EUROPE very knowledgeably . I AM ALREADY RECOMMENDING AND WILL TO MY FRIENDS /RELATIVES TO TRAVEL EUROPE WITH VEENA WORLD ONLY.
Sangeeta and Dilip Adkar EUJW 05 July 2015

I am extremely happy to say that it was a memorable trip to Europe and the group was just like extended family. Special thanks to Mr. Mehul Ghosalkar our tour manager who was outstanding, caring and knowledgeable. He made the tour very enjoyable for all of us. From day 1 at Mumbai airport to the last day he was he was there for us. I will give him A+++++ for his performance. Also Thanks to all the staff in the office Ms Arati Mohite and Sushant Dhumal who gave us good guidance and all the help. Thanks to Veena World and look forward to have such experience again.
Asha and Dr Surendra Deshpande EUJW 12 July 2015

We are one of the tourist recently visited Europe through Veena World. You have requested us to give our feedback for the same. In fact, it is not feedback but appreciation we would like to give to you & your all team especially Ms Neeraja, who guided us at the time of booking, Mr Varun Pandit, a polite person, for visa procedure , as well as young & enthusiastic person, Mr Rajesh Salvi, the Tour Manager under whose guidance our dream destination came true, with comfort, full of joy, fun and pleasant environment. Tour manager, Rajesh Salvi is young charming, caring talkative & good entertainer. Our group was inclusive of all age, right from 4 to 70 years old tourist. With whom Mr Rajesh mixed as if a family member. He took care of all us in all fields ,esp. where to shoot photographs, purchase, he arranged entertainment programmes. He look after whether we get quality food or not. We must appreciate him in making our tour sweet & memorable. Hats off to of your staff members. We would also like to inform you some experiences & suggestion, you should take care in your subsequent tour. In your welcome letter you have suggested to buy sim card of “Uniconnect”. We purchased it, but our experience was very bad , it didn’t work throughout the tour. It was total waste of our money & loss to us. We would also like to suggest you to arrange at least one entertainment programme with local folk of the villages of the country, so as to make us acquaintance with their culture & traditions. Since your H.O. is at Mumbai, you arrange all your tours from Mumbai to Mumbai. Most of the tourist are from various parts from Maharashtra. We ourselves & some of tourist were from Pune. Some were from nearby Pune district. For all of them it becomes hectic journey, it take away all joy & fun of the trip, we get tired. So we suggest, you at least arrange for air journey from Delhi to Pune for people like us. Instead of from Delhi to Mumbai. We hope you will find out way out of it, & arrange your trip accordingly. Rest the trip was excellent & wish to join many more trips with you.
Ramesh Ambe EUHL 12 July 2015

I would love to give the feedback about my tour European Jewels that I recently completed. The trip was awesome. The Indian food provided throughout the tour was excellent. The sightseeing very beautiful. Our tour manager Vivek Kochrekar is excellent. He gave personal attention to each one of us, he used to give wakeup call to each and everybody and took proper care of each individual. Veena world office team at Thane is also very cooperative especially Jagdish helped a lot.He helped us out of the way. Thanks to all Veena World group for giving such a lifetime memorable trip. May your business increase to a greater level.
Rohini Joshi EUJW 05 July 2015

Three of us senior citizens had taken your Italy, Swiss 8 days trip this summer. We two by taking deviation came to USA on last day of tour. It was our first time with Veena World and a real great pleasure. We appreciated your meticulous planning paying minute attention to every item to make all passengers absolutely comfortable. Being the main force behind all this Veena Patil deserves our hearty congrats. Every flawless operation always has scope of improvement and I have a small one . Idea of giving a tea kettle during foreign tours is a really very well thought idea. I have only to suggest that the kettle body should be a metallic one only. This is because it has now been scientifically proved that plastics at high temperatures leave a chemical harmful to humans body. May please take this as a pure suggestion and not any criticism at all. We have fallen in love of Veena World and hope to make maximum use of your travel programmes.
Vinayak Khandkar EUIS 14 May 2015

We recently travelled to Europe with your tour number It was a pleasant experience, and the arrangements made by Veena World for travel, stay, food and sightseeing were really very good. Special mention must be made of our tour manager Nilesh Joshi. He conducted the entire tour very well. Initially we were a bit apprehensive on seeing a large group of 48 persons, wondering how a single tour manager would manage such a large group. But Nilesh managed it beyond our expectations, giving personal attention to everyone. He managed the travel schedule very well, was always prepared everyday morning with all required information and arrangements for the day. He really has a very good knowledge of all the sites that we visited. As I am sure you know, there was an unfortunate incident on the tour when one of our co-travellers had a rather sudden death at Rhine Falls. We all were very sad about it, and Nilesh had an additional burden of dealing with the police, the embassy, and other authorities. He showed a great patience and presence of mind and did well on both the fronts, making sure the rest of the tour was not affected. While I am sure your other tour managers must also be good, given a choice we would be very happy to have Nilesh as tour manager on our future tours with Veena World. Two suggestions for making things better. First, it will be good if special meal booking is done on flights, after taking the preference from the tourists. Especially on flights going via middle east, veg food is somewhat scarce, so prior special meal booking is a must.
Second, please make sure the kettles that you give are of good quality food grade plastic.. Hope you will take care of these two points for the future.
Rekha and Satish Patankar. EUSA 16 June 2015.

It was our dream to see foreign countries specially in Europe - Switzerland, France and Germany etc. But I did not know how that would materialize. So the days passed and I got retired from job. On insistence from my wife, I decided to plan and accordingly I started seeing newspapers. I got address of Veena World. I contacted your team and requested for tour packages etc. Surprisingly I received your brochure in two days. I visited your Vashi office and I was delighted by the very decent and warm response. Upon going from brochures I decided to avail 19 days Europe tour and the with interaction with Ms Prachi, Ms Amruta it was finalized, all documents were made, payment also made and the fateful day came when we had to GGGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I am really surprised at how you have managed to arrange the trip IN SUCH A SMALL AMOUNT. HATS OF TO YOU. It was unbelievable journey full of praise. The food, stay, bus arrangement , everything was amazing. So minutely you had planned the trip in such small amount, I wonder. I think, I do not have sufficient words to thank you. It has opened a horizon of relation with Veena World to go for such a beautiful trips.Further, I wish to thank our tour manager Shri Kamlesh Deorukhakar for very pleasantly handling the tour and managing it very pleasantly. I further wish to THANK Ms Amruta and Ms Prachi for taking so much pains to complete the formalities. These two were always available whenever I needed their help, very decently and always with a smile. I will say these two are JEWELS with you and particularly Ms Prachi has the administrative guts to handle the things, politely, pleasantly , very decently, smilingly. I wish them a very good success. Thanks once again and wish all success to VEENAWORLD.
Sharad Kulkarni EUMG 20 June 2015

Our Europe trip with Veena World was amazing and memorable experience. The entire tour was well organised and everybody was attended well. Although we were aware from our country, but the warmth extended by Tour Manager Shri Ashok Pednekar and the Indian food which was made available to us and made us forget that we are outside India. Specially he has taken care for everybody but specially on Senior Citizen. Truly it was joyful, comfortable and enjoyable experience for me and my wife. Thank you very much Veena World. We wish you all the luck and love for your future ventures.
Jayashri and Vishnu Desai EUJW 28 June 2015

This was our first time to join any group tour arranged by the travel company , till now we have done it all by ourselves and with family and we were little doubtful. But to our surprise it was really a great pleasure. First when we saw our tour manager Mr Prashant Handore a young boy who was saying that he is that now onwards is the head of the family ,the first thought came in my mind and of course I saw on everyone 's face that how come he is going to handle our group in which more than half were seniors and who is going to listen to him? But his way of speaking to all was so nice that everyone was listening to him. He had to solve our problems from very first day like not getting a bag on London airport but he was cool, he took very good care of the situation. Luckily the problem was solved on the spot he won the belief of all of us. In all tour he took very good care of all group. He showed great courage when some mishap happened to one of our member any did every possible thing he could do for them and that of course without much disturbing our remaining tour and programs. He never let us feel bored of traveling kept giving information or telling jokes or his experiences or involving all in the conversation or something, making us rest for some time. The arrangements of the snacks ,breakfast ,meals, entertainment ,hotels, bus made by the Veena World gave us no chance to say anything .each and everything was perfect. We enjoyed all of those a lot. We all really became a family on very first day of the tour as Prashant said in his first introduction. Thanks to Veena World and Prashant Handore our tour manager I must not forget to thank Vedika and Viraj Kadambari and their group at Mulund shop for their cooperation and great help.
Shraddha and Avinash Joglekar EUHL 28 June 2015

We have returned from Scandinavia Russia. The tour was excellently planned & executed. Our tour manager Manveer was a gem with a great organising capacity & patience to handle everything smoothly. In fact this was our second international group tour with Veena World. Yes, the first experience with Veena World last year(European highlight) was so good & satisfactory that we decided to do the 2nd international tour again, only with Veena world.

1- I must say that all the Indian restaurants selected by Veena World, serve very good & tasty meals-both lunch & dinner. Really enjoyed the leafy green salads & curd served during each lunch & dinner.

2- Also Veena World dry snacks hampers helped while on site seeing, train journey, ferry trip & cruise. Tea/coffee sachets were also helpful.

3- All the hotels were superb & served healthy English breakfast with lots of variety of breads which we usually don’t get in India. Some of the hotels also had variations in milk like skimmed milk, half skimmed milk, hot milk, cold milk, full fat milk & even organic milk. They also had different varieties of tea sachets, fruit juices, fresh fruits, cucumbers & tomatoes, cookies, olives, dry fruits. A few hotels had organic raisins, organic butter & some organic fruits as well.

4- One of the experience was better than our previous tour with Veena World & it was because of our tour manager Manveer's ability to manage.

After going to the restaurant for lunch & dinner or be it on our cruise, Manveer first used to allot tables family wise. Then he would call each family to come & take their food, table by table to avoid unnecessary crowding at the same time. Seeing Manveer's managerial skills, our tension was relieved. Not only me & my husband but all of us-tour members were really happy with Manveer's capability to manage the tour efficiently!!! Though it’s his duty but again it is not easy to remember names of each tour member from the 1st day & to keep all the members happy at the same time. This is not enough about how dedicated Manveer was. After each of us have taken our food, Manveer would visit each table & ask if food is ok or not. Only after doing this he would eat his food last & finish eating before us! Manveer used to wake up early & gave wake up calls wherever it was not possible by the hotel to do so. Each time while loading & offloading our bags, Manveer himself used to lift the bags & do loading & offloading!!! Also each time we had to get down from the coach for sightseeing or for food or for rest rooms, Manveer was waiting till each of us get down from the coach & then only he would start walking towards wherever we have to go. Each time we sat in the coach, he reminded us to check our Passports & cash. All his duties as a tour manager were more than satisfactory, it looked like he enjoyed his work & its his passion!!! In future if me & my husband decide to do a 3rd international tour with Veena world, we wish Manveer should be our tour manager. Thanks Veena world for a wonderful tour arrangement.
Nita Lakhani EUSR 19 June 2015

This was our first international tour and we were lucky to choose such a wonderful tour company. It was a great experience. We faced one major problem on tour , by mistake we left our passport and wallet in the hotel room and all our money was in the wallet. We realized this when my husband went shopping 2 and a half hours later. Veena World’s tour manager Amit Soman immediately called the hotel manager and arranged for the same to be couriered to our next destination. This was such a surprise and relief at the same time. We are grateful to Veena World for all the assistance and help extended to us in this difficulty.
Poonam Chawla EUJW 14 June 2015

I, along with my wife, was one of the participant of your European Highlights. When I had decided to go on my first foreign tour it was decided by my mind that my first foreign tour will be with Veena World. Reason? May be your personal charisma or your regular articles in Maharashtra Times. May be I was completely bowled over by your dashing personality. There were other options too but I decided to travel by Veena World. And my decision to travel with you fully justified by your ever cooperative staff. Specially mentioned Ms. Karishma Gomate and Sushant Dhumal. Whenever I visited your office to complete the travel formalities, I was always welcomed with a smiling face by these two and others. Ever ready to help you out in sorting out any problems faced by us in collecting supportive documents. I wish both of them a very Best of Luck! They have a bright future in your company.

Next comes Dinesh Bandiwdekar, our Tour Manager. Behind every successful tour, these is always a successful tour manager, so to say. Dinesh is very warm, knowledgeable and experienced person. Every day at the start of the tour, he used to give ‘briefing’ about that days tour at least for an hour, ensuring that nobody amongst us sleeps and enjoys the natural beauty of Europe. This man is a storehouse of energy and information. Though I myself, a well-read person, I must appreciate the efforts taken by him in giving us the minutest details about all the places, history, geography and economics behind it. Needless to say such persons are assets to your organization!

Last, the credit also goes to our group for successful completion of our tour. A cohesive group, taking care of themselves and each other. Due to this we enjoyed every bit of tour. Whether it is places, shopping, birthdays. Everything went off as per itinerary provided by you. At the end of the day we all parted as friends and are in touch with each other.
The design of this tour is just sufficient. I understand your constrains in giving maximum in the limited time of the tour, in which it is just not possible to cover all the things. Whether it is our travel with Eurostar Train to Paris, all the cruises, top level to Eiffel Tower, wining and dining at cruise at Lucerne Lake, or visit to the tiny country of Liechtenstein, I see a distinct imprint of your choice making process. Your pains to give maximum value for money to your customers.
We all are deeply satisfied with the arrangements you made, the people you have and the places you have chosen. May you succeed! May you prosper! May your company prosper!
Rest be assured, our association has just begun. Next in my mind is Kenya-Tanzania-South Africa and Scandinavia-Russia (St Petersburg). With My Best Wishes and Warm Regards!
Shrikant Hamine EUHL 14 June 2015

We visited Europe through European Magic tour in June. I can describe the tour in one word as EXCELLENT. It was really meticulously planned and executed.
The programme was very good in the sense that it was not at all hectic but covering all the destinations. The most interesting was the offbeat destinations which others are not covering. We were very much impressed with this tour and fully satisfied.
Secondly the success of tour also depends on the tour leader and in this I can say that you gave us outstanding Tour leader Mr. Kamalesh Deorukhkar. He had through knowledge of all the places and kept everybody busy with his good sense of humor and capability of controlling the things at all places with a very cool mind. Her had excellent relations with all the people at all the places.
Also the group was very good and cooperative. It became homogeneous from the first day itself and all enjoyed the tour. I wish all the best for Veena World.
Sudhir Gangawane EUMG 20 June 2015

We have just returned from a memorable and truly enjoyable European tour. With a group of 33 people, mainly senior citizens, we were the youngest family. But that didn't stop us from having a gala time. The group was just awesome and a special mention to the tour manager Mr. Kamlesh Devrukhkar who was very well experienced and extremely helpful. Have already decided to go with Veena World for Kenyan safari in 2016. All the very best to you and your team.
Dr. Deepali and Mahesh Yadav EUMG 20 June 2015

It was my first tour with Veena World. Veena World has already established its name and I had a faith in the name. However, since it was my first tour through Veena World, before beginning of the tour, it was always a question mark. Europe is naturally wonderful, beautiful and fantastic, but I would say from my heart that Veena World services are beyond expectation, especially during tour "Paisa Wasool". Here, when I say Veena World during tour, It was the tour manager – Nimesh because he was representing the brand. All credit to him to make our tour successful and memorable. He made the family of all members, took care of all members, ensured that everybody gets the best services, explained all minor and major instructions clearly. He was like “Sone pe Suhaga”. Thanks also to back office staff who helped us before the tour. Finally, Thanks again to – Veena World. My next plan is to visit Scandinavian Northern Lights next year, of course from Veena World. Hope to get the same services in future. Convey my special thanks to Nimesh. Hope also to see him again.
Rajendra Katkar EUJW 21 June 2015

An amazing trip to Europe would not have been possible without Veena World. My wife and I enjoyed the European Highlight a lot & giving wonderful memories in our mind forever. "As we are newly married couple,& having habit of enjoying moments with groups, we selected group tour for our honeymoon. VEENA WORLD turns my honeymoon a sweet and memorable experience...Everything was just perfect and beyond my exceptions. You gave us new definitions of enjoyment, hospitality and better treatment. Planning for everyday was just perfect...and not a single moment in our tour where we didn't enjoy." Over all the coordination of our tour manager Prashant Potdar was outstanding. He arranged each and every thing with a great sincerity on his face. He gave continuous important instructions about passport safety ,care to be taken of the belongings etc. This portrayed his care and concern towards the group and dedication towards his job. He gave nice information about each & every spot we visited. He treated with us like our big brother. Hats off for Prashant for his great management. In future we will definitely arrange our tour with VEENA WORLD only.
Vishal Khopkar EUHL 21 June 2015

We consider ourselves fortunate to be a part the wonderful group. We had an opportunity to interact with professionals from different disciplines and met personalities from all walks of life; one of the great reasons to add to the success of the tour. I take the opportunity to thank each and every tour-mate with the hope to continue our relations and friendship. I must make a mention of the wonderful tour guide, Mr. Chetan Surve. He is an asset to the management. He is very professional, helpful, courteous, well behaved and a cool headed person. God must have carved a special head over his shoulder; despite criticisms, he kept his patience and never lost his temper. He is well mannered and well cultured persons. Food was satisfactory, but we lost a chance to taste cuisines of the lands we visited. I fully agree that Indians, most of them, like only their own food and not food of other regions of their own country; sticking balance between the two is like Trapeze for the management. Another concern was the halt at Qatar was long and the Swiss Paris journey was very tiring.. Rest was very good. Once again I thank the entire staff of Veena world and the management, but above all we all thank Chetan for his peerless efforts to make this tour a great success.
Dhananjay Dhamankar EUST 25 June 2015

I along with my mother Neeta Wagle was a part of a wonderful experience of Veena World’s tour as stated in the subject above.The tour was very well organised and the itinerary covered a good bit of spots that we wanted to see. The group was fantastic which added to the fun. Our tour manager Mr. Chetan Surve was simply great. He was patient with the group, manager the tour well, took great care of us and accommodated us when we got a bit off schedule due to photography or shopping on the sightseeing places. We didn't find him as a tour manager, he was more like a friend, family member and a guide, who would guide us to new places that we were seeing for the first time. We were 37 including many senior citizens. To man that managed all single handedly and with utter politeness, patience and friendliness is a hats off to him. You have a great asset in him. Although the tour was a mind blowing experience, I did find some major flaws in the planning – The halt at Qatar was 8 hours which was a waste of time and the bus journey from Swiss to Paris again was again a waste. All in all it was a wonderful trip. But I sincerely hope that you take note of the above negative points stated above and work on it, so that in future it becomes memorable and pleasurable for everyone including us who would want to travel again with Veena World.

I once again, take the opportunity to thank all our group members who were very sporting, jolly and ever ready to roam. No one knew each other before the tour. But we are like a family away from home. Without a good group a group tour is only half complete.And thanks again Chetan for being a wonderful manager, guide and a friend.
Shekhar Phulambrikar EUST 25 June 2015

I am very happy that i selected Veena World for my 1st international tour European Escape making my 1 st international trip remarkable. Unforgettable. From day one, each day was amazing and each day we enjoyed . Our journey was good . Our coach was comfortable coach captain was very nice person. Our tour group was fantastic. We became family in Europe. 1 of the most imp out tour manager Dinesh Bandivadekar the best person we enjoyed our tour with him . All tour members r nice we became good friends over there . Will select Veena World for next tour pakka . Will even suggest our family and friends too.
Varsha Andhale EUEC 29 June 2015

Our Europe tour was excellent. It was very well managed, well explained & certainly very well planned. Itinerary was so good that one covers maximum cities & sightseeing during 15 days of travel. This tour is really best one due to best chosen sightseeing spots, treats in between, food, cruise & shows that are all fun filled & must see if someone wants to visit & see Europe. This tour is really best. It went really well due to efforts taken by your seasoned & experienced Tour Leader Mr. Nimesh Lad. He worked well to keep everyone engaged, making sure everyone keeps to time, ensuring that everyone is in relaxed mood and explaining important features of spots/hotels/historical things/safety etc. My best wishes to your entire team & hope to see this brand world over to make us feel proud. My only suggestion is you may ask people whether each one in family going on tour needs bag/handbag/pouch and also eatables/titbits so it serves the purpose with which you are giving it. Although small, each one can contribute to avoid wastage & cut costs.
Pankaj Daptardar EUJW 21 June 2015

It was a good experience to travel with Veena World to Europe. It saves money as well we get expert of services of tour manager. Rajaram Gawas was helpful and he took lot of efforts to run tour without trouble. The tour manager is required to explain the things to watch or see to the tourist. Ask them not to fetch tourist for lunch or dinner and complete tour for tour sake. We understand time factor is equally important but tourist should not miss important site City tour Paris, Flayer at Lucern, Colloseum at Rome. The food served was good quality and lodging was excellent.
Chandrakant Karande EUWN 23 June 2015

Just wish to say it was a wonderful experience to be a part of the Europe Escape. I wish to appreciate Ms. Janhavi Akre for her unwavering attention and immense patience during her many (MANY!!) meetings with me and my very anxious father. Thank you so much for everything! Also, the knowledge , expertise and warmth shared by Mr. Amit Kunte our Tour manager reaches the mark of Excellence! Brilliant time management in spite of having many seniors in the group. The restaurants were a delight and hotels were clean , comfy and best value for money! Overall an experience worth making memories for a lifetime. I would like to put forth a suggestion though - The trip starts from Belgium and has a night halt at Brussels , instead it would be fantastic to have 2 nights & 3 days halt at Paris rather than 1 night since missing out Louvre Museum on a trip to Paris was just heart breaking for me.... Or at least make a way to include the museum somehow. Looking forward to an USA trip with you!!
Amruta Haldankar EUEC 22 June 2015

It was a beautiful European experience with Veena World. Thanks for all your support and cooperation specially your help while my wife was not feeling well we are really grateful to you.
Mr. & Mrs. Bharadia EUJW 21 June 2015

Our Europe tour was very well managed, well explained & certainly very well planned. Itinerary is so good that one covers maximum cities & sightseeing during 15 days of travel.
This Tour is really best one due to best chosen sightseeing spots, treats in between, food, cruise & shows that are all fun filled & must see if someone wants to visit & see Europe. This Tour is really best.
It went really well due to efforts taken by your seasoned & experienced Tour Leader Mr. Nimesh Lad. He worked well to keep everyone engaged, making sure everyone keeps to time, ensuring that everyone is in relaxed mood and explaining important features of spots/hotels/historical things/safety etc. My best wishes to your entire team & hope to see this brand world over to make us feel proud. My only suggestion is you may ask people whether each one in family going on tour needs bag/handbag/pouch and also eatables/titbits so it serves the purpose with which you are giving it. Although small, each one can contribute to avoid wastage & cut costs.
Pankaj Daptardar EUJW 21 June 2015

Recently I returned from Europe with Veena World. The tour was excellently planned and executed. Europe is breathtaking. All the hotels and food was top class everywhere. Air, railway, boat, cable car travel was great. Our tour manager, Amit Soman was just awesome. He managed everything and everyone meticulously. He was very well-informed about all the sightseeing places and gave us all the historical and geographical info at all places. He is a true gem of Veena World. All the best for your journey.
Vilas Parab EUJW 14 June 2015

I was your guest of the European Highlights tour. The tour manager Pratima Phadake cooperated and took care of everyone, most of the guests were of above 55 years. We all enjoyed tour thanks to Pratima. I also take opportunity to record and appreciate the efforts of your entire team which is a result of wellbeing of the company to build the company to top level. The food packets supplied were sufficient and of best quality. Veena Patil’s achievement is a matter of pride to us and Maharashtra.
Prabhakar Khutade EUHL 07 June 2015

We had a wonderful trip - European Highlight with Veena World in June 2015.The tour was well planned and our Tour Manager Mr. Dinesh Bandiwadekar was excellent.
Shivanand Shirke EUHL 14 June 2015

We wish to give a special thank u to Veena World for making our Scandenavia Russia tour so fabulous. This was primarily possible because of the fantastic manner in which our tour guide Manveer Talekar co-ordinated the entire tour. His personal touch and caring attitude went a long way in making our tour a memorable one. Our daughter Rima has worded the thank you from our entire group through a short poem which is reproduced below:
Poem by Rima Palekar

Our tour manager? Nope..
Our friend? Nah-uh,
More like Family with whom we enjoy plain rice and curd,
I really can't describe Manveer using any other word!

He made our trip a massive success,
Each day more fun and exciting,
Not just with plain food and sightseeing,
But also with jokes and song reciting!

Miles and miles away from our country,
In new cities he made us rejoice and roam,
Encouraging us to explore ideas and new things,
And yet at the same time, making each of us feel at home!

Such people with golden hearts are so very few,
And for giving us Manveer, Veena World, we thank you!

Someone so unique,
So patient,
So caring,
So selfless,
Someone who has, undoubtedly, made each of us his biggest fan,
And I wouldn't hesitate to call this versatile and amazing person our true Superman!

Kedar Palekar EUSR 19 June 2015

We really enjoyed the Europe trip. I and my colleagues thank you for it. Most credit goes to our guide Rajesh Salvi. He was calm, knowledgeable and manmilavu. He is a material for higher category of job in your organisation. We all liked him. Only one suggestion - Everyday instead of wasting 2 hours in lunch at hotel if you provide dry lunch packet in bus may be one more hour can be devoted to site seeing. Do think. Regards and best luck for future.
Ramesh Jambhekar EUSN 19 June 2015

To begin with I would like to thank the whole Veena World team for arranging such a wonderful trip to EUROPE for us. I personally loved each and every aspect of our tour from sightseeing to the long journeys from Indian food to our accommodations… everything. A special mention to our tour manager "DINESH BANDIVADEKAR" for his continuous support throughout the tour. Brownie points to him for making our long journeys knowledgeable plus entertaining. A big thanks to him and we wish to have him on our next tour as well. Veena world rocks.....and thanks once again :-) !! Keep going guys you'll are doing a great job.
Prabha Avhad EUEC 29 June 2015

We have just returned from your trip European Escape. It was a very nice experience. The hotels, restaurants and of course food were great. Special thanks for our tour manager Dinesh Bandiwadekar who is a very knowledgeable, well experienced and cooperative tour manager. We would like to have him as a tour manager on our next tour. Thank you.
Anjali and Sanjay Ghate EUEC 13 July 2015

Mehul Ghosalkar was not just our tour manager, but he became the head of the family taking care of everyone. He is a very cool person & never showed any sign of stress in the whole tour. I am sure u must have got the reports of train getting late, loss or baggage, recovery of the luggage in 30 minutes(Incredible Job! Hats Off to Him),Fall of a passenger on escalator (including Mrs.Dharamshi),arranging mini lunch at railway platform from Mc Donald etc, He had presence of mind in all situations. He was for individual & for everyone. There was no word “NO” in his dictionary. simple one line from Shahrukh’s film "Main Hun Na". In fact he handled the middle aged people(who are usually difficult to tackle) efficiently. By participating with us in time bus programmes in Bus, He became one of us. He managed the tour very very well.
The tour was managed in an excellent way.The last 3 days of tour there was too much travelling. Copenhagen & Helsinki needed one more extra day. In fact both these cities were touch & go. A day could have been saved if instead of long bus travel from Rovaniemi to Helsinki made the passengers tired & unnecessary wastage of time.(Ivalo & Kuopio were transit stoppages). Cruise tour of 2 days to see MNS was superb. Again Thanks to Mehul. He did arrange VEG. meals for us. Hotels were fine except at one or two places. Indian Rest. selections was also good. We could get good food.(in other places your snacks were enough) . Overall, we would be happy to give 4 out of 5 for the tour and 5 out of 5 for Mehul.
Gulab Dharamshi EUMS 14 June 2015

We were the tourists for your Scandinavia with Mid-night Sun tour. In this respect I would like to write here that we enjoyed the tour very much. I would also like to point out that our Tour Manager, Mr. Mehul Ghosalkar, handled the tour nicely. His way of talking with all the tourists was very nice. On one occasion, one of our lady tourists forgot her bag in the train while getting down at Copenhagen. The train had left the station. Then, Mr. Mehul immediately contacted Station Master and pointed out the thing and got recovered the bag. It showed the quality of the Tour Manager. I must say that he is a very intelligent Tour Manager and you may consider assigning him higher responsibility in your company. I wish him all the best in his future career.
Mr. & Mrs. Vedpathak EUMS 14 June 2015

My wife and myself enjoyed the European sojourn to our entire satisfaction and nothing adverse is found to comment. This is my first experience with Veena World and I assure you to continue my association in future also. You have taken care of everything right from our home by giving us feedback and advice from time to time. Food was very good throughout the tour. Only regret was we could cover only few places in Europe. My suggestion is to include one or two museums either in England or in Paris by curtailing one or two cruise/gandola rides. This could have done during night, since entire Europe is awake till 10.00 p.m. However we enjoyed your hospitality. Your tour manager Mr. Amit Soman was too good. He mixed with all of us irrespective of our age difference. He is also helpful when we are in trouble. He has vast knowledge of the countries we visited and give his inputs about the history and geography of that country. I will cherish my experience with him for years to come.
I had already recommended Veena World to one of my friend from Borivali who intends to visit Europe next April/May. I had given all the details of Mr. Amit. Please continue doing good work. My best wishes are with you.
Keshav Kotian EUJW 14 June 2015

Here I would like to mention that we had wonderful time on the tour. The tour was very well arranged and it went as per the itinerary that was planned.The tour manager Mehul Ghosalkar deserves special mention as he was very professional in his approach at same he had personalized touch in his conduct he handled every person very tactfully and looked very experienced in handling special situations like when one of passenger left her bag in train and train left the station he managed to get the bag back without any panic or drama and blame. This is amazing quality which I personally appreciated. Food given through the tour every day was excellent. Veena World’s customer care thought was evident from bags, food hampers, tea kettle. even the electrical adopter for mobile charging was amazing and each item was very useful. In general the trip was very satisfactory and enjoyable. I personally no complaints about tour . As this was my first your with Veena World I had few apprehensions. But I must admit that I have no regrets about tour. I feel may be I would do lot of travelling with Veena World in future. Thank you Veena World and wish you grand success in your venture.
Dr. Swayambhoo Dixit EUMS 14 June 2015

Our Europe tour with Veena World was a rendezvous with great joy. It cannot be expressed in words. However, I would like to put on record my special appreciation for the following issues.
1. My fourteen years old daughter lost her ticket at Mount Titlis (Switzerland) before checking out (she had checked in with the ticket). In India we are used to handling such situations but, managing it outside and that too in a stringent and merciless place like Europe - impossible. It was quite embarrassing to us but, Sachin Mayekar, our mellowed tour manager took my daughter with him and handled the situation excellently.
2. While going to a restaurant for lunch in Pisa. I and my family were walking a little slow (on account of my injured knee joint pain) so, we were lagging behind our group. They took a turn in a narrow lane and we lost sight of them. We searched for our group in that restaurant and around but could not find them. Suddenly we came across Mr. Sameer Narkar, tour manager of another group of Veena World & we sought his help. He was generous in extending his help. He accompanied us to our destination though his group was in another restaurant. Sachin was also about to begin his search. He is very competent in doing that. We have seen it. While reading this it looks very casual but, when you go through such situations on foreign land, not knowing the local language, it is disastrous.
3. It was “Raining Happiness” from Paris to Rome so the thoughtfully provided raincoat was much realized.
4. The biggest surprise to our group was “Elegant Style of Veena Patil’s Personal Greeting and photo shoot visit” mid-way to Switzerland.
5. We chose Veena World because one of our doctor friends recommended it to us. I will recommend it to all those common persons who want to be economic, enjoy travel, see the world hassle free, understand history, enjoy shopping and also to……………… all those who are skinny /thin and want to put on weight enjoying the food festival so liberally plated by Veena World.
Today for us, your organization is on top of the world. We wish you every success. We wish Veena World rule the World in Tourism industry forever. Thank you for the joy and affection.
Dr.Mrs Kshipra Kale & Dr.S.S. Kale EUWN 12 May 2015

Thank you for arranging such a beautiful tour with lot of memories. Also Tour manager Mr. Samir was very helpful, co-operative and took care of us as a family member. Always he helped to all members whoever had any problem and personally he took care of each and every person, because of Samir only this tour was successful and memorable. Thanks once again. Sure next time also we wish to travel with Veena World along with Mr. Sameer.
Sanjeeva Yadahalli EUJW 10 May 2015

At the outset, let me congratulate you and your team for successfully managing the long tour of 15 days. The tour was managed well and there was no room for any grievance. Let me here also congratulate Mr. Rajaram Gavas (Raj as we used to call him) for ensuring proper execution of packed itinerary. He is a matured person, who gives his 100% on the field. In a span of 15 days, he not only ensured sensitising all of us about local rules and importance of safeguarding important documents like passport but also ensured bonding amongst 29 members of the tour, which gave way for forming our own group on WhatsApp. Through his able guidance, there was no hiccup during the entire tour.
Arun Bhagwat EUJW 08 May 2015

IThe trip was awesome and we got an opportunity to spend some good time with Veena Patil. We were very well taken care of by your team of 3 people. The food was delicious throughout the tour. It was a memorable trip and would love to join such more women's special!
Neeta & Reshma Thakwani EUWA 10 May 2015

It was an exciting experience to travel through Europe with Veena World. It has opened new opportunities to travel for women who are confined in various shackles. I was shocked to watch the enthusiasm and energy among the fellow travellers. The arrangements were excellent at every place. Keep it up. The tour manager Mr. Atmaram is very professional, warm and committed. Thank you Veena World.
Sarojini Sheth EUWA 10 May 2015

An unforgettable tour......Totally mesmerizing, with such a great, caring, and helping tour leader, Manveer Talekar. We would like to continue travelling with Veena World in all our upcoming tours.
Swaraj Naik, Europe

It was our pleasure to have our first ever family foreign trip with a reputed tour organizer like "Veena World" European Delight tour. I am pretty glad to say that the experience was awesome. The tour management and co-ordination was perfect and we couldn't expect more than this. It gives us lot of satisfaction when we spend enormous money on foreign trips and when we get a very decent treatment from your side, it’s a real good value for our money. I am looking forward with lots of tours to be done from your company. Please keep up the good work and all the best for the future tours.

A special mention about our tour guide Amit Kunte:
Amit is very talented and we enjoyed his company a lot. He was always there to help us. Occasionally when there was a lot of rush in the hotels during lunch he did not hesitate to serve plates and even food in the hotel. Ideally that's not his job but I saw him doing/serving this for his own group. He is very passionate about taking care of his people on the tour. Apart from this the knowledge/information he has over the period of working in the same domain for number of years is fabulous. The information he delivered while visiting various places in Europe was pretty quick and helpful. Not too much not too less. His delivery of speech and tone was perfect. He is well versed with creating atmosphere as appropriate. In general he is brilliant in his job and he should keep doing the same for years to come.
Gaurav Phadtare EUDL 25 April 2015

We successfully completed Europe trip under the leader ship of Ajay Ghag. All credit goes to Veena world under your leadership, vision, Mr Ajay Ghag as a tour manager, and all of us who understood the importance of time management. Mr Ajay Ghag handled the group very skill fully. He is knowledgable, shrewd enough as far as time management is concerned ,very talkative and down toearth. Because him we realise what efforts you and your team as a whole is taking. We have high regards for you. In fact taking so many people to out of India and introducing them with the wonders of world systematically and safely is a service to nation. Once again thanks. Itinerary is really well designed. I have come to a conclusion that nobody should go out of India for tourism purpose on their own. Your organisation has taken such a care that we could concentrate on sightseeing instead of fulfilling the formalities. Food quality was satisfactory and well managed as far as time is considered. Few suggestions regarding guides, instructions, hotels has been shared separately on email to your team.
Mukund Chitale EUJW 29 April 2015

We are a senior couple aged 63 & 57,I have a problem of arthritis hence we preferred Veena world for our Europe tour. We have travelled first time with Veena World Our small group of 27 members aged 9 to 81 yrs thoroughly enjoyed this tour & major credit goes to our experienced tour manager Amit Kunte who was with us from Mumbai to Mumbai. He was caring ,co-operative, knowledgeable & a happy go lucky person who made this bit hectic tour(of course that was our choice)much more comfortable & satisfying. PSP Vile Parle & Visa Management team of Veena World were also very co-operative. In all it was a well organised tour.
Mr. & Mrs. Kelkar EUDL 09 May 2015

Thanks to you and to your team for wonderful holiday-Europe tour. Simply fabulous. Words will be short to express satisfaction. Tour manager and assistant.(Lad / Chetan)simply outstanding, devoted. could not have expected /thought any better. Ultimate experience. great arrangements. superb! Beauty ...overdose. still with overhang....arrangements /management spotless/defects less. Less we talk better as it should be ! As any words will dilute the credit to you all. Earlier this year we had done Rajasthan..Jaisalmer. Bikaner and Jodhpur. etc. over there also were impressed with your staff and the great arrangements . Few suggestions...Rome may be at starting rather than end, Italy hotels -could you definitely not have chosen better hotels, well this was personally felt by myself and by my wife and it is really our personal view point. well we did not share with this with your team in tour or with anyone else.
Shriniwas Thakurdesai EUJW 22 April 2015

This was our 2nd international tour with Veena World. Europe is a dream tour & our dream had come true. Meticulous planning, right sightseeing & delicious food at right time is the key to success. Start to end no hiccups. Best tour we ever had.Our tour manager Nimesh Lad is well versed with all the countries & has in-depth knowledge of it. He use to give right information at right time. Nimesh & Chetan gets along with the group very quickly both of them have a knack of team work. (I am trainer by profession & i use to observe both of them from trainer perspective, they have all the good qualities of trainer) I would to place on the record, one of the Kaki (Mrs.Bhoir) in the group fell down one step due to darkness ahead, Nimesh & Chetan instantly took take care like their own mother.
Both of them have won hearts of all the members. Group had in-depth understanding of Mansarover tour from Chetan. I am personally motivated to complete mansarovor tour with Veena World.
Thanks once again. Word of mouth has started spreading around our friends, relatives & many more. Best wishes to Veena World to become no.1 travel Partner in the country. As you take travellers from India to abroad, also bring travelles from other countries to India. Best wishes for the same. Me & my wife are planning for next international tour with you to Australia / New Zealand / Japan /China. One suggestion: Travelling bags given for this tour were too small in size. You can have a relook at the same
Shubhad & Sanjay Jagavkar EUJW 22 April 2015

we came back yday from eurhigh tour in few words it was superb , fantastic , wonderful.
Your planning ,coordination, arrangements superb hats off to u .there was not a single penny or time wasted, moreover your tour leader Mr. NILESH JOSHI was a most assuring guy in the trip who was alone doing all arrangements keeping all of us cheerful ,himself was full of energy .helping out everyone .OMG a wonderful friend and coordinator. 200% marks to him. WE now feel we belong to veena world family ,looking forward for next trip with all our family member of course with Nilesh Joshi. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN
Dr.Urjita & Dr. Sudhish Zindgade EUAB 28 April 2015

I went on European Delight tour with tour manager Mr Amit Soman. He is a very dynamic guy and manages very well with all required information. We all enjoyed the tour very much. Thanks to Ms Veena Patil for introducing EUDL.
Sowmyalatha R Alva EUDL 11 April 2015

We have just returned from the Europe tour of eleven days with happy memories and a sense of gratitude for Veena World for arranging such a wonderful tour. Europe is a dream destination for all of us and the itinerary was inclusive of the maximum highlights possible in such a short time frame. The credit goes to your leadership as well as your competitive and attentive staff. I would like to thank Sneha Kulkarni, Nayana Jadhav and the staff of Dombivali office for providing guidance and support in preparing the visa and in completing the other formalities.My special thanks to Tour Manager Nilesh Joshi for his dedication, managing skill and positive attitude which made a lot of difference. Especially he provided a lot of background information which made the sightseeing more interesting.Regarding the hotel accommodation, lunch and other treats Veena World has delivered much more than what was promised. I have a suggestion for Europe Tour. If special group tours are arranged for art lovers having an itinerary of museum visits or for literary buffs an itinerary of similar sights it will be of great help.
Deepak Ghare EUHL 19 April 2015

Group leader Mr Nilesh Joshi received each and every guest with a smiling face. On his first appearance with a smiling face we were confident that he is going to be an enthusiastic, care taking group leader and he proved to be till our tour concluded. Throughout our stay in Europe Nilesh took care of every body and we all moved accordingly to the itinerary. In my opinion Nilesh is an asset to the Veena World. This was our second trip with Veena World, We enjoyed our trip and hope to travel once again to different destination with Veena world.
Jyoti & Sudhir Mandlekar EUHL 19 April 2015

This is to thank you all for arranging such a wonderful trip to Europe. It was one of my and my brother’s dreams to send our parents (Uday and Suyash Sanzgiri) for a Europe tour, and it was possible only because of you and your team’s effort. They enjoyed their trip a lot and are thankful to all the services that were provided during the trip. Special thanks to Amit Kunte for being such a wonderful tour manager on the journey. Thank you Amit for being so helpful to them. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to be a part of more such trips with Veena World.
Rashmi Sanzgiri EUDL 25 April 2015

I and my wife had been to Europe tour with you and wanted to share my experience with you. First of all i would like to congratulate you for the awesome and fantastic way you manage you company and the way you tour guides interact with the tour people and make them feel at home. I would like make a special mention of our tour guide Mr Atmaram Lad for his outstanding way of taking care of all the people with us. My wife had a fall in which her ankle was twisted and swollen but Mr Lad had taken out most care of her just like his own mother and only beacause of his humanly help on all the days that she could complete her tour with ease. i would like to specially thanks Mr Lad for all the help given.
Shantaram Bhoir. EUJW 22 April 2015

Europe, true heaven on this earth. What a memorable experience it was!!! The tour was well organized and most importantly well managed by the tour manager, Prashant Potdar. He has a smart and pleasing personality, very submissive and caring. Throughout the tour he was very patient and polite with each one of us. He was proactive. At the same time he was very firm with his decision which was for the benefit for all the team members. He has immense knowledge/information about the places in Europe and he disseminated that to us. It seemed like he was born and brought up in there. He also took care of the food considering the fact that the European cuisine might not suit our palate. Most of the times he took us to an Indian restaurant which served delicious food. Thanks to Veena world for organizing the tour very efficiently. Prashant is very much committed to Veena World and he is an asset to the company. Thank you so much for wonderful memories which we can cherish for lifetime.
Rohini & Sunil Amle EUJW 12 April 2015

I've been meaning to write a note of gratitude since we came back but thank you seems too insincere a word to convey the joy and peace in our hearts. My wife & I traveled through your tour to Europe in 1st week of May. I must admit, the tour was great. We enjoyed a lot. It was our first tour abroad & Veena World made it an extremely memorable one. It was well organised. The itinerary was well planned. We covered almost everything mentioned in the itinerary. A lion's share which goes to our Tour Leader Mr. Mehul Ghosalkar who made our tour so much more stunning than we could've ever hoped for it to be. He made extra efforts to make everybody comfortable. He was very helpful all throughout the tour. We always thought a trip abroad would be fun, but you people absolutely blew our minds beyond imagination. We thank you once again for your great hospitality & wish you lots of luck.
Sandhya & Avinash Gadkari EUJW 03 April 2015

Myself and my wife Smt. Smita Vijay Rahate was with above said tour. Total 32 members were there, just like 32 teeth of Tour Manager. All teeth were so together, cooperative and active that no tooth has got jerk of mental or physical. This is due to our tour manager Shri. Nilesh Joshi. He has shown all places given in itinerary and all places and hotels were “Ekse badhkar Ek. We both are so happy that Veena World has shown us heaven of the earth. Shri Nilesh Joshi was so enthusiastic to show each place that we never felt tired/bored in tour. He was taking care of each one from morning to evening. He took lot of efforts to keep us happy and he has manage each day time well so that we can see all the places given in itinerary. He got fantastic knowledge of each place of this tour. He was giving instructions/information in the bus regarding our belongings and left and right side view during bus journey. He has given answer to the all questions raised by the members regarding tour places. He has got good knowledge of the world. In view of the above, we both extend lot of thanks to Shri Nilesh Joshi – Tour Manager and Veena World.
V.P. Rahate EUHL 19 April 2015

To see the entire Europe was our dream and it came in to truth with the help of VEENA WORLD.Nice arrangement, delicious food, luxurious hotel stay and smooth sightseeing. Especially the Management of Mr. Prashant Potdar was very excellent. From starting point of every spot his sweet sound "HELLO MANDALI" still remained in our ears and we will not forget. He arranged everything very nicely, neatly, smoothly with helping hand to every needy guest. We have enjoyed a lot and will not forget Veena World and Mr. Prashant Potdar too. Ending my few lines with wishing ALL THE BEST TO VEENA WORLD for their future ahead.
R. N. Phaltankar EUJW 12 April 2015

Geeta, my wife, and I would like to thank Veena World for making our Greece Turkey tour a very memorable experience. We will cherish the memories of our journey for many years to come. A special thanks to Bhushan Gupte for his kindness, understanding and professional conduct of the tour. He was outstanding. I would also like to thank Shweta, at the Thane office, who managed our pre- tour processes efficiently. I want to make a few suggestions: please try to find more direct flights and minimise long layovers at airports. The Pegasus flight only allowed 15 KGS per pax, while the main journey by Emirates allowed 30 KGS per pax. This meant that we had to pay for our "excess baggage" during the short flight from Athens to Istanbul. Also , our ticket folder handed over at the airport had tickets of other passengers who had dropped out! Perhaps a quality check needs to be done on the folder to assure that this does not happen. The guides, hotels and support at the destinations were remarkably efficient and friendly.I'm sure to consider Veena world for my next international Holiday!
Geeta & Anand Subramanian EUGT 17 April 2015

I would like to give my feedback about our Europe trip. This was my first international trip and I had a lot of expectations from this trip and to be honest you guys have delivered more than I ever expected. The entire team of Veena World was very helpful and patient in answering all our queries beginning right from booking of the tour, payment, and providing us every small detail of the thing to be carried on the trip. Ms Ankita Dhumale who not only helped me book this tour but also answered my calls patiently at odd hours did an excellent job. I would really like to thank her for her excellent service.
Now proceeding to the trip's experience, the first thing that comes to a travellers mind is the accommodation. But I would like to tell you that y'all scored a 10/10. The first hotel at London at Heathrow was the Renaissance (If i am not wrong) was spectacular and was upto the London standard followed by the heavenly view of the Alps from the hotel at the Gersau Lake was breath taking. However, the best hotel rather the best stay was at Hotel Olympia at Austria in the Alps. All our tour members had the most memorable experience playing in the snow and we all for a change revisited our childhood and played all the way along.
Our tour manager Mr, Sachin Mayekar also did a good job by managing the tour and being very helpful and polite. All in all it was a very memorable experience and we look forward to travelling with you again. My honest feedback regarding the sight seeing is that it gets really difficult at times to understand the accent of the people as different countries have different accents. So we request you to provide us a small summary of the places to be visited so that we can read the same and understand things/ places better.Thank you once again and keep up the service. All the best:)
Shalmali Jagtap EUHL 12 April 2015

We all enjoyed this wonderful thrilling Europe trip.At last our dream came true. Because only due to Veena World. Most thankful to Sachin M. Always smiling & treated well to all . Hat's off to Sachin.
Govind Saraf EUHL 12 April 2015

Just had Europe tour with Mr Sachin Mayekar..Awesome experience ,very happy ....seen beautiful part of world with Veena World.....enjoyed a lot....
Will be happy to continue troubling you by having upcoming bookings to explore the plane with Veena World.
Dr. Mahesh Kadle EUHL 12 April 2015

Myself and my wife Lata Katneshwarkar traveled European Jewels tour with Veena world. We are very happy to say that we have enjoyed the tour at our best, and are very much satisfied with the tour. Especially with Vivek Kochrekar who can be considered as one of the perfect tour guides. Mr. Ratan Tata has once said that excellence is tolerated but perfection is our aim; and we can definitely say that Veena world is inching towards the perfection.
We are grateful to Veena world which meets the following ten demands of all the tourists.
1.A perfect tour guide – Vivek Kochrekar.
2.Well planning of the tour.
3.Well organization.
4.Well implementation of the plan.
5.Excellent accommodation at all the locations.
6.Proper Indian Veg / Non-veg food.
7.Important interactions at all places.
8.Taking care of health of every tourist.
9.Updating the information.
10.Well concern and contact for tourist’s family in India.
Once again expressing our deep sense of gratitude.
Anuja & Salil Patil EUJW 29 March 2015

We just returned from our 15days and 14 nights dream tour of Europe and we must congratulate you for fulfilling our dream.It was a combination of natural beauty of Europe, favourable weather and the excellent arrangements by you and your team. The planning was meticulous, the hotels were good, the bus was good, food arrangements were excellent and the icing on the cake was the Tour Manager.
We have stayed and travelled in India and abroad, but I have never seen a Tour Manager like Mr. Vivek Kochrekar. He was taking us all in the entire Europe, like he was walking in his backyard. He has knowledge of each and every by lane of Europe. He is such a dedicated and wonderful person, helping each and every person in the group, taking extra care of elderly persons and sick guests. Above all, we shall never forget the Do's and Don'ts he told us and the specific instructions while on foreign land. His informative instructions helped us not only in this tour, but will help us in our future endeavours. In our eyes he is truly a Tour Director and not merely a Tour Manager. We wish him all the success in his future life. We also wish he will be with us in our future tours, in whatever capacity, he will be.
Yes, there is always scope for improvement and what we found that though the hotels were good, there is a need to improve/substitute hotels for 'Holiday Inn Express' at both the places, as we consider it below 'Veena World' standards. There is, however, no room for complaint.
We once again congratulate and thank you for the wonderful tour.
Anuja & Salil Patil EUJW 29 March 2015

The tour was marvellous. Hats off to Vivek for his splendid cooperation. Lot of information was given by him. He took a lot of care. He is not only a tour manager but a very good human being. May God bless him!! Nothing to complain.
Poornima Bhide EUJW 29 March 2015

Europe tour with you guys was a wonderful experience. Thanks to the scenic beauty of Europe and well-choreographed arrangement of VW. We were pleasantly taken aback every time when we were. offered Indian meals "as promised" by VW. The hotels where we stayed, the sightseeing places which we visited; the bus driver who took us through thousands of kilometres effortlessly and the knowledge that we derived from the tour architect ViKo (Vivek Kochrekar) was much more than what we expected. ViKo, what can i.say about him as a tour manager and as a human being. Besides doing his professional duty the chap did not even hesitate to clean the linens and womitting bags of some co-passengers. There wasn't even a single occasion when he did not caution us about our passports and currency. Every day at least a dozen times he kept on reminding us about this. He is a man with perseverance and tenacity; dedication and passion. An architect to make the tour a great success. About viko i can sum up in one sentence : Had late litterateur Pu La Deshpande ever travelled with this man called viko, he would have certainly added one more chapter about this Valli in his Vyakti Aani Valli. To us viko was the face of VW though I am sure a strong hard working team of VW is working relentlessly to make every tour a success.The success of this tour goes to prove that VW knows and means business. Before I finish my feedback let me thank your Mr Deepak Jadhav who convinced me to opt for this tour. I am glad I could get convinced. I genuinely wish VW a great success.
Shashank Jare. EUJW 29 March 2015

Europe tour with you guys was a wonderful experience. Thanks to the scenic beauty of Europe and well-choreographed arrangement of VW. We were pleasantly taken aback every time when we were. offered Indian meals "as promised" by VW. The hotels where we stayed, the sightseeing places which we visited; the bus driver who took us through thousands of kilometres effortlessly and the knowledge that we derived from the tour architect ViKo (Vivek Kochrekar) was much more than what we expected. ViKo, what can i.say about him as a tour manager and as a human being. Besides doing his professional duty the chap did not even hesitate to clean the linens and womitting bags of some co-passengers. There wasn't even a single occasion when he did not caution us about our passports and currency. Every day at least a dozen times he kept on reminding us about this. He is a man with perseverance and tenacity; dedication and passion. An architect to make the tour a great success. About viko i can sum up in one sentence : Had late litterateur Pu La Deshpande ever travelled with this man called viko, he would have certainly added one more chapter about this Valli in his Vyakti Aani Valli. To us viko was the face of VW though I am sure a strong hard working team of VW is working relentlessly to make every tour a success.The success of this tour goes to prove that VW knows and means business. Before I finish my feedback let me thank your Mr Deepak Jadhav who convinced me to opt for this tour. I am glad I could get convinced. I genuinely wish VW a great success.
Shashank Jare. EUJW 29 March 2015

I returned from my wonderful Austria Swiss trip. Our trip was simply out of this world ! I enjoyed every moment of those 9 days and their memories will live with me forever. Everything went off without a hitch, be it the sight-seeing, the food, the hotel accommodation, the guides, your tour managers Amit and Ashok, everything came together and resulted in a super duper holiday. Your professionalism, your attention to detail, efficient management....all this was reflected in this tour. Kudos!

May you grow from strength to strength ! I did not as much as sneeze on the tour...the clean air and the bracing climate did the trick !

Amit was a good tour manager, he shared a lot of information and was very pleasant and has empathy. Ashok too was very good, has a scholarly , studied approach to everything. The city tour guide , Gunter, in Munich, was just what a guide should be, and Cici, in Geneva, was extremely charming and friendly. As for the sights and sounds of Austria and Switzerland, words fail me.
Lalita Paranjape EUAS 20 May 2014

I returned from my wonderful Austria Swiss trip. Our trip was simply out of this world ! I enjoyed every moment of those 9 days and their memories will live with me forever. Everything went off without a hitch, be it the sight-seeing, the food, the hotel accommodation, the guides, your tour managers Amit and Ashok, everything came together and resulted in a super duper holiday. Your professionalism, your attention to detail, efficient management....all this was reflected in this tour. Kudos!

May you grow from strength to strength ! I did not as much as sneeze on the tour...the clean air and the bracing climate did the trick !

Amit was a good tour manager, he shared a lot of information and was very pleasant and has empathy. Ashok too was very good, has a scholarly , studied approach to everything. The city tour guide , Gunter, in Munich, was just what a guide should be, and Cici, in Geneva, was extremely charming and friendly. As for the sights and sounds of Austria and Switzerland, words fail me.
Lalita Paranjape EUAS 20 May 2014

We have just completed our Europe tour which we had booked from your Thane office. We would like to thank your team for making this trip so memorable and wonderful .We would like to place on record the fantastic support received from Ms. Nikita jadhav and Mr. Jagdish Dangar at your Thane office. Both of them made the entire process of Visa formalities and other documentation so simple and were very helpful from the date of booking. Our tour Manager, Mr. Sachin Mayekar was also very supportive and helpful during the entire tour. We would like to thank him for ensuring a successful holiday for us. We were delighted to note your Company's attention to all details including the complimentary travel bags and dry snacks to the ponchos and the kettle. The quality of hotels and food were very good. We would like to thank you and your 'highly' motivated team for giving us a wonderful holiday and look forward to another holiday with your company in the coming May. We have shortlisted ASGR and 'Best of South Africa'. We will speak to Ms. Nikita jadhav on the same. We would be recommending your company to our family and friends and would be happy to share our experience with all concerned.
Rajeswari Melville EUJW 26 October 2014

It was a memorable experience, with the tour managers Nilesh Joshi and Veena World, in our life. Nilesh Joshi enthusiastically guided, helped and gave all the necessary information at each & every place. It should be specially noted that he helped & handled the situation of a sad death of one of our guests - late Shri. Atmaramji Pawar.
Again, Hat's off to Nilesh & Veena World.
Vilas G. Gayal EUHL 14 September 2014
We have traveled on Veena World’s Europe tour. We have gathered awesome & excellent experience on Europe tour. Very good management & teamwork and extra efforts were taken by your tour manager Mr. Nilesh Joshi .
Nandkumar Pulekar EUHL 14 September 2014
Our heartfelt wishes for Veena World which took us recently to a holiday to Greece and Turkey. It was an enjoyable tour and we thank you for organizing it so efficiently and successfully. Please accept our blessings too.
Sumitra & Shanker EUGT 11 September 2014
We recently returned from the European Jewels Tour. It was a fantastic experience. I was amazed to see the bounty of nature, disciplined people, beautiful roads and above all
the meticulous planning of the tour which helped us to complete the tour as desired. Our group of 25 guests was very punctual and hence we could start the daily programme as planned. Food everywhere was good and we could taste homemade items like curd and buttermilk 2-3 times. Paradis de Latin show at Paris was very nice.
We all could get one more family member in Atul Bhobe , our tour manager who by his friendly nature and helping ability made the tour lifelong memorable.
Thanks to you and to your team, you have made our long seen dream of travelling to foreign country come true. We were always with Veena World and will be there in future also.
Muralidhar Barve EUJW 05 September 2014
We take this opportunity to thank Veena World and our tour manager Atul Bhobe for excellent tour arrangements.
We will cherish the sweet memories of our Europe tour for very long time.
Dilip Karandikar EUJW 05 September 2014
Namaskar! I was a part of Veena World’s Seniors’ Special Europe tour. While in Switzerland, I took sick & had to be hospitalized, leaving the tour midway. I would love to thank Ms. Veena Patil & the team for providing me & my wife all the necessary help. Mr. Manveer Talekar & Ms. Ashwini Jogdand from Mahim office deserve a special mention for the help they rendered.
Prabhakar G. Malshe EUZE 1 September 2014
Me and my wife Radhika Patki were on the Europe tour. The tour was a grand success. We wish best of luck and grand success to Veena World on their first anniversary.
Mohan Patki EUPS 18 May 2014
We took your European Jewels tour and went to Europe this year , we had done the bookings through your Thane Branch.
Our overall experience was very good and we enjoyed our tour as well. Tour Manager – Mr. Prashant Potdar was very good and he managed the tour extremely well. He had a trying time during our tour when Euro Star train got cancelled and the entire group of 35 people had to come by 4 trains from London to Paris. The meal arrangements with various Indian restaurants, dry snacks, tea/coffee sachets, kettle, universal adapter, surprise items like ice cream / wada pav, ponchos, pouches, diary, pen etc were very thoughtful, useful & appreciated. There are a certain things that we thought if done, would have taken our experience to a different height and I have shared those things with you in my feedback. Europe trip for most of the people is a one-time affair and hence thought of sharing this.
Prasad Khare EUJW 6 July 2014
We were in your in European Jewels tour …the most memorable tour of our life .My father also enjoyed it very well. The tour manager Nilesh Joshi also very helpful .He conducted the tour very smoothly with managing everyone’s suggestions. Your tour covered all our dream destination, all the arrangements were perfect, the food was very good except airline food. Overall the tour was nice.
Dr. Nivedita Arun Indap EUJW 1 August 2014
We recently had sent our parents for the Europe tour with you. We are very pleased with the arrangements and services.
My mother has expressed her appreciation (in poem form) about the tour manager, Rajaram Gavas. Please convey our regards to him and keep up the good work.
Swapna Joshi EUHL 27 July 2014
I enjoyed Europe tour just because of your excellent arrangement, well prepaid plan, nice food quality provided from time to time.Fine coordination of your tour manager MR. Dinesh Bandivdekar. Dinesh arranged each and every thing perfectly with always smile on his face so my 100+ marks to Dinesh.
Hence forth I will travel only with "Veena World" and next tour decided to go to Singapore with this I wish you best luck for future.
Umakant kulkarni EUEC 2 Jun 2014
We were on your Swiss-Paris tour this July. We wanted to thank you for organising such a nice tour abroad. In this tour, we find all our dream of Europe tour came true.Your team at Vasai office helped us a lot in completing documentation for various purposes including Visa. Your Airport representatives arrived on time & provided us all the material as promised by Veena World.
Bhushan Gupte, our tour manager, right from the beginning , was with us for our each & every need. Throughout the tour he managed to provide us all the required information which helped us a lot while doing sightseeing with discipline. We experienced his helpfulness & responsive behavior when our return flight from Paris to Doha was cancelled. He approached authorities of Qatar Airways & ensured our stay at Paris & Doha in good hotels with quality food provisions and arrangement of alternative flight . We once again appreciate the efforts of Veena World & wanted to thank your entire team for making us feel at home even at abroad. We wish Veena World a great success in future.
Mrs. And Mrs.Tare EUSP 5 July 2014
We have come back from our Europe tour with you. The overall performance of the tour is excellent , the planning of tour is very accurate ,the chain of the hotels is very nice and the meals provided i.e. Indian meals were very good. We visited different countries and we all enjoyed the tour very much. The tour manager Mr. Prashant Potdar is good and co-operative. In future, we will definitely travel with you, best luck and thanks to all.
Ramesh Wagh, EUHL 15 June 14
My wife and I recently travelled to Europe with you. Rajaram Gavas gave us best service with his homely treatment and hospitality. He was always energetic and helpful to all members in our group. He always gave in depth information about the destinations and made us aware about the things to avoid any trouble and unwanted experiences. In spite of some demanding people, he was the guy who never lost his temper and was calm throughout the tour. He made sure everyone is enjoying the tour and comfortable at all the times, he was giving personal attention to everyone as the head of the family as per his responsibility. He always went extra miles to give his best for beautiful and cherish able memories.

We truly feel he is an asset as well as a jewel for the company. All the arrangements were excellent and comfortable including Coach Facility, we would like to travel with you again I would like to thank Mr. Vivek Kochrekar for his support and guidance. We wish all the very best to “Veena World” for a bright future!!!

Priyank Desai EUJW13062014
We recently took a Europe Highlights tour with you. We had a great time as the tour was arranged perfectly making sure all points are covered. All meals were made available on time and were of high quality. Even though we were in Europe we felt like home. It is incredible how efficiently Ms. Veena Patil has managed to set her own business with high standards of customer service.
I would also like to specially mention Mr. Nilesh Joshi who was our tour manager. Reason being on third last day of our trip our passports got stolen in Rome. We completely went in a panic stage as we are away from homeland and had limited knowledge of the local language. Mr. Nilesh took this challenge on board. He managed to get FIR in a nearest police station. Then he took us by taxi to the Indian Embassy where we made new application. While replacement was getting ready he made sure we had our lunch.
We had return flight on same day so he convinced the person at the Indian Embassy and we got our new passport by lunch time same day. We took a return flight that night as planned.
This was an experience we will never forget for two reasons first it makes you aware how important your own country is and second Mr. Nilesh who provided us best service and support. Veena World, we are sure we will be planning more trips with you and would definitely recommend Veena World to all our family and friends.
Mr. & Mrs. Dalvi EUHL 27th June’14
My parents had been on the European Escape tour arranged by Veena World. It’s been over a week now and yet my parents can’t stop flattering the tour arrangements. This unstoppable praise makes me understand the kind of service offered during the tour. Every aspect of the tour was carefully taken care of; be it food, stay or travel. And the co-operation extended by the tour manager, Mr. Kamlesh Devrukhar was enormously good. He has been extremely generous to have offered to connect with my parents through his phone when their phone was not reachable. In spite of having a burden of single handedly managing the entire tour, he has been kind enough to offer help at many such moments. I think employees like him really build up the credibility of your company. Your office staff is good too except that some of them lack a little customer friendliness. But this behavior of theirs is unintentional and can improve after some customer relationship training is imparted. Also before booking the tour I had certain Schengen visa queries which none of your staff could appropriately handle, I wrote to embassy and got my queries cleared and I went ahead with the booking. If you improve on these minor fronts I think sky is the limit. Veena world shall surpass all the benchmarks in the touring industry and will definitely emerge to be the finest of all. Thank you for a wonderful tour and all the very best to you and your glorious company.
Dr. Shalaka Sawant
I had an excellent experience as I recently travelled on European Jewels tour with you. I have never been through any tour or travel agency till now. I have always planned an individual tour but after experiencing Veena World tour henceforth I will always prefer Veena World for my all tours. Your tour manager Mr . Milind Soman and his asst. Rajesh Salve were very cooperative and excellent people throughout the tour, I would love to go with them again on other tours too. We felt proud to share our experience about Veena World to our society members and friends even they said Veena World is best. We also received an excellent service through Veena World and are planning to travel few more destinations like Singapore ,Thailand,Malasyia very soon only with Veena World.Just one suggestion ,please give time sufficient time for shopping especially at places like Amsterdam. Hoping to travel with you soon.

Sanjay Hate

”MANDALI”…. This word is still on my mind after returning from wonderful & dream Destination – EUROPE. Thanks to our excellent tour managers – Amit Soman & Rajesh Salvi .They were caring, experienced and professional as well as friendly. We enjoyed a lot . Sometimes you cant explain your feeling in words, I can only say ”Thank You”…I adore the professional approach of the complete Veena world team. Enjoyed the most awaited moment…. Snowfall in Austria…especially the hotel location… it was AWESOME.Thrilling experience at Jungfraujoch – the Top of Europe with wonderful snowfall… We found all hotels very good
Finally… thanks Veena World…. for great journey of EUROPE…and Thanks… Amit Soman & Rajesh Salvi

Pranali Yesaji.
I had joined and enjoyed your tour EUEC14042014 from 14/04/2014 to 20/04/2014.Thanks for your arrangement and management for this tour.The tour manager Pratima was nice, her management was also nice. She remains as our family member with us all over the tour. Thanks to her and I expect her as our tour manager on our next tour.I would like to travel to Japan & Russia in future with Veena World. I have also shared my detailed feedback on mail for your consideration.

Suhas Pachumbrikar

”MANDALI”…. This word is still on mind after returning from wonderful & dream Destination – EUROPE… {EUJW 04-04-14}
Thanks to our Excellent Tour Managers – Amit Soman & Rajesh Salvi
They were Caring, experienced and professional as well as friendly. We enjoyed a lot and lot….Sometimes you cant explain your feeling in words, I can only say \”Thank You\”…I adore the professional approach of complete Veena world team…
Enjoyed the most awaited moment…. Snowfall in Austria… its was AWESOME….
Thrilling experience at Jungfraujoch – the Top of Europe with wonderfull snowfall…
Finally… thanks Veena World…. for great journey of EUROPE…
and Thanks… Amit Soman & Rajesh Salvi
Pranali Yesaji
We have just returned from our tour to Europe ( EUHL ) & believe me it was the most memorable one our entire group ( A group which consisted of majority senior citizens & a handful youngsters ). We were well blended along with our Tour Leader Atul Bhobe ( Mr. 678 – as we use to call him ) whose apt tips at appropriate times always helped us. This enabled us to do some extra add ons which were excluded in our iternary. All thanks to Atul & Veena World for giving us these splendid moments to cheerish till we plan our next tour obviously with Veena World & Atul Bhobe only as our tour leader.
Anjali Nadgaundi
My parents went with Veena World for the European highlights tour. This was their first tour out of India and Veena World made it most memorable one ever. The arrangements were excellent. All big and tiniest things were taken care of. Tour guide Atul Bhobhe was superb!
Just we returned from Kashmir-Vaishanav devi tour arranged for senior citizens for the period from 21/3/2014 to 29/3/2014. I share herewith my experience about the VeenaTour:
1.When we arrived at CST airport Mumbai on 21/3/2014 @ 900 am., early morning, Air Tour managers handed over Air tickets to us.But during journey period a simple drinking water bottle was not provided.Even after reaching at Srinagar at 5.00 pm on same day, no arrangement for any food was made and given to tourist.
2.Food parcel provided was not in good quality and not upto the test so to eat it comfortably.It was waste of money and waste of food.
3.When we attended the function arranged at Mumtaz Hotel at Srinagar, seniors were not behaving as seniors and they were participating in the programme as a college student.They failed to exhibit their wisdom. Their uttar participation is rude and out of way, though there are few exceptions.
4.All Tour Managers on Srinagar-Vaishanav devi tour were not found interested in Kashmir tour, more so they were all inclined and interested for Europe Tour and dreaming for World Tour. This their attitude was very bad.,When Tourist were eagar to wander here and there in Kashmir Tour Managers were not found interested at all.
5.Quality of Food on return journey from Pehalgam to Katra was very bad. Since all are quite old and having many physical problems of eating, quality of food was extremely bad. Prior to serve the food to the tourists, chef on tour should have checked the quality of food and should have minimise the troubles.
6.Coach on traval in Srinagar was not comfortable. Tourists have to adjust the seat frequently in accordance with the pains gathering in legs. Comfortable Couch in the long run is imperative demands and reasonable demand, which is neglected totally.
7.There was no co-ordination between the Tour Managers on Kashmir Tour, they put the Tourist in puzzle many time. This is extremely bad.
8..Hotels: quite good.
9.When we arrived from Jammu to New Delhi, our boarded plane was due for onward journey Mumbai and even then we were instructed to get down for another flight due for Mumbai scheduled at 9.30 pm. The reason for not continuing our journey in the same flight where we were seated does not know.,and ultimately we have to wait for another flight for more than 3.00 hours.This has crushed our further jouney to our desitnation.
Despite above shortfalls, we liked the Tour.
But Veena World has yet to compite more and train its Tour Managers vegerously.
Best Compliments to Veena World.
It was a great pleasure to avail the opportunity of visiting Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia with the support of your newly built company with jam packed planning and we appreciate efforts taken to make it happen. It is really Veena World…We are really thankful to each one in this budding team under your leadership to take the pains to make us comfortable. We are equally thankful to your channel partners, Mr Vivek Wani (Chinchwad) also to Mr Bhushan Gupte of Veena world with team at all locations to make us more enjoyable all the time during odd and even seasons. The locations of Bangkok ,Pattaya, Kuala Lumpur & Singapore sites with hospitality extended in eateries and during the entire travel were with excellent but take efforts to cover Phuket in future plans .Few suggestions while designing next modifications would make tour marketable like contacting customers for changes by mail in advance, avoiding bus journey from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore during day time & why not in night time as we do in Europe trips? All the best for future rides and growth .
Anil Deshmukh
I and my wife had a great pleasure and good experience with you by travelling with \”Jewels of Europe\”. This was our first tour with Veena World and we really enjoyed these 15 days to have unforgettable memories for our lifetime.
Arrangements were really nice right from the start of the tour at Mumbai airport. Accommodation provided was far better than our expectations and we were being treated as family members. The main highlights were great hotels, Indian food and highly knowledgeable tour manager, Mr. Vivek Kochrekar. He explained us each and everything with lots of patience and took care of all tourists throughout the tour.
Kishor Meher
It makes me extremely happy to tell you that only because of Veena World we could travel to Europe. This is the first time ever that we travelled to a foreign destination. So we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Our tour manager, Mehul Ghosalkar deserves many accolades for looking after us like his own parents. It is only because of his meticulous arrangements that our tour turned out to be so pleasant and a huge success. Mehul is enthusiasm personified! We sensed in him an eagerness to help and cooperate. He made sure that each and every member on tour was having fun. The most important thing was that every morning he used to greet us by giving us all a wakeup call himself.
Furthermore, the on-tour hotel arrangement was outstanding throughout. The meals and snacks provided were delicious as well as sumptuous. Bus service was excellent; coach captain was very particular, ensuring we leave on time. He too was very cooperative. Veena World team members from Thane branch- Shweta Patil, Shweta Gorhe and Manasi from Dombivali branch were very helpful and cooperative in handling the paper-work. All in all, your Team Veena World is really excellent.
We were truly mesmerized by Europe’s beauty and it was made possible only because of you. So we wish Team Veena World and tour manager Mehul in particular all the best!

Thank you!

Dilip V. AnkalikarEUHL

Myself prof.Dr. P.N.Shinde from Satara. We enjoyed Rajsthan grandeur tour. I have written on feedback that i will write my comments separately because i was unable to spare time for it on the last day. Before tour I was well in contact with your office in Satara office and I am glad to write you that I had arranged a talk of Sushil Kamble, your official in Satarain in our sr. citizens organisation and we have decided to enjoy a special tour collectively. Meanwhile we booked tour of Rajasthan for which Kamble cooperated us. During tour we enjoyed really though suffered on first day due to cold. Historical monuments is the main feature of Rajasthan. Guides gave us proper and detail information about it. Being history i am satisfied over it.I ought to mention that the kind services and help of Mahendra and Tejas is beyond the words. Such hospitality and kindness will help, certainly to reach Veena World in each corner of the nation. Even I hope that \”sky is the limit should be the aim of the Veena.\”So I say enjoy Rajasthan with Veena World only. Veenatai congrats for your inspiring letter on the occasion of republic day which we celebrated in the Hotel enthusiastically.As per my suggestion my close relatives,Mr.and Mrs.Sapkal from Pune have booked Kulu Manali tour in next month. Our next destination may be J&K but with Veena World only.If like and possible more care should be taken about food.

Pandurang Shinde

I would like to thank you and all at Veena World, Mahim for all the help and cooperation extended to me and my daughter for making our tour to Dubai a memorable one.This was our first international trip through your organisation and I must say it was very well organised. I would also like to congratulate the Tour Manager – Amit Soman for the wonderful job and for sharing with us details about each place we visited. It was a pleasure listening to him although the language was Marathi. My daughter Rebecca and myself enjoyed ourselves and have recommended this to our family and friends. We would most probably think of taking the Europe tour next year.Keep up the good work Veena World!

Helen Dsouza

I went on Veena World’s Singapore Malaysia Thailand tour, all the arrangements on tour including travel, hotels and food were excellent. We thoroughly enjoying without experiencing any kind of hassle whatsoever on tour. I had told you the same when we met in hotel Dwari. I, along with my wife, would like to thank your tour management Amit Kunte and the team Veena World for such excellent management. We would love to book a Europe tour with Veena World in July 2014.
Suhas Joshi
I travelled your Europe tour (tour code – EUHL230913). The tour manager Mehul was very good, he was pro-active and perfect at all the management. Thank you for a memorable holiday.
I am Mayuri Shevade daughter of Mr Dilip and Dipti Ankalikar, who have just returned from ‘European Highlights tour’ conducted by Veena world. Writing you to share some of my and my parent’s thoughts. It was a big decision for my parents to take a foreign trip that too after many years of retirement but with everyone’s encouragement they decided to tour Europe and the obvious choice was your company because of your reputation and let me tell you we have concluded that it was the right choice.

I would like to mention Shweta Patil’s name who guided and helped my parents in their pre-travel arrangement. She made sure that my parents were comfortable and arranged all their appointment considering there availability. My parents really appreciated her helpful nature and would thank her for all her efforts.

Their journey started 7th Nov, and to be very frank I was very worried about them as that was the first time they were travelling aboard and alone, but at the airport I met Mehul Ghosalkar who was the tour manager and assured me that he will make sure this will be their memorable trip. As told by my parents they appreciated Mehul’s knowledge about the places they visited and the information he shared about those places. His discipline and enthusiasm made the trip successful and enjoyable. I would also like to thank and appreciate him as he kept me informed about my parents, there hotel room no (where we could call them) shared their photos on what’s app which shows he is a very responsible and understood each and every ask. My parents are of the opinion that because of Mehul they enjoyed the trip and would like to thank him for giving them best treatment during whole course of tour.

Overall Veena world have lived with their promise of sweet memories and enchanting experience. The hotels, the travel modes, the team and the food provided during the whole tour is worth applause.
Thank You very much for making this a memorable tour and would not hesitate to recommend Veena world to others.

I am just back from Nepal Tour on 15th December. I enjoyed a lot. In Rajasthan, Valley of flowers and Europe tour, entertainment was missing en route which was back in this tour.
We played Antakshari for 4 hrs. Dheeraj is talented. Kept us active.

Sunita DharwadkarNPGR 08 Dec 13
Dear Veena Madam, I would like to thank you for arranging a wonderful trip for us that exceeded all my expectations! Our accommodations in the Bangkok &
Pattaya of Thailand were superb! Our local driver & Coach (Tuktha) were polite, efficient and knowledgeable. We especially enjoyed our full day Shopping at Indira Market. Thank you for making all the bookings for our treatments. We also especially enjoyed our night at the Alcazar Show & Obvious Thai Massage too. Me and My Wife Pranali to planning our next trip with Veena World in Europe.
Yogesh MaynakTour Code:ASHA
As I am writing this feedback to you from my home, my mind is still in Thailand , where we spent 6 days full of fun and excitement…leaving aside all our stress and tension back home. This trip was one of the best I have ever experienced in my life. We got much more from \”Veena World\” than we expected. I never expected to have such a comfortable and fun filled trip with 350 ladies together !!!!! To be honest, I was a little skeptical while booking the tour, but your team made me comfortable from the time I arrived at the airport till the last day. All your team members are your real asset. The cruise dinner evening was the best time I enjoyed the most…..especially the photograph session with you!!!…Awaiting to receive the pictures. I have very high regards for you and was touched to hear story of your life. I am sure you will go long way. This is just beginning. Looking forward to see you soon….I want to go to Europe with you. All the best to you and good luck…..from my family.
Shweta Deo
We wish to express our thanks to Veena World for this wonderful tour to Europe. We appreciate all your help/guidance right from the day we booked the tour.Initially we were very worried and concerned about this tour as my wife is 69 years old and I am 74 years old. Also this was our first trip and that too out of India. However we thoroughly enjoyed our tour and had a spectacular time. All the sites/events you booked were excellent and we enjoyed all of them. The accommodations, coach, food all were very excellent. We wish to express our special thanks and appreciation to your tour manager Mr Amol Salgar. Mr. Amol has been very patient & helpful. He assisted us in every way he could and ensured that we had the best holiday experience. An employee such as Amol is an asset to the company. People like him who are always going the extra mile to assist customers, is the very reason we will keep coming back to Veena World. We would also like to thanks for help from our other tour members.Thank you again, we have already given your info to several other friends/relatives contemplating a vacation in India and abroad.
G.R Bidnurkar
We have enjoyed Europe Tour (EUJW) with Tour Manager Mehul Ghosalkar. He is a calm, active & cheerful person. Everybody praised him. When Mehul told us to adjust the timing of watch by 3 and 1/2 hours, i took my age back by 50 years. I totally forgot my age of 66 & thought my self of 16 years. All the guests were co- operative & nice. All of us enjoyed the tour. Please accept my sincere thanks to VEENA WORLD.

R.R. Kulkarni
We had been to Europe with you on a tour dated 11.04.14.We enjoyed the tour very much. Very good care taken by the tour manager, Mr.Amit Kunte.

Mr. Vijay Mahajan.
We had a great tour of Europe (Europe Jewels) with Veena World. Thanks to the entire team at Veena World for making this a truly memorable tour. The daily planning and sightseeing was extremely well managed by Amit Kunte – our Tour Manager. Moreover he was extremely warm ,full of fun & very knowledgeable on all aspects of the tour.
The stay,food & travel was full of comfort and much beyond our initial thoughts on the tour .We enjoyed our stay at Dolce & Gabbana which happened to be best of the lot.
Getting good Indian food all along with a bonus …Vada Pav at Rhine falls is something which we will never forget.Mt Titlis & Jungfraujoch are still very fresh in our minds.
No second thoughts on the fact our next international tour will be with Veena World. All the very best to Veena World.
Chiloo Bugtani
We are nearing the end of our tour to Europe. We wish to express our appreciation of tour manager Manveer who has done an excellent job.
Kudos to Veena Patil and team as well for arranging the visit to Vatican on the last day of our tour and the express train ride to Milan from Rome for our flight back home.
And the idea of including a visit to the Ferrari factory at Manarello instead of some other item in the agenda was an inspiration. Thanks a lot!
Dr. Sunita S. Kale
This was our first tour out of India and with Veena World. This tour was and will be really memorable to us and we had great time; enjoyed every moment.We appreciate the efforts of your team to have managed the tour programme well with maximum site seeing. Some points which would like to bring to your notice that accommodations provided during our tour were good except Hotel Ibis styles in Malaysia, this feedback is same from all our tour members and would request you to please change this hotel for this tour.
Also there was last minute intimation for change in hotel in Singapore from Hotel Holiday Inn to Hotel Village Bugis, we would request you to avoid such last minute changes since we did booking one half month prior to the tour. On a positive note, A Big Thanks to our Tour Manager Mr. Chetan Surve, he ensured that everything goes as per itinerary and covered each and every site in available time window. He has been very cooperative, supportive, adjustable and is a good human being. He has ensured that every person is on-board before leaving hotel and also during site-seeing. He was helpful to aged people in tour.I am sure that all other people in this tour would share the same feedback about the tour and tour manager. Probably next year or so we would plan for Europe tour with Veena World and would expect to have Mr.Chetan Surve as our Tour Manager. Thanking you and your team for this wonderful experience.
Rahul & Pranali Sonawane
This was our (Myself and Spouse) first World tour and first tour with VeenaWorld. It truly was a memorable experience for us, where we had a great time and enjoyed every moment. We would like to appreciate your team for including maximum sights in the tour itinerary.

The that accommodation provided on tour was very good. A Big Thanks to our Tour Manager Mr. Chetan Surve, he ensured that everything goes as per the itinerary and covered each and every site in available time frame. He was very cooperative, supportive, and is a good human being. He always ensured that every person was on-board before leaving the hotel and also during sight-seeing. He was helpful to aged people on tour and same was conveyed by them during our departure.

I am sure that all other people in this tour would share the same feedback about the tour and tour manager.

Probably next year or so we would plan for Europe tour with VeenaWorld and would expect to have Mr.Chetan Surve as our Tour Manager.

Thanking you and your team for this wonderful experience.

Rahul Sonawane and Pranali Sonawane (Waghmare)

Recently I had been to Europe with Veena World’s Women’s Spl Europe tour. If I have to surmise the experience in a few words I would say ‘a real value for money’ tour. The food and other arrangements were very good. The tour manager was calm, polite & soft-spoken. The overall experience was excellent, excellent & excellent. I would really love to go on some other tour with Veena World again. Congratulations to you on completing one year.
Archana Joshi, Dombivali
My parents had recently visited Europe through your EUEC tour. They really liked the helping and caring tour manager Ms.Pratima Phadke. The arrangements at all the places were nice.
The tour was also very affordable and very well arranged. I have shared a concern regarding the complimentary items with your team via email, hope you resolve the same.

Mr Anil Deshpande
Mehul, the super-cool tour manager ! We joined Veena World’s European Jewels in April. Mehul Ghosalkar, our tour manager greeted us on the new T-2 international airport. From that moment till the tour ended, he became our tour leader and an affectionate care-taker. Mehul, kid faced, in his 27th year appeared much more matured than the majority of guests in and around their sixties. This young man always remained smiling, cool in all situations and was forever sweet at his tongue. During the 15 days Mehul never lost his balance even for a single instance.
We faced two situations of crisis during our Europe excursions. I wish to narrate them in detail. In France, during the visit to Disney Land, one of our companion Mr.Shivanekar lost his way and was not traceable .Mrs. Shivanekar was crying hysterically in distress as it became evident that he is lost. Everybody was trying to help. Guests offered to make teams of two to search and even went inside Disney Land again, returning back empty handed. One guest even went out to the coach, but informed in negative. Mehul pacified all the guests and with his calm authority and his sweet but firm advice led the group to the coach. We started towards to coach, and Bingo! Coach Captain called Mehul and informed that Mr. Shivanekar had just reached the coach.
Second incidence occurred, when we were returning from Mt.Titlis. Everyone entered the train-coach on the second leg of return journey. Suddenly the parents of two smart kids, 1) Tanay and 2) Soham realized that children were not in the coach, along with Mr. and Mrs. Godbole .The Guard had already blown the whistle indicating that the train was starting. Parents of the kids were hysterical. Mehul requested them to be calm, jumped out of the coach, requested the guard to stop the train and ran in search of the missing four. He found the kids with Mr. and Mrs. Godbole, going towards the wrong coach, and brought all of them with him. The train started its journey afterwards. Mehul faced the parents anger after arriving in coach, but skillfully pacified them.

Rajendra Patil
Last week our family returned from an amazing vacation to Thailand & Singapore. All the arrangements done by Veena World were the best. Good hotels to stay, good food, comfortable travel & a well chalked-out itinerary made our vacation rocking. Our tour manager Dipiksha Shah was a fine lady who managed our group of 37 very well. She paid attention to all of us & made everybody comfortable. Kudos to her for taking good care of senior citizens in our group, including my mother-in-law. Also I would like to mention that our local guides – Angelina (Thailand) & Serene Yeo (Singapore) were outstanding and full of great fun-energy. We all are pleased with the tour arranged & executed by Veena World and look forward to travel with you in future tours to exotic European destinations. Thanks VEENA WORLD & Dipiksha…
Sandesh Chavan
Just recently I returned from EUDM tour, which was 23 days of sheer fun. The hotels provided were very good, so were the coaches. Food too was excellent. Our Tour Manager was excellent. He is knowledgeable, hardworking, ever ready to help, most caring, utmost respectful, have tremendous ability to tackle toughest situation with a smile, an excellent coordinator. He cared for the entire group as his family member.
Rama Bhilash Pandey,IRS(Retd)
Incredible, indescribable! Since I have returned i have been contemplating how to adequately thank you and your staff for the wonderful, extraordinary experience i had during the tour of Europe. It was my great pleasure to travel with Veena World. From day one to the last day I had an awesome experience. The coaches, the hotels and the meals were perfect. The tour manager Vivek…..was a fantastic guy. Throughout the tour he treated every guest as a family member and a gave his personal attention to each and every one.\”Sone jaisa Europe so ke mat dekho\”,\” mandali enjoy\”, camera chya lens madhun Europe baghu naka ,dolyane bagha\”,where is lines throughout the tour. We enjoyed the tour with him and we wish to travel every tour with him. WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE…VEENA WORLD ROCKS!
Sonali Mali
I, along with my wife Dipali, went on a Europe tour with Veena World dt. 21 March to 5 April. What we experienced during this period was simply incredible. We have been on at least 14-15 tours with various travel companies so far. But our experience with Veena World was really unique. This tour was by far the most unforgettable and joyous experience, not only for me but also for our fellow travellers. Your tour managers are very polite and caring. Vivek is especially skilled in his communications and knows how to handle a particular situation in a calm and composed manner, which is really commendable. Although we were thousands of miles away from home, we constantly had this feeling that we are in good hands, that a really close friend is accompanying us. We experience that we got a lot more on this tour than what you write in your articles and convey through your interviews. We wish you and your team a great success!
Dr. Sudhakar Bendre
I would like to congratulate Veena World for the successful completion of the first year. I had gifted an Europe tour to my parents and I am very glad to say that it was a dream come true specially for my mom, who had never stepped out of India. And I was bit worried while booking the tour as keeping in mind my parents’ age & their health conditions. However they both really enjoyed the complete tour to the core. It was all your team’s effort starting from the time of enquiry till the end of the tour. Especially would like to appreciate the service provided by Ketaki Sonavane & Ranjit Shinde from your Vashi Branch. They were always were available to give small information, guidance & most importantly giving the positive confidence to my parents that they can really enjoy the trip without any problems. Even your tour manager was good enough to cover all the listed places mentioned in the itinerary , above which he also covered additional places which were not mentioned in the itinerary based on the time management which is appreciable. So overall it was a great experience to me & also to my parents. A small feedback, we can understand majority of people would like to communicate in their native language. However just requesting at least the important instructions by the tour manager, at the time of tour must have been communicated additionally in Hindi or English for the benefit of all the group members
Ashok Bala
I wish to appreciate your team member Karishma working at the Mahim office for her extraordinary services and professionalism and courtesy. We had to cancel our Europe visit due to ill health of my father , Karishma and Veena World was very prompt in refunding the money.Thank you.

Once again thanks to veena for being such a wonderful organisation. I wish veena world and karishma All the best

Paresh Parekh

I had undergone an amazing and unforgettable Europe Trip. This tour was successful in all aspects i.e. Food, Hospitality, Time management, Punctuality and great care towards Sr. Citizens .Our tour Manager Mr.Dinesh Bandivadekar was so caring at all times. Specially we should Thank him
Mr.Ashok Patale
I and my wife Arpana , were a part of your tour European Highlights (EUHL) duration 11 days to visit 18 historic cities of 9 beautiful countries of Europe. Each day was different bringing in new highlights of Europe tour, we all enjoyed very much. In all we were 35 tourists and your tour Manager. This is specially to you, Mrs Veena Patil , hats- off to your tour Manager Prashant Handore. He brought all the 35 tourists (14 families) under one roof and made them feel as one family. The coach captain was from Poland and he did not know other language except Polaski and Prashant’s communication effort which made our journey comfortable, this is an exercise which require lot of commitment. Prashant did phenomenal job and all tourist lauded his effort. This shows his devotion, sincerity, honesty towards his duties. He is excellent in communication, sincere, smart, technically sound and wonderful person. His style of work deserves praise.
Laxmikant Desai
Greetings! First of all, I would like to congratulate you for the rising success of Veena World. Me & my sister had a dream of taking our mother to Europe and showing her as much as we could in a limited number of days. The itinerary for European Jewels was just perfect for that. It included everything, right from London’s Madame Tussauds, London Eye, changing guards, the Tower Bridge, Paris’s Eiffel tower, Disneyland, Amsterdam’s Tulip Garden, Germany’s cuckoo clock factory, Switzerland’s Mt. Titlis right up to the Vatican city. Thank you so much for that.

Secondly, the way our tour was handled & conducted by Mr. Vivek Kochrekar was just excellent. He really is an invaluable jewel in the company’s crown. I am falling short of words to tell you how perfect our trip was. The time management was excellent, the food was outstanding & the information he gave us of each destination was spot on. He managed to strike a chord with each one of us & made us feel like one big happy family. Both Mr. Vivek Kochrekar and Mr. Bhushan Gupte did an outstanding job. Whatever we thought of, we got it the next day or rather on the same day at times. Nowhere did we feel that anything was missing. Imagine the joy of people after being treated with a batata vada & masala chai right in front of the Rhine Falls in Switzerland. It was unbelievable!

Trust me , we were told to keep a few Euros aside to just use the public toilets during our road trip but we ended up just paying 2.50 Euros. These small things were taken care of by Mr.Kochrekar excellently well! I salute him for his dedication & passion towards his work and I salute Veena Patil for your sheer strength & hard work that she has put in to building Veena World as a strong brand. You are really making everyone’s dream come true. Veena Patil is an excellent leader. We saw how your tour managers respect her & look up to her as their role model. Now, we do too.

You really cared for us as your own family members & we really appreciate that. We knew when we booked this trip that we could expect nothing but the best from Veena World because Veena tai & trust go hand in hand. The all inclusive’ policy of the company is the best gift you can give to a tourist. Personally speaking, I was feeling very sad on my way back because I really wanted the trip to go on & on and never end. We also did some shopping; however, the best things that we bought back with us are the beautiful memories of our trip.

Just one small problem we faced during the tour booking process & that we would like to bring to your attention is that many a times we were not given the whole information in one go. As we stay quite far fromVeena World office at Pune , we were made to come to the office a little too frequently which could have been avoided. Also, the stroller bag and the shoulder bad material did not keep up with many of us during the trip. But overall, the main trip was excellent. Thank you very much once again for everything & we look forward to traveling with Veena World once again !!!

Suvarna Bhambure

At the outset, let me thank you and your team of EUJW tour that we travelled in June. As you are aware that due to the loss of passport of my wife, Ulka, we had to reschedule the tour. Initially, we were apprehensive about the tour. But that anxiousness disappeared right from day one of the tour.

Food was excellent and the hotel chosen for stay were decent ones. We had a comfortable journey for 15 days in our travel coach.The most important thing was that our Tour Manager – Rajesh Salvi – did an outstanding job. He was very polite and warm with all the guests. He has a very good knowledge about all the sights/ locations we visited. He provided right information every time. He helped us all in every aspect. It was really nice to have such a Tour Manager and would be very happy to have him in our next tour also. He was really the Man of the Match.Overall, it was a memorable experience for my family. I once again thank you and your team.
Shridhar Bhagwat

Recently we returned from our 15 day Europe tour with Veena World. Our tour was unforgettable and a great success thanks to excellent accommodation, delicious Indian food at all destinations, comfortable journey throughout the tour & everything perfectly managed by the tour manager Vivek Kocharekar. In fact, Europe in itself is beautiful and worth exploring but Vivek not only showed us around but he explained the Europe to us. His apt instructions & reinforcing the importance of passport every now and then ensured that we enjoy the sightseeing with a relaxed mind. In low budget showing maximum foreign destinations, including new places in the tour is really commendable. The goodwill and cordial relationships that you’re developing with foreign countries is earning Indian tourists a lot of respect at those destinations, which is worth an applause. Overall, it was a great Europe experience and we would love to congratulate and thank Veena World for the same.
G. S. Mhasavade & Family