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Sagar Gurav

Sagar has been in the tourism industry from the past 3 years. The god gifted talent of entertaining others got him into the tour Manager’s profile. He deftly conducts tours to South East Asia & Dubai. He creates a fun filled environment for which people always remember him. To add to it, he presents himself very well, is a good dancer and loves playing cricket. To quote him, “Veena World as an organisation has given me an opportunity to upgrade my knowledge and management skills. This has been beneficial in my personal growth and development.

Amit Sawant

Having been in the tourism industry for 5 years, Amit ably handles Kashmir, SEA & Dubai sectors. Good sense of humour, patience, a good listener & thorough destination knowledge are few of his strengths. He is a good dancer & singer and also a talented photographer. He’s passionate about cricket & swimming. He’s organized, enthusiastic, matured and has a good sense of handling different kinds of people. According to him, Veena World is the best organization in the tourism industry, which offers freedom to work & also express yourself.

Anklesh Shinde

Anklesh Shinde has been in the tourism industry from the past 4 years. Well groomed, pleasant and a good sense of humor are the attributes that make him a good tour manager. He conducts tours to South East Asia, Mauritius & Hong Kong and assists the Channel Sales Management team when not on tour. Having handled visa function earlier, his knowledge of the same is excellent. He is also passionate about cricket. To quote him, ‘Veena World is just like a second home for us. The +ve attitude in every team member makes me eager to work here’

Sushma Kadam

Sushma’s proactive, responsible and enthusiastic nature makes her a very able tour manager for the Japan China Korea Taiwan Sector. With Excellent sector knowledge and ability to make each guest comfortable on right from Day 1 and make them enjoy each moment is what she is remembered for.

Roshni Bagwe

Sincere, concerned and responsible, Roshni is an excellent tour manager with sound knowledge of the Far east Asian countries of Japan China Korea along with Middle Eastern countries of Dubai. She's always there for the guests and leaves no stone unturned for their comfort and making their holiday the best days they have spent. A happy and jovial face, Guests love her fun loving and helpful nature.


Guest Experiences

Superb...... awesome.....rocking experience of Dubai tour.Tour manager Samir is best tour manager you have ... he managed the tour very well. Hotel stay... food and transfers good arrangements made ...we made right choice to choose Veena World. One suggestion Veena world should arrange only shopping tour for family like us.

Yogesh Gogate MEDZ 16 November 2015

Dubai packaging on 14th November 2015 tour we are (3 )included and Tour Organising by Veena World is really very good and systematically and good manner. Particularly Tour Manager Mr. Ajay Gagh is work was very very good cooperation leading information. Everything is good and also Dubai guide plus Abu Dhabi guide also good. On behalf of MR. UDUMAN PEER MOHAMED, BANU PEER MOHAMED AND AALIYAH AHMED we thank the tour and good success. We will come next tour definitely to you

Uduman Peer Mohamed MEMJ 14 November 2015

This was my first trip with Veena World and I am totally satisfied. It was a great trip, the tour manager Samir Narkar was helpful and patient. The hotel was good and the food was great. Also the local guide in Dubai was good. We did not have to bother about anything as everything we would need was taken care of. Also the sales staff at Ghatkopar office was helping. I would only like to give one suggestion if possible the flight should be from Dubai at least once if it costs more than at least an option should be given to the passengers to choose if they want Emirates or Air Arabia as Dubai airport is one of the best airports in the world, we wanted to see it but did not get a chance. The AC at Sharjah airport wasn’t working for hours and it was really hot and humid nor did we get Wi-Fi to contact our parents, i guess that’s not always the case but still that was only negative part in the trip. Apart from that we had a great trip and got our money's worth.

Prachiti Samant MEDZ 01 October 2015

Firstly would like to thank you for such an amazing experience!!! We had booked the DUBAI- ABU DHABI tour from Veena World and this was our second tour with Veena World and I think it was a wise decision to go with it. To start with I would like to mention that the itinerary was simply perfect and we covered all the places in Dubai which was an amazing experience. The hotel and the food was also up to the expectations.
Our tour manager Mr. Sachin Mayekar took very good care of all of us and was a fun loving person. We really enjoyed the tour because of him. His patience, friendliness nature got more energy in the tour. Only feedback I would like to give is about the flights you had chosen for the tour. Dubai airport itself is an attraction for tourists, however since we landed in Sharjah which was not such a good experience we missed the Dubai Airport. Would really appreciate if you can consider this. Also lot of bookings happen from Pune offices, and since all the flights are from Mumbai, would request you to kindly arrange a common shuttle from Pune (centre location) to the Mumbai airport on an additional charge if possible. Thank you again for the beautiful memories and look forward for many more tours with Veena World

Sushant Chakraborty MEMJ 26 September 2015

Thank you for organizing a wonderful tour to Dubai. The complete tour was managed in a very neat and systematic way. Extremely satisfied, highly comfortable, very pleasant. We visited & explored all important sights, well organized & managed, best enjoyed tour we experienced by Veena World. The hotel accommodation was excellent. Breakfast was excellent. All the places of tourist interest were excellent & enough time was allotted at each place. The hospitality was good. And special added credit to tour manager Mr Sameer Narkar. Had a memorable time. Thank you !!!

Chandrakant Kolekar MEDZ 13 August 2015

I like Veena World service because:
• Luxurious hotel stay
• Tour Manager with good knowledge
• Well managed tour
• Good for people who are planning their first travel abroad
• Better in comparison to other travel companies
• Local guide given detail history about UAE and Emirates

I also have suggestions where you can reduce the number of days of the Dubai tour from 6 days to 5 days, add sky diving and give 1 litre water per day per person as Dubai is very hot and dry.

Kundan Phegade MEMJ 15 August 2015

Had a fabulous experience on our family tour to Dubai from 21st May to 24th May. The support staff of Veena World’s Ghatkopar office was excellent. Air travel was good. Hotels chosen were superb. The food including breakfast, lunch and dinner was excellent, superb. Our tour mnager, Viraj Guhagarkar was very polite, friendly and helpful. The bus travel was superb. Sightseeing places were excellent. Overall the tour was very successful. Thanks to the Veena World team for making our first international tour so memorable.

Suryakant Raikar MEDZ 21 May 2015

Hotel category and food was very good . Tour manager was very cooperative , very enthusiastic. We enjoyed the trip a lot.

Smita Dhamangaonkar MEMJ 21 February 2015

Really I have been too much impressed by your Goa tour & Jubilee Special Dubai tour. By all respects we both ( my wife and me ) have enjoyed in a very good ,nice, fine manner.I would like to give full marks IE 100% marks to Mr. Amol Salgar who was Team Manager, who has taken tremendous lead & pains to satisfy all 36 members. In Goa tour 8 persons were doing to carry out the work, whereas the same work that is man management, time management, to satisfy to all members & to solve all even very small problems personally of 36 persons ( is not a joke ) I personally found that in him the special quality that is strong will power,self-confident, honest, care taker, too much hard worker. I recommend him as a special super man in all respect & when I will book America tour I would like to request you pl give us Mr. Amol Salgar as a group manager.

Totally we both n all our group members were satisfied with the work of Mr. Amol Salgar. We all of us wish him very much bright future. Also I pray to God Veena world shall be the best and first travel company in the world,

Prabhakar Kulkarni MEJD 10 February 2015

We went to Dubai on the Jubilee Special tour. It was a nice experience as Veena World celebrated our 33rd marriage anniversary in presence of Ms Veena Patil and all our tour mates, we remember the trip especially Mr. Amol Salgar who behave like Son of 16 family as shravan bal all the best for Veena World in future.

Mr. & Mrs. Joshi MEJD 10 February 2015

Extremely satisfied, highly comfortable, very pleasant. We visited & explored all important sights, well organized & managed, best enjoyed tour we experienced by Veena World . And special added credit to tour manager Mr Amol Salgar.

Dr. Nitin Gandhi MEJD 10 February 2015

Your representatives Mr. Manveer and Mr Chakravarti (Dubai) really need to be appreciated for the personalized services given to us.Everything from the time we assembled at the airport till the end of our trip was well taken care of. They provided the right information and took personalized care of the food, transportation, hotel and sightseeing. They also took time to take us to places that were not scheduled. It was a memorable experience.

Dr N.K Maheshwari MEDZ 29 January 2015

Dubai trip was one of the memorable and one of the most fascinating trips i have ever gone through. Women's Special not only made women feel individual about themselves but also gave birth to this new identity. I am extremely pleased and glad to be part of Veena World as for a 20 year old girl, going all the way to international trip alone ever for the first time gave me a better glimpse of myself. I will never forget those experiences i ever got it in Dubai and shall never let it fade. I am sincerely thankful to our tour managers Pratima, Ulka & Deepika for giving us enough freedom and love to make us enjoy our trip throughly. Those experiences in life may never turn back. Beautiful city was Dubai and even beautiful the trip was. It was well planned and perfectly executed and i am extremely thankful to take down these kind of tours and i am now hopefully taking down list of more women's special tours so i don't even miss the same. As it is been rightly said, "Journey is easier when you meet beautiful people".

Hemal Alpesh Shah MEWD 19 January 2015

We had been on the tour to Dubai. We had planned this Dubai tour to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary It was a wonderful experience ! The Hotels at Dubai & Abu Dhabi were very good. We had been on a packaged tour with a tour company for the first time . The overall experience was good. Our tour manager Mr. Nilesh Joshi was too good . He always was with us throughout the tour. He made us feel comfortable right from day one . The entire group of 20 people was like a family travelling together !The guide Ms Nafisa Makwani , who was with us on the city tour & to Abu Dhabi was excellent. Hope to join Veena world next year for our next tour .All the Best to Veena world for their future endeavours

Sneha & Sanjay Shinde MEMJ 10 January 2015

I am writing here to express our profound appreciation for the wonderful services you provided in being the Tour Guide for our Family Group of 4 who visited Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We all learnt so much from Mr. Nilesh & Naffesa about the holy sites, historical sites, society, economy and facts and figures about Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Mr. Nilesh's detailed and intellectual explanations gave us a major insight into the historical as well as current perspective of Dubai. Mr. Nilesh's knowledge of Dubai, his caring nature, also to attendance to everyone's need made him a perfect guide. When he adds on his sense of humour our trip became, for most of us (and especially for me and my wife Dhanashree), the most important we have made in our lives.

We also fondly remember the driver (forgot his name) whose quiet and disciplined character as well as his dedication and commitment to his work and safe driving made us so happy. Please convey our warm greetings to him. We still smile when we remember Nilesh's jokes, his height, the way he walks, smiles and laughs. He is an asset and credit to himself, to his tour firm Veena World. Even he helped to guide people who visited Dubai at the same time through Veena World (Group of 40), this shows his helping nature. We congratulate Veena World for achieving IATA accreditation & in such a short time you have 88 K satisfied customer in your list. Thank you and may your life and that of your family be one of happiness and success.

Kshitij Jadhav MEMJ 10 January 2015

First of all thanks for organizing such a wonderful family Dubai tour for us. It was a very nice experience with Veena World in such a short span for a Dubai and Abu Dhabi Tour. The arrangement at start of our tour at Mumbai airport to finish at the Mumbai airport was very nicely managed by your entire team. After reaching to Dubai the hotel, site seeing, lunch and dinner was well organized by your team manager Mr.Ashish Dandekar, he has covered all the parts of the Dubai and Abu Dhabi and explained each and every aspect. The hotel selection for dinner and lunch was very good and not repeated a single time by Ashish. The hotel provided at both the locations is beyond our expectation and food quality during our entire tour was very good, and arrangements for Jain food to our parents by your Team manager. The coach provided during our site visit was also very good, the guide provided during our tour at both the location was well and gave all the information regarding Dubai. I personally thank Mr.Ashish for giving his guidance during complain logged at Dubai airport for missing my luggage. We wish Veena World for best of Luck for their future.

Hiren Parikh MEMJ 11 January 2015

I was with your Dubai group and i wish to put on record my appreciation of functioning of the tour by the tour manager Chetan Surve. His overall nature behaviour, particularly accommodative nature, patience and handling the problematic issues with seriousness but in lighter tone to keep the atmosphere happy, played an important role in successful completion of the tour. To sum it up, a comment by one fellow regular Veena Traveller that not even once anyone's voice was raised throughout the tour and this really rarest in any tour speaks a volume for the collective behaviour of the group and more so of the qualities of Chetan. His helping nature was particularly visible when I had a problem with the hotel since the AC in my room stopped working and despite the engineer confirmed to the reception desk that it cannot be repaired and asked to change our room, the hotel had not taken any action throughout the day. When we returned to the hotel at 11.15 in the night we came to now that room was not changed despite engineer telling the reception desk previous night at 12 midnight and I personally talking to the reception desk in the morning. Chetan was with me in the night at the desk till my room was changed. Pl convey my thanks to him. In this feedback I wish to give a few suggestions also - 1. The system of going for dinner directly from the sightseeing and that too restaurants far away from the hotel put restrictions on guests' free movements in the evening. It does not leave any free time to move in local area or to call friends or relatives to the hotel to meet them. So, after the sightseeing the guests should be brought to the hotel for some time and then the dinner should be in the hotel or at some nearby restaurant, giving some free time to the guests before dinner. 2. If the lunches and dinners are to be in different restaurants, they should be told the menu also. Since the second restaurant does not know what we ate in the first restaurant we had to eat Aloo Mutter consecutively three times. Similarly, when we talk of Indian food, it does not mean only Punjabi food. Considering the people from the different states forming the group in order to have more inclusiveness, different Indian cuisines should be made available at different meals. I am not stressing much on quality of the food as I know that it is not in your hand, but while selecting the restaurants the taste and quality angle could be considered. 3. If possible and if guests agree one dinner should be kept free which the guests would decide on their own and visit any restaurant of their choice to have food. This will give a chance to the people who have taste for it to eat local variety. (May be food coupons to some selected restaurants of different varieties be given.)

Milind Kokje MEMJ 25 January 2015

I and my wife took your tour of Dubai Abu Dhabi and I wish to tell you that we enjoyed the trip to a great extent. The entire arrangements were up to the mark. Completed all the spots as per the itinerary. Also the tour manager Amit helped us in seeing the Miracle Garden and Dubai fountain show which was not the part of the package. The selection of hotels was very nice also enjoyed the food served. There was little time gap on the first day as the arrival time and hotel check in time did not match. Not fault of anyone but could be taken care in the next trip if possible. Balance the service of Veena World was excellent. Tour manager was helpful in all the possible situations just like a friend of us or a family member. No moment was disappointing. Wish to travel again with Veena world and also would suggest others to be part of you. Thanks for making our trip worth remembering for lifetime.

Nilesh Narkhede MEMJ 25 January 2015

This has reference to our Dubai - Abu Dhabi tour with your travel company. We are extremely satisfied with your arrangements and co-ordination. We would also like to appreciate Mr. Dinesh Bandivadekar, our Tour Manager, who has made our tour very joyful and comfortable which was beyond our expectations. This was our 2nd tour experience with you. Looking forward for more trips through VEENA WORLD.

Netra Pinge MEMJ 20 January 2015

It was a very good experience. It was our first tour on our own risk but your coordinators and your entire team helped us and guide very nice. May God gift you prosperity and success in your work. Keep it up!

Mayura Ghag MEWD 19 January 2015

The tour was fantastically organized. Our tour leader Mr. Nilesh Joshi was the best. He was very punctual. The hospitality was good. Sorry for giving the late feedback as I was out of station.

Mr. & Mrs. Gandhre MEMJ 10 January 2015

We had traveled with you for Dubai Dazzler this month. This was our first tour abroad and with you.
The hotel accommodation was excellent. Breakfast was excellent. All the places of tourist interest were excellent & enough time was allotted at each place.
Food at different hotels was excellent and we were surprised to have had lunch/dinner at Sarvana Bhavan, Sayba, Koyla, Pepper mill etc.
Buses were extremely comfortable.
Last but not the least tour manager Bhushan Gupte was extremely courteous.

Dinesh Pinge MEDZ 15 January 2015

It was a nice Dubai experience with you. The tour manager Bhushan & Anup both were very enthusiastic & caring. Though we covered all the sightseeing, very less time was given for shopping. The food, guide, hotels were very good. Ice cream treat was not given. One suggestion, by skipping cruise dinner you can give some more time for shopping. I would like to go again with you… very good experience.

Sushama Kokane MEDZ 15 January 2015

We attended the Aladdin show in Dubai Dolphinarium as a part of our UAE trip, which was designed & executed by Veena World . The place is situated in the Dubai Creek Park which is in the heart of Dubai. It is connected with by the local bus service but not serviced by the Metro. The show started with a short performance by two acrobats and then the seals took over. The dolphins along with the seals were performing various entertaining activities like painting, balloon bursting and other tricks usually performed by these mammals. The duration of the show was approximately 60 mins and overall it was an enjoyable experience. Although, honestly there is nothing new as such, but i believe it would be a good watch for children in the ages of 5 to 12. Only observation is that finding a transport back to the city centre after the show poses a problem since it does not have a taxi stand nearby

Soumitra Godbole Signature Holidays – Dubai

Thank you for organizing a wonderful tour to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The complete tour was managed in a very neat and systematic way. The vegetarian food was good and tasty always. Hotels, which we stayed were luxurious and comfortable. Our tour manager Nilesh, is a very jolly and a good person. He is very informative and has guided us properly all the time. I have shared a few suggestions which could enhance our experience with Veena World in future.
Rest, all was good. Hoping to book the next tour with you as soon as possible.

Had a memorable time. Thank you !!!

Jyoti Bafna MEMJ 10 January 2015

Had recently been on a 6 day tour to Dubai / Abu Dhabi and was totally satisfied with the facilities given by the Veena World Group with respect to Stay, Food, Transport and the leisure and attention provided by the Tour manager Mr Prashant Handore. Keep up the Good Work so that we can enjoy the holidays you provide.

Point of Concern: Your Back Office staff answering queries for the Dubai Trip on No: 1800227979 needs a little more training in the way they communicate with the enquiries.
Dipesh Naik

Thanks for arranging best tour to Dubai. Very good management. All the hotels were good, especially the one in Abu Dhabi. Suggestion – sahiba restaurant was arranged twice , instead should have been arranged once only. I will certainly go to Singapore with Veena World only.

Rajesh Chudiwal
We went on a 11 day tour for Mauritius, Kenya & Dubai through Veenaworld from 21st – 31st May. This trip was the most memorable trip that we had so far through any tour agency; we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the trip and were 100% satisfied.
The itinerary itself was very well planned with enough time for sightseeing. The choice of the places and activities was excellent. All the hotel locations & particularly those in Kenya were awesome, food quality in all places was very good. The tour manager – Deepak Jadhav was just the right blend of friendliness and professionalism and he managed the schedule well. The group size was also just right (20 people) & this also helped in forming a close bond.
We really look forward to travel again with Veenaworld after such a nice experience.
Anup Rege
Anup Rege
Recently we went for a group tour of Dubai and Abu Dhabi with Nilesh Joshi as tour manager. Ours was a big group of 40 guests, most of whom were travelling for the first time with Veena World, so was myself and my children. It never felt for a moment that this is just a nine month old travel co. The way the tour was managed -right from booking and till the time we boarded our return flight, we could feel that this travel co. is managed efficiently with experienced personnel. The food offered for lunch and dinner was awesome and enjoyable. Overall had a good experience . Next trip will be certainly with Veena world.
Mita Chakrabarti
I had booked a Dubai tour with Veena World. My experience with Veena World was awesome, we enjoyed a lot… everything was as same as described in itinerary. The hotels places, food.. everything was up to the mark. The tour manager Nilesh Joshi… he is just an fantastic man.. he made it more memorable.. best tour manager.. arranged limo ride for us. We did not have to worry for anything Veena World made it all so easy. Thumps Up for Veena World.
Swapnil Anil Patil
We had taken Veena World Dubai-Abu Dhabi tour, departing Mumbai 08th Nov.It was simply wonderful. All my apprehensions, raised initially to you, were put to rest quickly! It was a great trip, well organized and well managed. Tour manager Ashok Pednekar was very friendly, efficient, caring & people loving. Such people around, make travel experience memorable. Being on top at Burj Khalifa on my 50th Birthday shall be always memorable. Thanks Veena World ! I loved your idea of gifting books. They always remain with you and refresh memories. In hindsight, an honest suggestion…. Dubai Hotel could have been better & free Wi-Fi goes long in adding comfort in today’s life. Veena World, though in nascent stage, with your drive behind it, shall make it most adorable in no time. Looking forward to next outing with VW!! Best Wishes ever.
Dr. Anagha (Parasnis) RayarikarASMJ 08 Nov 13
It was a great pleasure to avail the opportunity to travel with Veena World to Dubai & Abu Dhabi tour last week. I on behalf of my family would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the lifetime memories and great experience of Middle East Jewels. The tour was well planned, organised and executed by the tour manager Mr. Amit Kunte. The Hotels were very comfortable & Food served was excellent .Looking forward to next trip, there is no doubt that we would like to travel with Veena World.

Prashant Tryambake
I would like to thank you and all at Veena World, Mahim for all the help and cooperation extended to me and my daughter for making our tour to Dubai a memorable one.This was our first international trip through your organisation and I must say it was very well organised. I would also like to congratulate the Tour Manager – Amit Soman for the wonderful job and for sharing with us details about each place we visited. It was a pleasure listening to him although the language was Marathi. My daughter Rebecca and myself enjoyed ourselves and have recommended this to our family and friends. We would most probably think of taking the Europe tour next year.Keep up the good work Veena World!

Helen Dsouza

I am glad to tell you that my mother Suhasini Borawake is with you for Women\’s special Dubai Tour & Its our pleasure that we selected Veena World for her first trip abroad. Even my husband and my first trip abroad (Thailand) was with Veena World & after that amazing experience with Veena World we decided to send her with you only. Today morning, I spoke with my mother & I felt much more about her excitement, her enjoyment, her awesome feelings regarding the trip. Really, we are thankful to you for such a great pleasure of my mother, because she was cancer patient & after 2 years of trouble she needed a break which is fulfilled by total enjoyment & no doubt!! this Dubai tour with Veenaji Patil is the best option for my Aai..
Thank you once again for such wonderful experience, committed service, affordable

I am extremely happy and thankful to you and your management and the tour manager, Mr. Amit Kunte for a wonderful and a thrilling experience (specially at Ferrari ride …..woooow ) on our Dubai n Abu Dhabi tour ( ASMJ 2012014) .Thanks once again for you made it possible for the middle income group people like us to think about going on such a tour.
Manjiri PednekarASMJ 2 Jan 14
Hello, I on behalf on my family would like to thank Veena World for giving life time memorable trip of Dubai & AbuDhabi. The tour commenced on 12th of Jan, It was fantastic tour with excellent Hotel & Food. The experience of dinner at Dhow cruise, the Palm Monorail, at the top of Burj Khalifa, Ski Dubai & the Desert safari was extraordinary. The Dubai Shopping Festival added more enjoyment. The tour was very well planned and managed by our tour manager Mr Amit Kunte (special thanks to him). The shopping at Gold Souk and Global Village was amazing.The tour was concluded with memorable rides at the Ferrari World. Such a memorable tour I would have missed if i have not traveled with Veena world and hope will try to travel again with Veena world .
Thank you for such amazing experiance .
Prashant TryambakeASMJ 20 jan 14
Hearty congratulations for Veena World .Your approach with your customers is excellent .I am keen to join Veena World\’s Dubai tour at the earliest.
Thank you for the Women’s Special Dubai tour.The tour was really memorable .The guides and the tour managers were excellent.I promise you that our next tour we will spend with you all. Youngest from our group – Mrunmayi

Mrunmayi Shinde
Me & my mother just enjoyed \”Dubai Women’s Special tour with you.\” I would love to tell you about my experience with Veena world.Full marks to Veena World for their excellent management, accommodations and service.
I enjoyed my heart out with the Veena World team. The information about tourist destinations, culture and other important sites was rightfully provided to us. Perfect care was taken of meals throughout the stay. The tour managets are very well groomed and make one feel comfortable in an unknown city. One of the Tour Manager \”Amol Salgar \” is really the best tour manager. He is complete entertainer and encyclopaedia of the tour. We got information of even small things also because of him.
Having said that being a well wisher of Veena World, I would like to tell you about few hitches that I faced which are minor but important. Firstly, we did not get a reminder call from Veena World as we were told and secondly the hotel we were told and finally we were taken to also different. But this things were really minor as compared to the amount of fun and memories we had there. Dubai wouldn’t have been such an amazing experience if not with Veena world.I will recommend to all my near and dear ones to plan all your trips with Veena World

Prachi Shelke
I went on a 11 day tour for Mauritius, Kenya & Dubai through Veena World from 21st – 31st May. This was not the first time that I travelled through a travel agency. However this trip was the most memorable trip that we had so far, we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the trip and were 100% satisfied for the first time. Hence I decided to convey our special thanks & best wishes to you. The itinerary itself was very well planned with enough time for sightseeing. The choice of the places and activities was excellent. All the hotel locations & particularly those in Kenya were awesome, food quality in all places was very good. The tour manager – Deepak Jadhav was just the right blend of friendliness and professionalism and he managed the schedule well. The group size was also just right (20 people) & this also helped in forming a close bond. We really look forward to travel again with Veena World after such a nice experience.
Anup Rege